Why Billie Eilish Is Always Sad

Billie Elish Oh boy With over one billion streams worldwide she’s on the fast track to take over the
world I mean the wild success that Billie had in a span
of one year shows how much the world was hungry for her
talent. Her voice is more beautiful than my… face Her hoodie is worth more than my… existence When she was 13, she made her first viral
song. When I was 13 I watched Spongebob and yeah
that was it. But when I was blasting Billie’s songs on
repeat the other day I couldn’t help myself but wonder How could somebody who has it all, still be
this sad? So what’s happening to her? After months of research. I finally cracked Billie’s case. This is the most important video that I’ll
ever make. If you stick around, I’ll share an exclusive
interview that I did with Billie Eilish. My life was completely changed after I sat
down with her and understood her struggles. Now, let me tell you why Billie’s case is
special. It was very clear that this home-schooled
kid was destined for a bright future. Being insanely gifted from this young age
isn’t a curse but it does change your game a bit It becomes harder to fit in. And it probably doesn’t help that Billie’s
conversations are filled with mature and dark topics. I swear when I was her age all I can think about is how it feels to chew 5 gum. Clearly, her thoughts and interests are wildly
different from normal teenagers. Which make you feel isolated and lonely. The moment you feel like you don’t belong with normal people, you’ll start to be ashamed of yourself. Think about it, if I’m different I’d start
to imagine that everybody thinks I’m the weird one. The problem is me. I’d start to hate myself for no reason. Billie Eilish had a %2500 increase in followers
in a span of one year. An incredibly fast rise to fame drains your
battery no matter who you are. To discuss the dangerous side effects of a
sudden jump in popularity I reached out to Billie to see if she’d be down to have a
little chat with me. I was pissing myself when she responded. And I can’t wait to show you guys awesome
she was. Dudes and dudettes please welcome Billie Eilish. Too bad she didn’t let me finish my story. I would’ve told her that the point was to
showcase how much pressure I felt when I had all of these eyeballs on me. Multiply that pressure by a quintillion and
you’d get Billie Eilish. It seems like everybody wants fame, but once
they have it, they can’t get away from it fast enough. Fame makes you vulnerable because it throws
you open to unlimited judgment. And if you woke up and found yourself famous If you’re not prepared to deal with this
overwhelming pressure all of a sudden Game over. From Van Gogh and Beethoven To Avicii and Robin Williams We’ve all heard about the tortured creative,
whose art is admired by millions of people yet were under extreme depression. So is Billie Eilish just another case of the
tortured artist stereotype? Do you have to be mentally unstable to be
a genius? Short answer: NO. We should stop romanticizing the idea that
creative people are sad. That’s far away from the truth and there’s
no concrete evidence showing a link between creativity and mental illness. Look at this artist He’s the best example because he’s genius
and happy And has 50 thousand subscribers. I think we like to comfort ourselves Ohh this artist made the amazing thing that
he made? He must be crazy, that’s the only explanation,
there’s no way a normal person can do this Of course, that’s just ridiculous. Some people think that she’s putting on
this fake “look at me I hate my life” persona. And yeah, of course, many people now fake
depression to get some attention. But I just don’t think that’s the case with her After watching every interview that has
Billie Eilish in the title I came to the conclusion that this is a girl who had her own problems before and now she got thrown into the music industry that
is designed to squeeze every last bit of your sanity Add on top of that she blew up over night that gotta be a … One last crazy thing about her is that this
girl works hard. Show after show, interview after interview Guys, she always goes to interviews and performs
live with a broken ankle!! A broken ankle! It’s insane the level of workaholism that
she has. I hate to be that guy but she probably needs
a well-deserved break. Yo Billie Eilish I know you’re watching this, sorry about
that interview If you wanna make another one i’d be happy to if you couldn’t tell from the video, I’m
a huge fan Please DM me if you wanna make another interview. If you didn’t know I have 50 thousand subscribers and I think you can get some really big-time exposure out of me. Subscribe for more interviews


  1. I think Billie has nice music
    But I also think she’s overacted I mean she has a nice voice but she’s signed with Independent so obviously she’s going to get heard. And her parents are in the music industry and her brother is in a band. And without her brother, she really wouldn’t be where she is, FINNEAS wrote Ocean Eyes. Sorry.

  2. Billie Eilish Fangirls: "You’ll Never Understand My Pain!"

    Moms: "Oh Sweetie I Understand Your Pain"

    Me: "Oh I Understand Alright, I Understand That You should be euthanised, Billie Eilish is the musical equivalent of limpbizkit, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang"

  3. How can she be happy, when she participates in satanism and most likely blood sacrifices – lost soul – even worse if you know this at a young age.

  4. 2:34
    That literally describes me
    I'm different but ppl think I'm just weird
    I hate myself

    Billie: "I really really hate myself"
    Me: "Me too Billie, me too.."

