Why I Quit Being a Therapist — Six Reasons by Daniel Mackler


  1. you have to have meds some are so ill, brain damaged that talking don't help so even if everyone had theraputic skills you still need proffessionals.

  2. I probably shouldnt have watched this while im going through trauma therapy…now im scared to go to my appointment next week 😩 im in the uk so the financial stuff doesnt apply but im worried now about the rest 😳

  3. You seem like a wonderful empathic psychotherapist, but I left wondering where your sense of self-worth, ethical requirements, and choices within your practice. you have outlined every possible damaging scenario within this profession. CHOICE THERAPY FOR YOU SIR. 250 usd an hour first choice.

  4. A lot of misdiagnosis rendered to people with legitimate problems. Such as victims of community based harassment, programming and hazing voicing real concerns and complaints, being rendered delusional and schizophrenic etc etc.

  5. I have watched the same system for over 20 years everything he says is for the most part exactly right.

  6. I am one of those people that has always naturally been able to help people. I don't know what it is about me, but people just come to me and dump their issues on me and want my advice. I've never worked in therapy, but I have been a patient from time to time. Not sure what is going on now, but I have a drive to do something new. To leave my current field, and for some reason I think my calling is in the mental health area. I appreciate your reasons. I wonder if I can just help people without becoming a therapist? But how long should I do that if I'm not going to get paid something for my efforts. Is it even legal to "practice" being a therapist, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, without a license?

  7. I agree with your position on psychiatric labelling. I've come across meta-studies where individuals have been diagnosed as 'having' different disorders depending on the clinic they went to or psychiatrist they saw. People like Ian Hacking have also found that patients, after being diagnosed, will often 'act out' according to their symptoms. So it's more than just stigma: I think these labels encourage people to think of themselves in a set way, while ultimately denying the dynamic nature of the personalities. Like most social sciences, psychiatry follows physics in talking about people as if they were objects (with fixed properties that persist over time) while treating mental problems as timeless eternal facts – a maladjusted person will be maladjusted anywhere. What we need is much more context-enriched approach which acknowledges that people are processes, not things, and where labelling, hopefully becomes an anathema.

  8. Totally agree with all you say! I think the world needs more therapists like you. I’m hoping the Psychology changes away from diagnosis and medications

  9. Therapist Dude, I hope you find EFT. I hope you can see that it is what you want in reason #6….a way EVERYONE can have self-therapy. I have been using it and Emotion Code for over 15 years. I hope it gives you hope beyond drugs as treatment. That would also help you with that vicarious trauma. Try the Tapping Solution app out to see how it works. Peace out….

  10. why i quit working for a living i saw how the law allows the rich adn middle class low lifes to take advantage of teh poor and pay them much less money then they deserve so the rich and middle class low life can live a good life off their backs so i quit working and i been living 80 times better living off the tax payers im in a much better program then section 8 my program pays higher rent so i live in a new building built 5 days before i moved in i have central air conditionning elevator new stove new fridge i live much much better then millions of working poor my total rent is 1300 for a one bedroom apartment i pay 222 out of my ssi check the tax payers pay the rest i eat cheap and saved thousands of dollars and bought very good tvs and computers many pc video games movies etc i love having all the free time for my self every day i feel so much better then i use to feel when i worked and got taken advantage of

  11. i have mentall illness why is it i been around mentally ill and teh so called normal people for many years why is it the so called normal people victimized me many times adn caused me severe harm when the so called mentally ill people never caused me any harm and treated me one thousand times better why is it the so called mentally ill acted and behaved one hundred times more normal then the so called normal people i delt with many times in my life the so called normal people proved to me many times in my life to be much more sick in the head compared to the so called mentally ill people only sickin the head people do to other people what the so called normal people do to many people many times in usa

  12. i told some of my storys to my psychiatrist on how the so called normal people caused me severe harm and she told me unfortunately in usa the law system allows people to set up mentally ill people to cause them severe harm and the law system does not hold them responsible she told me people with impulse control disorder are very easy for some one to set them up to harm them selves

  13. when i was 16 years old in juvenile jail one white middle class staff worker set me up to harm my self adn 9 other white middle class staff workers kept causing me severe harm they refused to help me or get me help l am a poor white mentally ill man because of what they did to me i have a severe breathing disorder severe damage to my turbinates in my nose its a long story

  14. I wish that I could have been your patient when you were in practice. You were one of the good ones. I’ve been in counseling for about twenty years and between medication that only helps short term and bad therapists I still struggle and need better help. I agree with everything you said about the mental health field often being unhelpful and at times counter productive. Thanks for sharing your experiences it confirms for me that I’m not at fault for not having been helped enough yet. I have experienced a lot of what you said about how therapists and psychiatrists can be unhelpful in resolving my issues. Thanks for that it helps to know it’s not just me. The mental health field needs to make some significant changes.

