WEEK 12 ON T: Dysmorphia and Dysphoria CW: Eating Disorders and Body Image

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  1. Late update, I know. I got this filmed on time, but I'm (still trying to figure out a balance between working on different projects. I always feel like I'm working too hard, so I'm trying to balance my ambition(s) with self care and it can be so rough trying to do.

    This video topic might be triggering for other people with eating disorders: the portion where I'm talking about what I personally deal with is 3:14 to 3:30 and the portion where I'm talking about body image is from 3:52 to 6:06 ! If this topic is panic inducing or otherwise distressing, you don't have to watch this one. Please take care of your personal boundaries; what might be fine for other people to think about and talk about might not be the case for you and that's okay!

    Edit: Let me know if any of this resonates with you, if you are comfortable sharing! Also, please let me know if there is something you'd like to add or if you'd like me to touch base with a particular aspect of dealing with dysphoria and dysmorphia simultaneously. Ex: Would anyone be interested in a follow up video where I talk about managing/coping strategies for B.E.D?

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