two months I have no excuse all right so
let’s being you so much I feel like just yesterday I
was saying this whatever hit 60 were one person away yeah all right so with that
being said listen to me you don’t follow me on Instagram I know right Wow
Jose has an Instagram I do listen it’s right here I’m gonna be giving presets
on there I’m gonna be making really good edits in Photoshop so maybe you want a
tutorial done on one I’ll do what I’ll teach you how to make some really cool
edits on that second thing all right check this video it I literally put so
much effort into this edit I took so much time to do CGI of element 3d I use
it on their speed ramping and it means so much if you could go share it you
know comment tell me your thoughts maybe you wanted tutorial done or you get
inspired to use an effect in your edits so it’d mean a lot link is down below
and it’s also going to be around here in one of these corners regardless listen
we’re gonna hop into After Effects and do this edit it’s really easy I promise
all right footage is down below surprising right I actually put the
footage I actually have a download link down below I’d never do I don’t know why
but listen it’s down below download it and now let’s start so we’re in After
Effects all you have to do is click ctrl I to open up the file panel from here
we’re gonna highlight the clips that you’ve downloaded from below find them
wherever they are and click import it done second step all you have to do is
take the clip as you guys can see you’ll see sneakers see that or the Taj Mahal
but sneakers drag it down below zoom out and we’re just gonna keep going a few
frames forward because you can see that alright that was most that’s a
transition I’m not gonna go into details with it but school few frames forward to
the clip focuses on the eye drop let’s see not the eye drops water
droplets can’t speak today all right let’s go a few frames forward right
about there all right so all we have to do is click ctrl shift D cut the clip
all right because it’s up to you if you want to keep this from right here
forward but we just want this because this is where the transition is gonna
happen well few frames forward to where I do that out out transition whatever
you want to call it and we’re gonna cut it right before that and delete it now
let’s see if you want to keep the rest of the clip we literally just want this
for the mask so right after all we have to do is play this and find the sweet
spot of where we want is the zoom in transition into the water droplet so I
feel like right about here is finally so ctrl shift D again this time this clip
is separating so now you’re asking what’s next literally this is the
probably the easiest part ever all you do is zoom in if you don’t know how to
zoom in it’s literally just ctrl plus or minus on your keyboard or alt and I was
trying to try to show you my mouse two little spinny thing on your mouse right
that helps click the pen tool or G zoom on in a little more and just mask around
the water droplet you can get a little more into depth up make sure your
selected on the clip I did that on purpose right she’s testing you guys
make sure you’re on the clip itself the one we’re trying to mask out because if
not I’ll make a shape layer all right there we go perfect so we just doesn’t
have to be a perfect mask all right here we go so this should happen so now ask
yourself what do we do literally click on the little arrow on the clip the one
you masked click mask click invert bang done I’ll move these points a little
more down and one more thing keep in mind when
you’re in the beginning of the clip clip mask path
this will set keyframes for each single movement that we do to make sure this
follows on the mask now one more thing feather it out just a little bit so it
looks a little more realistic and it doesn’t look so harsh on it alright so
let’s begin the mask I’m gonna fast forward this part don’t worry
all right click on this and literally page down is to go forward a frame page
up is to go back a frame and we’re little just gonna keep going forward to
make sure you see there the mask is not on the water drop so I’m gonna go to the
beginning click on this mask here’s a protip
click on a point any point doesn’t matter highlight it and the way to
highlight it is literally all you do is click on the left side of your mouse and
go over it to get all the points and just move them over all at the same time
and it should take no time to be done let’s speed this part up done alright so
now that you have your mask done we’re gonna do is come over here to where
these keyframes are highlight them all right click f9 for easy ease alright to
do that if you don’t want to do the f9 for some reason literally just coat
let’s let’s make sure we selected on these key assistant easy eat now that is
that literally all it does is to move out the keyframe tracking if you click
on the graph and make click on the mask you can see easy ease you usually use
literally what your seat is going up and now easy it’s just makes it more smooth
down so what do we do next this honestly was probably the hardest part and it’s
not even that hard it’s all masks now so all we have to do is drag in the other
clip that you downloaded from below and as you see it’s still black the reason
for that is that the actual clip from Ana need has black in it the same exact
spot which we do not want so how do we fix this literally it’s really easy go
to where your clip is to where the mask is all right click on the clip
of the Taj Mahal which is the last layer and it should be your last layer – and
click on this little corner click transform and we’re really just gonna
click on the position button we’re gonna scale it down just so we can fit
perfectly so let me zoom in a little bit right that that’s a perfect right there
and then we’re gonna go to the end of over here to where this is let me go
back a frame and move it right there so literally it should look a little
something like this doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s just
so we can add the Taj Mahal right there when it’s gonna zoom it ctrl shift D go
to the disc clip make sure you’re on the second half the reason for this is that
we’re gonna remove the position and click reset to reset this actual clip
make sure like I said listen I really just click the wrong thing make sure
you’re on the right thing reset there we go so we come over here this should
still be here these little keyframes and then there that’s literally that what do
we do next okay this is probably the easiest part
ever all you have to do let’s just play this through bang right there that’s
where we want it all right we’re gonna go ahead of step and just go here in a
word motion bro is if you do not have motion bro the link is down below down
below alright GG get it for free don’t report it don’t ruin it for everyone
else it’s free Shh listen I don’t speak man I have no words
but listen extensions motion room literally all we’re gonna do now is
click on the clip that we want to transition to transition to and
whichever camera effect you want so whatever works for you right so I’m
gonna go for this one this distortion zoom click in let it load you take a
couple seconds bang we’re done move this to the top of the clip and you’ll see
this right here now you’re gonna say something Jose this is zooming in into
the middle of the clip we don’t want that
I know alright what I’m gonna do is come over here to the beginning
literally drag and drop this down transform and move the anchor point
alright the anchor point is basically where the zoom is going to happen we’re
gonna move it to where that video is it wanted the Taj Mahal let’s just move it
over move it over it makes it easier you can do it before it zooms in so you
could find it with ease sorry right there we’re just moving the points bingo
so now it should zoom it into there there we go you see it’s starting to
Rend around to start to zoom in look right play this through just so we can
render real quick and we can see the final effect let’s go and Donna that is
a literally it let me play this back for you justice get a quick view of what it
looks like literally have this bang done if it helps you by any chance what you
can do is you can start to zoom in I tend to do this a lot we go to transform
and we can do is we can zoom this in literally zoom it in move it over move
it over to make it make the water droplet you know a little more bigger
but that’s that’s optional that’s up to you
I like it how it is and that’s pretty much it for this effect if it did help
you out any shape or form anyway listen remember to leave a like subscribe to my
channel trying to post good content every single other day about but that
under that that is it it’s been your boy dreamy edits I’m out have a nice day and
enjoy my channel

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