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seven eight nine ten Hey everyone my name is Cal and I wanted to start a new kind of
web series or I mean just like a video series on this YouTube channel with just
me talking about trans things. When I was 13 I came out as gay and there was one
YouTuber who was like super super instrumental to me figuring out you know
what it meant to be gay you know how to I guess grow up as gay in a smaller town
and her name is Jenna Anne. I just want to give her a shout out because she was
literally the sole reason why I think I’m doing this and like how I’ve become
the person I am when I came out as gay. So Jenna Anne is also known as Lesbian Answers on
YouTube Jenna: Hello everyone I will be the lesbian giving you the
answers (Lesbian Answers theme music) and you can check out her channel if you
were interested in seeing who my mentor was or I guess like the person that I
looked up to was growing up. So a little bit a while ago I asked on Instagram if
there were any questions and so the first one here is from someone who has
asked to be anonymous and their topic that they want me to talk about is
dysphoria. So I guess what the first question here is: What is dysphoria? If we
go online and we type in what is dysphoria, it’s a noun, it is “a state of
unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life” so that’s what dysphoria is
but if you look into what gender dysphoria is it has to do specifically
with your gender. That can mean something different for every single person. For me
when I don’t feel like I have a flat chest, I get gender dysphoria. When someone dead names me (uses my birth given name), miss genders me, I get gender dysphoria. You know if I put on a dress,
I will most likely get gender dysphoria that will probably trigger it It’s different for everyone. My menstrual cycle has never triggered dysphoria for me but I
know that a lot of people do struggle with that. So in summary gender dysphoria
is a medical term that trans people can experience don’t necessarily experience
but a lot of the time trans people do experience gender
dysphoria. It is a deep dissatisfaction and discomfort with your biological sex So since it’s a medical condition gender dysphoria can also play into if you go
onto HRT. HRT is hormone replacement therapy so if you are thinking of
physically transitioning, if you want to go on estrogen, hormone blockers,
testosterone, gender dysphoria maybe one of the things that you need to have in
order to be prescribed some kind of hormone. It’s gonna be different in every
single place that you are in Particularly for me I am located in
Ontario, Canada and I am near Toronto. For my medical system, I needed to be
diagnosed with gender dysphoria in order to get on testosterone. I just want to
say that I still do get gender dysphoria despite being on testosterone, despite
having passing privilege. Passing privilege is essentially having the privilege of
looking like a cis person in society Now I don’t get discriminated against
for “looking” trans like that that’s just like a weird thing but I mean like you can never tell if someone’s trans or not based on how they look but
being pre-t obviously I would get misgendered more, I would get people
asking, “hey are you a boy or a girl?” you know I mean that stuff doesn’t really
happen to me on a daily basis anymore If you are an ally who’s watching this or
someone who wants to be more educated on the trans community please just take
note that gender dysphoria can come out of anything. Just be aware that just
because I haven’t listed it in this video doesn’t mean that it’s going to be
comfortable for every other person that you meet other things that can trigger
gender dysphoria for other people or other people in the trans community are:
voice changes, the amount of hair that you have on your body, height, name,
pronoun, I’ve already said. Chest related things. So just take note of when you’re
making comments like that or honestly the safest way to go about it is just
like not making those comments overall but just being aware of it helps a lot.
Finally ways to combat gender dysphoria. Because gender dysphoria can mean
different things for different people or at least get triggered and I guess
“solved” by different things for different people it’s really hard to put your
finger on like one thing that can help gender dysphoria. I can really only speak
to my experience and what I’ve heard. For me going on testosterone, going on
hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has helped immensely with gender dysphoria.
I’ll make another video on different changes that have happened to my body
being on testosterone, but it has made such a big difference being on
testosterone. I, you know, it’s a lot easier to get through the day but I’m
aware that not everyone has the privilege of going on testosterone or
going on hormones/hormone blockers/etc. Some things that helped me pre-t was
dressing up the way that I want to… even to this day like for example if you are
FTM so that means female-to-male so if you’re
transitioning from a biological female to a male or more masculine individual
or you’re a trans guy, button-up shirts are really really incredible for that kind
of stuff. Backwards caps, anything that will make you feel more masculine.
I feel pretty flat having a button-up shirt it’s really great because it
almost like covers up your curves and such if you’re uncomfortable with those.
