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– Here we go. Say something. – Can you get that camera off of me? (laughing) – [Caterina] I’m not very
good at that, I know. Say something. Caleb, go! He kicks it. Alright, almost! (laughing) – [Jack] Sorry, honey. – [Caterina] Ready? Ready? – [Jack] This should be good. Nice kick. (dramatic music) How’s that look? (dramatic music) Show us those hands. Ugh, get away from me. – There, see? – Alright, wait, wait, wait. Jump in. (laughing) For God’s sakes. – Never been done before. Into the air. Oh, yes. Which leg though, the right or the left? (dramatic music) Excuse me, you’re whispering,
right hand or the left? (speaking foreign language) (cheers and applause) – Where’s Caleb? (dramatic music) Where’s Caleb? Caleb? (dramatic music) Excuse me, mate, he also had a backpack on. (kids cheering) (dramatic music) Caleb? – Caleb? (applause) (dramatic music) – [Jack] Caleb! (dramatic music) Caleb!
– Caleb! (dramatic music) – Caleb! (dramatic music) – Sorry have you seen a
little boy come past here? He was wearing a backpack. (dramatic music) – I can’t see him anywhere. (dramatic music) Caleb!
– Caleb! – Caleb? Caleb!
– Caleb! (talking on radio) ♪ E-I-E-I-O yee ha ♪ ♪ And on that farm there was ♪ (talking on radio) – [Man] It could be like
a gang of vigilante. Good people like to act. – [Woman] Rhinoceros. – [Man] There’s a rhinoceros
there, in the hay. – [Child] No there isn’t. – [Man] Yeah, you just missed it. – [Woman] You just missed it. – [Man] Yeah it’s ’cause you’re too short. – [Woman] It’s definitely Black look. – [Man] Definitely black. – [Man] I spy with my
little eye something pink. – [Man] Pink. – [Man] What are you thinking? – [Child] I’m hungry. – [Man] Yeah? Okay. Well what we’ll do, there’s a
lady who has something to eat we’ll stop, we’ll get something to eat and then we’ll keep driving. So who feels like a little cake? – [Woman] Me. – [Child] Me! ♪ Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream ♪ ♪ Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ♪ ♪ Life is but a dream yeah yeah ♪ (laughing) (talking) – [Child] It’s blue. – It’s not blue, that’s the challenge. I wanna call him right now. (dialing number on keypad) – [Man] Hello? – Yeah, hi, I saw the ad for the car, just wondering if it’s violet or purple? – [Man] What? – Your car, it’s violet right? – [Man] No, no. (laughing) No I don’t know what
you’re talking about mate. – It’s purple baby. – [Man] It’s blue. (dial tone) – [Hunter] It’s blue. (laughing) (dramatic music) – [Winona] Eat. – [Hunter] Eat. (talking) Alright, who wants to hear some music? (music playing on radio) (dramatic music) Daddy on the drums. Boom boom ba boom ba boom
boom boom boom tsk tsk tsk do do do do. (dramatic music) – Whoa. – Jesus, melon colored van. – It’s not melon honey, it’s papaya. – [Hunter] That’s papaya? – It’s papaya. – [Hunter] It’s papaya. – Yes. – [Hunter] What color is papaya? – The color of that van. What are you thinking? – [Child] It’s green. Green. ♪ Green green ♪ – [Hunter] That’s the challenge girls. – Fine just be careful. (engine revving) (dramatic music) It’s green, that’s super green. (laughing) – Smart. (laughing) It looks like you won Em! – Yeah! – [Hunter] Emily wins, again. (dramatic music) Okay, what do you want sweetie? – [Emily] Pancakes, pancakes. (clock ticking) – What happened? (doorbell ringing) (dramatic music) – [Caterina] Caleb? (dramatic music) (dramatic music) Jack, Jack! (dramatic music) Jack! Oh, oh my God. (wailing) Oh my. (dramatic music) Oh my God! Oh my God. (dramatic music) Oh no! (dramatic music) (soft music playing on the radio) ♪ Traded in my ♪ ♪ Memory ♪ – [Hunter] I’m telling you, there are crazies all over this road. – [Winona] Ah, do
country people scare you? (dramatic music) (soft music) ♪ The sun ♪ (dramatic music) (banging on wall) (banging on wall) (phone ringing) – Hello? – [Kidnapper] Is this Caleb’s mommy? (dramatic music) – Yes! – [Kidnapper] Caleb’s with us. – Please. – Give me the phone, give me. – [Kidnapper] He’s sleeping. – What do you want? – [Kidnapper] First did
you call the police? – No. – [Kidnapper] Are you going to? – No, please. – Give me the phone, give me. – Please, please don’t hurt him. – [Kidnapper] This is
about one thing, money. Remember you’re a mother