  15. Thank u so much for posting . You really put to video what my thoughts, feelings, and gut had suspected for a long time. I believe you are very brave and it’s admirable to know that you really did the truly good things and and not the easy or bad thing.
    Please keep teaching everyone and please keep posting

  16. Thank you for making this video. After a 120K education and just 6 years in the field I agree with everything you say. I make barely enough $ to get by. I work with people in the criminal justice system who do not want therapy. Pill pushing, diagnosing, stress, grief, a broken system and insurance/govmt making most of the treatment calls. It's sad and has taken a lot from my physically, emotionally and spiritually. I got in it to help others and it has made me a depressed, cynical and very anxious (traumatized) person.

  17. thank you so much daniel, you saved me a hell lot of money and time. i have a deep passion for helping people and it dissapoints me that this system is like this, when there are good people who do genuinely want to help

  18. THANK YOU for not using force. It can be so harmful, especially when you're released after 72 hours and given a bill for $15,000.

    I disagree a bit with you on the drugs: of course it's totally unscientific, but a patient can still figure out by trial and error what medications work for them, and should be allowed to more easily.
    (honestly, though, I couldn't finish the video. It's too true)

  19. I suffering for burn out as a therapist and boy
    I don’t know what to think. But if I’m not a therapist how I’m I going make a living.

  20. i'm a little stunned. i have been pondering this for 18 months. IS therapy any different than, say, Scientology? i've never NOT been Diagnosed. i've never NOT been CHARGED.

    For the first time in 25 years, over 3 states, 2 institutions, 10 hospitalizations, 1 exorcism, 5 shrinks, & 35 therapists, i'm starting to think: The problem might not be me..

  21. Therapy hasn't really helped me, when i finally opened up to the therapist he transferred me to another therapist who insisted i needed to be on medication, so i was put on anti-depressants and they didn't help me, if anything, i got worse, i was open with the psychologist but she insisted that i wasn't being open enough. now i'm being transferred to another therapist, it feels like i'm too crazy to be helped. it was interesting to hear what it was like for you to work in the mental health field. great video, glad it was in my recommended section.

  22. Clearly I see the importance of church here. People just need church as cheesy as it sound, a good true christian church can guide people, specially coz Christians dont break people down in to separate groups, Christians sees every one in to the same level as God does, we all are messed up, we all have traumas and problems, our only way out is God, through Jesus Christ the only one that can bring restoration to our life. Every one needs someone to talk to and be listen, Christians support and encourage each other through faith, as God ask us to do. ((((((1 Thessalonians 5:11 New International Version (NIV)

    11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.)))))

  23. I’m so glad I changed my major. Aside from the fact that psychology is massively over saturated as a major and as a field, I genuinely don’t think I have the capacity for so much outside trauma. Instead I’m doing the thing that I’ve always known deep inside that I love worlds more, and after watching this I can’t even imagine how much worse the alternative would be.

  24. Thank you for posting this- I've been talking with friends, family and fellow therapists at the practice where I work- no one has been able to validate what I've been struggling with which you very beautifully articulate here. Thank you!

  25. Wow! Such honesty!! I always wondered about this and how therapists put up with their job. To me, therapists have more credibility than psychiatrists.

  26. in england, medication is free, and i find that therapists recommend as many other things as possible before recommending pills

  27. Have you read the highly sensitive person book? I am a HSP and it answered my questions about my burnout.I asked myself why other therapists could dastance themselves but i couldn’t and actually didn’t want to🙏

  28. I agree with him. I was prescribed these pills that kept me in this zombie state for over a year. Its possible that it has also destroyed my liver. Had to stop immediately. On a side note, why should children not be in therapy if they have trauma?

  29. God live inside of everyone. We just have to talk to Him. God, thanks for my life, i love you, teach me how to love you better and teach me how to help others to love you better BECAUSE WE ARE BIG BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. YAY

  30. Do you have any books out, Dr. Mackler? It would be really interesting to hear about your cases (identities protected), your philosophies and opinions similar to what you do here, if you can do it without making yourself sick. I think it could be very useful in pointing out others painful life experience with the hope of helping our society evolve, helping others thrive and possibly improving the mental health community (I use that term lightly). Think about it. I'd buy them.