Doing activities I feel more to you and who you want to become help. Obviously
gender is so complicated in the sense that it has been socially
constructed so even for me to say like these activities are more masculine and
these activities are more feminine like I feel like I can’t even like really say
that because gender doesn’t actually exist when it comes down to the idea
that like boys are supposed to like blue Like that is something that society has
told us. That is not real it’s really really hard to put gender in a box and
put activities in a box and all that kind of stuff so I don’t want to tell
you what is gonna make you feel better regarding activities. I know for me and
this is very specific to me; going to the gym helped a lot with gender dysphoria
because I could work on my overall physique. I felt like I could validate
myself when I went to the gym so that was one really big thing that helped me
when I was having gender dysphoria Surrounding yourself with a support
group and having people who, maybe not necessarily get it in the way that they
fully understand, like maybe your friend group isn’t trans. My friend group is all
cis women and they’re great but people who just can support you can be there to
validate you, reassure you, honestly just like… sit out the gender
dysphoria with you, you know? The thing about gender dysphoria is that you don’t
get to choose it. There isn’t gonna always be a way to solve it or
fix it and just having people who can be there to support you when you
honestly don’t feel like leaving the house when you don’t want to get out of
bed because the gender dysphoria is just weighing a lot on you the people that I
have in my life whether they’re close or further out like I’m really really lucky
to have a support system that has just been so good with asking questions and
not assuming that I’m comfortable with one thing or the other, you know, checking
what I have on my social media pages like what pronouns I want to use, what I
want to be called. I post a lot about that kind of stuff on there so them just
educating themselves is like really really great. If your gender dysphoria is
coming a lot from your voice I would recommend looking into voice therapy
stuff on YouTube — that’s what I did before I went on testosterone I would
just… there were certain just like exercises that I could do to help deepen
my voice, similar to how like singers can increase their range if they practice
enough and they do like exercises and such and you can almost, I
don’t know if it’s like stretching your vocal cords and what it is but if you
want to check out what’s online for different voice therapies I would
definitely recommend that. I could get my voice pretty deep already before going
on testosterone and then if you do in the future go on hormones or hormone
blockers and etc., then that can like almost get you a head start
I guess this like kind of underlines all of the other points that I just gave but
you know locking yourself in your room and just being you. Sometimes like
looking in the mirror doesn’t always help but like if you’re not in a
supportive household or like a supportive you know environment overall
vlogging yourself in your room and like putting on music that makes you feel
like you or like you feel like it understands you and then dressing up the
way that you want to and then you know you know doing just just being you in a
private setting where no one can judge you is like for me
totally liberating like I would recommend it to anyone who needs to just
like have like a moment with themselves and just be like this is me and this is
my safe space and I’m just gonna like do me for like 15 minutes and then continue
figuring out what the heck I’m doing with my life.
Overall with dysphoria it’s really hard to say what’s gonna help you
and you know that you just gotta find out by experimenting. A lot of
experimentation happens when you are trans because you’re just trying to
figure out what makes you feel most comfortable in this world and you know
try different things try different activities talk to people online. The
online communities are super super helpful, I would recommend checking out
reddit check out YouTube. There’s a really strong trans community on there. And finally just wrap all this up sometimes it helps gender dysphoria if
you go out for a walk, if you go out and hang with friends to try to get your
mind off of it and other times you might just have to stay in bed and just ride
it out and watch a movie, or take a hot bath and honestly like
gender dysphoria is super super crappy and I should I probably should have
started that video with this but gender dysphoria is like really not fun. If you
are experiencing gender dysphoria know that my heart goes out to you
especially as someone who is on testosterone now and you know have the
privilege of having significantly less gender dysphoria.
I remember what it would be like being pre-t and just having gender dysphoria
like a lot of the time I remember having to change my outfit like four or five
times like before leaving the house some days because of just how bad the
dysphoria was and if you do have any questions leave them down below.
Obviously I would love to help out wherever I can and don’t be afraid to you know reach
out to your friends, reach out to me, reach out to people in the community.
There are people who want to help out here. Thanks so much for watching today
I’m really really thankful that I can be at a place in my life where I can do this
for others and if this helps one person then I’ve like already done my job but
really if you have any questions message me. My Twitter handles and all that stuff
is over here in the corner here or here somewhere… yeah message me, follow me,
check out my socials and I hope that this web series and these videos help you
out as much as videos in the past have helped me okay yeah. Have a great day
wherever you are lots of love. Lots of everything, sun shines and rainbows and
sun and that’s all for now see you! My camera stopped like straight up in the
middle of that and that was like really weird. I have 30 minutes of footage that
I need to sift through I literally cannot believe it I just talk and talk
and talk and talk it’s just like okay I’m gonna stop this now peace out

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