Triggers And Episodes, How They Can Affect You Life When Dealing With Mental Health And Bipolar…

hey b-but it’s Jeremiah again video
number 4 here we go I think today I want to talk about triggers and episodes I
have made some notes which I’ve never done in the past but I wanted to make
sure I get this kind of right and so a lot of people been asking me what your
trick is how’s your episodes and really I don’t really have triggers is not that
I know of I’ve tried the therapist and different
psychiatrist know them to try and work out what my triggers are and I’m not
good with them and that’s what mine is kind of scary as their I can’t really
pinpoint what sets me up and so one of my things are when I’m hitting my
episodes like I go super high or I go super low I can’t control it in the
daytime when I’m at work because there’s so many different distractions where I
am so with what the destructions going on I focus better at work there’s noises
there’s other conversations there’s different people come in and go and so
there’s a lot of distractions and makes me fine on the others hand of that it
exhausts me so much trying to play the happy guy always at work and it’s very
very exhausting so a lot of times when I get home I kind of just make it to the
door and I just fall on the other side and sit there
no pretty pitch that I can tell you anyway and sometimes my episodes I’m
pretty bipolar 1 2 we’re pretty ragged we go up quickly go down quickly the
wolf could go down quick especially with me mine can last hours make the last
weeks sometimes with people it’s mum sometimes it’s years but I don’t really
go into the month side of it not that I know of because a lot of times when you
are in it you don’t even know you’re in it because now it’s normal so a lot of
times when you do the depression side and then you go into the manic side you
kind of get engulfed in it so you don’t really see it so this is why it’s really
really really good to have a good group of friends around you but you can be
honest with that you can say look I’m having some
issues can you point out to me when you think I’m not acting normal
they are a good point if you’ll listen to them yes I got glasses on today
that’s superb t-shirt anyway I digress so yet you need a really good group
around you you need a good therapist and I can’t emphasize that enough
you really gotta find a good therapist and a good psychiatrist if you hate your
therapist and you hate your psychiatrist or you’re not connecting or the
prescribing where you are in a cloud all the time change go to another one and
you’ll find one that you really connect with it took me like six or seven goes
but I would wander well I will hopefully now got a change again with my insurance
change but hopefully this one will be a good one too but my last one she was the
best she was the best but in America when you insurance
changed a lot of times it doesn’t change with your doctor so anyway so other
people they can have triggers it can be places it could be smells it could be
people it can be food there could be a matter of many things a color a color a
seasoned um a day of the week type of thing anything can be a trigger and you
basically you have to look up for yours as I say I don’t really have any I go up
pretty fast I can come to UM pretty fast and here’s like a funny story of one of
my manic places when I was got off my on my highs and so I was sleeping like two
hours a night I felt great I do cardio for two hours I’d go to the gym or
figured hours and then I would come home and the house was clean I would do
laundry all the time and at one point I knew it was stupid because I had a white
t-shirt a pair of white socks and I drove me mad that they were in the
basket so what I did is I pulled clean white clothes and I put them in a
laundry with by dirty t-shirt into about a pair of socks and that’s how it goes
like you have to do something have to see it through and hopefully friends
will respect that and will work with you as you go through it
also um it was a weekend one time and by where I lived there was a gas
station Costco and they’d open at 6:00 in the morning so I would be there at
6:00 in the morning with my car meanwhile I was there the day before and
the day before that and the day before that and one time I didn’t leave the
house it was a weekend and my days off and I just stayed home and the next day
I went to the gas station and I put my 22 cents worth of gas in it probably
costs the dealer’s there the gas station more to process my credit card than it
is what they bought with the gas then and I say then I would go home and then
get on my motorcycle and I would drive my motorcycle down and
Philip even though I never took the motorcycle anywhere it literally would
be of 12 cents that would be it and I think the gas attendants just looked at
me like oh oh his 6 o’clock guy you know he’s ready to fill it up so there’s some
that kind of that I get up to another episode it was kind of a confusing
episode and I we go out with one of our friends called Dave every Tuesday he
knows who he is and so we were on our way there and I
just had this anxiety attack and I just could not go we have a little elevator
and we got downstairs and I couldn’t go and I just said I’m
out of here and I just something came over me and I stomped away and then I
walked on the block and it was kind of this thing it’s one of those again what
I always say you know what you doing is not normal but you’ve got to do it and
so I walk around the block a few times and then I just went back to go home and
I saw Ken waiting for me and so I walked away but he saw me so he ran after me
and he just followed me i sat with the homeless people and at the time I cannot
felt good with them and they didn’t talk much so I hung out with them for 10 15
minutes and then anyway so can give you my space and then everything I do when I
go to my episodes is I really exhaust myself I
mentally physically mentally mentally mentally physically exhaust myself to
the point when I can catch up to me he said let’s go home and I said okay and I
got home and I went to bed because I was just so drained and people need to
realize that when people go through this episodes it’s so draining it is so hard
work and draining anyway sometimes when my depression really hits I go down
really hard once in a blue moon I’ll be really really hard and one of
those situations was we came home from dinner and got out the elevator and I
just burst out crying I had no idea why nothing made sense and we got in the
house and I go to my bathroom because we have separate bathrooms and I just sat
in the floor I descried I locked the door anyway can kind of broke in with a
key on the back side of the door handle and I was banging my head on the faucet
and it’s one of them again which I think I spoken to a different video was there
when you’re feeling so much pain and you cannot put your finger on it it’s even
worse than if you can because there’s nothing you could do you call my poor
cream on it or you can’t take a pill for it
of like a pain really felt and so a lot of times I hurt myself not a lot of
times occasionally that’s happened all the time I hurt myself and so this one
time I was banging my head on the faucet the tap and I cut my head open and once
I saw the blood I stopped because then I would knew where the pain came from so
this is the kind of things that I go through I’m my days are not always
perfect I may look like I’m perfect I may do my dancing stupid videos I like
to put on I like to take pitch in my underwear
a lot of this is the insecurities and things like that but that’s another
topic we’ll talk to but you know um I can I say with
different things so you know you really need a good support group around you
it’s really really really really really a must must you know if you go to your
darkest I character estándar tell them that you need to work out and they all
will always agree because they always tell you that endorphins or always makes
you happier and most people that work out and not sad people so it’s part of
your medications part of your medical it’s to work out so you get your
psychiatrist to write you in a prescription
you can’t put to your taxes just what you know it’s part of medical then when
a psychiatrist puts it up anyway I really feel like that I need to start
reading books again I’m bipolar I need to read them so I can reference them to
you guys and maybe give it some nods to you so you can see if you’re interested
in reading books if you know a family member has bipolar maybe you can read
the book they’re all video with you on and then you can understand what other
people go through I’m hoping these videos are helping I’ve had a lot of
good feedback I had a great woman who sent me from
Canada I’ll leave a nameless but she knows who she is she made my week she
told me how much she sees in herself and me that it’s helping her and also she
didn’t know how to follow my website and at the time I didn’t have a subscription
button but now we do and so she had my name WWJ my on a post-it on the
fridge and you know when somebody tells you that that’s everything I mean that
is everything you know when you’ve touched that one person I don’t touch
anybody else now she’s my hero of the week and she is my hero anyway I just
want you to know I’m trying to do my best every day is a
day and sometimes it’s struggle and sometimes it’s a blessing but every day
I wake up and I say to myself this is a new day and let’s make it happen
maybe next time I wear my glasses maybe I won’t we’ll see you then take care

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