Two Genders? Roles, Identities & Dysphoria: What DSM-5 Says.

There’s currently a lot of misinformation flying back and forth between trans advocates who argue that it’s necessary to seek social, legal, and medical transition to be considered transgender and those who claim that gender is a spectrum of identities, rather than a binary. One group is more associated with the alternative right/antifeminists. The other is more associated with liberal feminism or what you might call “the regressive left” and social justice warriors. So I want to clarify the current diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria according to the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5. Which is unique for children and adults, respectively. Who are the American Psychiatric Association? They create their diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders for references by psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are trained up as medical doctors, and then they specialise in psychiatry. The APA now encompasses members practicing in more than 100 countries, and that includes the UK. The DSM-5, which is the current edition of the manual, it introduces substantial changes to the DSM. Including changing the name from Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dsyphoria. Giving it its own chapter. First of, I think it’s worth knowing what terms they’ve listed defintions for. Gender, assigned gender, gender atypical, gender nonconforming, gender reassingment, gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, gender fluidity, agendered, cisgender, gender expansiveness, and gender expression. As you can see, they haven’t seemed sex to be relevant enough to provide a definition. So I’m just going to give a standard definition of biological sex myself. “The structural and functional characteristics of a person or organism that allow assignment as either male or female; sex is determined by chromosomes, hormones and external and internal genitalia (gonads).” Here’s the APA’s definition of gender. “Denotes the public (and usually legally recognised) lived role as boy or girl, man or woman.” So the APA’s definition of gender suggests that it is socially constructed. Given that law is a human social construct, as are social roles. But then there is note which references that references biological factors underneath. No concrete indication is given as to how biological factors could be predictive of gender. When they’re supposed to be very idenpendently a reproductive sex in this context. Their definition of assigned gender: “refers to a person’s initial assignment as male or female at birth.” “It is based on the child’s genitalia and other visible physical sex characteristics.” They’re using assigned gender and sex interchangably. Although in their definition of gender, obviously they’re not using them interchangably, because they’re also referring to social and psychological factors. And it’s important to recognise here that gender has the attributes masculine and feminine, whereas sex has the attributes male and female. Because when you use these terms interchangably, given that all aspects of sex are determined by biology, it becomes very difficult to decouple them when you need to refer to sociological and psychological aspects of gender. So first we’ll look at the APA’s diagnostic material for children, which looks at preadolescent children, any age between 2 and when a child starts puberty; then different criteria is applied. “In children, gender dysphoria diagnosis involves at least six of the following and an associated significant distress or impairment in function, lasting at least six months.” Six of these, right? Not all 8. 6. “1: A strong desire to be of the other gender or an insistence that one is the other gender.” A strong desire to be of the other gender would be “the public (and usually legally recognised) lived role” as a boy or a girl, in this case. Bear in mind, this is for kids as young as 2. “2: A strong preference for wearing clothes typical of the opposite gender.” “3: A strong preference for cross-gender roles in make-believe play or fantasy play.” “A strong preference for the toys, games, or activities stereotypically used or engaged in by the other gender.” Why aren’t the roles in make-believe play or fantasy play activities stereotupically used or engaged in by the other gender? If you tick 4, you would tick 3. So why do they even have 3 in their diagnostic criteria? “5: A strong preference for playmates of the other gender.” Again, if you’re a female kid who’s interested in toys, games, and activities stereotypically used or engaged in by the other gender, which includes cross-gender in make-believe play or fantasy play, the chances are you’re gonna want to hang around with the other people who are interested in those too, which is gonna be boys. It really seems like there’s a lot of overlap in this diagnostic criteria that doesn’t make sense. “A strong rejection of toys, games, and activities typical of one’s assigned gender.” “7: A strong dislike of one’s sexual anatomy.” That’s the dysphoria. Okay? But bear in mind, you don’t have to have that to have a diagnosis, you could have met 1 through 6. You also need to bear in mind that if you’re into all these things that are associated with the opposite sex and you’re a child, once you’ve become aware that your sexual anatomy divides you from your playmates, you’re going to start disliking it. But even so, you wouldn’t need to in order to get a diagnosis. “A strong desire for the physical sex characteristics that match one’s experienced gender.” Again, the points that I’ve made for 7. I think the key points about the diagnostic criteria for preadolescent children are that gender as a binary is assumed and that you don’t have to have dysphoric feelings about your physical sex characteristics to