1. God bless you, the God holds onto you is one of the most powerful things I’ve heard in order to let go and stop trying to control every aspect of life. Just take action and leave it to God, he was always in control, holding on and has the final say. Thinking we’re truly and fully in control of our lives is an illusion, god has our back

  2. As I'm going through transition today I felt a heaviness sadness then I saw this and thought the pilot in the sea of nothingness must have been terrified. Not know ing his friend above was making intersession to send him help. I thought that is us when we are holding on in a sea of nothingness our heavenly father is sending us help. I immediately lit my candles got up and started cleaning and doing positive things. So lets Hold on God has not forgotten us💕

  3. What if it's my church life itself that's contributing to my pain? I attend three services a week, I've been soulwinning, I read my Bible. Yet I always feel like I'm never good enough for anyone because I don't pray as much as everyone else, or I don't give a full tithe, or I've never successfully helped save someone. And I just feel like a freak in general to these people, which makes dating and getting married a seemingly impossible prospect. If eternal security really is a real thing, I don't think I have anything left to gain from my time on this world and it doesn't seem like I can contribute any more than a few measly dollars.

  4. I'm going to a custody battle to get my daughter at the moment and my stupid baby mama had her in jail so I had to take a paternity test to prove she was mine but as it stands now it seem like I was screwed from the word go I feel so hopeless lost and depressed with no medication or nothing for it but I figure the best medication is God and Jesus

  5. A week ago I fought with a guy . I get beaten up but that was my fault even I play boxing I get beat up … Now a days he thought he is a real fghter and he keeps staring at me …… Will god help me like david if I fight him again ?? Answer please

  6. Amen! I’ve been delivered from Hopelessness,Depression and Anxiety. There was a time when I would hear of other believers talk about their struggles with depression and anxiety and I couldn’t empathize because I felt like Christianity and those descriptions could be mentioned in the same sentence. Then last year I experienced it for myself. I cried out to the Lord during that season. It seemed like He was closer than my heartbeat. I went to sleep and while dreaming the Holy Spirit said to me “The born again are never defeated “

    I want you all to be encouraged. If you are born again that you have been empowered to say “It is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives through me” and He will

    Trust Him
    He’s Faithful!

  7. That's because God keeps on ignoring us when we need him the most. There's no point any more. God doesn't even care about all of us Christians, and clearly plays favorites. I've had it..

  8. I'm at that breaking point when you see no hope, it feels like everything hurts and I can't help but wonder where is God!! I try so hard to fight these thoughts that invade my mind…I'm just tired soo sooo tired!!!

  9. Thank you. Thank you. I read a lengthy article and it said my sin will make me unpardonable and i must maintain my salvation. I have anxiety and depression. Your video made me realize it is Jesus doing the holding and He will deliver me in my darkest hours. My name is Frank. Please pray for me. I will not jump ship because He holds me.

  10. I was bullied tormented I almost killed myself I lost faith fully I now act perfect but I still dont fully believe I do so Much for others I Get nothing

  11. I was reminded years ago that Hebrews 6:4-6 refers to me. Whats worse is I believe it does. I have struggled with sin my entire life. Not unique with that I know, but I had pretty much given up.

    Mainly due to the verse I was reminded of. I was told I have no hope. Which I tend to believe is true.

    Just not sure exactly how one is suppose to go through their life sinless after accepting Christ and being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

    Oh, I could MAYBE last a day without sinning. However, to promise I never will again by my own will?

    Anyway, my health is failing now, and I have been in the hopeless torment for a long time.

    I guess I am asking for prayers from righteous people. Cause, I am afraid and I am sick of living this life in this way. My name is Mark. If someone would like to pray for me, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you

  12. It’s not giving up…..its learning the truth…..you may not be able to handle the truth

  13. I’m only a child and I get pressurised by my parents to make sure I do good in my exams but I know I’m not smart enough to get what they want me to get in my exams. The impact of this causes me to want to give up and not speak to anyone about it.

  14. This just suddenly appeared on my feed at the time that I am struggling so hard again and dealing with depression and anxiety. It's not easy, couldn't count the times I thought and felt about giving up and almost & completely losing my grip on God, but at the same time, God constantly restores me everytime. He never lets go of His hand on me. Thankyou Jesus.

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  16. I have an image of the devil in my head and I can't get rid of it and I have religious ocd and I feel like I'm going to hell I need help..