and I have your child. Say it. – I am a mother. – [Kidnapper] And. – You have my son. – [Kidnapper] Good mommy. You call the cops, complicate it, and you can kiss your son goodbye. What’s at stake here, a small
amount for your son’s safety. Don’t fuck with that. Remember you have no idea
who I am, and I have no idea who you are, but let me state the obvious, so the obvious can be restated. You’re a mother and I have your son, I have your son. – [Caterina] We’ll pay,
we’ll pay the money. – [Kidnapper] Yes you will. (dial tone) (dramatic music) – [Detective] Now is
there anything familiar, hearing it again? The speech pattern, the voice, anything? – [Kidnapper] You have no idea
who I am, and I have no idea. – No. – Mrs. Hill, anything
you tell us could help. – [Kidnapper] Remember you’re a mother and I have your child. Say it. – [Caterina] I am a mother. – [Kidnapper] And. – You have my son. (dramatic music) – Your policy does cover Caleb. Doesn’t cover funds for these purposes. – I heard policies cover
that stuff these days. Pete we’ve got the best policy you offer. – Look Jack, the kind of
policies you’re referring to are designed for people
in high risk areas. War zones, et cetera. – We need this money, for our son. (dramatic music) – I’m sorry another 100,000 just wouldn’t be allowed by our computer. – Pete, how old’s James now? (dramatic music) – He’s 10. Look, this is all I can do. (dramatic music) (camera shutter clicking) (dramatic music) (camera shutter clicking) – [Emily] It’s Beatricus. – [Winona] Beatricus. – [Emily] It’s a good idea isn’t it? – They look good on you. – [Emily] Yeah. – Where’s Emily? – I don’t know she was here a minute ago. – [Hunter] What’s with the ugly kid? Do you know her? – No. I’m not even sure if it’s a girl. – Who are you? Name, now. – Cindy. – Cindy? Well Cindy, the pancakes that are coming, they’re for my daughter Emily,
so maybe you should tsk tsk. – It’s me, I’m Emily. – Oh! (laughing) My God. – How much further? – We get on the freeway, two, 2 1/2 hours. We hit the turn off, Seal Bay. 2 1/2 hours. – Okay. – Excuse me, if you take the turn off at
Regent Street it’s much faster. – Thanks. – I’m sorry, I heard you mention Seal Bay. And we’re heading there ourselves. – Beautiful up there this time of year. – Oh you don’t have to tell us. We bought there last yeah
and haven’t looked back. I’m Ted by the way, this is Betsy. – Hunter, Winona. – Hi. – Emily and Cindy. – Hello Cindy, hello Emily. – But I’ve got the glasses on. (laughs) – I’m gonna go to the bathroom. – [Emily] I need a drink. – I do too. (dramatic music) And the pancakes for
the little one, thanks. Thanks. (store chatter) (dramatic music) – Cute kid. (dramatic music) – [Emily] You see those glasses? Those really turn me into Cindy. You see the other glasses stay. – Let’s go. – Okay, come on Emily. – [Emily] But why? – [Hunter] Come on sweetie. – It’s alright, put your coat on. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) You okay? – Yeah. Yeah I’m fine. (dramatic music) – Jack! Jack! – Sons of bitches! (press clamoring) Let’s go! I didn’t kill my son,
I didn’t kill my son! I didn’t kill my son! I didn’t kill my son. Kill my son. I didn’t kill my son. I didn’t kill my son. I didn’t kill my son. I didn’t kill my son. I didn’t kill my son. – [Caterina] Get something. – [Jack] It’s my fault. – [Caterina] Oh Jack. – [Jack] It’s alright. (dramatic music) – [Jack] He’s dead, I can feel him. I’m sorry. (woman talking on radio) (dramatic music) (engine revving) (dramatic music) I didn’t kill my son. (screaming) – No, no, no. – [Jack] It’s my fault. – No, don’t say that. It’s my fault. (soft music) (dramatic music) (whistling) (engine revving) (dramatic music) – [Man] Woo hoo! (dramatic music) (laughing) (dramatic music) (engine stalling) – [Man] Ah, help me mommy. (laughing) (dramatic music) Hiya! (dramatic music) (screaming) – [Emily] Daddy! (laughing) (dramatic music) – He hasn’t contacted us. (whistling) – Cat. Maybe we should go to the media. – After what they’ve been saying? What about Jack? – I know darling, but, we need them on our side. – Forgive my boldness,
but where is Mr. Hill? – He’s under a lot of pressure, alright? (station chatter) – Someone out there knows who this is. And we need them to come to us. We need to reach out to them. Mrs. Hill, if we go to the
