Yoga For Clarity – Sadhguru on Focus, Success & Inner Vision

Only if you see everything the way it is,
you can maneuver yourself properly and go, isn’t it? yes? You’re driving through the
streets of Delhi, now your vision is such you don’t see things the way they are. If
you see a bicycle, you think it’s a truck You know what a paranoid driver you will
be? yes or no? If you see everything the way it is, then you can drive through the
traffic and go somewhere. So the first thing that you need to do with your
life is bring clarity to yourself If you are able to perceive something
that other people could not see, that is what makes you an entrepreneur, that is
what makes you a leader, that is what gives you the necessary edge in
the world so perception, enhancing perception is
the whole dimension of yoga Yoga has helped me immensely by raising my
level of awareness to a point where I’m able to see my emotions coming and
therefore I’m able to respond to the situations that you know that I am
in. And when I face the situations with calmness, it helps my
clarity of thought and I’m able to respond to those situations in a much
better way than I was able to before I started practicing yoga We value light because it brings clarity
to us. If there was no light, you cannot see clearly. Where there is light, you can
see clearly. So what you actually value is not light, it is the clarity that it
brings Unfortunately at the age of 12 I met an accident. A firecracker burst into
my eyes and I lost both my eyes Though my external vision is impaired but Yoga
has given me such a profound inner vision and clarity that I can go through
any situations effortlessly. The clarity and the inner stability that I have got
has completely transformed my life People are always trying to bridge the
gaps in their clarity with confidence But the problem with confidence is 50%
of the time it may work That’s a big problem. But there is really
no substitute for clarity All yogic processes are essentially about
enhancing your perception because it is the profoundness of your perception
which brings clarity to every aspect of life


  1. How to enhance perception through yoga I m going to yoga since 20 days it gave me mind peace but I didn't find any growth in my perception

  2. Simply seeing things the way it is the act of a robot, you have to see things from the way its intented to be seen. Survival is naturally there but going above that requires ahankara then chitta

  3. I'm a martial artist. And I really want to practice yoga. How should I manage both? They say you should be energetic while doing yoga, same is true for martial art. How people like arjun, krishna used to practice both at the same time in ancient age?

  4. if ones heart is quiet and could reflect things as mirror.
    I think mental disease because of vision distord. people emotional disregulate. like water in big waves therefore can not reflect things

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