Yoga to Improve Eyesight

To improve your eyesight pay more
attention on the nutrition. Eat more green vegetables. Eat more fruits. Vitamin A should be consumed more. Retinal should be used more. Eat with things having
more of Vitamin A. And after that exercises.. ..Netrasana Kriya you have
to practise daily. In Netrasana like I told you.. ..move the eyes up,
down, left, right. Clockwise and anti-clockwise
you have to do more. By this your eye sight
will improve. Along with it you have
to use cold water. Sprinkle cold water on the eyes. And.. ..Triphala you have to use daily. Soak Triphala in water. Clean your eyes with
Triphala water. Sprinkle water on the eyes. And drink the same water. It will clean your stomach. It also increases the
eyesight at night.. To lessen the strain in the
eyes use eyes spectacles. Cut potatoes and put it on the eys. Put cucumber,
it will give relief to you. Take an ice pack.. ..put ice pack on the eyes. Your eyesight will improve. By doing Netrasana.. ..the spectacle number
also gets lessened. If you use it daily.. ..then your eyesight will improve.. ..your spectacle number
also gets less.

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