What Is Psychosis like and How Do You Get It?

What is psychosis? What does it mean to
be psychotic? That’s what I’m gonna talk about in this video stay tuned
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Psychosis is simply a state where you’re unable to tell what’s real and what’s
not real. The way that can look can take many forms and I’m going to start out
talking about hallucinations and delusions. Let me start with
hallucinations first. Hallucinations can involve any of your five senses. There
are auditory hallucinations where you can hear things that aren’t there. For
example a person can hear their name called. Now don’t get too alarmed if this
has happened to you if it’s only happened once it could easily just be a
misperception of a real noise. Then there are visual hallucinations these are
seeing things that are not there you may see spiders crawling up the wall for
example. And this is not to be confused with a visual misperception and here’s a
difference. With a misperception there is something there you just may
think it’s something else. Have you ever wakened in the middle of
the night and looked across the room and swore you saw someone sitting in the
room. And after you pull yourself together turn on the light you see that
it’s just a chair sitting up against the wall but it’s sitting in a way that made
it look like a person. That would be an illusion. The chair is actually there but
you misperceived what it was. Moving on Olfactory hallucinations this is where
people can smell things that aren’t really there sometimes people with
temporal lobe seizures can smell things just before they have a seizure and for
them it can serve as a warning signal that a seizure is coming. Tactile
hallucinations occur when you feel things that aren’t there. You may feel
someone touching your skin or you can feel the sensation that bugs are
crawling on you for example. Lastly there are gustatory hallucinations.
This is where you taste something in the absence of tasting something or it can
happen when you eat something and the taste doesn’t make sense or match. An
example of this would be believing that everything you taste, tastes like feces. Now
you may say well I’m a really bad cook but even the worst spoiled food should
not taste like fresh feces. Auditory and visual hallucinations tend to be the
most common in psychiatric illnesses. The ones that involve feeling, smelling and
taste, these tend to be more common in medical illnesses like seizures or
migraines or you can see it with medication toxicities.
So that’s hallucinations what are delusions? Delusions are fixed false
beliefs and that’s the textbook definition. Another way of saying it is
believing something false despite facts that that say that it’s
not true or it being extremely unlikely to be true. There are common themes or
types of delusions. There’s persecutory delusions: these are
when you believe that some entity is against you in some way. For example you
you believe you’re being followed or someone is watching your home. With
referential delusions gestures have certain meanings or you may you may
get specific messages from this television. There’s grandiose delusions.
An example of this is feeling that you’re famous and people just don’t
realize it Then there are religious delusions and an example of this is
believing that you are a deity or a famous prophet in
someone’s religion. And the people in that religion will believe that the
deity isn’t in physical existence at the moment but you believe you’re the
existence. With somatic delusions you’re fixated that something is wrong with
your body. An example of this would be that someone has planted a chip in your
head without you knowing about it. And lastly there’s delusions of control an
example of this would be believing that someone is controlling your mind or that
others can control your mind. So who gets psychotic? Of course we see this in
psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and even depression. But
you don’t have to have a psychiatric disorder to become psychotic. You can
become psychotic from medication effects such as steroids. Ever hear the term
steroid psychosis? Other common culprits are illicit substances such as marijuana
or hallucinogens like LSD. And psychosis can also result from medical problems
like seizures, thyroid disease or even after a woman has a baby.
So what do we do about this? Well you treat the reason. If it’s from a medical
illness you treat that illness. If it’s from a psychiatric disorder you the
treatment is medication. And sorry to say that for the pill haters out there but
someone just can’t be talked down from their delusions and their psychotic
symptoms. So that’s it for today thanks for making it all the way through this
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  1. Sorry about the loud background music. I've since stopped using background music. All of my videos are captioned and if you turn on the captions you can still see what I'm saying. Thanks for watching.🙂

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsnzUxE7emI 
    Psychosis is healed mostly without  meds, only with dialogue. "PARACHUTE PROJECT" , "OPEN DIALOGUE" . Film in English with german subtitles !
    Dr Tracey,  please talk more about such methods!

  3. I have hallucinated in an in-between sleep and wake stage. I’ve sat up and had conversations with people, only to have them fade into the blankets and realize that I am alone. Is this psychosis? Or sleep dissociative disorder? It only happens when I’m extremely tired or stressed.

