What Is Being Bipolar Like?

WELCOME TO LIFE NOGGIN! As with many mental illnesses, Bipolar Disorder
isn’t generally understood by the public. One in 25 Americans live with Bipolar Disorder,
and it may be thought of as just severe mood swings or even something that’s quote “all
in their head”, but it’s not. This condition should be taken seriously and it’s often not treated that way. So, let’s learn a little more about bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive
illness, is a condition that manifests in the brain and is defined by episodes of extreme mania and depression. During a manic episode, someone with Bipolar
Disorder typically has lots of energy, makes risky decisions, feels euphoric and is very
productive. Then during a depressive episode, they feel
depressed, constantly worried and often think of death or suicide. The condition can also be accompanied by psychosis,
which is a break from reality when someone may think they’re famous, crazy rich or
have superpowers. These manic and depressive episodes typically
last a few weeks, but can be shorter lived. As one woman put it, one day she can’t get
out of bed and has to miss work, then the next, she’s loving life, up for 24 hours,
and spending money she doesn’t have. This condition can affect everything from
your career to friendships, to relationships, and even financial stability. As with many mental illnesses, there isn’t
one known cause of Bipolar Disorder, but trauma, extreme stress, and drug or alcohol problems
can increase your risk of developing the condition. Genes also play a part. While most people with a family history don’t
develop the illness, 80-90% of people with bipolar disorder have a relative with either
the disorder or depression. For people who do live with the disorder,
there’s a lot going on in their brains that’s different from another person’s. They have abnormalities and imbalances in
their neurotransmitter systems that scientists believe contribute to the condition. Neurotransmitters are chemicals responsible
for controlling the brain’s emotions and functions. It’s been thought for a while that these
imbalances were probably the main biological cause of Bipolar Disorder but recent advances
have acknowledged there are more parts in play – different brain pathways, neuroplasticity
and varying levels of cellular resilience. Scientists have also found that people with
Bipolar Disorder have reduced grey matter in various parts of their brains. Many parts of their cortices are also thinner
than a healthy persons. It is known that stress directly causes the
degeneration of neurons, so it’s thought that this degeneration could contribute to
these reductions. We’re getting there but there’s definitely
still a lot more to learn about Bipolar Disorder. While this condition has negatively impacted people’s lives, There is hope. If you think you may have Bipolar Disorder, it’s important to seek professional help. Since many people with Bipolar only reach
out for help when they’re going through a depressive episode, be sure to tell your
doctor about manic episodes too to make sure you get a proper diagnosis. For free resources to learn more about Bipolar
Disorder or to find help, check out the links in the description. So are there any other illnesses you want me to cover? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. The reason they dont take it seriousy is the manic and how they can make wrong use of that since these people tend to spend tons and i recal TONS of money…

  2. Fudge I have Bipolar….maybe
    I’m serious really, I often feel like everyone isn’t worth anything and I wished that this world never existed, then I randomly become happy all of the sudden-

  3. I was diagnosed with bp in my early 20s. I take lithium and risperidone for it. A few side effects but I'm much better now than what I was.

  4. I'm getting a diagnosis for ADHD and I think it's bipolar, I can't get out of bed some days/weeks and other times I'm on top of the world, it gets out of hand and I have to wait 3 months for a diagnosis, I don't know what to do

  5. Something worth mentioning is that there’s two types of bipolar disorder; bipolar disorder I and bipolar disorder II.
    Bipolar disorder I is typically more severe because it includes psychosis (along as the high highs and low lows)
    Bipolar disorder II is just high highs and low lows.

  6. Is bipolar a disorder? Or is using one "pole" of the two the disorder? Do we use one hand-foot -eye nose ear? C do we have to also say using your two hands amidx….is also a disorder?

  7. Every room mate I have @ shelters makes it so hard to forget that bipolar disorders is a learning experience. So lack of knowledge makes it worst extreme.

  8. For anyone wanting to self diagnose in the comments, everyone experiences happy days and sad days. Bipolar people experience Mania and Depression. This video didn't describe Bipolar that well.

  9. I both hate and love this disorder. When I’m on “the lows” I want to end my life and its very hard to cope with sports, family, hobbies, school and everything. But “The highs” makes me good at school and I get good grades, I make a plan for my future, and I feel like a superhuman. That’s what I love.
    If I was on “my high” my hole life, I would become a very successful person and that’s what I’m craving

  10. can you cover sociopath tendencies? I'm doing a capstone on psychology, and your videos are great and simplified, cut to the point. can you please cover it? I love your channel btw!

