Xiidra Dry Eye Drops | Side Effects, Cost, Coupon, Dosage, & Reviews

Xiidra Dry Eye Drops, we are going to go
over side effects, costs, coupon, dosages, and reviews. Today we are also going to go
over Xiidra versus Restasis. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. This is The
Dry Eye Show. Let’s jump right into the content. Let’s go over what is Xiidra. Yes, Xiidra or Lifitegrast Ophthalmic Solution 5% is a new prescription medication that was approved in July of 2016. It’s been incredibly successful since it was released. We have had a lot of
patients and a lot of customers that have told us that they have really had
success with it but it’s still a new medication so we’re still kind of testing the waters. We are seeing how it works on our patients. During FDA trials Xiidra was found to start working in their test subjects as
early as two weeks after the medication was started. There were actually four
different trials that were done over a 12 week period and so the earliest that
people noticed a change in their symptoms was at two weeks and then they
also tested people at six weeks and at 12 weeks and they also notice improvement there now also at 12 weeks Xiidra was shown to improve the signs of
dry eyes as well so that’s what your doctor can see when they look at your
eyes. What they were looking for was corneal staining which basically means
that the skin on the front of your eye isn’t fully intact. A lot of that happens with dry eyes but Xiidra helped improve that at 12
weeks. Which is pretty amazing compared to Restasis. It was shown takes you
know up to six months to really notice a difference in those signs so Xiidra works
much more quickly but definitely you know we’re still seeing how it works and
the 12 years that Restasis was approved without any other medication
coming onto the market that was the hard thing is nobody could really beat that
that six month mark and Xiidra did that That is why it became so popular so fast now if you’re already taking Restasis and you’re already past that six month
period it’s really recommended that you just go
ahead and switch. Try a new medication but if it is working for you then just stay on that. Let’s go into how does Xiidra work and its
mechanism of action Xiidra works on the ICAM-1 and the LFA-1. There little receptor sites on your T lymphocytes. So a T lymphocyte
is a type of white blood cell that plays a critical role and battling
inflammation. It plays a critical role in immunity in battling dry eye and
everything so with that being blocked and the T lymphocytes going down. What
that does is it improves dry eye signs and symptoms. Now what exactly that does? We have no idea but it’s been shown and it’s been FDA approved to improve signs
and symptoms of dry eye disease. We don’t really know why but it just
inhibits inflammatory cells and we know that works because dry eye is
inflammation. We are in hitting T cells which inhibits inflammation and your
immune response against that inflammation. Let’s jump into Xiidra dosage Xiidra is a preservative free solution in eye drop form. It is dispensed in small little vials that are single-use vials and it’s
a 30-day supply. You get sixty vials in that 30-day supply basically it’s
prescribed one drop in each eye morning and evening or 12 hours apart if you
have a wacky schedule. You definitely want to discard each vial after use just
because if you’re keeping it open there are no preservatives in there that are going to prevent any contamination Although some people have been concerned about systemic absorption of Xiidra there’s really not much risk that
they found with that if you’re concerned You can always put the eye drops in and
then kind of hold the corners of your eyes over your puncta that can
kind of decrease the systemic absorption that you might get from it but
it’s not really anything to worry too much about. Some of those either side
effects and before we go into the side effects a little bit more it’s pretty
common to see these side effects with any drop period and everybody always says this drops or this spray stings or this stings. The reason
any of those sting is because you have inflammation on your eye Imagine if you have an open wound and
you put water on it how much does that burn. That’s what you’re doing with your
eye. Your eye has all these open wounds in the in the form of inflammation
you’re putting something on it It is going to burn regardless if it’s Xiidra, a steroid or spray. Anything is going to burn. That’s the same thing with your
eyelids or pretty much anything if you have inflammation. It’s going to burn
regardless of what you put on it Especially on some of those we’ve seen
some really red eyes in our community The last couple days those eyes they’re
going to burn no matter what you put in there It’s going to sting. Number one side effect is burning burning of the ice and so the second
side effect we usually see the burning they said 5 to 25% I would say it’s more like 50% same with Restasis. They say 17%. I would say more like 50%. Another side effect is blurry vision right after
putting it in. The same as with any drop You just have to report it. A strange bad taste in your mouth That’s pretty common that actually means
that you have good puncta. Your eye drains to your nose via your puncta. Your
nose then drains to your mouth You have bitter taste receptors on your
