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[MUSIC PLAYING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] MICHELLE HAMMER: Hi. I’m Michele Hammer and I have schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that changes the way you think, feel, and act. It’s broken down into three separate categories, positive, negative, and cognitive. Positive symptoms don’t mean they’re a good thing. It’s an add-on to your normal behavior, things like hallucinations, delusions, and voices. SPEAKER 1: You know, I had so many ghosts and shadows inside of my mind. SPEAKER 2: A demon was perching on the end of my bed. MICHELLE HAMMER: Negative symptoms take away from your behavior. SPEAKER 3: I showed no emotion and I was just totally out of it. MICHELLE HAMMER: Cognitive symptoms make it hard to pay attention and hard to focus. SPEAKER 4: Your brain is just racing. It can’t stop. SPEAKER 5: The pathology of these illnesses has only become recently understood. MICHELLE HAMMER: Schizophrenia’s different for everyone. My symptoms aren’t like everybody else’s. My first symptom of schizophrenia was pretty much just zoning out, thinking I was in a different place. Then, it turned into kind of voices in my head. They just plagued me over and over again. I thought my mother was trying to hurt me. I didn’t know what to do about anything, because I thought everyone had it out for me. So I didn’t know who to go to for help. Sometimes I kind of hear a voice more coming from the right side of my head saying, like– Everyone hates you. Stop what you’re doing. Don’t do anything. Nothing. While there’s kind of like the other side of me that’s kind of arguing back with the voice. Don’t worry about anything. Chill. Just chill. Breathe. Chill. Just chill. You can get through it. And it’s kind of just like the thing is who’s gonna win, who’s gonna win, who’s gonna win. When I take my medicine, the good side wins. I mean, living in the city and having schizophrenia is interesting, just because I do hear voices as I’m walking down the street. So in my head I’m thinking of the person talking to me. But then, I start talking back to the person. And then, maybe I’ll snap out of it, look around, and like five people are staring at me. But mostly I kind of just get plagued by thoughts that are just so repetitive in my head and they just go around over and over and over again, when really you just want them to be nice and quiet and silent. All through high school, I had this really crazy paranoid delusion that my mother was trying to kill me. Every time she went to try to get me to a therapist or anything, because she knew something wasn’t right, I always thought she was trying to ruin my life. So when I went to college, I thought I was free of her. And everything was great. And then, all of a sudden, my best friend, my roommate, I started thinking the exact same things about her. So realizing that I had the problem was, like, the start of the entire thing. And that was the hardest thing to do, I think, realizing there was a problem. At 18, I was told I was bipolar. But I kind of knew that diagnosis was incorrect. So at 22, I spoke to a different doctor. And I was more honest with him and he diagnosed me with schizophrenia. And that was like the best thing that ever happened to me, because he got me on the right medication and I feel as good as I can possibly feel right now. SPEAKER 2: I finally told a therapist about what was going on with me. I had all these problems and I finally had a name for them. SPEAKER 6: Over time, we’ve realized that mental illness is nothing more than physical illness. Talk to as many people as you can. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be judgmental. MICHELLE HAMMER: I see a psychiatrist every other week. And we just kind of talk about things that are going on. Mostly I just share really silly stories with him and we just laugh a lot, when really he’s measuring just my mood. That’s what I know that he’s doing. For my medication, I take seven daily medications, six in the morning and one at night. The ones in the morning just get me ready for the day, get me focused, make it so I can get out of bed without having a horrible day. And the one at night just keeps me kind of level, knocks me out, and let me have a good sleep without completely panicking in the middle of the night. SPEAKER 2: It can be very lonely having schizophrenia, the paranoia, the fear, the voices, everything that goes along with it. SPEAKER 5: The compliance with medications is gonna ultimately lead to a recovery and your son or daughter can not only be OK, but they can be great again. MICHELLE HAMMER: It took a process of almost 10 years to get me on the right medication. But I’m glad that I finally am. People think that just because you’re on medicine that the voices will completely stop. But you just can’t stop the voices. With medication, it’s more positive listening. It’s more just zoning out. As long as I’m not thinking of negative, horrible things. SPEAKER 7: My soul was leaking out of my body. SPEAKER 1: I just saw a human being, empty. MICHELLE HAMMER: I’m good. So you can’t turn the voices off. You can just make them to what you prefer to hear. SPEAKER 1: Be conscious of something that will take your attention from that negative situation into a positive one. And you know, it takes a lot of discipline, but little by little, it becomes a habit. MICHELLE HAMMER: One in five New Yorkers has a mental health issue, but people don’t talk about it, because of all the stigma. SPEAKER 3: There is still a lot of stigma, but people are starting to understand it a little bit better. MICHELLE HAMMER: Kind of like a big reason why I started my clothing line was that I was on the subway and I looked down the subway train and there was a homeless schizophrenic guy just talking to himself. And I noticed it was the same exact mannerisms as I do it. So I kind thought to myself, what’s the difference between me and this guy. And I realized if I didn’t have my friends, my family, my doctor I could so easily be in his position. Part of the reason I started my whole business was to just tell everybody that I have schizophrenia. Showing people you can live a completely normal life, medicated, and be a completely normal person. And my whole thing is, if everyone would just kind of tell people that they have a mental illness, there wouldn’t be so much a stigma. There really shouldn’t be any stigma. That needs to go away. Mental illness is so common. How can there be so much stigma? So I kind of wanted to do something that could raise awareness, give back to the mentally ill, homeless community, and just kind of make a difference. Hi. How are you guys doing? Schizophrenic NYC was all made by me, schizophrenic New Yorker, trying to change the way New York City sees mental health, especially the mentally ill homeless. Donate a portion of the profits to help them out. Yeah. I just pack up my bag. I wheel it over to my shop every Saturday. And I just sell my merch. And I talk to amazing people. Yesterday, I met two people that work in a psych ward. We had the greatest conversation about psych wards. They totally bought something from me and they took my card and they’re like, we love what you’re doing. This is so great. Mental health professionals love what I’m doing. They always think it’s great. I’ve gotten negative reactions. Like one lady came up to my booth last year and says, I can’t believe you would name a business this. This is offensive and I’m a mental health advocate and this is offensive. And she took my flyer and ran away. And I was like, can I tell you about it. I’m a mental health advocate too. And she just ran away. And I was like, isn’t that stigma? Aren’t you judging me before I even tell you about it? Stigma right there. This shirt’s pretty awesome. It’s not a delusion. You are incredible. Some common questions that I get is what medications are you on. Mostly by people in the mental health field. They want to know. Other common questions are like how to handle somebody in a crisis. I mean, definitely never tell them that they’re wrong. Don’t try to take away their feelings. You always have to be sympathetic. I would try to convince them that they should seek professional help. Find a good doctor. Find the meds that work. If you try hard enough and you really want to fix it, you can. Don’t take your medication, feel better, and then think you don’t need your medication anymore. It took a lot of pride that I had to say, I need medication and I’m just gonna take it. SPEAKER 2: My advice to someone who’s going through it is be honest. If you keep telling people you’re fine, they’ll believe it. SPEAKER 1: I believe there is a component beyond medical treatment that it has to be with education and creating positive voices that can influence and override the negative ones. SPEAKER 8: Just because they have schizophrenia, doesn’t mean that they can’t be someone who will contribute to society, who can make the world a better place.