get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria as a preadoloescent child. Also, the heavy reliance on stereotypes. Despite what they’re saying, you could get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria just by being a gender nonconforming child Obviously, the significant distress has to be there, but a lot of kids do feel significant distress, because they’ll get bullied for it. And bullying is obviously distressing for children, so you’ve got to question why they’re pathologising this childhood behavior. Now we can look at the APA’s diagnostic criteria for adolescents and adults. “In adolescents and adults, gender dysphoria diagnosis involves a difference between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender, and significant distress or problems functioning. It lasts at least 6 months and is shown by at least 2 of the following:” So not 6, 2. “A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and primary and/or secondary characteristics.” So what that’s saying is an inconsistency between how you express or how you experience gender and your primary sex organs, which is your internal or external genitalia and/or your secondary sex characteristics, which are the sex characteristics which emerge during puberty. So that’s #1. The thing to notice about is it’s an incongruence, but it doesn’t refer to “the other gender” so this could actually to people who self-define as agender or nonbinary. “#2: A strong desire to be rid of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics.” Again, this could easily apply to people who self-define as agender or nonbinary. If you search the terms “nonbinary” and “top surgery” on YouTube, you’ll see videos by young women who are talking about having their breasts removed, because they’re uncomfortable with them. Now this doesn’t necesarily mean that they want to be seen as male, it just means that they are very uncomfortable with their boobs. To the point where they want to get rid of them. How many adolescent girls feel comfortable with their secondary sex characteristics? I think pretty much most, if not all adolescent girls feel uncomfortable with them. To be honest, so it’s a bit of a worry that this is in the diagnostic criteria. “3: A strong desoire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the other gender.” So this is the first time “the other gender” is referred to in the diagnostic criteria. “4: A strong desire to be of the other gender.” So, to have the lived role of either a man or a woman, a boy or a girl. “5: A strong desire to be treated as the other gender.” That’s something to note about this, is that a lot of feminists, or even women that don’t refer to themselves as being feminists, could very easily tick 1 and 5 and get a diagnosis for gender dysphoria. So what’s that about. “#6: A strong conviction that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender.” So not the truth that one does have the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender, it’s just a conviciton that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other gender. So that’s it in a nutshell. The key thing to notice here, I would guess, is that you could be a nonbinary adolescent or adult and get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria and you also would not necesarily need to want to be rid of your primary or secondary sex characteristics to get a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. So those are the 2 key points. Let’s look at what treatment is recommended for people who’ve had a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, just to confirm that that’s consistent with what I’m saying. “Treatment options for gender dysphoria include counseling, cross-sex hormones, puberty suppression, and gender reassignment surgery.” “Some adults may have a strong desire to be of a different gender and to be treated as a different gender without seeking medical treatment or altering their body.” “They may only want support to feel comfortable in their gender identity.” “Others may want more extensive treatment including hormone treatment and gender reassignment surgery leading to a transition to the opposite sex.” “Some may choose hormone treatment or surgery alone.” So, you don’t need to have a desire to have surgery or hormones in order to be considered transgender by the APA. They’ve got a section on preferred gender pronouns. “Some transgender and gender nonconforming people may prefer gender-neutral or gender-inclusive pronouns when talking to or about them.” “‘They’ and ‘their’ are sometimes used as gender neutral singular pronouns.” “Singular gender neutral pronounds also include ‘ze’ and ‘hir.'” Their blurb at the beginning, “What is Gender Dysphoria.” “Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person’s physical or assigned gender and the gender with which he/she/they identiy.” “People with gender dysphoria may be very uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned, sometimes described as being uncomfortable with their body (particularly developments during puberty) or being uncomfortable with the expected roles of their assigned gender.” What kid, especially female kid, is comfortable with their body during puberty? And feminists obviously aren’t comfortable with the expected roles of their assigned gender. Because, otherwise they wouldn’t be feminists, would they? So it’s quite bizarre that you got people running around calling themselves feminists and defending this nonsense. But you do. So that’s just the way it is. And it seems like in this case, the special snowflakes are backed by the APA. So the antifeminists can run around screaming “science!” all they want, but their claim that there’s only 2 genders is not supported by the APA. The 2 genders debate is a bit of a red herring. So the next thing is to look out for why that is. [Subscribe!]