tongue. That’s what you’re tasting. That metallic taste of the drop that you
have there. If you want to prevent that close your eyes after you put the drop
in and just hold right here for a minute or two and that should prevent that from
happening. Some other small side effects that if one person reports that they have to report it on the their report. Headaches, redness of
the eyes, watery eyes, discharge from the eyes, and runny nose. Again some of
these things can happen to anyone That takes anything and so they have to
report it but burning is the most common one Again your eyes are inflamed that’s why they’re going to be burning so with that being said let’s jump into
Xiidra costs and coupon information According to Good RX which is a
platform for looking at any pharmaceutical medication Xiidra is going to cost you still about $500 without insurance so of course every insurance
company is different and many people or most people out there do have insurance
Your insurance company is most likely going to cover some of Xiidra. They
estimate that about 30% of Medicare patients have coverage for Xiidra so
then you’re just going to end up paying whatever your copay normally is for the
medication. If you happen to not have any insurance or you have an
insurance where Xiidra coupons will work. They do have on their website where
you can get your first month free and then pay $10 for every month
after that for the length of the time that you use the medication which is
pretty amazing I don’t really know who qualifies for that so you just have to
go on and check it out and there is a link in the article that we posted I
want to say it’s an income qualification and if you are like a one-person income
household I think it starts at 36,000 and then I think it climbs like 10,000
per person after that and their website also includes savings like $20
for a 90-day supply and things like that but you just have to go on their website
and see if it’s something that you qualify for. That changes all the time so make sure you visit their website to check that out so
getting soap box out Xiidra generics and alternatives. This is my favorite part. Since Xiidra is so new there is not going to be any generics for it. You may find over Restasis generic Maybe I think that just came out like a year ago but I don’t think it is used that much I think it’s available in Canada maybe not here. I’m going to go over some alternatives to dry eye treatment that you do not need a prescription drop for because as you know we try to treat dry
eye as naturally as possible First thing you want to do hydration hydration hydration 80% of people are dehydrated in this world. You have to hydrate yourself in order to live Your body is mostly made of water. The planet is mostly made of water. Water keeps us going. Make sure you’re
drinking filtered clean water. We use big Berkey system. You can also get a filter system in your house. The Berkey pretty much eliminates all toxins from
your water which is great and then what I recommend doing is drinking 16 to 32
ounces right when you wake up and then drinking 8 to 16 ounces before you eat every meal That should keep you plenty hydrated Carry a bottle around with you. We keep bottles. I have two right here on my desk and we just drink whenever we
think. Drink when you think Number one hydration. Number two diet. Eating a plant-based alkalizing diet of organic fruits and vegetables. The reason you want to that is cause fruits and vegetables will put you on an alkaline state. Alkalinity decreases inflammation it decreases your blood sugar as well Alkaline diet decreases inflammation. An acidic diet which is your processed foods, your candy, your ice
cream, your cookies, your cake, fast foods eliminate that right away. When you’re in
an acidic state that’s more of a cancerous state. That’s an inflammatory
state. It’s going to cause more dry eyes Eliminate processed foods. Eliminate
things in boxes and cans. Switch to organic fresh veggies and fruits. If you’re going to eat meat make sure it’s organic free-range meat and wild caught fish. That is key. If you haven’t taken a food sensitivity test before
find out what you’re sensitive to and and avoid those as well that will cause inflammation in your entire body What we’re doing there is we’re working on the gut healing that putting your body in an alkaline state to
decrease the inflammation which will decrease your eye inflammation so with
that being said omega-3s and the healthy fats increase your healthy fats decrease
your bad fats so all the foods that I went over to eliminate are pretty much filled with saturated fats or poor fats which are vegetable oils, margarine, Crisco, fake butter I don’t mind real whole butter like Kerrygold but avoid everything that is processed with soybean oil. You want to
avoid soybean oil, corn oil. All those bad oils The only three oils we recommend
and the only three oils we eat are organic extra virgin olive oil, organic
extra virgin coconut oil, and organic avocado oil. Those are three we
work with and when you cook with these you want to keep them cooked at a low
temperature and the reason that is once they smoke then they become damaged as
well. For example when we cook let’s say our eggs because we do eat eggs. Organic free-range eggs. We cook those in just a little bit of olive oil. We heat it