  31. I want(ed?) To become a therapist too. But I have experienced trauma myself and I am extremely empathic. And I would love my job because I love helping people. But this is exactly where I see myself if I do end up studying psychology. This guy put his whole big ass heart in it, and look where he is now. Idk what to do.
    My heart goes out to this dude

  32. Depends on the therapist. When I used to have therapy, my therapist told me it wasn’t a good idea to take medication. But if I felt like it, I should go for it. She suggested me many things and said she always prayed for me. I used to have anxiety and I am now very direct XD

  33. As a client in Florida I haven’t had the some
    Of the same experiences with mental
    health providers as he is speaking about in his explanation for Reason #1. Despite the problems as I have encountered from them, therapists have always told me that they support my choice to take medication or not take medication.

  34. Is it common sense to go to school for 6 years n rack up debt? While being seated n school and obey’ing to aggressively?

  35. upsell meds? this must be an American thing , i have never ever been on meds (im very anti meds) and so are my therapists ( i had therapists in ireland, germany, spain and they never told me about meds )this NEVER happens here in europe. i love your videos thanks x

  36. Check out Irving Kirsch. He has done extensive research on the placebo effect and antidepressants. He is a professor at Harvard and a great person to reference when people try to push drugs on you.


  37. That is one of my problems. I do not need medication or just to talk. I need real advice and none of the therapists I have seen have been able to help. Your honesty gives me hope!

  38. Every person I know who has been to any sort of therapy has told me that those "shrinks" told them everything they already knew and didn't do anything except stare at their clocks and interrupt them after their hour was up and told them they were done for that day. They also told me from day one, they wanted to push meds on them without even giving them a diagnosis but suggesting they had a mental disorder

  39. It would be nice if learning psychology in school is required. Like Daniel said, knowing a bit and learning the alternatives will really help a lot of people.

  40. It's interesting how you said you didn't believe children belong in therapy, I am very interested to know why that is coming from a former therapist. I somewhat agree to this also but would like to know your thoughts on that further.

  41. I am one who wishes to be a 'Therapist' and would like to leave a comment, not to down the video, but to give my view on things, just the way I see it…I feel you need to be a very responsible person to be a therapist of any kind. Therefore, if this is the case, then it would not be the responsible thing to prescribe medication that is unsuitable for the client, medication that could cause them harm. With that said, is it not plausible, that any therapists explores many avenues that may help the client, not just leap on the drug wagon? Maybe it is just the way things are done today and not how they were done 8+ years ago.

    I would hope that every student learns about the dangers of giving inappropriate medication.

    I understand totally what is being said in this video, that therapists are pushed to push these kinds of drugs, however, I really believe that there are therapists out there, that will not prescribe anything, that they are unsure of.

    Thank you for sharing this video, well made and very informative. Let's hope it helps all therapists to think before they prescribe. No matter what pressure they made be under.

    We must remember, that the world really does need great therapists. The world and it's people are in trouble, help is needed. I truly believe I may be one, who will go on to help others in the future.

    Love and respect to all.

  42. Kids don't belong in therapy? Yeah, you are right, they should just suffer trauma or pain silently with nowhere to turn to.

  43. Have been in training for psychotherapy for the past few years, almost finishing. And thank you for this… does not discourage me at all, but it is such a beautiful and honest reflection, and from the little experience I've had thus far, so so true. It points at lessons that we as individuals as well as a profession need to learn. Especially what you say in the end about therapy coming from the community–I have recently been very curious about this, as therapy is such a contrived and artificial relationship, no matter how sincere we might be, it is a beautiful natural human need for intimacy squashed and packaged into a 45-minute-per-week marketable product… similar to how sex workers package another type of intimacy into another type of product. No judgement to therapists or hookers… but we both represent a crutch, a deficiency in people's "diet" of relationships. And what if there was a more wholesome/sustainable way of meeting those needs?

    I also REALLY hear you when you talk about suicidal clients. It seems to be actually modern culture's avoidance of death at all costs. We have a horrible relationship with the angel of death, we can never allow him into the room and talk with him, no no no, repress repress repress. Other cultures have integrated this much more in their collective psyches via myths and rituals, but modern western secular really has a problem with death. And I feel this inability to honestly process the desire to die never really allows clients to access life. They never get past it, because we are unwilling to go there with them. Irvin Yallom points to death as one of the four most important existential problems that need to be processed in therapy (along with love, freedom, and meaning). So thanks for this honest and moving reflection!