  1. I'm freaking devastated. Cried for 4 nights in a row because someone i loved so dearly ignored me for like 2 weeks already. he was my boyfriend and he has anxiety and schizophrenia. I knew about it even before engaging into a relationship with him. I really loved the guy. I really didn't care with what illnesses he had because I wasn't perfect and he treated me very well. Then after a month into our relationship, the doctor actually prescribed him a medication lesser than before since he was getting better. He says it was because of me. I was so happy that he even thought of comming for me here in the Philippines cuz he was from Chicago. A few weeks later, I noticed he changed a lot. He never called or texted me anymore. I was getting anxious. But I remained patient because it might be the effects of the medication. Then I called and texted him, he sees them, but he just asked for space all of a sudden. I just want to dedicate this song to him but no matter what he think he is, I will still love him. I will be there for his ups and downs. But he left. I'm not enough. I really want the pain to go away. It's really haunting me 🙁
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  2. If only you can be fearless, and believe in the words written in bible.
    I beat all those hallucinations, I just refused to fear (by the instructions of the Bible). I refused to listen to the things I had read and heard, — they (doctors or scientists) are humans just like me; so neither are they perfect (know all things) nor can they put a feeling into me. There is a slogan I have, which is – KEEP WALKING.
    I kept walking.
    I refused to give props (respect) to defeat or loss.
    O yeah, you can take what ever you want to take from me, but you cannot stop me from coming out tomorrow morning & going about myself and activities. Gradually I found myself and my feet.
    [First step to loosing in life is agreeing you are a looser].
    Don’t just agree, no matter what you see, and people’s reactions/relation to you; and where did I find strength? —In the scriptures . Here, see one scriptures I meditate on a lot. Mark 9: 23 Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

