Yugioh Real Life Duel Ultimate Edition Red nova vs Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon ENGLISH SUBTITLE

Okay i start. I activate Cards of Consonance, so i
discard a White Stone of Legend. This means, i draw 2 cards. Then i get a
Blue-eyes White Dragon from my deck to my hand. Then i set 2 cards in the backrow and 1 set a
monster. – Your move.
– Okay. I play Reinforcement of the Army, and with it
i get Elemental Hero Stratos to my hand. And i also normal summon him, so with its effect
i get a Destiny Hero Malicious from my deck to my
hand. I play Destiny Draw, so i discard Malicious to the
grave, and then i draw 2 more cards. I remove my Malicious from the Graveyard, so i can
speical summon an other one from my deck. Then Emergency Teleport, so i special summon a
Krebons from my Deck. Because Malicious is a lv 6 monster and Krebons is a
lv2 TUNER, i can synchro summon them into a lv 8 Red
Dragon Archfiend. Red Dragon Archfiend, attack his set monster! My defensive monster was Dandylion, so after he
gets destroyed, i get 2 Def position Fluffy tokens. Haha, Red dragons effect IS, if he destroys a
defense position monster, he destroys every other
defense position monster on your side! Thats exactly what i wanted. Because 2 or more
monster would destroyed on my side of the field, i can
activate Starlight road. So your monster destroyed
and i get a STARDUST DRAGON! Stratos, attack one of his token! I set 2 card in the backrow, and your move! Okay, i summon White Stone, and because he is a
LV 1 tuner, and my token is a lv 1 monster, i can
synchro summon a lv2 Formula Syhcron! With Formula’s effect, i draw a card, and with White
Stone eff, i get a Blue-eyes to my hand. Then i tune my Lv2 Synchro tuner monster Formula
Synchron with my lv 8 Stardust dragon and Synchro
summon the lv 10 Shooting Star Dragon! Not so fast! I play my trap, Compulsory Evacuation
Device, so Shooting goes back to your Extra Deck! I chain my Seven Tools of Bandit trap card, for 1000
LP i negate and destroy YOUR trap! And its only the beggining! With the spell card,
Ancient Rules i can special summon a lv 8 normal
monster from my hand! A Blue-eyes white dragon! Blue eyes, attack and destroy Stratos! Shooting Star, DIRECT ATTACK! And… your move. I DRAW! Because i have EXACTY 3 DARK monster in my
Grave, i can special summon DARK ARMED
DRAGON! I remove a Malicious from my grave, so with DAD
effect, i destroy your Shooting Star Dragon! What are you thinking? Shooting Star Dragon
negates Dark Armed’s effect and destroys it! I negate Shooting Star’s effect with my Divine Wrath
trap, and i only have to discard a card, like Dark
Resonator. I remove my Red dragon from the grave with Dark
Armed’s effect, so i can destroy your Blue-eyes. – Dark Armed Dragon, DIRECT ATTACK! Hehe… your move! Okay, first i play my Summoner’s Art spell card, so
with it, i can get a lv5 or higher normal monster from
my Deck to my hand, like my 3rd Blue-eyes. Then i play Monster Reincarnation, i only need to
discard a card, like Totem Dragon, to get back a
monster from my grave, like my destroyed Blue-eyes. And at last, i play Polymerization, so i fuse all my three
Blue-eyes white dragon into BLUE-EYES ULTIMATE
DRAGON! Okay, Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon, attack Dark Armed
Dragon! So its your move… I play Different Dimension Reincarnation, i discard a
Krebons for it, so i can special summon one of my
banished monster, like Red Dragon Archfiend! Then i play my last card. Deep Sea Diva, with her
effect, i special summon an other one from my Deck
to my field. Because i have 2 lv 2 tuner monster and a lv 8 Red
Dragon Archfiend, i can synchro summon them into a
RED NOVA DRAGON! He gets 500 ATK for every tuner monster in my
Graveyard. And because i have 5 tuner monster in
my grave, his attack is 6000. Red Nova Dragon, attack the Blue-eyes Ultimate
Dragon! Haha, your move… Okay, Standby Phase, Totem Dragon comes back! Pot of Avarice! I shuffle 5 cards from my grave to my
deck, i choose 3 Blue-eyes White Dragon and 2
White Stone of Legend. Then i draw 2 new cards! I tribute my Totem Dragom, and with his effect, he
counts as 2 tribute, so i can summon my Blue-eyes
White Dragon. Then i set my last card. Your move! This game is already over. Red Nova has 3000 more
attack points. Red Nova Dragon, finish this! WAIT! I activate my last card. Jar of Greed. So i get
to draw 1 card. And i activate it! HONEST! So my LIGHT monster gets your attacking monster
attack and strikes back with an attack OVER 9000!!! Thank you, for the great duel.


  1. No my friend, you can only remove from play Red Nova Dragon to negate the attack of one of your opponent's monster. Since Red Nova Dragon attacked, it cannot stop its destruction.

  2. This is why someone with money needs to create a hologram system to enrich the experience of a children's card game.

  3. No, that is Stardust Dragon.

    Red Nova Dragon Cannot be destroyed by your opponent's effect, Spells and Traps C:

  4. You can activate this special ability in your opponent battle phase ( when he attacks you, not when you attack him ).
    Read the card effect carefully …

  5. Red nova removes itself to negate an attack, not to negate its destruction, and you cannot use that effect while it is attacking =.=

  6. read the card again, it says if you have all the pieces + this card IN YOUR HAND, you win the duel. of cause that's not the true effect however that is what it is practically saying.

  7. This is so mediocre. They're so cheap they can't even afford duel disks. LOL. This whole "script" shokkazuluman said needs some more expression, otherwise I'm just watching two hispanics trying to accomplish make believe.

  8. how dare you! first of all; this is their first duel to be put on youtube as a test, they did'nt know that their series would become popular enough to need duel disks. why waste the money? second of all; they are not Hispanic, they are Hungarian, that is a huge difference you iggnorant douchebag.

  9. when i first watched this episode,i did not get the subtitles so really did not know what they said! but i was able t know every single word they said, because i knew all the cards they used so was able to know how the match went. I am a master in YUGIOH! and i can tell you one thing for sure about this duel:

    This is ne of the best battles i haveever saw. good job making this episode, IT ROCKS.

  10. I know everyones complaining about the lack of duel disks, but really, I thought this was fine without it. It made it a little more unique IMO, and that last move was simply AWESOME!!!

  11. ok this is really cool (though i can think of some props that would have made it alittle easier on the actors) but the one problem i do have with it is im not sure who to support, who i'm supposed to want to win

  12. it makes me wonder what would happen if the blue eyes shining dragon and red eyes darkness dragon went up against each other they have the same affect the same power lvls it makesm e wonder

  13. Wait, Totem Dragon couldn't have used its effect because Dandylion and Formula Synchron are in the graveyard, and Totem Dragon can only be special summoned with its effect if there are only dragons. Dandylion is a plant, and Formula Synchron is a machine. Red Nova should have won 😛

  14. All the high level synchro monsters that they summon and the clutch ending makes it such a well planned duel …. so sick 🙂  …. wish it was in english though

  15. why he didn't. active the red Nova dragon's effect who could've remove from play red Nova dragon and stop his own attack..

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