  1. Hey Magdalen, I just want to say that after such a difficult and sad day nothing has cheered me up more than seeing that you've uploaded a video. You're absolutely brilliant and I wish I had the courage to speak out like you do 🙂

  2. They brake down life as something which can be: "as lived" or (apparently) "as imagined". Since one's fantasy life is considered important enough to be considered as a symptom. I know this was for children but I wonder if they carry through adults with "expressed' vs. "experienced" gender.

  3. In that criteria i would be seem as trans when i was a kid and maybe now too. Because it Always were easy to get along with girls… I grew up and had trust issues.. Specially with guys. I am a gay Guy. MY dad didnt like me to play and be friends with gilrs or play with "girls things" or do "girls things". Also when i came out as gay He tought i maybe would "become female"… And its "funny" (no, its not… It is almost like i am "misgendered") that people think that im not Male or mand enough because im gay

  4. I had felt that i was "too Nice" for a Guy. "too sensitive". I wish Guy looked at me like sometimes they do for girls. When i was a kid in my dreams i was female so i could fall for the guy. I remember this dream crearly and it were more than 10 years ago. im not sayin im opressed for being a man. No Way. But being gay and with my personality they put me unconfortable. I wanna play woccer but man are too violent and homofobic in game too. So i dont do it. I wish i had more Guy friends but i dont trust neither get along easy with them.

  5. Love what your doing.

    Jesus, they would have got me as a kid. When I started school, I played with the girls, they were nicer and I was crap at footie and fighting. As an ado, I wasn't keen on the whole manly man thing. I was in the punk generation, rejecting all that was part of it. we wanted, like most generations, to make up sex for ourselves.

  6. I find it disturbing that, according to these definitions, I would have absolutely been diagnosed as having a mental disorder as a child. They would have labeled me as sick and needing treatment, just because society expected me to fit a role that didn't work for me. Hell, they could have convinced me that my body was wrong and given me permanent surgical and medical treatment. This is so incredibly messed up for so many reasons. I hope that the medical establishment eventually finds the time to take its head out of its ass. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I know I'm stating the obvious here, but I don't remember seeing the word gender put to popular use growing up in anything that required my personal information. Now there are forms requiring a person's information which have the terms MtF and FtM listed alongside Male, Female, and some variant of "Other" where an individual signing a form doesn't wish to specify their "gender". In short, gender is a cancerous neologism that needs to be done away with. It's origins as a word to describe the sexes through a superficial lens is mind-boggling, and something only a passively brainwashed and propagandized population would accept.

  8. I feel bad for people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria. But I don't see how feeding them dangerous puberty blockers & cross-sex hormones and mutilating their bodies is a humane long term solution.

    I mean, anorexics suffer from a form of body dysphoria (they believe they're too fat even when they're clearly starving to death). But its not considered a hate crime to tell them that they're wrong and that they NEED to gain weight.

    Lots of people (ESPECIALLY kids) feel crippling depression because their nose is too big or their skin is too dark or their boobs aren't big enough. Does this mean we should make taxpayers pay for nose jobs, skin bleaching, and boob jobs for underage kids (or adults for that matter)?
    The FIRST resort when it comes to stuff like that should not be permanent body modification. It should be helping the patient accept their body and telling them that there's nothing wrong with having a big nose, dark skin, and/or small breasts.

  9. Excellent video, as ever – very incisive and clear.

    I do find it hilarious, in a dark sort of way, that given the criteria you've just broken down, had I been growing up now, I could very easily have been "transed" – and I'm a straight woman who has no problem being a woman! That thought makes it very hard to take this stuff seriously.

  10. I recently found this brand new great,really important long article debunking myths that gender identity is innate and fixed! It's by two male psychiatrists,Lawrence S.Mayor and Paul R.McHugh and they say they are very concerned with the transgendering of little children. One of their many references is The American Psychological Associations pamphlet on Transgenderism and gender and it says while sex is biological,gender is socially constructed.

  11. Great article,Setting The Children Free:Parenting Without Stereotypes by Rebecca Asher author of the book Man Up:Boys,Men And Breaking The Male Rules.