  3. Medication isn't the only answer but it's 100% am answer. Medication often levels a person out enough to be able to function and work through their challenges with a counsellor or psychotherapist (should they need to). Those suffering with mental ill health pose no greater risk to anyone, than anyone else.

  4. My anger is just so annoying. Stop saying everything is going to be ok. Because no THE FUCK its not. Because if it was I would not be here. I fucking hate my fucking emotional life. I don't won't to live this life anymore. I Fucking hate it. My Mom thinks there somthing wrong with me. I don't fit in. And my cousins and friends have girlfriends but my ugly self have nothing. How can I be positive when something so stressful can hold u back. I wanna kill my self but I don't wanna go to hell. Im pretty sure im not the only one. If hell wasn't a thing i wouldn't be here right now. I wish i could focus on my self.

  5. I have PTSD – mild depression and recovering from severe stress….. the meds help me get by, those who bash the meds probably dont have a clue about mental illness anyway

  6. My mom 41 has it but she is so in denial she keeps saying she’s fine and everyone else is crazy. Whenever someone even walks in front of our house she thinks they are trying to kill us and goes outside to take pictures of them

  7. I've had it for 1 whole year and I beat it facing my fears I struggled but eventually defeated it because I believed in God with all my heart AMEN

  8. I have this and it’s making me lose everything I have.. I’m giving up and it’s not getting better. My doctor won’t even diagnose me with it. Everyday I tell my self “your chillin” and all these other things to stay to myself and not give out energy to other people because of this illness. I have conversations and feel like the devil waits for me everyday I get home at night. I don’t wanna live anymore

  9. If I see one more comment about how it's a 'disease' she's 'possessed' 'the devil has taken over her' or ANYTHING to do with that, I will smite all of u, and hunt u down. Ya hear?? This goes to people of the LGBT population as well, I'll hunt everyone down who thinks you're 'possessed' or 'diseased'.

  10. So is it impossible for u people to meditate, cuz it seems like that’s honestly the cure if u can do it.. if not then idk

  11. I just don’t get the “voices” thing is this like just the psyche? Is it the normal voice in ur head everyone has and u think they’re fighting ? Please explain

  12. attention whores
    Stop being a pretentious Cunt.

    You making real people with severe problems stemmed from childhood look embarrassing.
    Fuck you

  13. But I cannot afford therapy or meds and I lost a very good job when I was forcefully hospitalized after one session with a therapist (I had enough income and insurance to seek therapy at those times).

    For now I just take a lithium supplement, try to be properly hydrated, studying and trying to understand my mind. Julian Jaynes' work on bicameralism has been especially helpful.

    I've been in and out of homelessness. Sigh. And I am very suspicious of everyone in my family and have to fight my suspicions of others in work and social contexts.

    I've only been diagnosed as bipolar but if I could afford it, scan my brain, and I know it will show up.

  14. 14 years ago there were therapy websites that went big on dealing with stigma. 14yrs later? Still empathizing stigma not the condition itself. Any relief from SCZ symptoms comes with big side effects for guys. I saw Ms Hammer at a Whole Foods outlet. As I said before, it’s a Truman Show world. The re-enacted voices sound exaggerated. Like older but similar simulated SCZ videos with Anderson Cooper walking around with recorded voices in his ear & what sounds like a Fox News Judge Pirro voice-over giving him a rough time.

