True Sight : The International 2017 Finals

Only one best of five remain. Only two teams remain. I want to win. I’ve waited for this day four years. We started lower bracket, top 12. Did we do anything special? Dude, all this shit because
of one series we lost? It’s better to play lower bracket. You get a lot of practice in. We learned a lot. I learned a lot. I learned a lot.
– So that’s nice Upper bracket is for bitches! (clap) Don’t forget our motto. Don’t give a fuck.
Don’t give a fuck. The less fucks we give
the better we will play. When you go to the stage–
Take deeps breaths when– The moment we walk on the
stage I want you all guys to take deep breaths while
you’re walking. Get the air. You know when boxers are like, oh I need to smell the
air and get used to it? It is real. Get the air into your
body, get used to the air. Take deep breaths. I’d just like to remind you guys, this is our only TI finalist speaking so he’s an authority. I waited four fuckin’ years for this day. This time we’re gonna rewrite history. This guy is gonna outdraft them. He’s gonna outdraft Newbee, empower him. Only Maroun empowers me. What do you mean!? I don’t like him.
Me too actually. I’m gonna throw honestly. No no no.
I’m throwing. If you throw I’m throwing with you. It doesn’t matter what we do, throw or win, let’s do it together.
That’s the most important thing. Get ready to make some noise because our first team is about
to head to the main stage. Join me in welcoming, from China, Newbee! They’re no strangers to Esports, they are Team Liquid. Let’s do it for Kuro boys . I’m very confident, guys. Nice, nice. We are, too, boy. Draft begins. I don’t wanna deal with Eath Spirit, guys. The first game we lost since that was only because of fucking Earth Spirit. I think this Earth Spirit is broken shit. Newbee’s turn to ban. Team Liquid’s turn to pick. We can pick Prophet and then, we can decide what we want. You want to pull Prophet?
Yeah, just pick Prophet and then we’ll see what we want. Are you sure though? I’m very confident. They might just go Sven straight up. Fuck them. Last time I played TI Finals, I had to play against first
pick prohet all the time. (laughing)
I’m first picking myself. These guys don’t notice
I’ve already influenced you into Lone Druid and Prophet…and IO And Broodmamas. I speak for the trees. We have that Nature’s Prophet back and it was a huge star
in the previous series. I personally am going to expect less of a massive impact out
of MinD_ContRoL’s hero, just the way it works in this game. Newbee’s turn to pick. Ten seconds remaining. Lina. I suggested Lina. I suggested Lina, boys. I’m pretty happy with this. The place where immortals are crowned and it is the International Grand Final. Let’s go. Kpii on bottom lane. A little bit of trouble, GH– No, go for it. The body blocking from the trees. MinD_ContRoL. Nice one. We have a lane switch. Middle lane courier snipe. MinD_ContRol coming in for the kill. Killing him, top, maybe. Moogy able to TP. MinD_ContRoL getting in to finish him. This was the only play that was
going decently for Newbee… If you guys run in, I can finish Rosh. Yeah, I will, I will. Rosh is down to two 2k, kpii, he does have the Firefly. – Get Lina, get Lina.
– I’ll get Lina, I’ll get Lina… This Lina just doesn’t have the life to survive… Team Liquid, they are
everywhere on this map. We can play on the Slardar crush Infest me, infest me! – Get him, get him.
– I’m going. Infest up, they’re going in once more, Blink, looking for the Crush,
the frostbite… No, no, I have Linken just
protect me, focus on the fight. Oh no the Linken’s
sphere, he had it up, Kpii blinked in and he was looking
for the Lasso, the Lasso is Oh nice work nice!
Good job! This is not the position Newbee thought
they were going to have. (audience chanting)
Lets go liquid! (together)
GG! (clapping)
Only one game. Going hamburger! Nice good shit boys. That throw pick was, I mean honestly they fucked
up with the Lina pick, Lina cannot do shit. They had no picks left,
I was very confident. Yeah me too, me too. I felt very good because I
fucked up that other series I was just wanting to do my thing. Let me take a piss! Just be aware of their
Newbee 5-man Chinese move that’s it, that’s it, nothing else. One move, they only have
one move, that’s it. Just stay sharp guys you’re
doing really well, really well just keep everything, you
made really good decisions. Feels good man.
Lets play more Dota guys. Don’t forget the most important
thing about next game, let’s have fun! And don’t give a fuck. Could be the most fun game of your life. Yeah don’t give a fuck,
don’t give a fuck Don’t give a fuck. Kaci
Woo Kaci! Take a deep breath Maroun.
– I took like seven. Oh my god, that was good one. Feel the game guys, calm yourself,
and feel the game, no pressure. Day9 – As we’re going into this very next game,
I just want to ask, straight up what is the big shift in drafting
that we need to see out of Newbee? Sumail – I think Newbee should focus more on MinD_ContRoL because I feel like hes has been
the best player in this tournament. – Nice. MC! What did he say? He’s been the best player
in this tournament. MC?
Yeah boy, you’re all the best. Respect them okay, they fucked
up a lot they played bad they never play bad.
Dude they picked CM Nyx against Prophet.
Yeah they picked wrong hero so they just felt the game,
they will be much stronger now so be ready guys, be ready,
okay, be ready for these guys. Team Liquid’s turn to pick. – Shit!
– Somebody is being targeted I think Suamil taught them how to do it. Fuck this clap dude. Sumail – I mean that’s the great thing
about Liquid in my opinion, personally I think they are the hardest
team to draft against because they can play almost every
single hero in the game I feel like. Kuro’s on the run,