  12. My important blog,Debunking Common Srxist MythsOf Gender with a lot of great strong psychological research

  13. I'm taking English language at A Level, and I asked my teacher if you can use they as singular, and she said no if anyone does that they are incorrect 😂😂😂

  14. Very Interesting Smithsonian Magazine article about Franklin Roosevelt & boys then were dressed in dresses,long hair,hats & Mary Jane shoes and boys were dressed in pink and girls in blue which just goes to show how artificially socially constructed all of this is!

    This very interesting important article is about how dressing children in gender stereotyped clothes is a fairly recent thing,and that president Franklin Roosevelt was dressed as a little boy in a dress,holding a big hat,with long wavy hair and in the Mary Jane type shoes!

  15. Article by Charlie Sorrel When Female Babies Cry,Men Discount Their Distress he says at the end,now if only parents would stop dressing their boys in blue & their girls in pink.

  16. Christian psychology professor Dr.Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen's college course presentation video Beyond Malacandra and Perelandra:Men are From Earth,Women Are From Earth where she demonstrates what a large amount of psychological research studies shows,that most of the psychological sex differences are really small and there is a large overlap between the sexes.

  17. I've been watching my three psych professors get frustrated with social justicey students who come in and want to teach them about gender. They basically treat my professors like out of touch morons. When my child psychology professor is provoked she will start ranting about how ineffective gender clinics are at finding transgender children.

    She claims females as a general group experience dysphoria and wanting to be a boy as a child is a very common among females and usually fades as they enter adulthood cough Milo Stewart cough. She also had a huge rant about how even though gay men can be feminine or ultra masculine as adults as children young boys who grow up gay tend to be more precocious socially like girls and interested in talky more social games. At least before puberty, they usually play better with girls.

    I know this is just taken second hand from my professor, but I do agree and feel like Psychology is getting invaded by this really ignorant and homophobic mindset trying to judge and define children and encouraging teenagers to define themselves as soon as possible.

  18. According to the APA criteria, I am transgender. I'm pretty certain that if I had been born in the 80s or 90s rather than 50s, I would have wanted to transition into a man. Instead when I hit puberty in the early 70s, when transgenderism was maybe not even a word, I became anorexic to rid myself of secondary sex characteristics. It took a long time for me to accept being a woman and to eat more or less normally (it still happens that I go a few days without eating). But now I adore my poor battle-worn and aging body. I would not want to be a man for anything in the world.

  19. So if I'm a female and my male co worker is getting paid more than me, and I want to be paid as much as him ….. does that make me transgender?

  20. Omg! I matched most of the criteria as a child. I am gay, not trans. The criteria for gender dysphoria in kids is ridiculous, it could just be a gender non conforming kid, like me. Also I attempted to avoid the things considered "girly" as I grew up, to avoid being picked on. Even though I really liked them. If they just let kids be kids and stopped gendering everything, I bet this problem would mostly disappear. These kids are probably gay or lesbian but develop deep rooted insecurities and gender dysphoria, because people keep telling them they can't be their born sex and like the things that aren't typical of their gender role.

  21. Spot on as always, Magdalen! I'm a huge fan of your vids.

    You might also enjoy this Milo interview with conservative columnist Ann Coulter from a week ago when they talk about "the transgender thing":

  22. Magdalen. You are the BEST. I am a licensed professional counselor and I can say that you are more qualified and knowledgeable to assist people struggling w gender than most other trained professionals. Thank you and keep making videos!

  23. Hello magdalen,can you do me a favor and check out the video on FTM Ryan Jacobs Flores. this individual wants to educate all of us on the two genders as well as addressing (you will never be a real man statements ). I'd make a response video but I have never made a video before, maybe I should start for misguided people such as this. can you please make a response video, since you'd be able to elaborate more then me.

  24. I really like this video. I am studying clinical psychology so naturally the DSM will be very relevant for my work. It is sad that an entire section is so easily picked apart. I feel like I often have to defend the DSM to people outside my field and I did, but because of this video it lost all credibility for me and I feel like I can't anymore. This is not just a book.. This is a work of careful collaboration between many scientist of over 20+ years. I can't believe that some of these symptoms are not exclusive of each other, what a blunder… The DSM V really should not have been published this way.

  25. Hello, Magdalen. Tell me please, how to connect and talk to you outside of u-tube? I'm not going about a fight. Your way of thinking became interesting to me. If you don't mind we could talk in whatsapp, for instance or anywhere else. Thanks for reading.

