Why Do You Have Blue Eyes?

– [Voiceover] In the vast
timeline of humanity, blue eyes are relatively new. Originally, everyone was
believed to have had brown eyes. It wasn’t until about 10,000 years ago that blue eyed people started
popping up everywhere. It was probably creepy as (beep). Today it’s estimated
that somewhere between 20 and 40% of Europeans have blue eyes. So what the heck happened? Where’d all these blue
eyed people come from? Short answer, genetic mutation. (scary music) Here’s a quick breakdown: Eye color is determined
by the amount of pigment you have in your irises. If you have a lot of
pigment, you have brown eyes. Less pigment, green or hazel. And when there’s little or no pigment, you get blue eyes. So what causes your body to produce little or no pigments? Genetics. There are up to 16 genes involved in determining eye color, but the two main genes are HERC2 and OCA2. Wow, those sound fun, and cool. The HERC2 works as a switch
to activate your OCA2 gene, and the OCA2 gene activates
proteins that produce pigments. If either of those genes are mutated, it stops the chain and
pigments wont be produced. I know what you’re thinking, how do you explain when two
normal brown eyed parents have a blue eyed kid? See that’s where it gets
a little more complicated. Everyone has two of
each gene in their body. One from their mama bear,
and one from their pop. So if you’re daddy has
one mutated OCA2 gene and one working one, but neither of your mom”s
OCA2 genes are mutated, then you’d still have brown eyes because you’d inherit the
working OCA2 from your mom. But what if both parents
have a mutated OCA2? Then there’s a 25% chance
that you would come out with those lurid baby blues. A hidden mutated OCA2
gene could theoretically be passed down through a
family tree for generations without anyone knowing. Making mama and papa bear wonder whether they brought home the right
cub from the hospital. A study at the University of Copenhagen looked at the DNA of blue eyed individuals and found that 99.9% of them had a mutation in their OCA2 gene that rendered it useless. This led scientists to believe
that all blue eyed people may have come from one single common mutant European ancestor. So next time you lock eyes
with another blue eyed babe, be nice, because odds are,
you’re distant relatives. Go up and hug them. They wont be scared.


  1. How are blue eyes rare?
    Since my birth everyone around me had blue eyes both Grandmothers and both Grandfathers, Cousins my father and mother and my brothers
    It was really rare to have brown eyes and really uncommon

  2. My eyes are weird I have dark blue on the edge I have light blue in the middle and a little yellow around the pupil😐

  3. Blue eyes are recessive, therefore it mathematically impossible that blue eyed people came from one (or two) genetic aberration/s. On the contrary, I believe that blue eyes came from a large, distinct ethnic group. Who they were is totally up for debate.

  4. I have blue and brown eyes as in my left eye has blue and brown and my right eye is also blue and brown

  5. I've got light blue eyes and all my life I've been objectified. I'm a human being with feelings, dreams, not only a pair a eyes. I even also got proposals to pregnant women.
    Edit: yes, poor young man…

  6. My white dad has blue eyes. My latina mom has dark brown like me. I like blue/green eyes but I'm glad I have dark brown. I'm already good looking enough and blue eyes would look too feminine on me. My dark eyes are more mysterious and I prefer that. I do carry have the gene though for future children.

  7. Why are so many blue eyed girls in usa dating guys with brown eyes? doesn't make sense. are they self hating

  8. I have blue eyes but they are quite reflective, so they look green a lot. If you look close though, you can see it's blue. My mom is the same. Just depends on what we're wearing or whatever.

  9. Hey even Iranic ppl have blue eyes. In my family from father's side everyone of us had blue at least when v were born but later it became black n brown eyes.

  10. When i was little i thought i was wierd cause i had blue eyes and brown hair and blondies were running around.and my parents were blond brown eyed people

  11. Two brown eyed people can have blue eyed kids but two blue eyed kids will not have brown eyes they will be blue eyes.

  12. My eyes are green and bright blue why what does is mean I just don’t fit in also it looks like I have spider webs in them

  13. Go up and hug 'em

    they won't be scared

    Sorry that's funny.
    But if I randomly got hugged on the streets coz I have blue eyes (I do), I would be very FREAKED OUT.

    Also I like the way u put a pause in between those two sentences.
    It's even more funny.

  14. Ok I have hazel eyes, my gray contacts somehow appears blue, I love it never would change it, my lenses are comfortable, affordable and not dry
    But the thing is I’m here to ask you guys something,
    Do people bother you too? I know mine is contacts but they are so natural, people always bother me asking why do I have blue eyes, or they ask are you adopted or have other parents, once a guy even asked if I’m a stolen child like wtf my man he was a waiter in a restaurant and he just ruined my meal
    Once a girl was trying to touch my eyes she was omg what an eye color it is
    So many old people stare and say that’s a mesmerizing eyes
    I honestly tired I’m used to my eye color real or not idc after 4 years I’m not gonna change my favorite contacts people need to learn stop bothering people

  15. Subspecies only appear when they are seperated from all others over a long period of time. Skandinavia was never such a thing. So how can this happen?? By the way all subspecies are a result of Mutations. At the end we all are Mutants. 😉

  16. I have huge light blue eyes. I really don’t know why people label eye colors like blue, green, or people with different colored eyes (heterochromia- sorry if I spelt it wrong) as more attractive, cuter, or more beautiful than other eye colors, most commonly brown/black. It’s just an eye color🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦

  17. I Have blue eyes my eyes have White in them it’s kind a like a Sky color with a clouds inside my eyes I really like my a eyes I don’t have much pigment in my eyes

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