  17. All praise and glory lifted up to the most high God who is holy, holy, holy! Thank you for this message. I've been trapped in this just dark cloud where everything just has continued to spiral downward and out of control. The beautiful love of my life, the woman whom I thought was my true soulmate just dumped me out onto the street like trash, lost my mother back in 2013 at only 54 from cancer, went to prison for 2.5 years due to alcoholism (which runs deep in my family roots)and getting my 3rd DUI. Just now recently moved to another state to be with and help my Dad go through yet another bitter divorce. Now he and I are living together, and even though we are both trying to grow in our Christianity we are not getting along, fight and argue a lot. Whew!!! Things just are not, refuse to get better. I know that I have a good heart, a lot of love and I am continuing my walk with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ even though, obviously I still have a lot of work to do. Just feel so lost at this moment, like that cloud or curse will cease to lift. Please heavenly Father lift me up, take this evil depression away and cast it out!

  18. Demons torment me constantly I just can't do this anymore why can't these vile creatures leave me alone.

  19. I have failed 14 times till date and Today was the 15th time..my teachers have lost hope..my parents have lost hope…i haven't..i work harder everytime and evrytime i feel god doesnt support ..they arent my side..always

  20. I had tied a rope up in the woods behind my house. I put the noose around my neck three times. Every time I failed to take my feet off the branch that was holding me up… except for the last time. I stepped off the branch, which was not high in the air, my feet were inches away from the ground, but enough to strangle me. My eyes literally started rolling back and my world started to go dark but before anything happened, I freaked out and luckily was able to pull myself up with my hands and put my feet back on the branch. I sat there and cried for hours. It was raining and cold not to mention, and we had a creek so it was overflowing, so that didn’t help.

    The net day the sun was shining and I woke up and walked to the back again, far into the woods where I was determined to take my life that day. I could still feel physical pain on my neck from the previous day when I had gotten close to actually taking my life. But as I approached literally inches away from the rope, through the trees I heard a noise.
    Not a voice, but a noise. Now, I thought it was an animal like a coyote, but when I looked up, it was not an animal, it was feet. The feet had brown sandals on, the porcelain feet were almost glowing. It was so bright and it startled me so much that I went running back towards the house. It happened so fast, I had to think about if I really just saw what I saw, but I believe it to be true. I really think God sent an angel in that time to stop me from doing anything. Because if it hadn’t happened at that EXACT moment where I had reached the rope, I probably would be dead today. I never went back to that rope out of fear someone would be there in the woods to stop me, or if someone had found that rope and killed them self. It remains there today, and I’m most likely the only one who knows about it, and we have moved to a new apartment. That was a little over a year ago, and my faith in God has increased severely!

    It’s amazing how much God loves us, that He’s willing to help His people. It says that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and that could t of been more true on that May Day.

    Don’t give up, there is hope. This story is 10000000000000% real, I promise. I wouldn’t make this up!

  21. I've been praying for months now and feel like God is ignoring me. I've held odd jobs, done computer repair and kept my faith but I don't know what else to do. If anyone uses the cashapp my cashtag is $craigster865. If anyone has it in their hearts to donate… my prayers could be answered. I won't have a place to live in a week. I'm scared. I can do computer repair and website work. Anything. I just need help 🙁

  22. I used to be angry and want to kill myself until i started trusting god and worshiping god and now i know suicide is wrong and god doesnt like it when we commit suicide and those suicidal thoughts come from satan

  23. I have been suicidal for 26 years. Two unsuccessful suicides. It can only be God that I am still alive. Life is bleak but God is good

  24. I know Jesus is real but

    Lord why?
    Why depression at 13 years old?
    Why didn't I have a papa?
    Why didn't I have a good life
    Why did my childhood get robbed

  25. I have two feelings one is that there is nothing listening to my prayers that question does God even listening to me ? Is God even there ? There is an emptiness getting over me and other don't know what is going on . But there is this tiny little voice that tells me don't go away fight God does listens to you . I'm so confused and I need help.

  26. I felt God is using this video to encourage me not to give up on looking for my first commercial pilot job. I honestly was about to give up looking and prepare to spent another 10K on training to become flight instructor. I even sent my resume for Beech 99 co-pilot job today. What a coincident.

  27. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

    Only Jesus Christ is the way to Heaven and be saved from hell.

    "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
    Romans 5:8

    "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6

    Have you believed in your heart that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, was buried, and rose from the grave? You must believe that Jesus is the one who paid for your sins and rose again to be saved from eternal damnation and instead go to heaven

    "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." Romans 10:9

    "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." 1 John 5:7

  28. You got all God’s blessings and tons of money of course you do well in your relationship with God. God doesn’t love us all the same. Fuck your dumb ass lies

  29. Lord Jesus Christ saved me from eleven attempts of suicide from an Hindu family
    Can watch my testimony on YouTube geetha manoj

  30. I'm fighting against depression. Feel that I will never be loved again by any woman. My unbeliever girlfriend left me. Every time I get close to a woman I'm kicked out. What should I do? I had been thinking about suicide several times. I have no hope. So unworthy, so less than no one.

