Which business structure will prove best for my aesthetic clinic?

a question we’re often asked by people entering the cosmetic industry is what is the best type of business structure to set up really from the beginning now obviously I’m not an accountant but as a general rule there are three main options the first is a sole trader and the the other end of spectrum you have a limited company with a limited liability partnership being the middle option as a sole trader essentially the money taken into your account and you pay tax on it as a limited company who have more protection so there are issues with the company you have more protection available to you and generally if you have a limited company you remove the take the money out as dividends but you can pay yourself some salary by PAYE limited liability company an LLP is a bit of a middle ground between a sole trader and limited company and offers more protection than if you are a sole trader we really advise you to get this right from the beginning it’s really important to look at the company structure and get it right so we can give you advice and provide you with suitable accountants to to help you decide which is the best route for you

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