  15. This girl barely has schizophrenia—I would sooner say she has a mood disorder with psychotic features. She has no thought blocking, no latency of speech, and no paucity of speech. Her thinking is not disorganized, tangential, or circumstantial. She has no negative symptoms of note, and is able to care for herself in her activities of daily living. Her presentation is so far and away outside of the norm for this illness, that it is almost offensive that they would select her as a subject for this video and thus sugarcoat it so thoroughly. True schizophrenia is a debilitating, lifelong disease with a very poor prognosis, and it needs much more research into new treatment modalities—not normalization.

  16. I wonder if people who are into conspiracy theories or who believe that the world is flat are schizophrenic.

  17. Hang on a minute am always thinking negative stuff to myself does that mean I've got it then? Like no matter how hard I try I can't stop my inner voice from slagging me off and knocking me down everyday.

  18. They're fallen Angels, but don't worry, we're fighting back now. (This is not a joke).

    The Word of YHVH (God) in The Holy Bible is our weapon, and they HAVE to leave when you tell them to leave in Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah's ALL-POWERFUL Name.

    Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah Saves.

    Peace and love,


  19. This is all fake videos. I have ocd and mis diagosed for this fu**k disease. All phyciatrists sucks. Except service oriented persons.

  20. Its so fucking sad. This illness takes away your soul. You become literally a shell. Ive watch this thing change a extremely beautiful, intelligent, outgoing and sweet person into a monster!😢

  21. Thank you for your honesty. I'm happy you have a support network. You seem normal to me. Blessings!

  22. Schizophrenia is not a valid diagnosis this is bullshit … psychiatrists and their drugs are evil and don't help people at all. This is propaganda it makes me feel sick. Nothing more pathetic than a good compliant patient. For anyone watching this DON'T take the advice on this video!

  23. i think im diagnosed with schizophrenia. for the past two years my mood swings have been off and i've been having depression a lot and i have voices off and on in my mind like one day i'll feel happy and ready to face the day but the next day i'll hear the voices creep in my mind and the voices will say "oh your worthless ,your disgusting nobody in your family loves you kill yourself" and the voices will become very dark and distracting to me, but other times when i hear voices that are negative will come out as random voices in my head like i dont wanna think about the things that creep in my mind but it feels like im forcce to think about them , its almost as if the voices are coming from someone else in my mind. like i'll hear more negative voices like " you're insane , you're talking to yourself, stop talking to youreself , control us the voices in you're head".sometimes having these voices are scary but i try to face them and know their not real.

  24. I hope in the future we know exactly where we are maybe shown by number, and we can be giving a medicine that will put us exactly where we should be,I mean face it we are not just simply ill with a couple of things,anxiety bi polar, we have are own individual number exactly this makes us, and as of 2019 they don't know enough about things to find us? The side effects well let's find our number first then maybe we'll be so good that?

  25. I am a nursing student and I watched this video as part of my learning….. and I have to say it is the best one I have seen so far and has given me an honest and open insight into Schizophrenia…. Thankyou Michelle for telling your story and for helping others, including me to understand xx

  26. I'm really pleased to see you doing well. I am familiar with schizophrenia, and though I've never been diagnosed with such, I've had a few experiences myself. I know schizophrenia runs in the family, but in my family it is a big secret. It is really important to find a good psychiatrist who is able to help find the right meds. I've been diagnosed with depression, and I have that under control with meds. It does not eliminate all the symptoms of depression, but it does annihilate the worst part of it – the persistent indwelling sadness. I am now capable of actually enjoying life; and being retired, it makes a huge difference.

    I appears you run your business in NY. Bummer. I'll never be able to stop by and say hello. Thumbs up to you and all the best. You're wonderful!

  27. Michelle,
    Okay so first off I’m sorry because I have so much to say in this comment to not only you but others who are going through any mental health struggles, and also, to help educate others who don’t know that much about mental illness.