  4. Well, my psycosis was caused by thoughts, I get suspicious at times likes hackers and this type of stupid things. I also used to have voices.

  5. I started having day-time hallucinations (auditory and visual) last year. I saw a psychiatrist who never really diagnosed me with anything because I'm not like manic or have delusions. Maybe I'm slowly developing something IDK. Anyways, I noticed 5 months ago I've started having moving images running through my brain while going to sleep that have a story to them, involve me in a 1st person and sometimes have imagined sound to them. It straight up feels like I'm dreaming while I'm awake, during this I'd say I'm ~90% asleep. I've also had several lucid dreams (in the middle of the night) over the past month which I've never had before. I was doing research and it said lucid dreams are a result of over activation of your frontal cortex during sleep. Isn't psychotics symptoms attributed to a lack of frontal lobe activation? Seems strange that I would start to lucid dream after having psychotic symptoms. I'm not asking for a diagnoses or anything, just wondering what your thoughts are because you seem to reply to most people's messages. Thanks.

    And no I'm not currently on any medication or take drugs, including weed.
    Also if you take anti psychotics wouldn't your brain try to compensate by releasing more dopamine? So wouldn't your condition would become worse over time?

  6. Had all of the things that you mentioned. All.
    Mostly when I smoke weed.
    Shall I see a doctor? Because, although it can be very disorienting and frightening at times, sooner or later I get a hold of what just happened and realize what is real and isn’t (although it does take some time), I usually seek this status of mind and some of them are also really really nice and encouraging.
    I feel like I am in a dilemma.

  7. God that damned background music, absolutely destroyed this video and any chance of me subscribing/returning here.

    Good day to you.

  8. The kind of psychosis I have had is difficult to explain. The first kind is a really altered state where it feels like my whole body is filled with light. It is quite wonderful. I also thought I had ESP because it seemed like I knew things, from a distance, about people I should not have been able to know. I didn’t ever tell my psychiatrist about them because I believed them to be real. One day in discussion I mentioned the ESP which lead to the other thing and my diagnosis was changed from Bipolar 2 to one. All that is missing now I’m medicated. While I miss that side of myself it I won’t stop taking my meds as they also help with all the cycling, mania and depression. I wonder if others don’t recognize hallucinations for what they are. It also makes me wonder if some of the religious experiences you read about, like Theresa of Avila, were from mental illness.

  9. My diagnosis was changed from BP2 to BP1 when after years of thinking I was not having psychosis my psychiatrist discovered in general discussion that I had in fact had hallucinations. I didn’t recognize them as not real. The first was that I thought I had ESP. Guess what it also runs in the family. The second type of hallucination was when I felt like my whole body was filled with light. (It was wonderful.) It makes me wonder if others also don’t recognize experiences as real.

  10. I have a question and despite a lot of research, haven't been able to find the answer anywhere so I REALLY hope you can help. If a person has ongoing irrational thinking of a grandiose, referential and romantic nature and it's real enough to them to cause some minor dysfunctional actions and severe emotional distress, but they are able to keep it secret and they are always still aware it's a delusion and not reality, so that it doesn't qualify as an unshakeable belief…are they still suffering from psychosis? This person is bipolar. Thank you Doctor.

  11. Most of these happened to me…that's actually scary. Still I really do believe God was helping me every step of the way

  12. I get all the types of hallucinations you mentioned.Im being evaluated for seizures since I get olfactory hallucinations.I hate gustatory ones.you can barely eat and you just want to spit out your food.

  13. I got drug induced psychosis (marijuana and adderall) about 2 years ago, does that put me on the schizophrenia spectrum? I’m also possibly bipolar or at least the doctors say I have it but it might go away. My other question is that I want to try mushrooms to treat my anxiety, would it put me into another psychosis (which I can tolerate) or throw me into schizophrenia (which I would want to avoid)?