wants to try juking the fog of war it won’t be successful I fucked up. Matumba, Faith wants to block him. Kpii, he actually blocked him perfectly… And he’ll go for the
burrow strike and Sccc I think for the first time in this series the China crowd finally has a voice. Of course the kill
count is that point when you understand that kills
don’t mean everything in Dota. We should actually give them Rosh Yep. Epicenter down, QoP wave down. Yep. There’s your jump forward, it goes to GH’s Earthshaker, Aegis of the Immortal already in the hands of Miracle and Liquid now they have everything
they need to win this fight the Ice Blast knocks the SK, even the… Team Liquid not done yet. They are going to wait
for Chemical Rage and push for the high ground again
knowing that key cool downs are now not available, there’s no chain frost,
no blink duel… There’s an AM here. Moogy, he’s going to try to run the back lines Blink Burrow Strike holding Miracle… – Go go go!
– Get him! Get AM, get AM! He’s stunned, he’s stunned! Get him, get him! Nice! Anti Mage is down for two minutes,
they’ve lost the numbers, There isn’t enough defense from Newbee
without the Anti-Mage, without their big core, they just don’t have the damage… Woo! This could be the final game of TI, Newbee are down 0-2, Team Liquid
has made an extraordinary run winning six consecutive
series to get here, but Newbee still has the chance.
They still can win this game. They’ll have to win three more
if they want the championship. So if you’re a Liquid Fan,
if you’re a Newbee fan, let me hear you make some noise,
it’s time for Game 3 of The Grand Final. Let’s go Liquid! Let’s go Liquid! Virtus Pro, Virtus Pro! Na’vi, Na’vi, Na’vi! Maroun, you promised to cry if we win. I did what?!? Guys, STOP thinking about winning… focus on this game. Okay sir. How’s Troll?
Troll is great because we need Rosh on high ground. If you believe in Jugg go,
I think Jugg is strong. I do believe that. I think he’s good he can carry this game. Our fighting is very strong
so let’s just push our waves and keep fighting them. I think this is Newbee’s
best draft of the finals, if they can’t win
this game then Liquid’s just hands down the better team today. Have they got the start? They do, there’s no spin Miracle just has to take
the physical damage. That was unfortunate. Oh wow, Moogy, they’ve been trying to surge GH away from that fight. Gale got a connect on his target, Sccc keeping it in play going up
on the hill realize no one else is there from Team Liquid. There’s the Stampede though
and this will be the kill. The Shackles hold him back,
that’s a huge kill… They got all three
tier ones at 12 minutes which is very good timing but not really too much a gold
lead to show for it. Here here here surge me. He’s here, he’s here. Not tonight boys, not tonight! No one is defending this they’ll even burn Exorcism of Sccc to ensure that Roshan… – Yeah, they’re roshing.
– They’re roshing, they’re roshing! Don’t lose formation,
only Jugg in front. Liquid, they are coming. Going in. Massive form downturn but the echo slam… Nice, nice, get them, get them all! Nice! Nice nice, good shit guys. The big advantage that Newbee had, just disappeared. It’s a huge ask,
they have to defend, and they know they’ve lost control of this game. The goal graph has
swung by about 10,000 in favor of Team Liquid not to mention the experience
graph racking up about 12k to 13k movement. Check runes, check runes,
might be very good runes. DD force me force me. That’s what reaction time is all about
Miracle the burrow strike from Kaka… Okay, okay, they’re all jumping me
help help help. Miracle. The echo slams there from GH
and the onmi-slash, and damage…sccc has gone
for two minutes but Right now it’s all Liquid,
they have taken down four but lose nothing but take everything from Newbee. That was nice. That was a little
too close for my taste. Bottom racks. Yeah boom. Then we take top racks.
– Okay Okay boss. Come on, come on man. They are fucking up they fucked up. – Look at their Wards’ position.
– Look at me look at me! Look at the wards position. Heal heal, I have heal and ward Guys look at the wards position.
It’s bad for them. Yeah yeah yeah, relax My fucking team hates me. Just enjoy ourselves it’s going
to be very nice now. Put a ward here, be ready. Holding and up they
come once more, no hex, no instant stun available,
omni-slash on top of Moogy. The shrines aren’t doing enough
but it is all a Miracle show… Get him, get him! Centaur! Get Centaur, get Centaur! They need to do some damage but right now Newbee’s dropping like flies…and GG! – Nice!!
– Yes!! Holy shit guys!
Holy shit! Holy! Yeah you fuckers! 3:0, nobody has ever done that! No one has ever done that! We’re the first ones to do that,
well done guys. Let’s go, come on! We waited a long time. We’re the TI fucking champions. Is it heavy? No it’s not heavy. (crowd chanting)
Let’s go Liquid! Let’s go Kuro! One more time,
raise the roof at the Key arena. Team Liquid. You deserve it man. Oooh, boss. Easy easy (crowd chanting)
Kuroky, Kuroky! We fucking did! Oh the sun is nice. Look at all your fans. I’m going to follow you
because I should never walk in front of champions. – We follow you.
– No but after you sir. No after you. Hey can I also get a selfie? Yeah sure!
Thank you guys. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. Nice job man! (wooing) Thanks man. Can I just touch the Aegis…just touch. (crowd chanting)
Liquid, Liquid! This is not real life.
Right? I actually feel this
is too good to be true. Right? Alright, majors, next year, minors, majors, dude lets
think about it later please, Dude, you’re so…actually… that’s why your bald!
(laughing) – You’ve got to look forward man. You’ve got to plan long term. (laughs)
That’s why your bald.


