Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue-Eyes das BESTE Deck – Warum? (Parodie)

Blue Eyes.
Yes, that is a good deck. That’s where Konami came up with something special. You release a few new Tuners
and a very own Synchro Monster, improve the old Boss Monster additionally…
and done. This is how and old deck adjusts to the new meta. Meta-adjusted?! How is this meta-adjusted?! The time Synchro Monsters were strong are over!
This isn’t 2008 anymore! All Blue-Eyes does is getting you at -1! Everything else does +1000! Hello? How is this strong? The special thing about the Tuners are
that most of them have great graveyard effects. Yooo, graveyard effects. Of cooouurse. Because they always come on point in the End Phase
when they become absolutely useless. Have you ever heard of ‘Dweller’ before? That thing screws your graveyard completely! The Alternative Dragon is a useful support for the deck
and has a very good effect. It is also very easy to summon. Of course. Real easy summoning. It’s not like you need a
Blue-Eyes White Dragon in your hand for that. Nooo, he also has a REEAAAAL good effect! He comes out and then he can pop something. Say goodbye to the Battle Phase with him
because he cannot attack. And you really find this monster… And you really find this monster “alternative”? It is alternativeLESS! You invent a few new draw and search cards
so this deck can perform its combos quickly. Sure. It’s not like you need matching targets
in your hand or anything. When you have “Cards of Consonance”,
you only have Blue-Eyes white Dragon. When you have “Trade-In”,
you only have the shit stones in your hand. But hey, there’s also “Melody”, right? Well… News flash! There is also still “Ash”,
which completely denies all three of them! Great engine! The great thing about this deck is,
that you can add other engines to this theme
without much trouble. Of course. Why not add even more engines!? When the core is already so big
that you have 39 cards in your Main. But wait! Kaijus are a really good idea.
Yes! You could play Kaijus. On the one hand, you can throw away Gameciel. Woohoo! But no, that’s not what it’s designed for. Nooo. You only have to take the Kaijus,
pop away the worthless monsters of your opponent… …and be pummeled to death,
so that the suffering finally ends! Furthermore, we add the totally strong
Spell Card “Soul Charge”. Yeah, sure! Exodia is also super-strong
when you have it in your opening hand. And statistically, that probably happens even more often instead of drawing “Soul Charge.” And even if you have it,
you have no targets for that shit card! And why? Because everything else is good.

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