  14. I come from a very violent country. After I had a bad experience in the streets, I started thinking I could meet danger just in any corner. I thought everyone, anyone out there was there to hurt me/could hurt me and my body would react getting into fight or fly mode, all the time. If I found someone walking towards my direction in the streets, I got extremely paranoid and tense. I wasn't able to go outside by myself and when I had to there were days where I even cried with the mere thought of going out alone. Is this type of thoughts something similar to delusion of persecution? Or is this something different associated with trauma and a bad environment?
    PD: Loved your videos! Already subscribed 😀

  15. Imma get my Department Chair see if we can get you to do Grand Rounds for our Internal Medicine residents at Morehouse. DAMM YOU’RE GOOD! 👏👏👏👏👏

  16. I had a long experience. I am not every day suffering psychosis .. in fact, I haven’t had anything happen in the recent years. But when I was in Highschool at age 15 , I had an about 3 week episode , I lost a lot of sleep I was hallucinating messages on my phone or thru mind thoughts. I hallucinated things around me happening such as me controlling light or growing plants with my eyes, animals communicating w me. I felt I was “chosen” I couldn’t even put sentences together , I was lost in my classes or in the city. My school reported and wanted an evaluation from the state. They mentioned I’d go to wrong classes and outburst that idk where I am. I wrote all subjects over the same papers, lost all my materials , everyone was concerned I was truly in childlike delusion thinking the govt was sending messages for a mission??? It has only happened once , I even thought all food was poison expect rice…

  17. Dr. Marks, you are so diligent in responding to comments. How nice! You have a lot of fans and your patients are lucky to have you. I'm glad I found your channel. Quick question: I was told by a doctor that psychosis is actually a normal psychological event (in that it can happen to any person at any time for any reason or no reason at all). Do you agree?

  18. I'm under the impression social norms in regards to what people view as factual may not be vs. individual(s) who make claims that counter or go against the regular social norms views and understanding(s), such might be the correct and factual reality. Can't really voice issues that go against social expectations without sounding psychotic. Not sure if my wording is good enough to express myself.

    Can a person express ideas or concepts that run counter to common knowledge without being classed as psychotic? Or is such terms used too much and too loosely by non qualified people on the Internet and in the real world, and should take these views with a grain of salt?

    Experts are trained for example to know their jobs and deal with common and even some uncommon events, but such does not mean they know everything. A person for example can know something very deeply and not be a professional but would sound psychotic if speaking to an expert as mater of fact… This cannot in my opinion justify a professional indicating mental illness or temporary psychosis, if there is a thing. Does the person who questions the social norms require clinical screening by default or the person or people who are the professionals who mislabel and cause harm out of their ignorance or negative attitudes?

    A qualified Dr. can distinguish abnormal behaviors whereas a regular person without a PHD cannot… Is it bordering on psychotic for some to play the role of an expert when they are not, especially when their decisions and actions negatively affect other person.

    Thanks for your time,

  19. Does this have a meaning -> 👌

    Also, this -> ✌️

    And, finally, this -> ✊

    If so, if they do, how can we say gestures lack meaning, or it is delusional to believe that gestures have certain meanings? It would seem it's too subjective to determine what gestures do or do not have meaning, if so, how is it not better, within any seemingly reasonable frame of reference, to assume that particular gestures have certain meanings?

  20. My significant other has bipolar and psychosis. He often hears things or thinks people are after him. He will shut down and I won’t hear from him for weeks at a time…it’s heartbreaking.

  21. Thank you for saying that "you can not be talked down from your delusions and you will need medication" I experienced psychosis and my doctor tried to counsel me.. In my experience the counseling did no good. It actually made it worse because it made me think I had problems in my life that were not there.

  22. Thanks for the succinct and informative video. I've suffered from psychotic episodes as well as delusions as I have bipolar 1 disorder with BPD traits. I do find I am able to recognise them (as well as dismiss them), with more information about my disorder that is available to me. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  23. Thank you for your videos they are really nicely made, I love your analogy of the weather, is this your own device or perhaps it is taught now in the psychiatric field? In the school that I study we are taught of the guna in a similar way; I now perceive this as a mathematical space, a dimension; For an occidental doctor it is I believe the humour of Hippocrates, that they even swear by it before medical practise.

    Having had experience of psychosis, my own observation is that she has taught me a great deal. Having never required meds, when once they were forced upon me, I liken them to an abusive somewhat brutal and rather ignorant solution to the obvious situation, a solution that is itself paradoxically a part of the cause of the discomfort and thus the disease; As such, your offering which I respect and have greatly enjoyed, has inspired a few thoughts; I hope that you take no offence at my stance and can see that there may also be benefit in also considering other perspectives.