up at a medium heat and let that pan heat up and then put the eggs in. We never raised it above that because it will cook fine and it won’t smoke that way Omega-3 healthy fats and omega-6
healthy fats. Eliminating the bad saturated fats. You can take a supplement and take an omega-3 supplement. The fourth thing is eyelid hygiene We can’t stress this enough and this was repeated over and over at our
last meeting is everybody should be cleaning their eyelids on a daily basis about twice a day. They should be using using a commercially available
hypochlorous acid cleanser. You can use ours Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser
there’s Avenova. There’s a couple other ones but those are the two main ones
that are out on the market right now It’s simple all you do is wake up. Spray
it. Rub it in. Leave it on and then do the same thing at night. What that’s going to
do is keep your eyelids clean clean eyelids help with your tears and your
tears are responsible for keeping everything healthy on your eyes Are your tears come from your eyelid? keeping those clean will keep your your
tears healthier Let’s jump into the difference between Xiidra versus Restasis. This is the main question that we always get asked when we talk about Xiidra or Restasis which is better so the main difference is that Restasis first of all
does not work as quickly as Xiidra. We did talk about that but Xiidra is intended to
treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye and it’s FDA approved to do so over
Restasis is not. That’s just because of the way that the medications work so
what Xiidra does like we talked about earlier it stops a chemical chain reaction in the cells. It stops inflammatory cells from binding each other this is a really quick process so that’s why it can happen. You can find relief in as little as two weeks with Xiidra. Restasis on the other
hand is a slower process. We don’t really know the mechanism of
Restasis but we know that it’s a topical immunomodulator. It has anti-inflammatory effects and over time this medication will help the eyes produce more high-quality tears naturally and this in turn helps you feel relief. The important thing to note with both of these medications is that neither one are
artificial tears. They’re not designed to give you relief right away because they are actually healing your eyes from the inside out. You’re not simply putting a band aid on the problem. You’re this healing
takes time and Xiidra and Restasis are both healing
your eyes and helping them to produce better tears and helping them
to decrease the inflammation that they have both of these are wonderful medications and if you’re on them and they work for you there is no
reason to switch to the other one like he said earlier if you’re happy stay on it but definitely great options for you Xiidra is wonderful it’s a little bit newer tends to work a little bit
more quickly but other than that it’s really patient dependent because
everybody’s a little bit different and the key thing to take away from that
whole Xiidra versus Restasis thing is that she did talk about both of these
are not artificial tears artificial tears were made to give you that kind of
instant relief that instant gratification and anything that’s going to
heal your dry eye is going to take time you didn’t get this dry eye overnight
you’re not going to get rid of it overnight so that’s why I diet plays
such an important role hydration and just decreasing inflammation in your
entire body because when you do that you’re going to do it over time because it
takes anywhere from day a day to six months to fully recuperate some cells
and completely start new ones and so when you have those bad cells that are
in your body it’s going to take time for that nutrition to kick in and those new
cells to be built that are healthier and to decrease the inflammation so you have
to stick with any kind of treatment that you you go with for at least six months
to actually feel the full results and full benefits and even then you’re not
going to feel the full results and benefits because this have been happening
for probably ten to twenty years and you just haven’t noticed the effects of it
until now and so just be very careful be very mindful. If you don’t feel like
something’s working stick with it until the prescribed amount of time if not
you’re just putting expensive liquid drops on your eye with that being said let’s jump over to comments and leave your
comments below this is The Dry Eye Show I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna
Zigler. Today we went over Xiidra for the last 20 minutes and so it was a
beefy little conversation that we just had. Let us know if you’ve tried it in
the comments below and if you’ve tried it then or if you haven’t tried it let
us know that too and if you have tried it let us know your experience with it
We’re going to jump over to some live comments now and just see what people
are putting Let’s see. Shannon says been using Xiidra for almost a
year the side effects last for a few minutes burning, itching, taste in mouth
but the benefits have been absolutely worth it. I can finally wear my daily contacts the whole day without them dissolving. That’s great Shannon
and great a couple things to note there is if you do notice the taste in your
mouth like we talked about pull your punctal occlusion close your eyes pinch right
there you might not get it quite as much also you can drink some water about five