  5. Bro im 21 cant get a Job cuz my criminal record living on welfare 200 bucks a month and i stillll need to fill my skiezofrenic fathers fridge risking my life to feed my fam and this bitch sad for being rich as fuck and being praysed by the world? Fuckkkkk youuuu billie ellish

  6. I honestly think Billie is a bit pathetic not going to lie. JUST BE A KID, you get to do that onceeeee, she will realise in 20 years fuck I shouldve just been a kid

  7. Fuck you bitches
    Is there a video she didn’t smile and laugh at
    Or a picture???
    Why do you guys do that
    I only love bil .

  8. I was legit a sad fucking kid 3.3
    I asked my friend
    What the fuck is the point of living? We all die anyway??
    And one said, because god wanted us to have fun! And another said
    I mean..I don’t know, I guess…I don’t know..?? I guess your right.. :I

  9. I live in India many kids here cannot even afford 2 square meals a day, but they don't even know what depression is and if you give them just good food they'll be happiest kids in the world and a moron on internet says she's depressed because of reasons

  10. I discovered your channel from the Keanu videos, and it was amazing. And knowing the fact that you edited the animation yourself amazed me. Such great works needs more recognition, and you definitely deserves more subscribers. Well done bro, keep up the good work.

  11. This is just stupid… she's overrated. She's just an edgy emo… and this video is just shit. There i said it. The way she is might all be just be a marketing thing. There is a whole in the market of that lately. Relate to sad people get cash… you never know… or even better… she's not deep WOOOOO… she just feels entitled like everybody else this generation… so many people… everybody wanting to rise above be different buy consume go there do that be on time pay your taxes… bah that stress that you nobody sees you or that you don't seem important or intersting to others leads to isolation (Oh! Is society man!) and entitlement.. thinking you are better than everybody (humans are never wrong tough..). That whole i've seen more than anybody… fuck no… entitlement leads to ignorance and ignorance leads to stupidity. Idolizing someone that wants to rise above feeling that nothing matters? Everybody dies? Really? What about the progress of mankind? We came from eating dirt to landing on the moon… please kid… just no… pessimistic nihilism is affecting everybody lately and i get that everybody feels like a doomer but the answer is not 'everybody dies nothing matters life has no sense' no… give it sense yourself and work towards what you want to achieve. Don't sit on your ass complaining about shit bechause that is not how things get done ok? That's it! If you can relate to… doying something about it than BOOM you can find your happiness. Oh and also… life does not suck or why is it always you or why thins and that happened… you have no control over it? Mmkay than dtop thinking about it. Things just happen and the universe is chaos. Ok? That's it.
    note: stop with the distorsions and make your thoughts clear. This whole video is a mix of ideas with no coherent thesis.

  12. Billie: I’ve seen more shit than most kids my age

    Homeless kids, kids with mental and or physical issues, kids with abusive parents:
    cry me a river

  13. My brother is in high school and complains how every girl there is a fan of Billie Ellish, because she, and I quote, "Acts like she's depressed, so every girl is obsessed with her somehow"

    XD so crazy how these days everyone is supportive of gays, empathetic to the depressed/emos, thinking everything you say about black people is racist, when about 10 years ago, people would think its wrong to be gay, it's weird to be an emo and not think everything is racist.

    feel free to hate in the reply s below 🙂

  14. To answer the title for you,

    She had depression her whole life, she has gotten better but you can never really tell because sometimes things get worse sometimes stuff gets better depending on the person.
    She deserves all the recognition she has gotten and can only go up:)

  15. Bellie: I think i've seen more than my age needed to see uncomfortably laughs

    Me: oh you think so? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. billie: i adopted a space cyborg flying penguin when i went to visit mars!
    12 year old girls: oMg ThAt'S sO rElAtAbLe

  17. Willy or Billie or watever the fuck her name is just needa stop and actually understand there’s people out here with actual doctor diagnosed depression unlike her bitch ass fake ass self diagnosed depression

  18. I think she's got a mature understanding of life, and might have depression, her dark songs convey a dark but deep emotional response, which is say would only be possible if she's putting her actual emotions into the song, so I don't think she's fake.

    Her fan base are a bunch of 13 year old sheep girls though, too neurotic and sheltered to understand the actual depth of her songs behind "oh shes so sad and edgy, thats cool" not surprising seeing as they probably grew up listening to fake ass pop music.

    Then there the fact that people are pathetic victim point craving assholes, they throw "im depressed" around like a ball, it undermines it and makes it hard to even belive someone when they say they are depressed, because they could just, and likely do, want attention. Mental illness is trendy, that's the tragedy to this, and worse still it's the people who make society up that are to blame, but sheep teach sheep I guess.

    Billy could be a nihilist, and the "nothing matters" line sounds more like a I'm fed up with life, not edginess. Ultimately, she is an ok person who is actually making music, not processed audio tracks, her fans are less then enjoyable, when they are the typical 13 year old girl, but that's it really.

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