media the underlying message has to be twofold. (dramatic music) And B, you’ll take no further action. It’s been two weeks now. – Okay. Okay. (dramatic music) (loud chatter) – Alright! This is a fragile situation so let’s keep the questions on task. Now let’s help these
people get their boy back. (reporters all talking) – [Reporter] We’ve heard kidnapping. – Yeah that part’s true,
but communication’s stopped. – Please if you’re watching this we just want you to make contact with us again. We just want our son back. (reporters all talking at once) – [Reporter] Can you
tell us about your son? – Our son Caleb is five. He’s five years old. He was last seen wearing a yellow T-shirt,
and a black jacket, and his jeans. He’s a really, really happy kid. His beautiful personality. He’s very, very bright for his age. He asks a lot of questions, so please just be patient with him. (reporters all talking) – [Reporter] How did you miss him if you were with him at the time? – [Reporter] Surely he knows better than to go with a stranger. (all talking) – This is the person who
we believe is responsible for the kidnapping, if
anybody knows anything they should contact us immediately. (reporters all talking) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (screaming) (crying) – Winona! Winona! (groaning) Winona! Awe shit. (dramatic music) Winona, sweetie, sweetie,
honey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Shit. (dramatic music) Are you okay? Look at me, can you get up? Get up. Look at me, oh shit. (crying) What’s wrong? – Where’s Emily? – What’s wrong, honey? (groans) Can you stand up? (groaning) Come on, come on. Breathe, breathe. Look at me. Are you okay? (crying) – I’m fine, I’ll be fine. Where’s Emily? (dramatic music) – She she’s gone. She’s gone. – [Winona] What? – She’s gone. They took her, they took her. – Who, who? Who took her? – What do you mean she’s gone? – Shh shh shh. Honey, honey. (crying) – Honey, there’s a car,
there’s a car sweetie. Come on whoa, whoa, whoa. Honey, it’s alright, there’s a car. (dramatic music) (crying) Over here. Help! It’s alright, it’s okay baby. Help! Hey, hey, stop, stop, stop! – [Winona] Stop, stop. – [Hunter] Stop. – Oh my God, what happened to you? Oh my goodness are you alright? We’re fine. They took our little girl. – What? How? (phone ringing) (dramatic music) – Hello? – [Kidnapper] Winona. – Hello? – [Kidnapper] Hello, we have her. We have Emily mom. – Please. – [Kidnapper] What’s the
matter, cat got your tongue? – Don’t hurt her, please
just bring her back! We won’t press charges we promise. – [Kidnapper] Don’t panic. Don’t you fucking do anything stupid. No cops, do you hear? – I won’t, no. – [Kidnapper] You have no idea who I am, so let me state the obvious. So the obvious can be restated. – What did you say? – [Kidnapper] You remember that
I have your child, no pigs. – I won’t. – [Kidnapper] Ah, you’re fucking lying. – No, no, where is she? – [Kidnapper] You see the road up ahead? Stay on it for 10 minutes,
you’ll come through the gates, a building, come in,
save your little girl. 15 fucking minutes, move! (crying) – Can you please help us? – [Older Woman] Yes, yes, of course. – [Older Man] Come on, hurry up. (crying) (dramatic music) – Yes, hello. – [Kidnapper] Caterina, are you ready? – Yes. – [Kidnapper] Good girl. – I’ve got the money. – [Kidnapper] Good, now listen carefully. – First let me speak to Caleb. – [Kidnapper] Shut the fuck up! Get a pen and write this down. Mortimer Street car park. Rear entrance, find the public toilets. If I smell a single pig, your
son is fucking dead, move! (dramatic music) – [Kidnapper] Good, now listen carefully. If I smell a single pig, your
son is fucking dead, move! (dramatic music) (whistle blowing) (chatter) (dramatic music) (gasping for breath) (phone ringing) – [Caterina] Hello? – [Kidnapper] Caterina? – [Caterina] Yes? – [Kidnapper] Who the fuck
is that following you? – [Caterina] Who? – [Kidnapper] The fucking man in orange. – [Caterina] I don’t know! – [Kidnapper] Bullshit. – [Caleb] Mommy! – [Caterina] Caleb! – [Kidnapper] You fucking stupid bitch, you just killed your son. (whimpering) (dramatic music) (phone ringing) You’re not here. – No I see it. – Sorry, sorry. – I see it, give me a minute. (dramatic music) Caleb! (dramatic music) Hello! (crying) (dramatic music) (crying) (phone ringing) – [Kidnapper] You called the cops! – [Caterina] I’m sorry,
please you can have the money. – [Kidnapper] Say goodbye. – [Caterina] Just let him go. – [Kidnapper] Bye. (groaning) Bye, bye, bye mommy. – [Caterina] Please don’t