minutes after you take it that should wash it down too and then lastly if you
are wearing a daily contact lens Dailies Total1 or Oasys 1-Day are the two we recommend if you’re not on either of those two I would recommend highly trying them. I’m
guessing you’re on Dailies Comfort Plus by the way you talk about it dissolving
in your eye Brenda says I’m on Xiidra now. I think it helps some so I continue using it. There are times though that I have to temporarily discontinue due to a flare-up.Nnow I’m not so sure if
you want to address that If you’re discontinuing it because of a
flare-up I understand why you would do that because it probably burns
quite a bit when you’re in a flare-up but that’s actually not the time to
really discontinue it I would stay on it if you can. I know
it’s going to burn but it’s really going to be worth it because it’s
going to continue heal your dry eye When you stop using the medication
then you have to start back at square one and I’m not saying that if
you’re off of it for a few days that you’re starting back at square one
but you are going backwards essentially so if you
can continue to use it through those flare-ups then that’s really going to be a benefit to you and what I would recommend is that you put in the
fridge. Yes put in the fridge. Take it out. It would be a little cooler and soothing Kristeen says I took it for two months my eyes just felt worse stopped it and now
going through IPL which seems to be helping okay so that leads me to believe
that you had less inflammation on the eye and more meibomian gland dysfunction which usually they go hand in hand but
it might not have in your case Ursula said I did not give it enough time
because the blurriness after putting the drops in just bothered me so much. What
we usually recommend with that is take it right before bed and then right when
you wake up that usually helps a little bit more and you can always
follow it with like an artificial tear to help with the blurriness. A clear
artificial tear. Amy says hello Nancy said I had unusual but severe GI
related side effects and had discontinued I did read your comment in
the other blog. I did see that and signs like we have an example
would be like a glaucoma beta blocker drop that we give to patients that can
sometimes cause depression and so we don’t think about those things as eye
doctors and we really should be asking the question how are you
feeling. When you’re on a beta blocker so side effects can happen and
they may not be on the list but that doesn’t mean they’re not because of
the medication right and like I said systemic absorption was found to be rare in the studies that they did but that doesn’t mean that it’s
not absorbed systemically and you obviously had a reaction to it. Ursula
says hello. Dorothy says hello doctors Travis and Jenna. I tried Xiidra eye drop. It
helped a little. Ursula said ordered the electric compact compress you
recommended. What is the difference between infrared compress like this one
to a regular one? Just the source of the heat is a little different. In this one and that’s why we recommended that one because it’s a little better
it’s by MiBo Flow. It’s their warm compress. Lucy says Xiidra is a horrible taste all day long. I would recommend trying to do the punctal occlusion. Where you hold right in the
corners of your eyes after you put the drops in. You can also drink something afterwards. Drink a green smoothie because you should be having a
green smoothie in the morning for breakfast anyway so drink a big green
smoothie afterwards and hopefully that’ll help to kind of wash
things away. Lucy said that she has a normal group health insurance plan to
pay $10 a month and she’s a significant income earner over what
their normal standards are and so she said it wasn’t based on income. Cool. Amy said it’s not an income qualification either. That’s great. Rosalie says I was using Restasis and
it wasn’t helping me at all. I just started using Xiidra about two weeks
ago and I’m experiencing a small improvement. It does burn and a taste in
my mouth. I’m hoping that long term of this will help me a 100% just like we talked about stick with it. Pay $28 for one month organic is so expensive cancer is more expensive. Yes that’s what I always
say and we just had somebody go through cancer and not even cancer disease in
general is way more expensive than organic and if you can’t buy everything
organic then take a look at there’s a list out there if you google The Clean
Fifteen. Those fruits and vegetables are less likely to be sprayed with pesticides and all that type of stuff and so those are things that you can get
away with buying non-organic but the Dirty Dozen that list you really should
be buying organic because it’s sprayed with pesticides absolutely and it can be
really bad for your system and we do understand that some people it is
financially harder to buy organic because it is a little more expensive
but I would challenge you to stop looking at the prices of the food. If you
if you’re able to stop looking at organic versus conventional and just buy
organic groceries completely organic groceries and see what it does you tend
to spend whatever money you have in your bank account regardless of what income
you make and if you budget more torture groceries and organic produce which is
the healthiest thing you can do I mean this is the fuel you’re putting in your