  26. Hello, Magdalen. Tell me please, how to connect and talk to you outside of u-tube? I'm not going about a fight. Your way of thinking became interesting to me. If you don't mind we could talk in whatsapp, for instance or anywhere else. Thanks for reading.

  27. Hello, Magdalen. Tell me please, how to connect and talk to you outside of u-tube? I'm not going about a fight. Your way of thinking became interesting to me. If you don't mind we could talk in whatsapp, for instance or anywhere else. Thanks for reading.

  28. I have a question! this is all about queer people or trans people tooo? i mean, people who have disforia, people who reject their genitals, because i think it's part of the same thing but i know people who say that is not.

  29. There's no justification for gender to be removed from biology. That's your religions fault. The APA is heavily poisoned by your religion as well.

  30. When I watch videos like this it makes me really wonder if gender is really even a thing (I'm talking about identity rather than the lived role of a boy or a girl) I've identified as non-binary/agender because I never really got the concept of being a girl or being a boy. I don't believe masculine or feminine traits are involved- they are simply a personality thing. Perhaps gender identity isn't a real thing and just the result of a complex web of feelings and the need to feel close to and associate with people you most identify with. But since I don't have a sense of gender, I don't feel like I can really have a say in this. It doesn't feel fair

    However gender dysphoria is a real thing because it is a result of not being viewed and accepted as a member of the gender community you most identify with and also from having your beliefs invalidated

  31. Igraduated as a molecular biologist, and foor an essay in my final year researched the biological origins of gender identity, and there is some data that suggests that 'Gender Identity' can have a biological underpinning. It all depends on how Gender and Gender Identity are understood really. If we take gender Identity to be the way in which we express our 'maleness' or 'femaleness' through behavior, then there is evidence that these behaviors do have biological underpinnings via gene expression and thus ultimately hormone activation and sensitivity to those hormones:

    I am in no way an expert on gender, so please dont think I am trying to claim authority here, just adding my 2 pence worth.

  32. The diagnostic elements are definitely a bit ill-thought-out. And her whole point is that most teenagers go through the various stages of discomfort with their bodies which is highly unlikely to actually be gender dysphoria in any real sense. Yet puberty lasts a lot longer than just 6 months… Are we about to see the Ritalin epidemic now with gender issues?

  33. As a kid I had 6 of those.
    Guess I'm trans now.

    This shit is dangerous.

    Also, second list definitely 1 and 5.

    So this is very ridiculous to me….

  34. I want there to be a "love" button for your videos. You just make so much sense – I wish I could call it 'common' sense but realistically, I can't :/

  35. The phrase "the other gender" implies there's only two genders. The list of crazy "preferred pronounces" has nothing to do with that, it's just a suggestion on how to be polite to these people. Also these ridiculous terms were all pushed into DSM by feminists so…

  36. In previous comments I obviously confused the word Dysphoria with "Dismorphia" (which also may be misspelled) and I apologize for that. It's out of character for me to misuse or misspell a word–I'm a Linguist–but it's a relatively new word for me, and one I am trying to learn more about, but do not find many opportunities in which it applies accurately, nor do I generally find trans issues interesting in general other than trying to understand the Transtrenders of my daughter's generation. I am a bisexual woman who was accused of being a "transphobe" because I said I would not date a transgender woman or man (and I really should not have to explain why or justify why–I don't want to, I'm not attracted to them, and the idea of going to bed with a woman who has a penis is a very "rapey" feeling in my mind, e.g. I get physically uncomfortable every time I see the seen in Rocky Horror where Frankenfurter guilts Janet into having sex with him. Physically ILL may be more accurate—if anything is "triggering" for me, it's that scene, and I'm a lifelong fan of that movie, just NOT that scene). Ironically, the transwoman who accused me of being Transphobe for this was busy explaining why she couldn't live with her roommate anymore who she described as a "butch lesbian" who claimed was aggressively trying to talk her into sex, and she didn't want to because she's "straight" and will only date someone with a vagina if it's a transman (so, it's OK for her to have preferences but mine make me "transphobic"?) Anyway, I think you understand what I meant when I used the wrong word, and I hope you understood my message behind the poor language skills: I do accept this DSM-V definition and do believe this sort of transgenderism is a real thing for a small number of people, but I know waaaaaaaay too many millennial age people (my daughter's peers) who have become trans (literally more than 50% of the peers she went to school with from 2nd grade through 10th grade–HALF have suddenly become "trans" and of those, a few changed their minds later when it was too late to reverse some surgeries). People like Blaire White I find authentic (and she says she has Gender Dysphoria), Stef Santaji I find to be harmless and I don't want to speak on if she has GS or not because since she said she never felt like a little girl trapped in a boy as a child, I tend to think not, but I do know as a younger person, "she" was a "he" I watched for several years and it literally took me 2-3 early videos to realize it was a boy I was watching not a girl—speaking of pre-transition days–so I do not find her to be any sort of threat because she's not trying to convince anyone they need to date trans people, she's just trying not to get killed for being trans, something she has been taught by the left that is a huge threat to her safety. She's not a "lesbian" and she discloses to any men she is interested in, and to my knowledge, she does not hide anything or play the guilt card. JUSTIN DENNIS is someone I find very problematic, and I dislike him intensely. The response to his videos is what brought me to you, and I am grateful for that as you have verbalized so much of what I would like to say but you have done so far better than I could. Thank you—thank you for that. Truly.