    And I would encourage you to pick up therapy again, if it ever interests you again… perhaps not as your "bread and butter" in the cold and institutionalized factory of mental "health"… but perhaps as an art and craft? I'm sure a few people would greatly appreciate it!

  44. I really want to become a social worker but the Pay is horrible and I know it’s about helping but I really can’t afford to be broke I mean no one can. I will be the first to attend college and I don’t want all my hard to be for nothing I want to help my family but I won’t be able to do that.

  45. Stay You,Stay FREAKIN Awesome!!! You and Your Truth Actually Managed To Restore Some Of My Faith In Humanity. It has been my experience where I come from where sadly reaching out to mental health providers/facilities can quickly turn from trying to get help to feeling bullied Into a regrettable powerless state of paranoia. You're now stuck with a mental health label and these medical professionals start throwing around their new found control of your life like prison guard's straight out of The Stanford Experiment! These Posts Commenting This Mom Shouldn't Give Her Child Meds A Psychiatrist Prescribed👀You Try That Here and They'll Have Child Protective Services Removing Your Child For Neglecting Their Needs and Going Against Medical Advice! Now Your Child's In A Hospital for medication stabilization where they'll be taking those meds only now in the temporary custody of the local C.P.S. The more help you ask for and the more truthful you are the more dire the consequences seem to be. Most Of My Childhood Friends Are No Longer With Us Do To The Substance Abuse EPIDEMIC and Overdose Sadly. Drug's Quickly became a means of coping and an even quicker way of life for my generation. Those who manage to survive their addictions and maintain sobriety are now trying to learn how to LIVE, NOT just to survive but to thrive Happily. The Struggle Is Real when you lack family, love, support, safety, trust and a sense of belonging! Glad You Found Your Way Back To Living A Happy Life!

  46. This field is a profession that NEEDS to be shut down effective immediately. People can be mentally damaged by these same therapists, mainly by psychologists. The ugliest human trash on the planet, they normalize "victim blaming" by disguising it as "responsibility and accountability" and they go as far as to be MANIPULATIVE and reverse everything around on the client and blame them for things THEY CLEARLY DIDN'T ASK FOR and stupidly say they need to "own it". That is clearly psychological abuse and they get away with it.

    Hell, most psychologists invalidate their clients, gas light their clients, stall, withhold information from them and exploit the worst fears that can cause damage and inflict PTSD and emotional distress.

    I also feel these QUACKS are responsible for the mass shooters we have today as well as the suicides as well because they inflict damage that is insult to injury and then people are pushed over the edge. Stop defending these therapists stop making excuses for them just stop otherwise, you are proof that cancerous people DO EXIST in society.

    The psychiatrists prescribe medication that can do GREATER HARM to people and if it doesn't kill them it does something else and in the words of Richard Dawkins: When you base medicine on science you kill people.

    It should be illegal to practice psychotherapy and psychiatry and if any low IQ pinhead doesn't like that, they can go fuck themselves. We need to be a little more barbaric with SANCTIONING things and fast. No more devil's advocacy no more bullshit, just shut this profession down NOW and the ONLY WAY it can be reinstated is a proper reform where "victim blaming" is NO LONGER allowed, misdiagnosing people is NO LONGER allowed, prescribing DEADLY MEDICATION is no longer allowed, candidates are HARSHLY SCREENED before receiving their licenses because research also shows that MANY psychotherapists and psychiatrists ARE FUCKED UP NARCISSISTS so boom, more reasons for a reform. Even if they are not a narcissist but a plain dumbass then again, more reasons for a reform.

    Therapists don't help people nor do they try, they only inflict harm which they are not supposed to and it's time many of them are sanctioned for their actions.

  47. This is GREAT! But I have to say as a psychotherapist (LCSW) I have never “up talked” medication, as a matter of a fact I’m against it. I always go into details with my client about what did you eat, drink, do, etc when you began to feel this way. Mental health and physical health go hand and hand. As such, knowing your body and triggers is very IMPORTANT!

  48. I get it. However, I hate when people complain about things they're "supposed" to do. You are an individual, and can practice your way within the law. There are plenty of medical professionals who do what they feel is right rather than the norm. I know of doctors who are against vaccines because they think they 'cause' autism. They're incorrect, yet still in practice because they do what is law. 'Whistleblowers' tend to be conspiracy theorists, and overall don't help, themselves.

  49. Exactly the system is fucked up. Thank for being a human. People just do a career for money. Money of course is a double edge sword.