body and you wouldn’t put water in your car
because it just doesn’t make sense so why would you put pesticides in your
body it just doesn’t make sense but with that being said try it. We did it
a year and a half ago. We were just like we’re going to buy all organic and see what happens and we just allocate more money to that
budget and to that side of our finances and it’s that important to us. I mean
it’s the fuel of your body. Jean says hello. Hi Jean. Amy says I read an article
that a study showed no improvement with fish oil. Can you clarify this called The
Dream Study. The Dream Study did a placebo of olive oil and against the
omega-3 against dry eye and so what it found was that they were the same. Both groups sharp saw improvement olive oil and omega-3 and so both groups saw
improvement with being on it but there was no difference between the two groups
with that being said I talked to some of the people that were in it or
not in it but that rate it they said they used low-quality olive oil. It’s
still olive oil and it wasn’t significant enough to make a difference
and so that’s why they said it causes no improvement. I don’t believe taking an omega-3 supplement for your dry eye is the way
to go. Taking an omega-3 supplement for the health of your entire
body is the way to go and so healthy oils breed healthy cells because healthy
fats are what make up your cell membranes of your every cell in your
body. You have a trillion cell there 100 trillion cells or whatever it is and
every cell is made up of a cell membrane on the outside and if you have bad oils
from fast foods from saturated fats then that oil that membrane is not going to
be healthy in a cycle at oxygen and ones oxygen gets below around 60% I think
some researchers said once it gets below that that’s cancer if
it’s above 60% about 60 to 80 percent that’s more of disease and then above
that is a healthy cell and so eating omega-3 for healthy overall body is the
way to go not just taking it for dry eye it helps because you’re just making
every cell in your body healthier but the key to that study was that you
know it compared omega-3 to olive oil which are both healthy oils and they
both showed an improvement in dry eye they just was no difference between the two all right so Lin says watching from New
Mexico and she asks what treatments aren’t recommended for those who have
had cataract surgery. I would say none There’s not really anything that is contraindicated with cataract surgery. The only thing I would not
recommend doing is like boxing. Don’t get hit in the face or racket ball maybe another big one basketball or worse wear goggles. Chile Wisconsin checking in
Cheryl I’m sure it’s cold. It’s cold here. Sarah asks what are your
thoughts on blue blockers any brands We recommend ours of course. Yes we
would recommend the Eye Love Blue Light Blocking Glasses which they’re 40% off
today and we can put that link below comments. There is the blue and these are 40% off and then we have the matte gray and they’re up there. They’re 40% off today. You can get them for I think $17 and $18. That’s our eighth day of Christmas ends at midnight tonight. I’ll reply to
your comment with the page after our show is over. I’ve been on Restasis forever My tears never increased but now that my inflammation is reduced does the
Restasis now have a chance to repair my eyes? The green smoothies that you’re
doing are repairing your eyes more than the Restasis but yes continue doing that because it’s also helping as well and then Dorothy says she tried Xiidra and liked it Jean says should I switch to Xiidra? No I would not.
Restasis is working I mean it may not have increased your tears as much as you wanted it to but it has helped and so that’s where we
say it’s not worth switching just stay with what you’re on. Again this is The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler. I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler We went over Xiidra at the beginning of the episode and then we went over Xiidra versus Restasis a little bit later so
if you want to get that full update we actually wrote an article for you. It is
in the description and we’ll also put it in the comments after the show. You can click that to get a full update and then the video replay will be on that
that link as well and so Cynthia says Xiidra is awesome. I started March of last
year. It took about two months to see feel results but my eyes were horrible
before Now with Xiidra and plugs February this year I only use Xiidra twice daily when one allergy drop and one Systane balance drop a day among the other changes that you have made Cynthia. We all know those all right. Lisa says do you think Xiidra is more effective
than Restasis Lisa everybody is different so as you’ve
seen some people saw improvement with Xiidra and some people
didn’t. Some people see improvement with Restasis and some people don’t and so
everybody is very different and everybody’s dry eye is caused by
something different and that’s just the nature of dry eye that’s what makes it
so difficult is that there’s not one treatment that’s going to work for
everybody so you just have to try both of them and if you find one that works then stick with that one and then Lyn says I’m 78 not into boxing. You never know. You are never too old to do anything in this life. Sure