  37. If we look at the system we live in which is basically capitalism+patriarchy… Doesn't it become more clear why transgender ideology is profitable? Here's a video a dude made about ''Capitalism and mental health'': It has a good point about people hating their bodies in general for the profit of various capitalists. They'd rather keep those gender norms so they could gain their money from it. Think of plastic surgery and all those medical procedures… People not being comfortable with who they are and their own bodies even more than they used to be. This idea that they should ''pass'' and fit into some idea of what a person with certain characteristics should be in order to be acceptable alone. Being accepted is like a primary need of every human being and they took it from us to sell it to us for enormous amounts of money.

    However, we should never forget about patriarchy and what makes the issues gendered as well. Because both of these ''systems'' constitute our current reality. Dudes especially will constantly overlook patriarchy cause it's just not visible to them or not visible enough or they're just ok with it cause it makes most of things hunky dory for them. Well, the last one is especially true…

    Anyway, sorry for this vague expression of my thoughts and my poor English skills. I tried…

  38. This makes me so fucking angry -.- how the hell can they diagnose children with gender dysphoria! My god my children both play with girls toys and hang around with girls!!! I also dress and behave "masculine" and I am very comfortable, however if this was explained to me as a child I know for a fact I would have transitioned as I would have been so confused! I hate this so much, so many people are so confused because of this crap!

  39. I'm grateful I'm not currently a child. I would've been labeled gender dysphoric for my interests, clothes, friendships, and dislike of my body as I entered puberty, and would've had therapists telling me that I was actually male and in need of transition. Being impressionable and troubled, I very likely would've believed it, particularly because I spent several years constantly mistaken for a boy. Also, when you don't feel like you fit in or come from a home in which there is abuse and/or neglect, suddenly having a reason for negative feelings about oneself (the wrong body!) offers a false solution. There is also the attention that neglected children gain by virtue of publicly adopting a new name and persona or having people refer to them by other pronouns, which is also a false solution to the void they feel. It's awful how many children are being taught that their bodies are wrong and are taking puberty blockers or are preparing to mutilate themselves chemically or surgically because the trans movement cannot distinguish between sex, gender roles, and the feelings one has and/or internalizes about gender roles. I would also be curious to see research regarding child molestation and transgenderism. I strongly suspect that children who have been molested by males, who account for almost all perpetrators, internalize the abuse and seek escape in another body. For example, I think girls who are molested might desire to be male as a way to escape the male abuser who is attracted to a female body, and boys who are molested might additionally want to reject their genitals because they match the genitals of their male abuser, which  causes feelings of shame and disgust. I'm also very grateful that my parents didn't impose gender roles on me as a child and let me play and do as I liked. Despite the dysfunction in my home, my dad taught me how to throw a football and a baseball and coached my basketball and soccer teams. He cheered me on for being aggressive at sports. Had my parents forced dolls on me, or literally shamed me like the neighbor did for not liking Barbie, it could've been so much worse. I think more parents should just let their kids enjoy whatever interests they have without pathologizing their children's behavior.