  11. I don't have this disorder, but I'm always super pissed if someone calls another person bipolar just because the latter just had mood swings. I really hate how some people take these words that mean serious matter and incorporate them into their daily conversations like this. It's really rude to the people really suffering from bipolar disorder.

  12. Am so tired of having to pick myself up…..am tired of always being judged and having a title on my life ….am sick and fucking tired of the medications and side effects….and am really tired of always having tell myself am gonna be OK am alright….when am not…Am Bipolar 1 and I would not wish this on my worst enemy……And I live in country that only cares about the profit not the FIX……I wish I could go to bed just once and sleep though the night just once with out the thoughts in my head waking me up……..Perhaps am asking just to much….

  13. Where did you get my resume?
    Sometimes I feel like the actual happiest and luckiest person ever and the next I'm thinking about how I'll kill myself tommorrow.

  14. I was originally diagnosed with ADHD with out the hyperactive part a few years back. Now I'm 13, and my mom's doctor thinks that I may have some type of mood disorder, and bipolar is something my therapist and my mom's doctor are considering. I usually have a very difficult time balancing my emotions, and they are so insanely up and down, but they usually happen multiple times throughout the day. For example, I can have an incredible morning where I feel productive and on fire and in a great mood, but all of a sudden a few hours later, I feel so depressed that I can't do any school work and I have to lay my head down on the desk because my energy has depleted. Sometimes the switches happen a few times in just 30 minutes! I don't know if that happens with some other type of mood disorder, but I don't know if that can happen, with bipolar. Does anybody know?

  15. Thats me for 100%, my gf keeps saying it one month i talk normal to her but for some reason i can go crazy with words start cursing, and yeah i thought about suiciding but then im like nah why did i think about that

  16. I think knowing that you are bipolar puts an interesting spin on it. Whereas before people in the past would have just gone with it, now it's more manageable. You can see the patterns and coping with them is easier. I get these depressive episodes that I almost become detached from now and they almost feel fake in a way because I know there is no real logical reason for them to be there. They still exist, but I don't know, it's like not real. I'll think about death and all these horrible negative thoughts as well as how they will eventually just sort of evaporate. Same with the flip side, you sort of acknowledge that you are really happy for no reason and that even that will pass as well. Those manic episodes though, like natural cocaine. It'd be nice if they lasted a little while longer.

  17. I have dipolar disorver..i am everytime staying up to 4:00am at night playing on my phone..like now..and i am so scared to sleep…that i may get a heart acktack…i am depressed to….i am serious..i have it

  18. I’m bipolar and i’m 14 i sometimes feel very hyped and fo stuff i don’t even think of before doing it and sometimes i just get depressed over very silly stuff and think about suicidal but then i wake up and go like what the freak was i thinking about?! Can you tell me if it’s normal teen mood swings? Or i’m bipolar

  19. Guys if u have mood swings, that doesn’t mean u are bipolar. But what do I know? Cuz I’m just a girl in the comment section, right? Wrong. Been diagnosed for 2.5 yrs. people don’t take this seriously because people claim to have bipolar, making it seem more common. It’s not like ur happy one moment and sad the next. My highs can make it feel like I can do anything. When I was 17, I had a high episode and jumped into a strangers car because I couldn’t understand what was wrong with it. In my lows, I can’t even brush my hair in the morning. So stop pretending u have a mental health issue just to make urself feel special.

  20. We need to break the shackles that stop us from speaking up. Also, a small effort from our side, hope you'll like it. If you do, please like and share. And if you find any room for improvements, please do let me know, open to all suggestions. Lastly, have an amazing day ahead !! 🙂

  21. Why can't they just get over it and keep their mind busy so they don't have such extremes. if your mind is busy then it won't have time for such wild mood swings no

  22. I may have bipolar disorder. I dont really want to get diagnosed. I know i do exactly everything that a person with bipolar disorder would do. I dont want to be treated like people know it. I never think about doing suicide. But i get really deep sometimes and a day later i think why was i so depressed yesterday. Otherwise im allways really positive.

