Welcome to Eternal Youth Clinic Channel

Hi welcome to Eternal Youth Clinic Channel
I’m Dr. Paul Cronin I set up this channel several years ago
primarily as a repository of videos that were going to be linked to my website
but I’ve now decided to relaunch the channel, reinvigorate the channel into a
proper YouTube channel dedicated to providing you with information to help
you look after your skin, your face, your health, your lifestyle, your stress, your
mind, your body and maybe your soul too. The point of the process is to provide
you with useful information, hopefully entertainingly, to look after yourself
and have a vigorous and happy and healthy and passionate life. So if you
like these kinds of things please remember to press the like button
in the bit below. Comment in the comment section. Please feel free to ask
questions in the comment section and we’ll do the best we can to answer those
questions as promptly as possible and then remember also to subscribe to
our video. You can tell I’m not very good at this yet. So I’ll hopefully get
better as we practice but certainly we look forward to seeing you again in the
future you take care. Cheers.


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