  31. I'm a Christian but I feel like Christianity hasn't worked out for me! I am really struggling with stuff and I feel lost and broken!

  32. Someone help me!!! Why isn’t god helping mE 10 years my entire 20iea have been seirous suffering no matter how hard I work and how faithful I am I am railroaded and my enemies who betrayed me get to laugh at me everything!!!! God are you real??

  33. Remember: right at the moment we are about to claim an anointed blessing in God's already perfected Victory – is when the Enemy attacks even harder. Pray through – not by our own might but by the Power of our Heavenly Father, the Authority of Christ Jesus & Holy Ghost Fire. Love U Bros & Sisters.

  34. You
    know before my accident my RRMS was really bad for a couple of years and I was
    in a wheelchair for three years and I fought like heck to walk again and I
    succeeded and because on the board of directors at my community garden Then I
    found my brothers body six weeks after he committed suicide right after he
    asked me for money I didnt have to give him. I was dignoses with complex grief
    and PTSD I fought through that my sister died at 48 of ovarion tumorat my TBI
    car accident the PTSD took off and at the same time they found a tumor in my
    ovaries but I cant even leave my room from the PTSD from the car hitting me and
    breaking my brain. I dont have any fight left in me That is why I have applied
    for doctor assisted suicide I am not strong like you I see all around me the
    wonderful life and family I have but I am nolong able to be an active
    partisapent in that world Dont get me wrong I love life I just cant be a
    spectator with a head that hurts so much I live in darkness in my room I just
    cant find my life anymore

  35. I have been giving up for long time now . i took an overdose about a month ago . A lady I still love who I hurt by saying some hurtful things a number of months ago . She has treated me differently ever since . It just tipped an already fragile me over the edge . Was refused hospitalization. It's left me feeling I must be unlovable , undesirable , unattractive and ugly and worthless . I've repented and I've asked her for forgiveness but she won't forgive or doesn't want too .. Been traumatic .
    I had/have already lost everything and everyone once dear to me including the death of my father , my physical, emotional and psychological health . My finance situation . Lost friends who have hurt me too I can't sleep and ive not been eating well these last few months . Lost about 5kg .. I love in constant physical pain. I feel like how psalm 102 describes . I just don't even recognise myself when I look in the mirror or any part of me . Everything has changed drastically for me . I feel too far gone and I'm just waiting to be with the Lord . Totally lost , alone , broken and damaged. The enemy is destroying me too . And I'm self destructting also . I feel maybe this is my demise . Like things are too give now for me and that it would be so much better for me for the Lord to take me home real soon 💔😢

  36. Led to share (maybe this is for someone) A few wks ago my 9yo & I were discussing Scripture. During our talk, my 9yo said he saw Jesus standing in between us & when he looked into the Lords eyes my son got a download of symbols written in blood. A few days later I was led to look up ancient Hebrew & show my son. I did & he immediately pointed to the symbols he was shown; Tav Tet Shin Hey which my basic translation is ‘my blood covenant will protect you from serpents as you are in my right palm, see!’ Amen! Stay in Jesus mighty right hand & blessings to you all

  37. All I know of God and jesus is in a book. Words on page. Is that really how we learn about him? The same publishers as harry potter. I don't know how a saviour can save us from a book. What are we supposed to do? I have read the bible and gave more questions than answers

  38. Thank you for this much needed right now God is good ive been taught a million different things and its cause a big mess in my life lots of fear doubr confusion and sin ive been close to giving up a few times but God has me no matter what I want Him to help me to really see His goodness and beauty so I stop sinning against Him

  39. Indeed the thought of God is always comforting, sort of knowing that no matter what, he will always be there…

    It's just that there are times the presence simply fades and you feel completely alone. As if you're in a dark, silent room, where only the echo of your own voice seems to be the answer. There are times that are just beyond hopeless and full of despair; sometimes you ask yourself why it even matters to move on because it will never be all right.