  23. Why are people in the comments are just openly saying it like
    "I have bipolar disorder [insert how tragic it is to have them]"
    It's as if some of them are proud to have it which to be honest I think is a bad idea to just assume you have from watching a video

    Why would you even announce it in the first place do you want people to take pity on you

  24. Finally.
    I never really knew that I had this…..condition…
    It did change my life…I'm mostly in depression now..because I keep stressing up..
    I think I'm losing my friends. I already lost contact with my family and school…just not the best.
    Thank you..

  25. Is it possible to be diagnosed with bipolar if you had about long time mood switching? Like last six years I had my vivid memory of depressive state for a week and an extreme mania for a week too. I was normal for 5years then last year 3months of depressive and 3 months again of mania. And now I was so confused how to act anymore 4 months of depressive state again kinda suppressing myself bcz i dont wanna be at that mania state anymore (im taking antidepressants btw)

  26. Tbh i really dont know it i have bolar 1 or 2 or maybe its just in my mind because i often laugh for no reason and my classmates thinks im wierd and sometimes i got irritated for no reason and after that i got very depressed. Is this normal?

  27. How can I get a diagnosis without an actual therapist I'm worried I might be because I have a lot of the symptoms but I don't want to self diagnose and my parents don't believe in therapy

  28. As a person with bipolar disorder it doesn't make me perfect nor a freak. If you have depression i would advise you to seek help because i have scars small amd big that i will live with for the rest of my life. I would love people to stop bullying people,pay attention to, peoples arms,scars,behavior,actions,even the tiniest scratches.I have tried to end my life a lot and i want to tell people that end your life is NEVER the answer, go and tell some one it could be a sibling,doctor,parent,freind and even a pet. My message to people is that tou will always mean something, and you were put in this world to make a change.

  29. Apparently a counselor had diagnosed me with something that doesn't allow me to handle emotions correctly, and not as just a problem like an actual disorder

  30. I have all of these symptoms and more and my uncles bipolar but I don’t have money to see a therapist. Yay my life’s great lol

  31. I get angry really easily during manic episodes. Sometimes just hearing people’s voices can make me angry.

  32. Can you do an episode about Asperger’s Syndrome if you haven’t already? I’m sorry if you have gotten this request before or you already did an episode on it.

  33. Bipolar disorder has a relative with either the manic or depression for people who do live with the disorder. There's a lot going on in their brains that's different from another person they have abnormalities and imbalances in their neurotransmitter system. You can also check this important article https://newhopepsychology.com/2018/12/24/identify-symptoms-causes-treatments-manic-depression/

  34. Whenever I’m happy I get really scared because I’m not used to being happy. Other times I wish I had a razor to just slit my wrist. I feel so worthless. I wish I had a hug.

  35. I have bipolar 1 and it is hard. When only 1/25 of people get it it seems no one understands. I've been through everything they said. However they didn't mention having both at the same time. It happens doctors call it mixed episodes. Lastly not just meds but therapy can help. Whether you're religious or not there is hope.🙂❄️

  36. Bipolar disorder is very hard to tell from mood swings sometimes because for me, sometimes I get this amazing feeling like life is the greatest thing ever, its like being punched in the gut with happiness, like you won the lottery, and sometimes, its like I'm extremly sad and want to cry for no reason, sometimes its so bad i dont even speak, but this is not bipolar disorder, its mood swings. I know, I've talked to people, so if your worried let someone know, but dont diagnose yourself until a professional has.

  37. The worst part for me is the merge of those episodes.. Sometimes I feel happy and sad, up and down at the same time.. It's so confusing so foggy and so hard to be in.

  38. Well, I sometimes laugh so hard or feel euphoric, or very happy, then in 5 mins I feel sad or remember my old school or stuff like that, then I feel mad and think about harming others. Do I have the illness?

  39. Meditation can increase or thicken grey matter, change neural pathways and help balance moods via brain placidity evolution – the key is choosing the right meditation for bipolar. I say focused attention (Zen; follow and count the breath) and loving (metta – to self heal through self-love and forgiveness to yourself others and all things) kindness are the best 2 for bipolar help, and will encourage a focused mind with balanced self acceptance. Avoid dualistic watching types (Vipassana etc) as the moods are already split, and you would not want to divide them anymore.