she’s not into it Amy says any treatments I shouldn’t do with OR? Nulids okay? This question has come up quite a bit in the community if you can use Nulids with ocular
rosacea and what I have said their website says that you should not use Nulids if you have any inflamed eye condition at all. If you’ve
got a stye. If your eyes are super red If your eyelids are super red. If you have a
flare-up of ocular rosacea. If you have eczema or psoriasis or any other things that can happen around the eyes. You should not use it because
there’s a potential for it making things worse. Ocular rosacea is of course on
that list but not everybody’s ocular rosacea is the same. If you’re going
through a flare-up in your eyelids or really red and inflamed and raw absolutely I would not recommend using Nulids. I would give it a break for a while until your eyelids heal up a little bit that’s just my take on it should you use it at all I don’t know I
mean I think that you can if you have ocular rosacea and it’s a mild case now
if you’ve got severe ocular rosacea then don’t use it. I would follow the management tips that we went over a couple weeks ago in ocular rosacea first
and then once you get that more under control and once you feel like your
skin’s not as sensitive then you can try really only your doctor is going to know how your eyes look You and your doctor and so that’s
really who you need to talk to some people have and their doctors just haven’t heard about it which is kind of a problem but you just have to tell them where to read about it and where to learn more. Cheryl says initially on Xiidra for 3 to 4 months but my eyes have dramatically
improved so no longer need to use them from my eye doctor I use your products
the cleanser omega-3s and your blue blockers and overall happy with how
everything feels so much better and that’s what we’re here for so we love
hearing stories like that and the fact that you got off
medications with our products and maybe some of our recommendations as far as
green smoothies and hydration and that’s what we’re here for that’s the stories we love to hear and that’s let us know when that
happens. We always love to hear stuff like that posted in the group. Let us
know. Send us a message whatever you want to do all right
Kaitlyn asked do you think it’s less effective to use the same vial of Xiidra same vial of Xiidra in one day even if
put in the fridge or should I use a new vial each time to see the full benefits
I don’t want to comment on this it’s hard for us to comment on this
because we have to do what’s approved by Xiidra and what they tell us is
approved by the FDA and so that is put a drop in and throw it away when you’re
done so curious as to why you prefer a wild
salmon over farm raised. Faroe Island salmon is exceptionally oily and much
less expensive than wild caught If you know the farm that it’s coming from
and you know the way they treat their fish feel free to buy farm-raised yeah but with that being said most farm-raised salmon and fish in
general are just fed corn processed products with lots of pesticides. It’s
not organic. It’s not anything and so the the farming method of fish is not ideal
for it’s very similar to while organic grass-fed beef versus traditional beef Tami says I was wondering what
can be used for foreign body sensation in one eye. I’ve tried everything. I need
something with more oil. I use your Heyedrate. Have you tried I mean we
normally recommend like a Retain MGD You can use that as many times a day as
you want right body sensation that’s an eye drop but it’s all about just
figuring out what’s causing that foreign body sensation that I make sure you
don’t have a foreign body first of all because that could be it some people
with dry eye they get what are called concretions which are just little
inflammatory crystals along their eyelid margin and sometimes highly margin but
inside their eyelid don’t everybody go looking for these but it’s can be
that usually doesn’t cause any problems for some people it does. You might
have an eyelash growing in words that could cause a problem like that or you
just might be more inflamed in one eye versus the other and if that’s the case
you may just need to treat that eye with a little more TLC. Jane said she’ll never give up green smoothies
ever and if you guys want green smoothie recipes just post that in the comments
and we can post our green smoothies and actually I just updated it so it’s got
our full food list of what we recommend eating if you want to go really advanced
detox or if you want to be a core everyday. What do we think of the Restasis multi-doses It’s the same thing in a different file or a different bottle and what the bottle does is it lets things
out but not in and so once the drop comes out the little valve closes so it works Ursula says she loves her green
smoothies too do you have an opinion on using grapeseed oil for cooking that’s
one of those kind of iffy oils it’s actually on my bad list that I just wrote about in my book but it’s
not as bad as some of the other ones and so if you can avocados, olive oil and
coconut oil, organic extra virgin if possible what that means is organic of
course and less process is extra virgin and then always wondered what those
crystals were yep concretions inflammation Karen says hi there doctors
Jenna and Travis wishing you a love filled 2019. Here’s to the new year and
manifesting your dreams goals Thank you Karen. Thank you. We appreciate it. Let’s jump over you’re not done yet we got some over here in the communities. Linda says Xiidra worked
