Vystopia – Vegans’ dysphoria (vysphoria?)

Good day to my viewers! So last few times I talked about depression, about how to deal with negativity and today I’m going
to talk about a specific type of depression which is a vegan depression.
So what is so special about depression of vegans? So, mmm, vegansm they become vegan, they stop eating animal products one day not because they don’t like it
anymore for some reason and because their personal preferences change,
they make such a shift in their lifestyle and diet because they learn
some horrific things which they never knew before. So they learn about animal
abuse, how many billions of animals are suffering and killed every year, how
industries treat them and how everybody don’t care about it and, like, we live
normal lives, care about normal things like career, friendships, money and
these things, and then all of a sudden we realize that we live in a world of lies,
like from our childhood we were lied that we require animal products, that we
will die without them, that animals will die painlessly, all those things, and
then we realize such a huge conspiracy, conspiracy to hide these things from
consumers and to dupe them into feeling that this is all ok and
still we live in a world where nobody, very few people know the truth or
care to know the truth. So these realizations, they just struck us in the
head, like, we don’t know what to believe anymore and how to perceive the world
where these things are allowed. So, this is another existential crisis
vegans experience, they feel like strangers in the foreign land where
nobody understands them, nobody speaks their language and they
cannot convey their message to anybody and, you know, like even when we try to
get distracted by other things, for example think about career, life or
relationships, everything, still in the back of our minds we have
this animal issue, “oh my god, I’m enjoying here watching TV and animals are
suffering, so many animals right now are slaughtered, thousands of them, oh my god”, and we really feel compelled to do something about it, but at the same time
we feel powerless, like we feel that this problem is too huge, too enormous that we are just one human can not do much and this feeling of helplessness just makes
this depression even more severe. So this depression actually has a name now, a vegan psychologists from Australia Clare Mann, she coined the term
“Vystopia” for this condition. It comes from the word “dystopia” which is the
opposite of utopia. So utopia is a fantasy land where everything is good,
where people and animals, everybody live together and there are no wars, no
poverty, no suffering and dystopia is the opposite. Maybe you saw films about
dystopia where life is so gloomy, there is no hope and government just does
horrific things to its citizens. So dystopia plus vegan equals Vystopia, so that’s how the term was created and actually we already live in
a dystopia, dystopia for animals, because what the system built for animals
is million times worse than anybody could imagine in a dystopia for humans
and it also causes degradation of environment, these animal industries,
and we live in a world where corporations just govern everything,
where desire to profit for as much as possible, it seems more important than
any other values, human values, than ethics and so it is dystopia, but it is
hidden from us and only vegans see this and that’s why they suffer, they try to
tell others: “See the system we’re living in”, and they say: “Oh, who cares, they’re just animals and everything is fine, it’s meant to be that way”. So this is really difficult if you are vegan, you
understand me, if you are not, but you have vegan friends, family members,
somebody you know, maybe you will understand them better, why they suffer,
why they just seem to cry for no reason when they eat out with you and
you eat steak and we don’t see steak, we see just this blood, this cutting throats,
this huge slaughterhouses. So yeah, it’s quite difficult and living with
vystopia is very very difficult and we invent ways to cope with it and the most,
the best thing to cope with it is to do some activism, to spread the message, to
educate other people about what’s going on, to normalize veganism, yeah, and just
end this animal suffering, not in our lifetime, but to start this movement and
to develop it and to hope that somewhen, hopefully in this century slaughterhouses
will be closed up, *closed down*, that’s the hope, that’s what we are fighting for and
another way, as I said, just to try to live normal life, ignore
negativity, try not to notice, but it will still come to mind of a vegan, once you
know the truth, once you allow it into your heart, it’s always there, you always
know what’s going on, you cannot be indifferent, you can forget about it, just
care about other things, but it’s always there in the back of mind. So that’s the
reality of vegans living in this non- vegan world. I hope you learn something
new from this video and thank you for watching and see you in next videos. Bye bye!


  1. Dear Sasha – thank you for this Vystopia and the Veganism in Russia videos!

    I would be happy to connect on fb: https://www.facebook.com/salim.andreas.piro.khan

    Vegan Green https://facebook.com/groups/vegangreen and/or VK https://vk.com/augostovich – also my groups Vegan Korea https://www.facebook.com/groups/chaesik and one I'm caretaking: Vegan emotional Support Communities (VeSC) for 'vysphoria in vystopia' https://www.facebook.com/groups/ethicalvegansupportworldwide/

    A presentation of both these topics in Russian (language) would be useful – or Russian subtitles. Happy to find you and looking forward to connecting. Veganly, Salim (Oslo).

  2. I've been watching a lot of Russian YouTubers. Have you heard of the YouTuber named Ирина Кузьмина? She has a vlog channel. She has 3 kids. It's all in Russian so I can't understand all of it. LOL.

  3. thank you. I've been vegan ten years. its very hard emotionally and physically to live comfortably in this world of non stop violence and suffering.

  4. I typed vystopia into youtube to find videos like yours because I just want to be at peace mentally and that's so hard to do in this violent world.

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