Water Experiment: Moving Water Uphill

Moving water with gravity is simple, but today we are going to move water against gravity or uphill. To move our water, we are firstly going to have to collect some materials. We are going to use 60 centimetres of plastic piping, one small hand pump, two containers, insulating tape, blocks or tissue boxes, to
raise the height of one container. Also we’ll need some water to move. We start by
connecting the piping to the outlet and then secure using the insulating tape. We can now set up our experiment! Place one container on the desk or table and fill the container with water. Build a platform for your second container to sit on using the blocks or
tissue boxes. Make sure it can safely hold the weight of the container and water. It
needs to be at least 15 cms higher than the first container. This is where our water will end up! Once we have all this out we can place the pump into position. We are now
ready to start pumping! The intake pipe will go into the water in the low container and a the clear piping we connected needs to be placed into the empty higher
container. Make sure the clear piping remains in the container. The pumping will suction the water up through the pump and out the plastic piping into the container. Keep pumping until you have all your water. We can move the water higher with more pumps, and higher containers. Expand your fresh water thinking with more information and activities online. Visit www.watercorporation.com.au/discover

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