    Michelle, you are amazing in every way. You’re inspiring to me! You’re so freakin brave for being so honest and sharing your story living with an extremely misunderstood mental illness.
    My biological mother suffers with paranoid schizophrenia and she’s had it pretty rough. My brother and I were both adopted into an amazing & loving family who have given us everything & more. We’re both so blessed. My heart really hurts for those who struggle with this complex disorder. My biological mother is constantly going off her meds, in and out of mental hospitals,
    and I’m sure lives on the streets..since none of my family knows where she is.
    Even though I’ve never met her, I have so much love, compassion, and understanding for her. There really is sooo much stigma with mental health and I applaud you for running this business and helping spread more awareness. I love how you’ve really made it your own by personalizing your merch like that. ❤️🙏🏼
    I think you’re handling it al beautifully and you’re a perfect example of someone who talks the talk and walks the walk. I’ve struggled with my mental health for over 13 years give or take and have just recently discovered I’d been misdiagnosed as adhd, borderline personality/bipolar tendencies, depression, and anxiety. I’ve discovered that I actually have severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks due to complex ptsd from childhood trauma.
    It had been shoved under the rug for years and I always just thought that I was just different from everyone else…the invalidation from loved ones drove me to be even worse over time. It’s honestly like a slap in the face to be told your feelings aren’t valid & your experience is wrong because it never happened.

    Michelle, your story is very close to my heart and I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this, sweetheart. You sure are coping and managing it all like a pro and I really need you to teach me your ways because I’ve been hit with debilitating anxiety, depression, raging, panic attacks, anger, and just overall dysfunction in my adoptive family for years! It’s just so hard when people literally don’t have the ability to understand your experience and driving yourself crazy to try and get them to understand is no use. They simply can’t and won’t know much about your illness if they don’t want to even validate it or educate themselves..it’s hard enough but you can’t force people to get it, unfortunately.

    She is right. There’s NOTHING wrong with taking psych meds to literally get some relief and have some kind of chance to live as normal and sane life as you possibly can.
    BUT, it’s not just the meds that’ll help..like she said if you have a good psychiatrist and treatment team, and you’re putting in all the work, you will start to get better slowly but surely and you can live any life you want. You have to be stronger than the feelings. You have to force yourself out of that shit! All the destruction, dysfunctional and toxic relationships, unhealthy cycles of behavior, maladaptive behavior that may have worked well in the past but not in your present life, chaos, mood swings, & instability in every way possible ! It is possible if you wake up everyday ready to fight the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behavior because the truth is, you can see a million therapists, specialists, psychiatrists, etc., if you’re not trying to help yourself also, it’s all pretty much pointless.
    What I’ve found to help me the most in my struggles is well the support network I’d built in the mental hospital i stayed out, meds, AND staying active as much as possible. Exercising can literally change your brain if done regularly over time. Don’t underestimate the natural medicine physical activity provides and how nature can heal.🙏🏼

    Anyway, sorry I know this is long but I love what you’re doing, Michelle and you’ve inspired me to do something similar as well! The world definitely needs more people coming forward and owning their stories and how they’re leading successful lives when they do what they’re suppose to!!! I think that’ll really help a lot of this unfair & ignorant stigma.

    If you’re struggling right now, you’re beautiful, you’re doing amazing, you matter, the lord loves you, and you’re going to make it. Praying hard for each and every person out there in the world who struggles with their mental health. Just know that, you are not alone!!!!

  28. The only time I heard a voice other than my own was dreaming.When I think about people who are suffering from intrusive noises, it makes me wonder whose really in charge of ourselves. Are we just the observer? Maybe there is a type of possession that happens. And why would our mind not have our best interest? What if it isn't a sickness?

  29. the part at 0:41 is things i see. sometimes i lean on the wall and feel the walls moving on me. i hear the voices, i see the hallucinations. every day can be a battle. take your medicine people. take control, dont let it control you.

  30. Go to Targetedjustice.com and see if any of those relate to you. Schizo isn’t even real but government created.

  31. It's simply that you are a child of God in a world full of evil.Most likely confused bc their is a spiritual fight over you that you can't understand fully. Satan and his demons attack the lives of those who are chosen by God

  32. I see Michelle Hammer ran into an SJW virtue signalling about how much they care for the mentally ill, while stigmatizing the mentally ill. I'm a paranoid schizophrenic with positive schizophrenia. I share my vlogs about schizophrenia and dealing with it on a daily basis and living with it, including horrifying hallucinations I have, and every so often I run into one of these kinds of jerkoffs. "That's offensive! I'm an advocate for mental health and you're being offensive!" like uh, great, I'm advocating for mental health as well but damn you're stigmatizing it even further rather than helping, defeating what you say you support as a cause.

