Vibey Aesthetic Girl Crush “IT” Girl from Instagram Transformation

Hello everyone and welcome back to the channel ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you guys so much for all the love on my last video I filmed my first ever transformation video and it seemed like you guys really liked it I had so much fun filming it So, I decided to do another one! So as I was trying to brainstorm what i should transform myself into next, i was just scrolling through instagram and noticed that i follow pretty similar accounts like i don’t really know how to describe this look but they are very just cool vibey, super aesthetic, major girl crush vibes and they just look like they throw something on and totally rock it and i also love how they take their photos and they capture their looks, their outfits, their aesthetic i’m gonna transform myself into a super aesthetic girl crush “it” girl from Instagram i hope you guys kinda get what kind of vibes i’m going for i don’t know how i’m gonna pull this off but we shall see together so for this look, we’re going to be dealing with hair, makeup, nails, outfits, and photos i’m gonna be needing some supplies to create this look so uh let’s get started shall we? right now I’m about to run to Target to pick up some things last time i did my transformation video, i got a lot of things at Sephora and it really hurt the wallet so i’m gonna try to find everything at a drug store as much as possible i have a feel things in mind so lets head over there and see what we can find so for my outfit, i just picked up some like really random things like… uhmm like this is suppose to be a piece of clothing trying something new also got this its actually a scarf so we’re going to try to make this like a top as well can’t go wrong with a crop top a lot of these vibey girls have like really baggy pants which i actually own a few ooh i actually have these old Prada shorts they actually look kinda cute that’s very vibey, Tumblr-esque you know thrifted these in high school and I got so lucky with them I think i found them at like good will i could totally take a photo with these nice, long, baggy jeans love these these boyfriend style baggy grey sweatpants i think we’re pretty much good on clothes i think we’ll get a few good shots with these so i got some things at Target i came across this photo and i thought it was really cute so i got myself some little holographic, hologram, whatever you call it, stars you guys saw my last video. i got my nails done and that made my nails super weak but yea, today we are dealing with my short natural nails because my nails are not in very healthy condition so cute k, let’s not mess this up oo, that’s a pretty colour alright, let’s get started with the makeup so i laid out all the makeup i’ll be using today starting off with foundation i love this contour stick from Fenty beauty and then let’s just blend it away and there we have our base and i’m going to try to draw on strokes of eyebrow hairs oh my God, my eyebrows look way too drawn in and dark this is not the look i was going for alright so i had to take that off because it was not a vibe so i’m gonna use my Anastasia pencil so the eyebrows are on and now we’re gonna move on to eyeshadow! for my eyes, i’m gonna be using this beautiful lid star colour from Glossier this is in “Lily” once we have that, i’m gonna put on a very similar colour from the Morphe palette from Pony it’s kinda hard to see the purple but it’s on there i still have a little bit of my lash extensions left so i’m just gonna leave it there i’m gonna go in with blush this is number 1 surreal effect ooh, i like that that a lot you can put that on the temples of my face and also put it right on my nose right here actually, should we do some freckles i’ve never seen my face with freckles then i’m gonna go in with highlight inner tear duct brow bone i look very sunkissed right now Colourpop luxe velvet in “can you even” and then i’m gonna add some gloss over that so this is pretty much the finished makeup look i’m gonna go do my hair now so the one that I see all the time is this like updo using these butterfly clips you use a little bit of dry shampoo so you want the front pieces out like that just make sure your hair is a little messy like that and then twist it twist it and then pull it up i notice that people kinda like tuck this part in clip it like that hope you guys can see that i’m gonna add some gold accessories this is what i have so far hope you guys can see what i did in the back i’m gonna put on my outfits so we can kinda get the whole feel i’m gonna use the scarf that i got and fold it into a triangle and it’s a little bit long so i’m gonna fold it a little like this much so yea something like this alright so this is the outfit i’m wearing the scarf as a top and some baggy denim jeans alright so now im gonna attempt to take some photos of the outfit in a very aesthetic way so let’s see how this goes it’s so not cool trying to look cool so embarassed with myself how ridiculous i look right now ok, im having major wardrobe malfunction i don’t know what- this is all about like what is this can’t tell if this is a look or not we’ll try with these jeans hold on alright i don’t think this top is going to work i’m just gonna change into like uh another tank so for the next outfit im wearing really comfy grey sweatpants with a forever 21 white crop top tank for my hair thinking of going with some scrunchies i’m gonna go with the white one i have no idea, whatever hopefully it will look better in the photos so let’s take some photos! i’m gonna do like absurd poses taking a chipotle break so that pretty much completes the video i hope you guys enjoyed that i feel so ridiculous but i feel like i got some pretty decent shots so thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you guys in my next video! bye~

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