for me. Linda says wait there we go sorry we’re trying to get around our camera so
Linda says Xiidra worked for me it’s made a significant difference. My eye doctor has
noted that this during my exam he said he could see the oil sitting on my eye
when before I didn’t have any so that’s great. Kaitlyn says I love Xiidra been on it for nearly a year now and really have to use our TC drops when she was using him six to ten times a day
previously took about a month Xiidra has helped me a lot Lisa says I’ve cut way
down on OTC drops we should be spokespeople for Xiidra I didn’t
have any luck with Restasis I just started using new ones about two weeks
ago and I’m starting to notice it has helped too. Xiidra has helped me
significantly Jennifer says Sue says Xiidra at bedtime has stopped
waking with very painful eyes Kelly says I started using Xiidra Friday fingers
crossed it helps she has noticed some of the side effects that we talked about
earlier. Is this like Restasis? Yes and no Carolyn says I tried it for about a month which was too short a time to see a difference in dryness
however my eyes were really red and irritated the whole time so that’s a
little harder she did try for a month though and Tara says I have tried Xiidra it seemed to be helping at first and then after only using them for a little
while over a month they were no longer helping let’s see Janice said I had to give up Xiidra not only with my insurance problems in price but
it just didn’t seem to work for me I found something called Retain MGD by Ocusoft seemed to be working just fine Judy says tried it when my insurance wouldn’t cover Restasis I had a bad reaction to it I was hoping it
would work for me because it was much cheaper than Restasis. Joey is going to ask
to try it soon unless he’s been on it for two years no bad side effects and
thinks it’s helping with the inflammation and the people I’ve had
lots of success with that Jackie’s had a good experience with it took four months
for the burning to stop and Irina says I try did nothing for me let us see I have been using side row for about two months can’t say I have noticed any
improvements as Carol Amy says she’s currently on it and it’s helped me
between Xiidra and Heyedrate and oxy typically don’t need drops
anymore we should try to get you off that oxy so far like I’m guessing you’re taking it for like a rosacea and MGD so following that kind of protocol
that we talked about with that Xiidra cautionary tale I will not get into that
one but it involved some GI issues that Nancy talked about earlier good stuff any more questions live looks like we’re good thanks for joining us we did went over Xiidra today so you can go back to the beginning of the episode you can also click on the link in the comments and this is The Dry
Eye Show I’m Dr. Travis Zigler I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler signing off you


  1. I have been on xiidra for 5 weeks now and this medication has been an experience lol. For starters, i paid $150 out of pocket because I am a federal employee and that's all they would cover. Didnt qualify to use the coupon 😞 that was still much better than the $1803 retail price.

    My eyes are no longer dry or sandy feeling but do run randomly and burn on occasion, not related to initial use. And i do also have a very thin mucus discharge upon use as well. I have a follow up with my doctor next week so I can't wait to see what she says.

  2. Thanks for this, I was particularly interested in the 4 steps (regarding hydration, anti-inflammatory foods and omegas) . I rather prevent if I can 🙂

  3. Hi, I would just like to thank you for posting such informative dry eye videos! Here's my story: I have had dry eyes for about 4 years, which is progressively getting worse. I've tried steroid eye drops and antibiotics (azithromycin), which did not help. I've tried Xiidra for 2 months and haven't noticed much of a difference in my dry eye (due to MGD.) I have stop using Xiidra for the last month simply because I didn't think it was working for me, and I have experienced all of the side effects mentioned (burning, redness, bad taste, blurred vision, discharge, and my eyes seemed more dry) Now that I have stopped using Xiidra, I continue to suffer and my life continues to be effected by my dry eye. Maybe I should have taken it longer before making the decision that it isn't really helping. Hmmmm, I may give it another try. ( I continue to use warm compresses at least twice a day, practice good lid hygiene, take omega-3 and flax seed oil supplements, use a humidifier, use Refresh Celluvisc eye drops and have dry eye glasses) I guess my next step is an organic plant based diet…a little overwhelming, but probably necessary.

  4. soy oil, why avoid it? Are too much nuts/oils ok even those good oils you mentioned? Would eat honey cause inflammation? Thanks a lot and happy new year.

  5. Have been on Xiidra for a week and expecting small improvements every day. My side effects are slight burning and heavy discharge upon use. I have a question about the usage – I think a vial contains around 4-5 drops, and since I can't get the cap closed after one use, I feel it's a waste to just throw it away. Is it okay to put more than one drop in each eye? Thank you!

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