this isn’t a game, please. (dramatic music) – Wait, wait, wait honey. Let’s see if they’ve
got a torch in the car. Let’s ask ’em. – [Winona] Okay. (dramatic music) (police talking on radio) – He’s not here. Where are they? Where the fuck are they? What the fuck is going on? (screaming) Where the fuck? – Come on. – [Hunter] They’ve gone. (dramatic music) In here, in this sliding door. What the fuck? (dramatic music) (breathing hard) – We need to leave. – [Jack] There, Emily’s
scarf, that’s her scarf! – We need to leave right now. – But she was here. – Right now. (yelling) Hunter where are you? I’m here. I’m here! – [Hunter] I’m coming
okay, just stay there. – [Winona] I can’t see you, Hunter. – [Hunter] Okay I’ll find
you, just stay there. – [Winona] Hunter. – Baby keep talking. – [Winona] Hunter. – I’m coming, I’m coming don’t move. – [Winona] I’ve got my hands out. Oh God. – [Hunter] I’m coming. (clinking) – [Winona] Where are you? – [Hunter] Shh. – [Winona] Hunter! – Shh, be quiet. There’s someone here. Shh, shh, they’re here. There’s someone here. Do you see somebody? (screaming) (dramatic music) (crying) – Be quiet. Stand still, stand still. Stand still baby. (thump) – Hunter! (crying) Hunter! (dramatic music) (laughing) (dramatic music) (crying) Please, please, please. – How’s your head? – It hurts. (dramatic music) (gasping for breath) – Baby. – [Hunter] Honey. (coughing) – Honey, honey hold on. (dramatic music) – Darling. (exclaims) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Oh baby. Hold on honey, hold on. (dramatic music) (footsteps approaching) (dramatic music) (breathing hard) – Relax son, it’s only morphine. (breathing hard) (dramatic music) – We’re ready. – Good, clean up their car. Then you go ahead, and
we’ll catch up with you. – [Man In Work Jumper] Alright. Let’s move. (dramatic music) – Do you want us to stay? (dramatic music) (breathing hard) (dramatic music) (crying) – Where is our daughter? – [Winona] Please don’t hurt Emily. (dramatic music) – We’re ready. Listen, what do you want? Huh? We’ve got no money. I’m an electrician, and
Winona’s a researcher. Now fucking let us go! – What’s your name? – [Hunter] Hunter, Hunter O’Shaunessey. – What’s your name? – Winona, Winona Gant. – Winona Gant. – [Hunter] Who the hell are you, hmm? – I’m a woman looking for some people. – [Hunter] Yeah, who? – People named Winona and Hunter. – Well we’re not them. We don’t know you. – Here’s a thought. (dramatic music) (crying) (dramatic music) It’s mine. (dramatic music) (crying) (dramatic music) – Please, please. (dramatic music) (yelling) (yelling) (yelling) – [Hunter] What are you doing? What did you just do to her
you crazy fucking bitch? Hold on baby, hold on baby. The cops are coming okay? Hang in there. Stay with me. – Why do you think you’re here? – [Hunter] ‘Cause you’re insane
and you kidnap strangers. Fucked if I know just let us go! – Shut up! Shut up! She knows. She knows. Winona? – Money, but you’ve got the wrong family. Like he said, we’re not rich. – Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re right. Maybe I have got the
wrong Winona and Hunter. Alright. Answer these questions, get ’em right, and you can go. What day is it? – Day? – Day. – It’s Saturday. – What time is it? – I don’t know, maybe 11:00 or 12:00. (crying) – Have you ever committed a serious crime? – What? – Murder. – No. – No, you’re telling the truth. Either that or you’re a great liar. – I’ve answered your questions, we’re not who you’re looking for. – You know ever since
you have started talking you have done nothing but deny, Winona. Guilty people deny. Innocent people, they ask questions. (crying) – What should I be asking? – Who, who am I? When you know the who
everything else will be obvious. Okay. Let’s just say for a
moment that I believe you. Caleb? You don’t remember me,
but you remember that. You wanted to leave the second you saw it. (dramatic music) I am looking for the woman who kidnapped and murdered my son! Maybe this will help your amnesia, watch. Say something. Caleb. – [Jack] I’ve got to hold him. – Who’ll find me now? (laughing) – [Jack] For God’s sakes. – [Juggler] Down through the leg trick, never been done before. One, two, it went under the leg. (speaking foreign language) (cheers and applause) Okay. Caleb? Jack!