    Sanity, sharing its etymological root with sanitary in sana of proto indo europen origin; The nomenclature itself highly explicative as to the nature of psychosis. Etymology is, I think, a substantial participant in the symptoms and quite arguably also plays a major role in the cause. It is my understanding that not all people hallucinate when psychosis lands upon them, some it raises up where others it destroys, else it is such that the person become destructive, any which way, haven or hell; The point being that the condition exist both with and without the negative symptoms. If your notion of reality is founded in that of linear time primarily Newtonian physics, it can be quite a bump to wake up to a wider perception of what is real and to thus experience subtle yet very evident forces of nature, forces that are not yet understood by occidental science, barely even studied; Aristotelian rationalism finds itself with very real limits, should we consider the notion that; Not all people experience time in the same way, some are naturally more inclined to be aware of, or become aware of, the nature of time than others. Similar I like to think to perception of tone pitch or hue saturation and colour, so time also has nuances.

    I would beg that you consider for a moment, a facet of of physics that is spacetime . Having been proven, through scientific experiments and consequently accepted by the scientific community as being representative of the functioning of the universe, now for over one hundred years. Still it is so that, as a people, we are unable to adopt it into our communal notion of what it is that constitutes reality. Even now as I write these words, my spell checker authoritatively informs me that the word spacetime is wrong … To my mind it is this communal inability to accept reality, that causes the consequent failure to channel the effect of this force into a positive outcome, to our social detriment and the appellation of a disease. That this be the very motor that generate the symptoms, some what equating to a physical friction that then manifests itself as a psychosis, for want of a taxonomy. Alas when the general consensus of 'what is real', is so greatly restricted by any institutionalised belief system of belief that does not include the very mechanism of its own creation; This system of belief, in what ever form, itself becomes a very tricky thing to deal with for those very people who have helped to construct it.

    Might we consider also a moment, a meditative authority, one who upon experiencing an overwhelming felling of bliss, of a complete connection with the cosmos is able to apply it to some use. Would such a thinker, when confronted by very same force, having either been taught before hand, or, having the base nature and intellect required to comprehend what it is that is happening them; Would they, in overcoming the apparent symptoms of misalignment, be considered to be sick; Should they be drugged? Perhaps it is they who ought be our teachers and it be so that `psychosis` is an attempt by nature, at a reconcilement with itself with it own creation human kind; That it is this aspect of the functioning of human intellect, of knowledge itself, that is paradoxically the very same energy that also causes the disease?

    To my mind, there is an obvious link between these facets of the human condition and knowledge; Now if all that it is to be a scholar is reduced to a competition of economy, with a total disregard to ecology and utter ignorance of the home; Who then would take the helm or the rudder to scull; if the practice itself reflect that of donkeys racing to chase after a carrot; More importantly perhaps that we consider, how it is that a able scholar would react?

    My opining is founded upon my experience with psychosis, she the mother who has answers my very personal cries; It is quite understandable to me, that one who has not had such an experience of this facet of spacetime, who has not been taught of it, not be able to grasp the notions upon which I lean in my hypothesis, that general line of thinking not be acceptable to them. This is also why I frown upon the aristocratic thinker their schools of rationalism, aligning myself more so with plato than his wayward student, even more so with the teachings of the masters of kashmir ,those of the yogic traditions and in the language with which it is expounded.

    You have given a wonderful description of the pancha tanmatra or on a more basic level the jnanendriyas, which are the five subtle elements of samkya philosophy.

    Kind regards.

  24. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with psychosis and it’s been really rough for his family and I to understand exactly happened to him because it just seems to appear out of the blue..but after watching this video and others I can see that the early signs were there..thank u for sharing

  25. Caffeine is more likely to give you psychosis than weed. All uppers in fact are more likely to give you psychosis than weed. The paranoia from weed is not the same as psychosis. Also alcohol will elevate drug effects and make them last longer. Irish coffee is a recipe for extreme psychosis in vulnerable individuals. Weed can make people unproductive and withdrawn but not psychotic unless they are already mentally ill.

