Why Spiritual People Are Depressed

Dr. Pillai:>>Why spiritual people are depressed.
It is depressing to consider this, but I love the spiritual people. I have known them forever,
not only in this lifetime, but in many lifetimes also. Why are they depressed? It’s a very
important question. Historically speaking, the spiritual people already go through an
exploration of their own Consciousness which involves depression, and eventually they are
able to come out of it, at least some of them. But the whole search is depressive because
it is anti-world. It’s very interesting that Osho, when he was alive, someone asked
this question, but the question was slightly different. The question was, somebody asked:
“Why spiritual people are so poor?” He said: “It is very simple. IBecause they
are spiritual people; they are not material people.” So here the question is: “Why
spiritual people are depressed?” I can think of one ancient text called “Yoga Vasishta”.
It is easily 1,000 years old, or according to some other people, it is timeless and many
thousands of years old. There is this Yogi who has been meditating for a long time and
he sat in the Himalayas and he was “OM’ing” all of his life. One day he happened to watch
some procession going on and then this was a procession that was on the occasion of the
king’s birthday. There was music, there was dance, and people were, you know, in a
very happy mood. And then he said to himself, the Yogi,: “This is life. What am I doing
here, “OM’ing” all of the time? I have become so depressed.” Then Yoga Vasishta
says, “As soon as this thought came into the mind of this Yogi, and because he happened
to be a Yogi, he quickly finished his lifetime and then was reborn as the King.” You know,
it makes sense. So. the lesson here is: One has to really develop a proper relationship
with the world of Maya, the world of Illusion. Illusion is what is going to give you, you
know, joy or happiness. So when deprived of senses, you are likely to go into depression.
So I want to talk about this at some length through a [Google] Hangout. The title will
be the same: “Why People, Spiritual People Are Depressed?” Look forward for the announcement.
God Bless.

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