Tucson Eye Doctor

A Tucson eye doctor can provide a
comprehensive eye examination for children of all ages. At Arizona Primary Eye Care my colleague
Dr.Cheryl Schmitt and myself – Dr.Katrina Nichols enjoy examining children of all ages. I’ve had parents ask me why their child would need a
full eye examine if they have had their eyes tested at the pediatrician or have had a school screening. Your child pediatrician does an
excellent job in detecting distance visions issues and some medical conditions. Tucson eye doctors here in Arizona Primary Eye Care go beyond to test not only the distance vision but also
the children’s functional vision with a focus on near vision depth perception color vision
and we do further ocular help evaluations. Some children in school encounter obstacles in both reading difficulties, reversals of letters
and some accommodative issues which can be attributed to undiagnosed vision
issues like astigmatism and farsightedness. When you need a good Tucson eye doctor
please schedule your child’s appointment within my colleague doctor Cheryl Schmitt or myself – doctor Katrina Nichols we look forward to seeing you all. Please visit our website at
www.ArizonaPrimaryEyeCare.com or give us a call at (520) 322 2713
to schedule your appointment and please like us on our Facebook page for coupons

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