  40. I have MILD BPD. But, most of it is anxiety. I’ll be amazing and focused one day then, anxious and then depressed and sad the next. I don’t get it all the time which is why it’s very mild but it still sucks.

  41. Children let's realize that mania could make you extremely agitated or upset when others doubt you and extremely happy. Making it seem like you're going through hella mood swings when it's all still apart of the mania

  42. I have bipolar 2 and whenever it gets rlly rlly bad I have psychosis but not in the way that I feel like I’m something I’m not or think something that’s not the way it actually is. if it gets to the point of psychosis I hear things a lot, and I have derealization like I feel like I’m not actually here I’m watching everything but I’m not in reality. and because of the audio hallucinations some doctors thought I was schizophrenic but i wasn’t. sometimes because of the extreme mania I wouldn’t sleep that much and I would start hearing things like if I was talking, the last few words I said kept echoing in my head and I just kept hearing it or sometimes a fan would be on but I swear I heard people talking and I didn’t even know who’s voice it was. no voices ever told me to do anything but I just heard them. if I got a song stuck in my head and I was going through psychosis I swear I would feel like I’m hearing it out loud and it makes u feel so crazy

  43. bipolar is so tricky…I started showing symptoms when I was 13. I would come to school bouncing off the walls and be so happy and some people gave me the nickname “bubbles” because I was rlly bubbly, but when I was like this I was so wired and jittery I would interrupt in class and babble all the time and I would get in trouble. then sometimes I would go to school so depressed and I didn’t even know why I was depressed because nothing bad had happened and I was so tired all the time and I just felt like life lost it’s meaning and everything was pointless and empty and it got so bad I used to leave class to go cry in the bathroom and sometimes I would bring razor blades with me and cut myself on my ankles in the bathroom and since I would cut I would never get changed in the girls locker room or wear ankle socks bc I didn’t want anyone to see and judge me bc a lot of kids in my school thought ppl cut for attention and I also didn’t want my teachers to see and think something was seriously wrong. I didn’t even know what bipolar was at the time but one day my depressive episode got out of control and I overdosed on Tylenol and my mom found me throwing up and barely responsive and she saw Tylenol and I went to the Er and got my stomach pumped and was in ICU for a few days then they put me in a mental hospital which is only supposed to last for no longer than a week, but once they realized I was going through mania the entire time I was there they put me in the long term program because they knew I wasn’t always like this otherwise I wouldn’t have overdosed. once they observed my behavior for a few months they diagnosed me with bipolar 2 and I didn’t know what that was. I have mania but it’s not as extreme as bipolar 1 and it lasts a pretty long time and then my depressive episodes don’t last as long it can be anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks but my depressive episodes are SOOOO extreme it’s so hard to try and hold on and push through it. and just because I got diagnosed that wasn’t the end of it, I’ve tried so many medications : Prozac, trazadone, ability, lexipro, seroquel, risprodall, lithium, concerta (I also have ADHD), and none of them were right for me some of them only made me feel worse. therapy helped a lot and once i found the right med mixture it helped too (lamictal and Prozac). the thing about the mania is sometimes u feel so good u trick yourself into thinking you don’t need ur meds anymore and then you stop and everything just gets worse :/

  44. Thank you for making this
    This is very accurate and I deal with bipolar 2. It helps to talk about it and understand it I’m on anti depressants and klonkpin. It helps. However, I wish there was a natural route.

  45. My dad and his sister have bipolar. I’m not saying it’s just mood swings, but for example 1 minute my dad is really nice and another he’s not. Luckily, I don’t have it.

  46. The only thing is he said that seems inaccurate it's not hereditary but eighty to ninety percent of people have someone in their family that has bipolar or just unipolar depression. Isn't that proof that it's a hereditary neurological disorder

  47. I was diagnosed with Bipolar a little over a year ago. My uncle and nana both also had it so it wasn't too surprising.
    It can be really hard to do normal things sometimes because I see no point or I just don't want anything to do with it, I just wanna stay in bed and have everyone leave me alone

  48. Hi, if you don't mind can you please do a video explaining what bpd (borderline personality disorder) for people to have a better understanding on it as may people suffer with it and often relate it to bipolar disorder. Thankyou and keep up the good work 😁

  49. my frnd is havin bipolar disorder….but he keeps saying that this is an nerve thing and he will die soon….is that true, he really scare me…..is it life threatening…can anyone say yes or no please!.

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