Your Baby at 2 Months – Boys Town Pediatrics

Milestones is an exciting and important way
to track the development of your baby. Here are some things you might see your baby
doing around 2 months of age. Your baby can hold objects for a short period
of time.  Have an increased interest in his hands
and fingers.  Have more control with grasping, and with
arm and leg movements.  Have better head control and begin pushing
up when on her stomach. At 2 months of age, your baby’s language and
communication skills are developing. Your baby can look in the direction of sounds.
 Recognize voices and respond to sounds.  Make gurgling and cooing sounds when she’s
happy and content. Every child is different. Some of these behaviors
and milestones generally occur at certain ages, however, a wide range of growth, and
behavior for each age is normal. Remember, if you have any concerns about your
child’s development, check with your pediatrician.

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