    I hate virtue signallers like that. They're excessively terrible people and should be ashamed of themselves.

  33. I had the positive symptom(delusional thoughts, hearing voices), now I have the negative and cognitive symptoms, though I take abilify to treat the symptoms. Schizophrenia can be controlled, yet incurable. The most negative symptoms I experience is lacking energy and staying focus these days.

  34. I had improved since I first had this 8 years ago,thus showing that I have resiliency to recover within a short time. Just learn and live through it. Stay tough everyone, don't give up hope.

  35. I pray in the mighty name of jesus that he protects you all, that he cover you all in his blood, and he casts out any harm that is in your life in jesus name AMEN.

  36. My voices don't come from inside my head they come from things that make wind..speakers, tv, air conditioner..

  37. Things that may be related to my schizophrenia:
    Leaving and quitting a short bout with marijuana and LSD.
    Several long periods without television and radio.
    Being around psychopathic people.
    Being attacked by strangers for no apparent reason.
    Being semi-intelligent or a gifted student and also exposed to high-security type information, people, and situations.
    Stalkers or admirers.
    Skipping my association pruning due to the above.
    Being around neat freaks.
    Being so healthy there is an extra affect like allergic overflow.
    Being around drug users and not using.

  38. medicine wont usually work every time.. but listening to music and try to find hope or light .. that actually REALLY WORKS but. there some voice will try to mess up with ur thoughts about hope and light.. and then it makes me think that im actually against myself and my inner corrupted soul.. theres no actually real cure to solve this but yeah.. one thing for sure just dont give in to darkness and pay attention to voices or u might doubt everything.. as im saying tldr FIND THE ANSWER YOURSELF.. BE STRONG AND KEEP A POSITIVE VIBE ^_^

  39. Thank you for this video. It has explained a lot. Education is key to understanding. Stay strong, stay positive, stay beautiful.💖

  40. Nobody wants to take pyschiatric medications. But I do know it is fucking hell without them. I take Seroquel, Paxil, Remeron, Buspar, and Gabapentin.

  41. Is this illness a genetic condition from a history of it through your family or is it something from a traumatic experience or chemical abuse or anyone of those?

  42. Ugh. I have bulimia, major depression, schizophrenia and he calls it combined with bipolar 1 depression episodes and ADHD, and Anxiety.

    Regardless I was trying to share with everyone exactly what she said … the voices don’t go away. Medication just helps you some what tune them out. I just to walk myself in circles.

  43. Some of us don't even have a great treatment here….I am stuck here…either u r wrongly diagnosed…and its really hurt to question ur self, who I am, can't feel myself, loosing each day, saying sorry, worried fear of everything, crying out for help Everytime… ain't trusting anyone feeling sorry for them even u r reallying trying to…always being in paranoia, someone is after u around u..and u get happy and then again booom u don't trust them again😂 imagination everybody is their friend, constant reassurance that they ain't real from others…I got a really big dream but with this I'm backing out people laughing at me😂…I am lost

  44. I’ve been feeling really emotionally dull, feel like I can’t carry a conversation, it’s like my thoughts are blocked.. don’t want to socialize at all… can someone give their opinion, I’ve been feeling like this for almost 2 weeks. Actually have been depressed for a couple of months

  45. Thank you so much for your courage to speak out about schizophrenia and for sharing your own life story of living and coping with this illness.
    Stay strong, my friend.