  1. compare this with ti8 true sight. there's so much difference every post-game. you have only like 15 minutes break and you don't want to spent too much energy looking for blame or talking about the game that's already done wearing down your teammates mental health.

  2. kuro : ok next major !
    miracle : minor major, lets think later please, thats why u bald 😀
    so funny hahaha 😀


  3. They're too tense, i've seen them play on smaller tournaments and they played so good. They've got skills to win ti, but come on… have more confidence to yourself. They're just not mentally prepared for this.

  4. 17:03 Kuroky was angry at his team for staying focused on the game because he didn't want to feel runner up for the second time

  5. Newbee really became like newbies during that series. They were good players but ultimately They couldn't outdraft kuro.

  6. Chinese and SEA DotA is cancer nowadays. And you all need to understand that already!
    These guys dont play for the fun, they don't play for glory, they don't play with the thoughts of being the best, in mind. They have "expectations" dumped on them from their countrymen, from a mentality point of speaking. Each team house is just a business (just like soccer/football is today, and you all know how that is), each player is a self-imposed "pro" player that thinks they are someone important. They've let the fact that gaming is an industry in their country get to their heads and cloud their minds… They think only about the money and their next pay-check and the prestige that comes with winning all that MONEY, and that has been their downfall; and it will continue to be as such, despite the fact that they have VERY talented players there… Players I and YOU love to see play (I wont drop names).

    It's sad what they did to Winstrike. Karma is a bitch, and whatnot; superstitions left and right, etc… But it only reinforces what i've just said.

    You can see by how Newbee played this final how toxic the industry is in that part of the globe… It's sad to see those young souls struggle so much.

    I wish good fortune on them (the chinese) for TI10, BUT i am not getting my hopes up for the Aegis to ever go to the East. Not yet! They need to show us that they deserve it!

  7. kaka is a blamer, he totally destroyed his teammate's morality, I see him blaming after losing every game. This is so sad and I feel bad for Moogy and Sccc.

  8. Watched TrueSight TI8, watched RedBull OG documentation, watched OG won TI9… Now watching TrueSight TI7, I can be sure Chinese teams need to improve a lot on mindset to win TI.

  9. после инта
    вся комаеда ликвид радуеться плачут
    миракл :нам поебать , нам поебать

  10. Kuroky Walking Alone the red carpet with the aegis and let the boy touch the aegis make me cry a lot, what a man! Kuroky you’re a god!

  11. These Chinese teams really need a mental game coach. They need to learn how to control their emotions, forgive themselves, think positively, don't blame their teammates, etc. Basically everything that OG does.

  12. 16:42
    Lets go Liquid clap clap clap x2
    Lets go Liquid clap clap clap x2
    Lets go Liquid clap clap clap x2

    Virtus pro, Virtus pro

    Navi Navi Navi Navi Navi

  13. waiting for true sight ti9 rewacth this… n yeah Liquid final ti7 was more enjoying than ti9, when they fought og i feel like liquid was whornout or so fking tired…
    n btw kaka when already picking for next game u need to move on dude, too much fking blame ur teammate it will down ur teammate moral..

  14. Kuro and Ceb have very similar minds. With OG practically disbanding and Kuro going independent with his team I bet we see some of these guys playing together in the next couple seasons. I think everyone from Liquid is sticking with Kuro this year though.

  15. It's not about the money, it's about being the Best. "It's not your fault, they just played better". I like this team. And more power to the Chinese

  16. Ok so…I'm pretty late, but I don't know where else I can ask that: is there a movie somewhere about Liquid kinda like Against the Odds for OG? There needs to be one if there ain't already…I sure hope their new journey is being filmed as I'm writing this!

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