What If PubG Was Made In India? | Angry Prash

For those who don’t what PUBG is, It’s a game In which 100 people are forced to go to an island Then comes a circle which keeps shrinking Going out of which causes instant death You have to just survive inside the circle. The one who survives till the end, He gets a bell(Indian slang term for nothing) which you will also get on my channel, Ring it and get notification for all my videos **LOBBY SCENE** ♩❀ヅ❤♫Music playing♩❀ヅ❤♫ Prash:Mom, Don’t worry Mom, Mom: My two precious gems, one ram and the other one lakhan I pray wherever you choose to go on the map Circle forms there and you get helmet, backpack, medkits frying pan, g$ns, red bull, V0dka, coke, marɪjuana water for drinking and and washing your buT_T A place for living and taking a dump Prash:MOM! Ok stop, Do you want to make us cry make us cry Mom:Ah, it’s Ok and in aeroplane get the seat in the middle and don’t peak out your hands from the window Majnu: Mom, give us your blessings Mom: You have my blessings, go and but©her those [email protected], it’s been 3 days and I sick of eating lentil Today we three together will have a chicken dinner ♩❀ヅ❤♫PLANE SCENE♩❀ヅ❤♫ Majnu: Bro tell me where should we land Prash: First of all we need a Gủn So lets land at the military camp Majnu:Bro it will be better to land at Sanju Baba’s Mansion Prash: But wait we will need energy drink too Lets land at Chandni bar Majnu: No bro let’s land at Sanju baba’s mansion Prash: No chandni bar Majnu: Bro baba Prash: No Chandi Majnu: Bro Baba Prash: No chandni Majnu: Baba Prash: No chandni Majnu: Bro Baba Prash:No CHANDNI Passenger: What’s up with this CHANDNI BABA, CHANDNI BABA, HUH? Get off the plane you two *Slap AAAAAAAAAAAH! ♩❀ヅ❤♫Preparation for war♩❀ヅ❤♫ Majnu: Bro which place is this? Prash: Do I look like a tourist guide to you? Let’s go and ask them over there, Hey Man where are we right now Stranger: For now you both are standing on my yesterday’s turd Majnu: Bro! Run from here let’s run Prash: Hey! I think I saw someone ♩❀ヅ❤♫Phone ringing♩❀ヅ❤♫ Prash: Who the heck called? Yes Mom tell me what’s the matter Mom: Son you have reached there right? What are you doing right now Prash: I am sh00ting someone over here Mom: Ok, Ok and have you ate your meal? Prash: yes mom but if you didn’t hung up right now I will have to take some capsules Mom: Capsules? But why? I knew that after the journey you will certainly get cold, How many times do I have to tell you.. Prash: Mom not those capsules but I am talking of bullet capsules Mom: Ok ok keep with the war and take care of majnu that helpless is very simple of a person. Prash: Simple a$$hole, he’s been hiding at the corner, AH crap Majnu help me I have been sh0t! Majnu: Bro don’t worry we have energy drink Prash: I have been shot at the head, What will happen with energy drink huh? Majnu: Bro, believe me you will be better than ever Bro just drink this Prash: I knew that science was going ahead but this AHEAD! I didn’t know ♩❀ヅ❤♫CIRCLE’S SHRINKING RUN♩❀ヅ❤♫ Majnu: Bro take a look it’s Gokuldham society Prash:Leave that the circle is coming towards us, we gotta run Majnu: There’s the scooter, Lets take the scooter and get going Prash: What the hell, why ain’t it starting up Majnu: Bro it’s Bhide’s scooter Even he can’t start it up, there’s no way you can start it up Prash:Let’s leave the scooter and let’s take a rickshaw(indian taxi) out there Prash: Bro will you go to “Pochenki” Rickshaw driver: No I won’t Prash: Hey Stop Stop Will you go to “Pochenki” Rickshaw driver: No I won’t Prash: Hey stop will you go to “Pochenki” Rickshaw driver:No I won’t Prash: I you won’t go there then where are you planning to go? Graveyard? A$$holes what’s wrong with you people Something get’s shoved into your buT_T after hearing a big fare huh? Majnu: Bro the circle is approaching Prash: I will give you 100 buck Rickshaw driver: I won’t go there Prash: I will give you 1000 bucks Rickshaw driver: UUHH! No I won’t go there Prash: I will give you 10k bucks Majnu: Bro I got a bullock cart Rickshaw driver: Yes I will go Prash: Then go, Go straight into the gutter ♩♪♫♬LAST PLAYER♩♪♫♬ Majnu: Bro, Only one player is left, I he dies then we will win Let’s check inside this house Prash: Majnu be careful Maybe someone is in there Hello friends! Have some tea 🙂 So, hey guys if you liked this video then make sure to hit that like button and spam this video to all your friends who play PUBG, I myself play PUBG on my new channel Named PRASH GAMING You will get the link in the description If you are new then subcribe the channel We will meet again in a new video with a new topic till then see ya

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