Video For Practicing Eye Contact – FOUR Difficulty Levels

Video For Practicing Eye Contact Why can’t your nose be 12 inches long? Because then it’d be a foot. GOT EM! Don’t move but there’s a mosquito right on
your face. Shut up…i can feel it. Where are otters from? Otter space.


  1. when i try this in real life i always end up "jizzing" in my pants, which makes for a very awkward and embarrassing situation as usually i let out a couple loud grunts followed by the girl looking at my pants bulge throbbing with a wet spot. obviously i will never be able to meet girls if it keeps happening so ill keep watching and now i just made it through the first time without cumming once, thanks

  2. Lmao I can’t make eye contact my eyes are fucked up I’m deformed. One of my eyes is slightly above the other I have lazy eye

  3. The most difficult part was the group one because I liked two of them more than the other two 😀

  4. If this is hard for you, (wich if it is, you need to go out more) Turn off the sound and it will be easy, this music is put on to make one nervous

  5. I realize that I break eye contact very often and it is because to see if they are smiling or just looking at their lips. Should I be more focused on lips or eyes?

  6. This exercise is absurd.. you should say that the real purposes of the video is to increment the retention audience of your videos..

  7. I feel so alone. I actually enjoy watching someone smile at me and laugh and looking into their eyes. This video makes me realise just how isolated I am.

  8. Can you do another one, but leave out the music so that we can hear the sounds of sin and vice in the background? Its the city, after all.

  9. Was I the only one looking them all straight in the eye and roasting each one of them to find out they started laughing like they can really hear me 😂😂😂

  10. the level of difficulty went hand in hand with the dudes licking their lips while applying eye contact. -_-

  11. One thing that helped me was to look at the middle of their noses while "relaxing" my eyes since that's where I felt tension and would look away. Kind of like a "thousand yard stare". Before I would usually break eye contact in the first round, this time I made it through the video to the bloopers…lol otter space…can you be more Pacific?

  12. i look at people like the asian girl at the beginning of round two looks at people. sometime i will dart my eyes but no more.

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