What Are the Symptoms of Bipolar Affective Disorder?

types of bipolar affective disorders bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 with bipolar 1 affective disorder you would have one incident of manic episode whereas in bipolar 2 its one incident of a hypomanic episode at the moment you then have one either hypomanic or manic episode then it becomes bipolar same thing with somebody who’s had manic episodes because that does happen sometimes the moment you get one depressive episode alongside that then it turns to bipolar affective disorder in terms of depressive episodes you’re looking at things like Lomu poor sleep your mood fluctuating during the day with hypomania or mania you’re also getting symptoms where you have elated mood increased energy levels again depending on the severity if it’s just a case of this is going on and you’re so able to function then that would probably be hypomanic episode whereas if it’s a manic episode it will get to the point where it’s quite severe to the point where you can’t function it’s not just a slight fluctuation in your mood because that is expected it’s when these things have been happening they’re quite debilitating to both you and your family around you and they’re actually getting in the way of normal functioning and have been going on for quite some time

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