    I know for a fact that God helps you if you help yourself, so that's exactly what gives me shivers and what makes me cease to feel the hope of God. Because knowing that above all it is you that changes your life is a huge pressure. And if you feel weak, incapable, flawed, trapped, and just hopeless you fear that you won't be able to help yourself out of the depths.
    If YOU feel you are incapable to make YOURSELF a change, it brings a huge dread (or at least it does for me), because, above all, it is sadly yourself that you have to trust in the end and you alone can help yourself, and if you can't, then you know you're lost.
    So that's when the help of a divinity fails to bring any comfort.
    But what do I know? I'm just an ever-anxious teen desperately fearing responsibility. I might wake up one day feeling on top of the world and that everything has passed, and then I might look back and regret I shared with the internet all these feelings of worry.
    But sorry, I just had to tell what I was feeling and what I had on my mind and soul. I try to take heart knowing it will all be ok in the end. But it can be excruciatingly hard for any human in this world, especially when they feel hopeless..

  40. My younger brother and I got very sick with pneumonia (strain h1n1) years ago. The hospital had induced coma him, he started getting better than suddenly his health started failing and died. During that time I was in and out of the hospital, and his death hit me hard. My health started failing, coughing up blood and was in a huge amount of pain. I was told that I wasn't going live much longer. I remember one evening thinking about taking my life, and how comfortable I felt to not be able feel pain and gasping for air as though you were constantly drowning. Then something bother me, why did I feel so comfortable and relaxed. That's when I prayed asking God to either end this that night or let me start getting better…at the time I wanted it to end that night. But I started getting better very slowly taking two steps forward and one step back…catching pneumonia 6 to 8 more times in next two years. Antibiotics wreak havoc on my body to remove bacteria from my heart, tearing up my ligaments than slowly ramping off steroids and going enormous pains because my body needed to relearn to make its own steroids in a sense. Today still trying recover completely. I wonder why I felt so comfortable that evening and why…

  41. Wish we could know Jesus personally … To know he walks with us like that open foot prints… It invokes so much hope… But yet after praying my whole to know him…. Nothing… Yet I keep hoping and asking… Isn't that crazy? To keep doing something over and over throughout life… Yet expecting the results to change? To confide your deepest most sincere concerns and hardships yet never the feeling it helped… Usually smart people give up no? Then why can't I logically say… Enough… This is not working….

  42. i was 5 months clean from self harm. those months are all gone. but i dont want to go back imnot going to.

  43. I really wanted to hear your video but you lost my attention as soon as you said god. Smfh.
    Silly bible hugger.

  44. You must continue even if all hope seems lost ,you must get up out of bed and show defiance to that tyrant in your head you must continue ,the Lord is with you and is never to far away ,if you are feeling like you are at your end please look to the Lord he is never to far away all you have to do is believe. Please continue ..

  45. I found god yesterday on june 23rd 2019 and it was the most beautiful day of my life. Today i was hit with some of the worst news of my life. Thank god!!!! for i am truly blessed to be given a challenge and opportunity to grow with god. The news hit me today but what actually happened was over a year ago. God knew i needed him to overcome this obstacle thats why he waited to give it to me. And you know what, Im so at peace because i know as long as i hold gods hand tight, i will be ok. 🙂 Praise the Lord. Truth and Love always reigns victorious.

  46. Screw life. What the point of going on. It’s meaningless. Got hates America. There is no hope.

  47. Once you believe in God, you'll get the devil in your life as well. It's the devil who wants you to have anxiety and constant feelings of doubt and guilt in life. The devil is the ruler of this world, and if he notices you're going to follow Jesus, he enters your life as well. At least that's what I think. When I don't 'pay any attention' to God, things seem to go easier in this world. I think the devil stops dealing with you once you stop paying attention to the Lord. The devil seems to be tempting you to give up your faith in God.

  48. this is how i feel. so broken and lonely. no one to love and cherish and nothing good i've left behind What do i have to live for? i haven't done anything Good in my life how have i done God's Work? i feel like i've DONE MORE WRONG THAN RIGHT. who will i hurt if i die? an abusive neglectful mother who could care less about me?.

  49. GOD ISN’T REAL. You’re such a stupid sheep following a cult that relies on guilt and control to survive. Get real and wake the fuck up. I feel so sorry for you.

  50. If this is true then why doesn't he give me the help I need in every desperate situation in my life he's never been there he's never helped I feel like he likes to see me being tortured I'm done I want to die

  51. I have been struggling with Depression for a long time especially for the past 14 years. I have been separated from my daughter and not allowed to be in her life because of my ex girlfriend. That separation has changed me and have become bitter, negative, and emotionally withdrawn. I am writing this because I don't want to quit and hang in there.

  52. Often time.. Being a man of little faith.. I felt like giving up on my confidence in God.. But immediately a ray of hope always held me long enough for God to perform something in my life. Jesus is the King!

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