What Does Dysphoria Feel Like?

What’s up everybody. It’s Cat and today I
want to talk about the lovely topic of dysphoria. I want to talk about dysphoria because
a lot of time I see the question “what is dysphoria” but he only response the
person ever gets is the textbook response and if you still have no idea what I’m
talking about the textbook response provided by the lovely Psychology Today
says that Great definition am I right? But it got me thinking, or just this whole thing got me thinking. When these
people ask this question about what dysphoria is, do they really want to know
the textbook definition or are they actually trying to figure out what it’s
like which is a difficult thing to do because
dysphoria is one of those things where you will never be able to fully
understand it one hundred percent unless if you have it and are affected by it yourself. So, I
got to thinking I got my brain thinking. And I came up with maybe an analogy that can help those who don’t have the dysphoria
understand it because you know this is dysphoria “hi I love you not really.” Not a lot of
people have this. This right here depression there’s a good amount of
people that have this and know what it’s like to have depression and you know, especially for me,
these two things kind of came hand-in-hand. I got this. I got this.
Because of this? Maybe. Possibly not but they’re both there and they both
affected and acted with me in really really similar ways. So I thought I would
use depression right here to help you understand what dysphoria is
like for for someone who has it. Ok so, with dysphoria, it comes in so many
different strengths. Dysphora is really similar to depression and that there are
different strenghts of it. It can be triggered by different things. It comes in
waves. It literally attacks you and it’s you know it’s not always visibly present. So
diving into it has different strengths and is triggered by different things,
Dysphoria. I particularly have no dysphoria anymore, it doesn’t. After getting top surgery and being on testosterone the things
that I was dysphoric about have been fixed you can say. Does that mean it’s completely
gone? No there are times when little things trigger it but most the time it’s not there or
at a very very weak strength when it comes to affecting me. Then on the other
hand, right in between being on testosterone and right before top
surgery was probably the worst dysphoria I had every had because I was feeling good in my body most of the time but
there is one thing that was really really bringing me down. So certain
things trigger it. Not everything trigger it. Also not everything you know there’s a difference strengths of it how much dysphoria you have a
specific thing and its not the same with every single person it’s very very
personal and I think what’s the most frighteningly similar to depression is that
dysphoria comes in waves and it is not always present. It like it’s there like and
it’s piggybacking on you but you know it’s not necessarily bothering you until that one moment when it decides like “oh I’m gonna ride on your shoulders or
something. I’m gonna be like in the forefront and be right there and gonna be
bothering you” and I think that’s really really strong misconception with dysphoria
is that is always there and always at the same strength and always
discomforting you the same way. It is not. It builds up and you have a and then it just
gets the point where you have a cracking moment and you literally cannot do
anything because it’s just so so bad and it’s affecting you so strongly. I think
that’s that’s the key thing that really connects depression in similarity is
that if you break for the time being you really just can’t do anything until goes
back to piggyback on again it’s like the change in your pocket that is there you have it you have it on
you like maybe purpose I don’t know you have it with you and you know you have
it with you but you just can’t seem to get rid of it and then it just gets
heavier and heavier and heavier because you just keep collecting all
that change and you can deal with it for a while but then eventually it’s so
heavy that you just need to empty out your pocket
everything has to come out and like it’s just that’s that’s that’s the biggest
connection between the two and I’m not really sure if this video helped you
understand how dysphoria affects people and all That’s how it personally affected me and
that’s the only way I figured I can help those who don’t have dysphoria
understand it because you know you might not have dysphoria you might have Depression.
Think of it not not necessarily think of it as depression, but it
has a lot of similarities to depression at least mine did. So I’m gonna stop talking and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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