– Caleb! (dramatic music) – [Winona] That video
doesn’t prove anything. I’m not who you’re looking for. – You made one mistake, one tiny little mistake. (dramatic music) See this background? Looks harmless right? Except when you stare at it for months. You see things, small things. The tiniest little details. (laughter) – [Caleb] Mommy. – [Caterina] Caleb. – [Jack] I didn’t kill my son! – [Kidnapper] I have your son. – [Caterina] I can feel
him, I can feel him. – [Caleb] Mommy! – There were 46 stores
that sold that poster. I went to every single one of them. Until I found one, with the same edge. The same mark. (dramatic music) Then I knew. You were a student at that campus. (dramatic music) For awhile I was certain
you would see me, and run. (dramatic music) I’d almost given up. Until August the 1st. Latte. (dramatic music) Table four your eggs. – [Winona] Thank you. – [Caterina] I can’t explain it. Somehow I knew you had killed my son. I could feel it. (dramatic music) – Mrs. Hill, we recovered
a body this morning. Which I have every reason
to believe is your son. (soft music) I’m so very sorry. – Where’d you find him? – The river. (soft music) – And so where is he now? – He’s with the coroner. Look I think it’s best if we
deal with the identification and all the formalities. – No, I want to see him. (soft music) I have to see him. (somber music) Sergeant, Sergeant! There’s something I need to show you. (dramatic music) So you gonna arrest her? – Mrs. Hill. – What? – Let me tell you your legal position. – Oh you have got to be
kidding, she’s right there. – Look I can’t arrest her. And maybe she’ll be held until the trial. If she doesn’t get bail. Which she probably will. And then it’s the
Commonwealth’s job, your job, to prove that she’s the
girl in the grainy photos. – I know it is the girl in the photo. – And in the tape. – I know it is the woman on the tape. – Beyond a reasonable doubt. If you think you can prove
it, I’ll arrest her right now. (dramatic music) – No. (dramatic music) – Do you need some help? – The pills don’t work anymore. – No, I mean help. There’s a bloke I know. He’ll help you. (dramatic music) – Drucker said you found ’em. – Yes, I did. – You’re sure you want to step into this? It’s a dark place. Making ’em pay won’t bring him back. Won’t fill the emptiness, it doesn’t. (dramatic music) – I have to do something. If I don’t one day she’ll feel
safe enough to do it again. (dramatic music) – Come on. (dramatic music) (soft music) (screaming) – [Man] No! – [Man] No fuck it. (crying) (screaming) – Oh my God. – [Man In White] What
have you done with her? – [Man In Black] We
can cure your sickness. (screaming) (soft music) (starting up saw) – [Man In Chains] No, no! No, no, no! (dramatic music) – This is the price of justice. (dramatic music) (talking on television) (soft music) – [Caterina] Alright, alright. Alright. – [Caleb] Ready? Ready? – [Jack] This will be good. – Go! (soft music) (dramatic music) (crying) I want you to listen very carefully. Let me state the obvious, so the obvious can be restated. (crying) Exactly. – Caterina. – It’s been awhile Winona. You let me state the obvious. You are a mother. – Yes. – [Caterina] I have your child. – I know. – Say it. – I’m a mother. And you have my child. Please just don’t hurt her. – [Caterina] I don’t want
to hurt your daughter. Just tell me why, why my son? Winona? Why my son? (creaking) (soft voices) Winona. – Caterina stop. You don’t know what your opening. Do you hear? Can you hear? The cracking in the other rooms. (growling) – [Hunter] What the fuck did you give her? – Tell me more about Emily, your daughter. Emily. – What do you want to know? – Does she like stories. – Yeah, I guess. – What’s Emily’s favorite story? – She likes a story about
a kitten named Holly. – Tell it. (dramatic music) Tell it! – Once upon a time there
was a girl named Jenny. She was walking through
