We All Need Some ‘ME TIME” Especially With Mental Health And Bipolar Disorder…

hey everybody it’s Jeremiah I’m in
England on vacation visiting family and friends and so my voice is a little
hoarse and so I’ve been having a lot of fun catching up with people and just
spending quality time with family and friends anyway today I decided I’m gonna
stay and I had plans but I need a me day today and this is what we all need at
some point we all need me days and so I’ve just been hanging around
I took my shower I did a face mask I did I treatment and I’m just gonna sit
around enjoy myself I’m gonna watch TV order some food and and just have
quality time with me reconnecting with me and this is something that doesn’t
matter if your mental health or not this is something everybody should do we
should take our time for ourselves and get to know ourselves sometimes we
forget the world we’re also friends with ourselves and that doesn’t mean you’ve
got certain mental things it’s just that we forget about ourselves we’ve spent so
much time room around after everybody else and taking care of everybody else
and sometimes you just gotta stop and just take time for yourself I’m enjoying my day so far right now in
America it’s like four o’clock in the afternoon and so far it’s been great my
friends cause they know my situation they don’t maybe put pressure on me to
turn up if I don’t feel like I want to tell her I used to have a lot of
problems by saying no to people but I’m just learning more and more that I do
have to listen to what my body’s saying and my mental health and everything else
and I have to respect myself and so in that way now hard to say no and I was
worried that people would be upset offended or wherever does me say no but
I can’t worry about that I can’t sit there I’m worried that somebody’s
gonna not like me because I don’t feel good enough to go someone and so I’ve
learned that most times when I say no I don’t get the response that I thought I
would get I don’t get the response of like why not we’ve done this for you or
whatever you know they basically the understand that I need me time and I
like me time so anyway um the point of this video is that I’d missed you whole
and I’ve made a video while and I just thought I just wanted to do a little
thing about me time and that it is special for everybody to do me time you
don’t have to be alone you can just you just take time out and just shut down
for a moment and just listen to what your body’s
saying and just embrace yourself also you can go for massages or facials or go
to the gym or just do what you want to do when you want to do it and not worry
about offending people or anybody else I feel I can donate a big circle and as
you all know I don’t write scripts I don’t really take notes and so I’m gonna
have to get this video hugs and running out of things to say anyway at the end
of the day it’s your life and you’re special and you have needs and you need
to do what you need to do for you if you respect yourself and appreciate yourself
that way you can respect and appreciate others but you do have to put yourself
first you know what your body’s saying you know if you need timeout
you know if your body’s aching you need to take something for it you need to
know if you’ve got a cold you need to fix something for so you basically
listen to your body and we don’t underst what about too much
what people think if they love and respect you they’ll understand so anyway
thank you for listening and I’ve got ideas of videos to come and but right
now I just thought me time is everybody needs to stop I wanna say one habit I’m
so listen hammertime but no that’s not
funny well it is a little bit anyway have a good rest of the day and you in
America have a good morning and I’ll see you soon and great some great topics
coming up and I’m excited about Brett needs to do this one and then when I get
home to San Diego I’ll pick some more I love a miss you all but you know here
if I kill this I’m glad for the feedback so don’t forget subscribe follow like
schibetta all right take her kids and shorty soon back

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