  26. For this past year I’ve been experiencing on and off psychosis. It’s always triggered by a long panic attack followed by paranoia and thoughts of my friends and family trying to kill me. It usually lasts for about a month and I go back to feeling really good. I’m wondering if this is bipolar? Or could it be the result of PTSD? I was in a deadly car crash a year ago and never experienced any of these symptoms before? Could you help me?

  27. Naahhh… you need to start with explaining "reality". Once you do that, the rest will simply fall into place. But you have to exclude the "what exists objectively, independently of the observer" explanation

  28. Love your videos but I can't watch sometimes bc the music bothers me & is distracting. Please ask others if they feel the same & maybe cld lower the volume although not sure the music goes along with your topics….almost sounds like upbeat when talking about serious issues some are seeking answers for. Seems like they dont match up….like I said I love your informative easy to understand videos but perhaps some visual aids instead of the mismatched audio in background that drowns out your voice at certain times 😟😖

  29. There was a time when I could not tell if I was having an episode. Now I can tell while its happening.

  30. don't @ me y'all, but as soon as she explained religious delusion, even though i'm a Christian, I immediately thought of Jesus and the Jews. oops.

  31. No hate, but you didn’t get in debt of all the fear, or what is going on inside the brain, and why. It is A LOT more than the symptoms you mentioned. It’s caused by trauma. Fx. rape. If it’s caused by the trauma of being raped, you will fx. hallucinate men talking about raping you outside of your door, or a man standing in the corner of your room. Something the brain wants to forget, or distract you from. As you mentioned, psychosis is also related with drugs. Because it’s too much for your brain to handle, so it wants to distract you from reality. So in fact, everyone can get a psychosis.
    I just thought a lot were missing in this video, and you didn’t describe what a psychosis is like at all.

  32. God bless you, Dr. Marks. I understand more about mental illnesses because of your videos. 👏👏👏

  33. When I start hearing things that aren’t actually there and it persists, as well as get the paranoia that someone is out to hurt me, that’s actually one of my first signs I’m heading into a manic episode so it’s really nice to get the definitive clarification on what could be considered a “normal misperception” and what’s a symptom of psychosis. Thanks so much!!

  34. Hi thanks a lot for your information I'm from small town in Iran and I'm married to this beautiful nice amazing girl and as you know women in middle East they are not like Western world to give up or get divorce so she made me realize I have both disorder bipolar 1 and narcissistic personality I need help cuz I feel like I'm hurting her and keep hurting her I feel guilty even though I'm seeing Dr but still don't know what to do ?

    I'm still watch your video but as u know YouTube is blocked in her and I have to go use lots of VPN to get to these video

  35. Maybe it's me, but it seems that background music it's too loud🙉 compared to speech volume. Anyway good content, thanks

  36. What would you describe the effect of seeing patterns moving (or that they are 3D) that are actually static and flat. Sometimes these patterns may form to look like faces, or objects projected on a surface… But you are aware that what you're seeing isn't really happening.

  37. Marijuana can make you psychotic?
    I'm sorry but I find that hard to believe.
    To my knowledge that has been completely debunked.
    I'm really enjoying this video, but I have to say when you say that that makes me a little bit leery about whether or not I can completely trust what you're saying.
    I have been using cannabis for 40 years and I've never gotten psychosis from it. I also have known hundreds of cannabis users through the years and none of them have ever gotten the psychosis either. You can get paranoid from too much THC but that quickly wears off.
    People can say whatever they want, but my knowledge is not theoretical like yours is, I have actually lived it.
    As far as the rest of the video goes except for the Cannabis thing, I thought it was very good. Now when you say psychosis from marijuana, I was thinking permanent psychosis. And if being paranoid is psychosis then I can say that happens once in awhile but it's temporary? Is that what you meant?
    I am far from perfect so I realize the fact that I might not be understanding correctly?

  38. I got Psychosis from getting high off of marijuana 😩😩 worst experience of me life! But will it go away?

  39. What do you think about those who are/guided to believe in that they are "manifesting/channeling" Spirit?

  40. When I was in year 5 I had this visual and i thought I did my work but the second my teacher said my Name there was nothing there then I was walking and I saw a shadow running out of the door I then blacked out I didn’t realise I blacked out all of them have happened to me I felt like an angel before like I felt like I had wings and how my back felt like ripping wow

  41. Steroid psyichchosis is dread full 1 injection triamcinolone 20 months ago for rash little inflamation and mager depreshion and phsyichosis. adrenal damage fayigue bone problems. never recover seems hope. any one take prednisone steroids topical.