the forest with her father. And they saw a cat, a
beautiful cat moaning loudly. What’s wrong with the
cat she asked her father? He said that it was in
pain, that it was dying. He said we have to find the cat’s owner. They can take the cat’s pain away. And right then a woman with blue eyes appeared from within the
forest, she was the cat’s owner. She said they’d have to close
their eyes and concentrate on the cat’s pain. So Jenny closed her eyes and
concentrated on the cat’s pain. Suddenly she felt the pain
that the cat was going through. She not to scream, she
didn’t want to scare it. Both her and her father
concentrated on the cat. And then after a few minutes the pain was gone. Jenny opened her eyes, the cat was looking up at her smiling. They’d made her better. Jenny took the cat home, named her Holly, and they lived happily ever after. – That’s Emily’s favorite story? – She likes the ending. – True, can’t fault a happy ending. Did you read to Caleb? (dramatic music) – Yeah. (dramatic music) He liked Hansel and Gretel. (dramatic music) Then the kids find their way home. – [Caleb] When’s mom coming? – [Winona] Most days he just slept. (dramatic music) Everyday I wanted to call you, I couldn’t. (voices whispering) Caterina stop. – We’ll stop, we’ll stop. – [Winona] Before it’s too late. – You tell me why? Why my son? – What difference will it make? (dramatic music) (whimpering) (dramatic music) – Well LSD’s working. (dramatic music) (voices whispering) – She followed every
instruction you gave her. Why didn’t you just let the kid go? – I couldn’t. – [Hunter] You and a skeleton. (crying) (dramatic music) (banging) (laughter) (dramatic music) – He’s here. – Where? – He’s right there behind me. Behind my head. (screaming) – What are you hiding? – Winona, what are you hiding? – What? – Tell me the truth, the
truth Winona, no more lies. – Jenny went looking for strawberries. – What? – They were Holly’s favorite
thing in the whole world. The rain started to fall, Jenny
didn’t see any strawberries. She saw her father in the
forest, with her sister, Sally. And her mother watching. – Sally? (crying) Jenny’s sister Sally? – [Winona] Mm hmm. – This is your story. – Winona gave her mother strawberries. Strawberries dipped in rat poison. She went into her sister’s room told her everything would be fine. She was doing the right thing. It’s what she was shown. – Shown, who showed her this? Who showed her this? (creaking) Winona, who? – I can’t, I can’t, I won’t. (dramatic music) – [Hunter] Why don’t
you just tell me, who? – [ Winona] What would I say? – [Man] What’s your name? – My name is Robert
Tippleman, I’m the father of this person that you’re referring to. – [Man] Who is she? – A man forgets lots of things but he doesn’t forget his kids. Especially if they put ’em in here. Somehow she got the idea
that her mother and I were molesting her. The only explanation were some kid stories, fairy tales. Course the cracks went deserting her. I know who’s your
murderer, and it’s not me. – I’m sorry dad, I’m sorry. (crying) (dramatic music) (crying) (phone ringing) – [Caterina] Start
filling, she’s not talking. – Hurry up. (dramatic music) – Are you ready? (crying) (dramatic music) – Caterina stop, stop you have
no idea what you’re opening. Please. – [Caterina] Does Emily
still suffer from aquaphobia? (dramatic music) (phone ringing) Go on. – [Hunter] No, stop! – No, no, please, please no, no, no! – [Hunter] Stop, stop! – Please no, please Caterina no. Please. – Caterina! Stop, look at me now. – [Winona] Please. – Bring her to justice. – Oh my God no! Stop, stop it now. Stop the water no, no! – [Emily] Help me please! (dramatic music) – No Emily. (screaming) – [Hunter] Stop it! – Fucking bitch! – Don’t hurt her, please don’t hurt her. – [Caterina] Sorry. – [Hunter] Caterina, don’t. Stop it. (dramatic music) – [Caterina] Caleb was found