  41. I mean, the APA has always been pushing a pharmocracy which over-medicalises much of what it is to be human (and the standard deviance therein) as they clearly have a profit motive. There's been plenty published about it – i know Szasz has a few books "the myth of mental illness" et al on the topic

  42. Yo Magdalen, Psychologist here. I just discovered your videos, and you're absolutely hilarious, and wonderfully informative.

    The APA is a sack of garbage. The DSM has tried SO hard in it's Vth edition to be accomodating (to push for diagnoses is my guess) that they throw around all these troublesome concepts without ever DEFINING THEM. This is true for stuff like "gender non-conforming", "genderqueer" and other such concepts, and others too like "asexual". These topics are never really explained in depth, and are expected to come from SELF-IDENTIFICATION. This is ridiculous.

    The manual of diagnostic criteria starts from the assumption that there's no unitary consensus for what something like "asexual" means, but that if the person identifies as such, you simply have to take their word for it and are told to shrug it off as unimportant. In the same way, they have this vague, passive acceptance of a concept of gender non-binary, based on no significant research, and rather just the sociological aspect.

    Now, here's a thought: OCD has, for example, pangs of dysphoria as a possible symptom, which go away after treatment of OCD. There's a remarkable incidence of OCD among transgender people. I'm sure you can see my worries with this non-conclusive, generalistic and life-changing diagnosis only mentioning counseling in passing. We simply DON'T KNOW ENOUGH about transgenderism to make educated guesses. We can't accomodate to any of this. But sadly, my voice is a minority, and I'm instantly a sexist and a bigot.

  43. As a kid I preferred a lot of boy leaning interests, yet still liked girl leaning interests, and I've always identified as a girl/woman. I really don't get this whole "if you don't perfectly conform to one side 100%, you're non-binary". I don't see why I can't be a woman who enjoys thrash metal and baseball, while also enjoying wearing dresses and floral decorations. It's not non-binary, it's personality.

  44. would a person ever expierience gender dysphoria if they would grow up alone and never knew of the other gender?

  45. I had no problem with my bits and pieces. I couldn't wait for my breasts to sprout and get a training bra. I was excited by my first period and thought I could take my mum's tampon but it wouldn't fit (didn't know you it wouldn't go in a virgin) so I had the awful pads but I had no discomfort with the whole growing into my body thing.

  46. Doctors, especially psych doctors misdiagnose all the time. 12 million people are misdiagnosed every year in the US just on regular medical grounds the numbers get really skewed when looking at how often mental health professionals muck it all up or push a certain diagnosis on a patient such as 'multiple personality'.

  47. I think the diagnostic criteria for children have to be changed. If you don't fit gender stereotypes it doesn't make you trans

  48. Does the DSM actually ever define both sex and gender? Sure seems a lot of people are throwing the terms around with gay abandon – so to speak – without ever actually defining those fundamental terms.

    Took a look at your link to the DSM but at $210 I'm not about to actually buy it. And kind of get the impression they have their heads up their arses.

  49. I feel good that I've not grown in this time because I would have really easily gender dysphoria and if I could take hormones or whatever I think I would go for it as an adolescent or kid. I would really like to crossdress or play with make-up and not to be judged by the society for example. But this problem won't be solved if to do that I've to call myself a woman. This is not how it works.

    The problem won't be solved if we reinforce gender stereotypes. The problem will be solved if we, as a society, destroy gender (and gender expectations then). When that happens noone would feel uncomfortable with their sex or whatever he does because noone will tell that "this is something that boys or girls do". Noone will judge that. But that's, by far, much more difficult than reinforce gender stereotypes.

    Thank you for your videos Magdalen, you're a breath of fresh air. I've learned a lot!

  50. wow I've been a boy all this time? because I got 7 out of 8 of these as a child (didn't hate my own anatomy, but wished I could also have male anatomy)

  51. 5 and 6 on the adult list invariably go together. Every bold, brash, "brutally honest", rationalist, logical-presenting, non-emotional, sporty etc. woman has had the conviction that they don't react to things or feel the same way other women do. Invariably with this comes the strong desire to be treated like a man, not because they believe they are men, but because if they were treated like men then THEY WOULD BE TREATED AS IF THEY WERE NORMAL. That is so SO far from actually believing you're a man.

  52. You said at the end of your video that "the 2 Genders debate is a bit of a red-herring."

    I agree. Although I probably agree with you for a different reason. I think that #1 it's used as a distraction from the real issues involving trans-genders, and #2, mostly because of the unmitigated credence that is given to people who "claim" these feelings but don't actually have them.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Awesome job.