  42. My step-daughter who is 17, displays some of these symptoms. She will be getting testing done at a place that specializes in this area. She has friends she talks to on a daily basis and one of them has told her to take a bat to me, and in a recording, said she was going to slice my throat. (I am never alone with her) She chased her brother with a knife too. Her mother was afraid of her and would lock her bedroom door at night, as I do too. She finds me as a threat, due to myself being the one who noticed that something wasn't right and started the process of getting her the help. She was recently hospitalized for 1 weeks and was in the and Psychiatric unit for adolescents for a week. She lies to everyone and the Doctors all the time, and they never noticed that she was pulling the wool over their eyes. She does very bizarre things that are just not what I would call normal, like eating things that are considered not edible. She has done years of counseling but no one noticed anything wrong and thought she was just ADHD and was on Adderall for years. That only made her more intense and combative. She is no longer on that med. She has no friends and keeps to herself at school as she is socially awkward. She is adopted so therefore we know nothing of her medical history. I hope that with the testing she will get the help that she needs.

  43. My manic episodes and psychotic episodes are getting worse in my forties… do you think it’s getting worse because of age?

  44. i have a question but it's a bit hard to explain… i have what i refer to as "delusions", specifically "bizarre delusions", but i don't know if they are actually delusions, or if i'm overreacting & just imaginative.

    an extreme example (which, warning, is kinda gross) was the time i thought that there was a full grown, full sized, living man, in a business suit, inside my stomach. i felt like my body transformed to be much bigger than it is to fit him. and when i got the hiccups, i thought it was him trying to get out. this happened for multiple hours, starting around midday. (& i also felt like everything was whitewashed, like a brightness filter turned too far up)

    but this whole time i kept thinking "i'm crazy, this is a delusion." i believed it on some level, but i still thought of it as a delusion. like it was only real to me.

    i also feel a presence behind me & can imagine what they look like vividly & i feel or imagine the feeling of invisible people touching me & i know what their intentions are… but i know they are technically not real to others. i wouldn't tell people "there is a man in my house that stands behind me & i know that he wants to hurt me" because i know my delusions are not "real". instead i'd say "i have a delusion (hallucination?) of a Presence"

    is this a delusion, or something else? or is this a really weird & unanswerable question? sorry about this, lol 🤦‍♀️ it's never simple with me

  45. Thanks Dr Marks, if the psychosis seems to have started from a marijuana binge can it be cured when the person properly abstains from smoking it?

  46. First off, thank you so much for providing your professional input on your thoughts with mental illnesses. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, and it is nice to have a safe place to listen and comment about these things.
    Dr Tracey, I have this auditory illusion late at night where I hear what sounds like an old live radio program. I hear the host speaking and narrating, and I hear the audience respond. There are ads along with the program. Sometimes these also include more than one guy, I also hear a female or another male.
    These always occur late at night when Im in bed and awake. Sometimes I am just laying there in the dark, and sometimes a lamp is lighting the room and I am reading. I told my pschiatrist a few weeks ago about this and gave the details and times this happens. She told me that theres a name for it, but she couldnt recall what it was.
    I had always just chalked it up to being a symptom of bipolar 1, but not 100% sure of that after divulging this to my psychiatrist. When this first started, I was fearful of it, but since then I am alarmed at first, but then assure myself its ok, its just part of being bipolar. Ive gotten to the point with it where I find it actually interesting to listen to and almost soothing. Lol, what is going on here? Do you have any thoughts about it?

  47. Dear Dr. Tracey, I would like to know if taking corticosteroids (due to allergies) for several years can trigger a psychotic break? By the way, I cannot thank you enough for what you do. Greetings from Argentina!

  48. I soooo wish you were in my area. I’m experiencing so many issues I can’t keep up & it’s frustrating trying to prove one vs the other and so forth. Your videos are really encouraging me to find a new psychiatrist. My last one discriminated against my Service Dog which I had gotten for PTSD & seizures (PNES). I had to call the police after a couple months taking his abuse. It drove me to become so ill and I haven’t found a new doctor…in at least a year. Need to make the move….ASAP.