dead November the 15th. – [Hunter] No, don’t! – [Caterina] Get ready to feel that. (dramatic music) – Caterina stop! – No! Caleb, stop, Caleb I’ll tell you now, I’ll tell you everything, stop! (dramatic music) – Stop. (dramatic music) Come on then. – What if all the vanished had one thing in common. – What? – The woman in the forest. (dramatic music) She’s real. – You’re telling me a demon
forced you to kidnap my son? – [Winona] Yeah. Just like it forced you to take Emily. (dramatic music) – [Caterina] No more lies. – Dig deep enough you’ll find her. Going back 400 years. Vanishings, unexplained crimes,
kidnappings, you name it. Shirley Stewart, she just
snapped one day in ’64. Murdering her entire family. Her husband and seven children. (dramatic music) What made the case bizarre
was the way she killed them. One evil after another. Stabbing her daughter in
the heart with a doll. Dismembering her baby with a hacksaw. Then she just vanished, never
seen or heard from again. Or Agnes Churchill, in
1966 murdered her daughter, her husband, and his
mother with strawberries dipped in cyanide. When they asked her why she did it, she said she couldn’t remember. All she remembered was feeling great joy watching them suffocate. There’s plenty more like it. Betty Wilson mysteriously
slid her parents. (dramatic music) Judy Meadows killing
her six year old sister. Denise Freeborn strangling
her daughter with a fox fur. (crying) (dramatic music) – You forgot Winona Gant. Murdered her mother, murdered my son. (dramatic music) I couldn’t. (dramatic music) Leave me alone! (dramatic music) She’s here, where is she? (voices whispering) (dramatic music) (voices whispering) (breathing hard) (dramatic music) – I tried to help him. (dramatic music) (voices whispering) (dramatic music) Don’t. Caterina don’t let her win. (dramatic music) (cocking gun) No, no. (phone ringing) – [Caterina] Yes? – [Ted] Cat someone’s
here, check outside now. (dramatic music) Do you hear anything? Cat, Cat hurry up! – [Caterina] Just relax, there’s nothing. (dramatic music) It’s time. (gun going off) (dramatic music) (gun going off ) – [Hunter] Honey! Honey get up. (dramatic music) (cocks gun) (no bullet fires) (dramatic music) (groaning) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) – Hey, get the fuck away. Emily get up, get up. (dramatic music) Give me the keys. (dramatic music) – [Hunter] Get Emily, get Emily, go! Get in. (dramatic music) – You tell me why? Why my son? (dramatic music) – Say it! – Mommy. – Now. – [Caleb] Mommy. – Again! – [Caleb] Mommy? – [Caterina] Caleb? – [Winona] The woman in
the forest, she’s real. (dramatic music) I tried to help him. I couldn’t. (breathing hard) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (screaming) – Pull over. (dramatic music) – Emily get out of the car. Get out of the car! (dramatic music) (grunting) It wasn’t me. Caterina it wasn’t me. – Most often that demon inside is just us. An excuse to live with the horror. (groaning) (dramatic music) (gun shot) (soft music) (police sirens) – Emily! Honey. (soft music) Okay now baby. I’m taking you home. (voices whispering) (dramatic music) (dramatic music) ♪ Is it my imagination ♪ ♪ Or is it just a pitch in my head ♪ ♪ I thought I really knew ♪ ♪ Is it out of my frustrations ♪ ♪ Or is it just an animation ♪ ♪ I pretend to know the truth ♪ ♪ Or is it just the monsters in my head ♪ ♪ The monsters in my head ♪ ♪ Ah ah ♪ ♪ I try so hard to keep my head ♪ ♪ To stop the light from turning red ♪ ♪ Do I use the wrong emotions ♪ ♪ Or is it just a curse
that I’m born under ♪ ♪ I thought myself internally for truth ♪ ♪ Or is it just the monsters in my head ♪ ♪ The monsters in my head ♪ ♪ Is it just the monsters in my head ♪ ♪ The monsters in my head ♪ ♪ I try so hard to keep my head ♪ ♪ To stop the light from turning red ♪ ♪ Is it the monsters in my head ♪ ♪ The monsters in my head ♪ ♪ The monsters in my head ♪


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