Vision Health: Dr. Horner Explains How To Improve Eyesight Naturally.

Dan Gilford from New Hampshire writes my father
had cataracts and bad eye sight and so did my mom. What can I do to keep my sight in
tact as I get older. So losing problems with our vision as we get older is actually extremely
common and I hear so many people complaining, gosh if only I didn’t have to wear glasses!
It’s the most irritating thing about getting older. So there’s several different processes
we find that happen as we get older. Cataracts are one of them. That comes from too many
oxygen free radicals, and also sunlight, so the ultraviolet light is something that can
be damaging to the lens of our eyes so that’s what a cataract is where it starts to opacity
or get cloudy from the damage from the oxygen free radicals and the ultraviolet radiation
so wearing a good pair of sunglasses that helps to filter out the UAV and UVB rays is
extremely beneficial. Also having a diet that is high in antioxidants then the next thing
is the problem with macular degeneration. So macular degeneration is the number one
cause of adult onset blindness. The macula is at the very center of the retina in the
back and that’s where we have our best visual equity and our culture there, so what happens
with macular degeneration is that it just starts to get damaged basically and degeneration
means it’s starting to fall apart, but there are ways that you can help to protect against
getting macular degeneration which includes all the things we talk about with health or
are beneficial with plants and eating fruits and vegetables and so forth, but there’s also
certain supplements that you can take that are extremely helpful too. Ok well we’re going
to come back to those in a second but I mean the optic nerve is a muscle right so are there
things that we. It’s a nerve. Are there things we can do to exercise that nerve or keep it
healthy or bring oxygen and blood to it. Well blood flow is the main thing so exercising
and keeping your blood pressure low so that we know when your blood pressure goes up it
constricts all the little blood vessels and when you get cardiovascular disease so all
the things that increase your risk of cardiovascular disease it causes it in the blood vessels
throughout your body so it can effect your eyes too. So just review what those are just
because they effect eye health as well. Sure. So you know eating meat and potatoes is not
good for cardiovascular disease. Increasing inflammation is kind of the big thing that
we found more so than cholesterol as far as you know causing the deposits in the plaque
undo stress you know without having affective stress reducing techniques cause an elevation
in blood pressure and not getting enough exercise. Ok. so some of the supplements that have been
useful to try and maintain good eye health, what are they? So specifically for macular
degeneration when you look you know you have a little the doctor will look in your eye
through your pupil and see that macula has got. And open that eye so far. That’s right.
I feel like something is going to go wrong. That’s right so when you actually look at
the back of the retina the area where the macula is yellow so that yellow pigment is
xanthene and lutein as a specific you know in their antioxidants and derivatives of vitamin
A so you can take them as supplements you will find them in certain foods and sometimes
it’s deceptive. I supposed your going to tell me I can find lutein in something like that.
Well it’s close actually you know one thing where you wouldn’t even know that it’s in
there is in kaile is one of the biggest you know repositories of lutein that you don’t
see it because it has just like deciduous trees you know that are green during the summer
time, you don’t see either color until the chlorophyll goes away and then it exposes
so you can see that as kaile starts to get older it turns yellow so it’s a very high
source of loutine. But again for your eye health its actually a good idea to take a
supplement because it’s hard to get enough of those nutrients in there. Bilberry is another
one that’s very specific for helping with macular degeneration. How about Actual eye
exercises things that where you just are working the eye, are those of benefit? Those are more
benefit for the condition where we lose our ability to accommodate so that usually hits
people around forty. Some of us you know fifty or so but you know where you have to start
to wear reading glasses and so there have been an entomologist or optometrist that worked
on these various different eye exercises and even these glasses that have little pinholes
in them. Oh I’ve seen those things that make you look like a frog. That one. Those actually
do help so there is some benefit from using the exercises and using those glasses and
slowing down the natural progress that we get and losing the ability to see things close
up. Ok so let’s just review a couple of these things because there’s been a lot of information
here. So some of the things associated with cardiovascular disease can also be problematic
for eye health like a large rich meat diet because that can cause heart problems. We
want to try to lower that and replace that with plants. So in then exercise and some
actual eye exercises can be useful and certain supplements. Well thank you very much doctor
Horner for sharing your views on how to maintain good eye health which is so important to all
of us. If you have any questions about how to maintain eye health as you age just click
on the link below. We would love to hear from you.


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