Will the injections hurt? What are the side effects?

[ Music ]>>So most of our patients say that the
injections sound alot worse than they are and almost all of them say that
the actual procedure doesn’t hurt. The biggest risk to having injections
is having an infection in the eye and this is a really serious complication,
so thankfully it happens very rarely. We do a lot to prevent this from happening and
that means that we spend a lot of time cleaning out the injection site and the area around the
eye with a soap-like substance called betadine. As a result, the biggest complaint
we get, if any, from our patients, after having the injection, is that they
feel like they have a soap-like sensation in their eye, that it’s irritated
and it stings a little. Most of this is relieved within 24 hours. And it’s important to note that
patients do not need to get a patch and they have no activity
restrictions after getting the injection and so it really is very minimally
intrusive to your lifestyle. [ Music ]


  1. Dr. Shah, what about the medications? I have read that they really are not all that effective. So, a person risks eye infection for a medication that may not actually work very well. Add to this the cost factor. From what I understand some of these medications are very expensive. With health care going down the tube, how are many of us who have minimal health care supposed to afford these treatments?

  2. Do injections reverse scarring of the retinas or do they simply stop/prevent further damage? I am severely diabetic, have end stage liver disease, and issues with blood pressure. I have previous damage and scarring as well as hemorrhaging to 70% of my retinas as well as cataracts beginning to form. I am soon to begin inections twice a month in both eyes. Will I need to wear eye patches as I have severe photophobia.
    The degeneration began less than two years ago and I am told that without quick invasive treatment I will be blind within a year. Please respond asap.

  3. Thank you for this video. Im only 38 years old and i need to have this done, in 2 weeks. My doctor seems as cool as a cucumber, about it. Seems strange to me, but hey, that's why he is a doctor and i am not! Lol. So i am going to trust.
    Ive been through domestic abuse in the past and developed high blood pressure. I didnt want to take my blood pressure medicine for a while, so im guessing it caused this eye problem eventually. The doctor says he does not know the cause of my CRVO. It appears he would rather not speculate. Thanks to youtube, i can see what the procedure looked like, ahead of time. I will be ok..i have faith. When i first found out about the procedure, i asked the doc to give me general anesthesia so i can be asleep. He said there is no need.. This can be done in the office, in 5 minutes. He says he will numb me up real good. 🙂
    Thank you, again, for posting this video. It helps me. And now, i take my blood pressure medicine religiously.

  4. Had mine done a few hours ago, I was so scared! Crying every time someone asked if I was okay 🤣🤣 it was so scary and I was shaking the whole time. But I didn't even feel it! The needle took about 2 seconds, I was shocked and was like are you really done?! The pain afterwards though is horrible! I feel like I have a grain of sand in my eye and soap. My eye is pouring with water constantly. I was advised to sleep after it and I found it really difficult as it hurts even with my eyes closed, I did eventually get to sleep but when I woke up I felt really drained. Hopefully the pain is a lot better tomorrow, I look like I'm crying constantly 🤣

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