Unsend – Bryan Safi Goes on a Psychotic Email Rant

I wrote it, I sent it, I’m ****d – My world was turned upside
down when my very first boyfriend ever, Hey Nick,
changed his relationship status from in a relationship,
to it’s complicated, without even telling me. I didn’t call him about it. I sent him a five page email
that was full of expletives, all caps, enraged, humiliated,
as if what he had done was sent like a press release
to every major news outlet in the country, and I
was the last to know. It was horrible, I reacted
totally inappropriately. And I kept sending emails,
he never responded. I’d send another one,
’cause, you know, you keep thinking of things to say. And then at the end of it, it
was just totally humiliating, and I said, (laughs) “We’ll
talk later, I have a board “meeting tonight”, which
was technically true. I was a temp at a place
that had a board meeting, but I was just
taking notes there. And, we never talked again. I ended the relationship,
because he changed it. So, Protip, don’t use all
caps ever when sending emails, because it just makes you
look crazy and unhinged. Just be cool.


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