  50. Daniel makes a good critique of American psychoanalysis within the medical system… but there is so much more in the world of counselling and psychotherapy that this. Much of this critique is really psychoanalytically based and coming from a Humanistic & mindfulness background its very different. i.e. Diagnosis, Psychiatric Drugs, Insurance Companies etc. The therapeutic boundary issues Daniel had also explains his burn out, therapy is a boundaried relationship – that's what makes it different from a friendship or a relationship with our partners. Self-care is also important in preventing burn out.
    In summary – it sounds like Daniel was just not in the right work environment/system for himself… but lets not confuse this with psychotherapy or counselling worldwide.

  51. ''Because I don't believe kids belonged in therapy.'' Children can be worrying more than adults even, so please, do not be like that, but I do respect you for being a therapist. c:

  52. Thankyou you’ve given a profound insight and I feel comforted to hear how similar I feel working in that field I’m grateful as I also love Gabor Mates insight too

  53. A lot of people in therapy are those seeking attention and no matter what solutions the therapist comes up with the patient swear it didn’t work when in reality they never even tried .

  54. I have a question. Would you say that these issues are more prevalent in your field of work, where you deal with more serious trauma and mental health issues, than in the field of mental health counseling? And do you think that work culture can differ from clinic to clinic, in a significant way? I’m considering getting my masters in mental health counseling and I’m trying to decide if it is worth it. Thank you.

  55. Thank you for the video. I'm thinking of majoring in Psychology and becoming a therapist. This has given me a unique perspective on what I should keep in mind while I go through this and think about what I want to do.

  56. Thank you for your honesty. I attempted therapy or checked out over 100 therapists over years, after my Mom died and I was dealing with intractable grief. I still am, and it's been 35 years. Finally, I found I Damn good psychologist, who's key to his work was to always be compassionate, No matter what. I asked him once why he was always so compassionate, now matter what scrapes I got into,.and he said, "Because compassion is the only thing that works."
    I have know for decades that meds were just a way to bring psychiatrists back into the biz after the horrors of more severe psychiatry were.exposed in the 1960s. So big Pharma created milder drugs and therapists were told these would help clients benefit more from therapy. Yeah by drugging them to not be so "difficult." It was and is a 3 way scan between psychiatrists, big Pharma, and therapists.
    Thanks for being a good therapist.
    And honest.
    And exposing the problems.

  57. “I don’t believe children should be in therapy.”

    I don’t understand… where do you put children who have depression?

  58. Dan you should be a Life Coach. You would be amazing and with your experience and credentials you would help a lot of people

  59. Um HELLO! I have my MFT degree and 2 years experience working with kids, teens, and adults of various ages and and backgrounds. I have been struggling and feeling really incompetent lately. I just don’t know if this field is for me anymore. But what are good career options for us leaving mental health? I have a bachelors degree in business/marketing. And my masters in MFT. Any input would be helpful. Thank you for this video!

  60. Find a good life coach — therapy can waste years because it is so slow and often doesn't work. If you do therapy, find someone that will WRITE and SHARE with YOU a DETAILED written concrete, measurable and accountable treatment plan based on your goals. MAKE them track your progress on a written treatment plan every week and share the results with you. I guarantee you most therapists will resist doing anything of the kind. They HATE accountability. The want to keep it vague and super low labor intensive for themselves–no reporting, nothing. Just vague "so how does that feel?" -it's mostly snake oil sales. Also, beware of therapy addiction–when a therapist actually addicts you to their treatment—for years.

  61. I completely agree with you. I don't think we should label others. It only causes more harm. And plus, like you said, most people will find themselves with at least one or two of those disorders listed. Damaging. And ironic (Mental "health" ?) Is there any way we can treat without diagnosing? I wonder. no.2 THE DRUGS. What's the point if it only causes more complications? One drug leads to another, and another, and another. Is the patient ever really saved?

  62. It’s scary that you are in my mind. I’m currently starting my 2nd year of MFT grad school and I think these things already! Thank you for sharing your insight. I definitely weigh what you say with how I feel heavily against whether I continue. I probably will graduate but whether I continue with licensure… we will see. One of the biggest discouragers is the other therapists. Ugh 😑 The characters in this field acting as “healers” is astounding! Hearing them speak of their own issues mostly in session… sometimes I’m overhearing the therapists personal problems shared with the client instead of the client! Also, the narcissist label is so overused and abused it’s sickening. The therapists are trigger happy with that word. Can you believe it if a client is late to session or misses one they are a narcissist!? I’ve never heard such BS! Anyways, thanks for sharing. I was wondering what you do now for a living, if you’re happy, and whether you would return to being a therapist in some form or capacity? Also were association fees and investing in continuing education worth it?

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