  53. this is insane. i have OCD and my compulsions make me literally want to mutilate my genitals. it doesnt make me transsexual though, as i am perfectly comfortable with being male and do not experience any dysphoria.

    its terrifying that an official mental health handbook fails to explain in depth what these terms mean and make it incredibly easy for almost anyone to be diagnosed with gender dysphoria when they clearly do not have it.

  54. god this is so dangerous for children. these kids are going to be so confused. I wish we could just skip to a world without gender already.

  55. Why would little girls not want to play with boys toys and wear boys clothes etc? I used to have so much fun playing with my cousins train sets and LEGO because it was so exciting building things and being creative compared to playing with girls toys which are basically all about pretending to be an adult woman buying groceries and looking after babies. Am I a trans man because I thought magnets were more fun to play with than plastic babies that fake wet themselves? No.

    And my sister plays a lot of sport so she pretty much only shops in the boys section and always has because girls clothes are so restrictive, more expensive and generally have some pink glitter writing with some weird slogan when you’re shopping in the kids section and you just want a plain tshirt. Is she a trans man because she wants to wear shorts that actually cover her arse? No.

    Same with my brothers who’s friends are mostly girls and who prefer art over sport and wearing nail polish when they were younger because they wanted their favourite colours on their nails. Not trans, just kids too young to care about gender roles and doing whatever looks the most fun.

    Can you imagine if my mum wasn’t just as gender critical as I am and put us all on hormones because playing with dolls is an innate part of a persons identity that your body needs to be shaped around.

  56. OMG! I have a number of serious medical conditions, I am uncomfortable with this body…..I'm trans!!!!!!
    Unless you were born with an hand sticking out of your head, your genitalia on the top of your foot or some other odd placement of a body part you have no basis to say that you were born with the wrong body!

  57. Im so glad you made these videos. How can anyone see these criteria and see how blatantly it is reinforcing gender stereotypes. "Desire to be treated as the other gender"? Goodness gracious it is undoing all the work feminists have been doing… Anyway I hope you are well <3

  58. This is seriously insane. Little autistic girls often want to be little boys and do not like stereotypical female games and toys. I am autistic and I hated stereotypical girl stuff when I was a kid because practicing hanging up the washing on mini clothes line sucks. Every autistic female friend I have ever had has wanted to be a boy or preferred stereotypical boy things when she was little. I find autistic women in general to be more down to earth and less into fake feminine nonsense. We are all still women !!!!

  59. By this definition I would have been diagnosed transgendered as a child, but I grew up before this was a thing. I hated being a girl, because I felt so opressed and made silly and not taken seriously, being sexually harrassed because I was developing made me hate my body, I felt like being a woman was a curse. I cut my hair short, I refused make up, I wore boys clothes, I refused to do anything I percieved to be "feminine" or "girly". I completely denied my gender. I'm not trans. I wasnt trans. I was a tomboy and I was a feminist that didnt want to comform to stupid gender roles. Still am a feminist, but no longer a tomboy, quite the opposite. These criterias are scary. You mean to tell me that if my daughter, if she feels that same way like I did, is going to be diagnosed? What??? Not wanting to be pushed into a gender role is not being trans surely?

  60. I grew tits when I was 10 and although I love them now, at the time they were a source of pure embarrassment and I lived in baggy oversized tops for years, but never at anytime did I wish I was a boy.

  61. I would have been diagnosed as transgender kid 100% and I definitely am not,never was, not even close. What a crime! How patronizing and essentially oppressive these diagnostic tools are. They are saying that whoever does not fit the gender stereotype associated with their biological sex HAS to have some sort of pathology. They are essentially perpetuating stereotypes, they are dividing people into arbitrary categories and putting all sorts of labels on them. And for what? I mean, how does this help anybody in the end of the day? This is madness, honestly. I'm starting to think about conspiracy theories here and I don't want to. What if there's a bunch of doctors who do this to attract more and more clients, labelled as "transgender" and keep treating them for something they really don't have. And maybe the rest of the doctors don't want to oppose this so they are not labelled as "transphobic". I don't know. This is madness.

  62. So much love for you — your messages are really, really, seriously better than "professional" therapy. Angel.

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