What Is Zyzz | Aesthetics Tranformation

yo what is going on guys today we’re
talking about ziz what is is or who is is and we’re gonna be talking about the
legacy of x’ is this guy it truly is my motivation and i’m excited to actually
be making this video on tzas so let’s get into it this is used to be like a
skinny kid and he would always get picked on in school and shit but he was
like actually skinny like look at these pictures like he was tiny and what
happened was he was like dude I’m done with this and he decided to go step out
like take a step back from society and be like dude I’m gonna define myself
this is is more of the legacy he left on his real name is sugar Chien here’s a
clip of him actually talking about what this means to him like what this
actually is I’m not seize this is a person that took
over who I am I’m as this is a fucking spirit we’re probably like fucking shredded
body if your fucking shredded sick hunt and
get away many people oh fuck man we nurse will be a fuck
to be a shredded cutter that’s what we do brother that’s what
the discounts dude that’s what the revolution is burn on his fucking sad
cunts fucking make it cross it now is this actually inspired a whole
generation so what he did was like as I said he took a step back from society
he’s like dude I’m gonna do whatever I want to do he’s like okay so there’s
like a nice Rock right in front of me I’m gonna go up there and like my boxer
briefs and pose and get it posted on like Instagram or something you know
what I mean like he did whatever he wanted to do and that’s what inspired
everybody else cuz he could do whatever he wanted to do he always said like if
you’re shredded you can get away with anything and he actually showed that
working out can change your whole life not actually just your physique but like
your whole life and he actually proved that and that’s what inspired that many
people you got millions of people to start working out and just that initial
start is what is insane that’s I give him so much props for that everyone us a
little bit of system every fucking cut out there your fuck is kind if you wanna
be product something fuck inside cutter uh go out get bitches
big buckets Ecology’s bra that’s what we fucking do cut that’s what we’re doing
this shit bro a little sad cunt fuck that shit bro
everything all fucking the haters gonna hate prob who never be like this brah I hope you guys enjoyed this video on
ziz if you guys enjoyed it makes you guys drop a like and subscribe if you
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  1. This is a great tribute to Zyzz. He inspired me as well. Just like you also inspire me to greatness.👍👍

  2. Also……. the creation of the “you mirin brahhhh” lmao 😂 great video brother 💪

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