“wonderful, wonderful doctor for me” Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. David D. Richardson

My first name is Joan, and I have been coming to this office
quite a few years. I cannot recall exactly the first time, but it’s a great office. I would not go anywhere else. Quite a few years ago, I thought I had conjunctivitis, and so
did my doctor. But nothing tamed the redness in my eyes, and he recommended I had to see Dr. Schiff. Well,
that was scary for me, because you see I had never been to an eye doctor before in my entire life, and I
was an adult. When I came into the office, and this dear little man named Dr. Schiff, who was so wonderful to me, just
took all my fears away. And I was thrilled to find a doctor like him. Dr. Schiff is the one that found out
that I have glaucoma, and I realized if I had not been coming to Dr. Schiff, that glaucoma never would have been
found. It is being kept under control, thanks to Dr. Richardson. When Dr. Schiff retired, I was a little nervous
because, again, I would have to go to a new doctor. This time it was Dr. Richardson who immediately set
me at ease and has been a wonderful, wonderful doctor for me. I am very pleased, and my friend
Esther whom I have brought here has had two cataracts removed from him and really was pleased, then, at
the results. It’s a very caring office, wonderful doctors, tremendous staff, and I could not be
more pleased. I highly recommend this office.

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