Women and Depression with Benilde Little Black America | Black America


  1. I suffered with bipolar and depression mostly all my life. Its something that not to many people will understand. One minute I can be upbeat and the next just not interested in anything. My mood changes quickly out of the blue. The key is knowing your triggers and to avoid people or reading anything that will trigger you to get depressed. So many black women and men have alot on their plates and then have to go to work and put a smile on and pretend that they are okay. We are suffering in silence. I decided that I had enough and sought treatment for what I was going thru. I always felt that black women were judged and always under scrutiny for just about any and every little thing. And then you have women from your own race that will talk bad about you also. I stopped worrying myself about things like that because with people with depression and bipolar it will only trigger an episode of depression and will have your mind racing.

  2. Thank you posting this video. Way too many Black women suffer in silence with depression. Our community needs to become better educated and more compassionate about mental illness. For those of us who live with depression, it can be so isolating. That has to stop.

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