  49. My daughter who is a first year college student was recently diagnosis with psychosis. First day taking her medication a pill in the morning then a pill at night 12 hour apart. She was swaying as she walked and flying down the stairs. We as parents decided to give her half a doses, half in the morning and half at night she was doing better and functioning fine til she could not sleep for couple of days without medication and we resume medication and she was doing fine. Then another 5 days went by and she only slept a few hours; at the time we did not give her medication as she was acting normal. Then because of her lack in sleep we gave her half medication in morning and night, did not help, and she started acting a bit frustrated and spacey. We later increase her medication to full pill in morning and half at night. Now she is unresponsive and zombie like and also not able to sleep. So we lessen her medication to 1/2 again in morning and night still no improvements.

    Be just start a new insurance plan and it will be awhile until we are able to see a doctor.

    Do u have any advice why her condition has progress and not improved. Is it because of the stop of intake of medication and restart of medication and her body has build at immunity to the prescription? Please can you give me some advice. Thank you.

  50. Thank you for this video. I honestly think my son has this and he's only 10. After watching this i seriously need to schedule an appointment with a professional as soon as possible. His actions (and comments) are sometimes violent and threatening. Especially to his 2 year old sister.

  51. Is it hallucinating when you feel a kind of pull on you- like your body is in motion when you are sitting still? This has happened to me after a day of jumping on a trampoline or a day being knocked around by waves in the ocean…
    Does that make sense? I'm not really sure how to describe it. I was sitting there and I felt like I was still bouncing on a trampoline… even though I was inside.
    What does this mean?

  52. I had Psychosis 4 years ago it was the Religious delusion type I was totally sucked in to it all ,I also thought Angels were around and had messages just for me I felt very privileged and very special, I had no idea, why my family were so mad with me they were crying and trying to get me help, I was perfectly happy with the way things were !
    Needless to say I did have to have help and was put on Rispiridone which made my nose stuffy and my speech slurred I hated it and it took my Angels away and my Religious notions did gradually fade

  53. I actually had a misunderstanding of psychosis. thank u! ive never experienced any of those things but i just felt very out of it after having a baby.

  54. I've felt bugs crawling through my hair, and worms crawling under the skin of my scalp. But that was from a severe case of shingles. I also heard my mom call my name once when she wasn't there. I was in a different neighborhood than she was. But I heard her distinctive voice, loud and clear, right outside the window where I was, calling my name. It wasn't a hallucination, though. It was because I had run away from home. And she was so emotionally distressed, probably saying my name in that tone of voice at that exact moment. And my mom and I are both psychic. So that's why I heard it. It was creepy, though.

  55. I thought my old boss was keeping tabs on me everywhere I thought he was always watching and monitoring me even at home I thought he didn’t know I knew so I always played it cool and was extremely suspicious of what his intentions were. Every time he’d ask if I’d done something I’d feel like he was manipulating me since he already knew if I had or hadn’t. Once I lied and I thought he pretended to believe me and that made me really suspicious of him. I was so certain there was something wrong it’s pretty scary

  56. I have an employee that has psychosis and cannot afford his medication so every so often I have to talk him down from a psychotic break. I take him somewhere private and usually ask him what he sees or hears and then I try to make him feel safe. I once had to give him a pillow that was"special" and would make the people outside the door trying to get him go away.

  57. Thanks for your videos, Dr. Marks! Eye-opening and clear. I was diagnosed with bipolar 11 years ago and at the time of my diagnosis (I ended up in psych ward after having attempted suicide with the absence of depression and no external triggers) I was experiencing a temporal delusion where I thought time had flattened out and I was living my past, present, and future all at once. I felt 'fated' to end my life. Is your list of delusions exhaustive or are those just the most common types? I have been on medication since then and since then haven't had delusions, save for one week-long mania 9 years ago (thinking my mind was was benignly controlling my environment and other people—my dosage was upped after that). Do you see time delusions in patients with bipolar very often?

  58. How long does an initial onset of Schizoaffective Psychosis last? My daughter was recently diagnosed and will not take her meds.

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