  46. Around 30 my life took a turn for the worse. I didn't have any meaning in my life, I was fighting with friends, family and coworkers. I just seemed to have a target on my back. I couldn't even leave the house without someone looking for trouble with me. This is when my schizoaffective disorder, major depression and anxiety all came in full force. I don't see things and I only hear a voice on a very rare occasion but the paranoid delusions are over powering. I thought people were out to get me, was convinced the world was going to end by some natural disaster and thought people were sending me messages through the tv. When you're experiencing a paranoid delusion it makes perfect sense in the moment. It's only in hindsight that you realize you were luckily to not have been arrested for chasing people down the street or worse. It like experiencing someone else's memories. I had to move back in with my parents and couldn't leave the house for a year and a half until I got professional help. It's an uphill battle for me that's getting worse as I get older. I have no one left in my life. I'm unstable in every way, can't hold a job or a girlfriend and the loneliness is unbearable. If someone could love me it would help keep me going, give me a reason to live, but I spend most of my days trying to get fentanyl so I can end it peacefully.

  47. Love how she depicted the voices because that’s exactly how I would describe them like I’m not sure what i have cause the doctors misdiagnosed me but i hear voices and I’ve never really been able to explain it but she does a wonderful job at it

  48. I don't the meds they give me they make so tried an gain weight I actually stop taken it but the voice get more bad an my doctors seems not to help

  49. To every one I suffer from schizopherina and to see that im not the only one when I see how much schizopherincs viedo i see it puts me at ease cause i realize that it's alot of people with it.guys i take meds and it helped i was diagnosed at age 24 and was put on meds it really helped at age 26 i got married i got sick right after I graduated with my business degree i also have a certificate in business even tho i always had the symptoms at a younger age the illness didnt effect me till I was 24 so stay strong guys I'm currently in college studing human service and i also join human service club at my college dont make illness stop you keep going an take your meds
    Remeber your not the only one when you feel like your the only one go on youtube and type in schizopherina and see how many viedos popped up and look how much people have it.trust were not alone

  50. Lost my dad to this illness, seen all the shit that went with it from a young boy, stuck by him and he let me down time and again and his grandkids, haven't spoke to him in 11 years cause a dont understand how u could let down or not care, a m everything this illness isn't to my kids, he has no remorse or heart or care as a human being. He gave up on himself and us and being his son this is my thoughts.

  51. Really relatable and beautifully done! I have schizoaffective disorder (like schizophrenia + bipolar disorder) and I've experienced the stigma around mental illness myself. Things like depression, anxiety, ocd etc. are getting more exposure now (which also has it's downsides), but many people still think 'psychotic' or any word beginning with 'schizo' means that the person needs to be locked in a mental health facility for the rest of their life which is obviously not true at all.
    Sendings love and strength to everyone suffering from mental illness 💕

  52. If you want to cast out demons make sure to fast and cast them out of you. Do a fast where you only drink water and no food. Fast from 8am to 6pm from morning until the evening. Tell the specific demon that is attacking you to go out of you in the name of Jesus. Repeat telling this demon to go out of you in the name of Jesus over and over untill you feel you have said it enough. You can repeat this up to 5 minutes if necessary. You want to keep repeating this to make sure you compeletly cast the demon out. It may take more than one fast to cast the demon out. The reason for the fast is because in the bible it says howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. A lot of times people will try to cast out demons but it wont work because they only come out of you if you fast. Try casting them out while fasting because you dont know which kind of demon it is. The reason for the times I picked to fast is because in the bible a lot of times people would fast from morning till the evening. You want to tell the demon to go out of you in the name of Jesus because that is how Jesus did it in the bible so make sure to use those words. Make sure that you have faith and belief that you will cast the demons out because in the bible it says to ask in faith with nothing wavering. The bible says that if you doubt then you should not expect to receive anything from God. It also helps to cast the demons out if you are saved. The bible says and these signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall cast out devils. So just like the 12 disciples if you are saved you to have the power to cast out devils and heal the sick. Jesus is the son of God!

  53. Anyone know if there is a group on Facebook for people with this disease? I believe someone close to me has this and seems as if no one can help. His situation is getting out of control. Thanks.

  54. I haven't been honest with my doctor's. I have been honest with them about anxiety depression..i never got into the depth and reasons of my anxiety and agorophobia (my delusions). I also had a misconceptions about voices and hallucinations. I thought to be shiziphrenia you had to SEE THINGS and hear voices that weren't yours. Unrealize that I don't have hallucinations but I have delusions and I hear voices everyday tearing me down and then the voice challenging the negative one just like this woman..I'm going to make an appointment with a new Dr, with a clean slate and be 💯.

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