Treating an Eye Infection in a Kitten

This is a little kitten I just rescued in Iowa, and you can see that she’s got a pretty bad eye infection. So today, I’m going to show you how I’m going to treat her for her eye infection Even though I’m in a hotel room right now, I can still treat her for her infection. The first thing that I’m going to do is get a warm compress going with some nice warm water on a washcloth to help break up the mucus on her face, gently wash it away, and get her nice and clean. So with some warm water, I’m just going to gently hold it against her eye. Make sure you’re really careful not to hold it against their nose or their mouth. You need to make sure they can breathe while you’re doing this. But if their eyes are really crusty like hers is, you may have to hold the compress down for a number of seconds. And now I’m just going to gently wipe the crust away. Now in her case, she has one eye that looks a lot worse than the other eye, but I’m still going to treat both eyes. Once the crustiness is saturated, you can start to gently rub it off. Just be careful because they’re probably pretty sore. You can see all that crust is going away and now we can get a look at what her eye looks like. I know, baby. There are lots of different ophthalmic antibiotics that you can use for eyes. What I’m going to use right now is Terramycin. Terramycin is an antibiotic that goes right into the eye. This can help give them a lot of relief and help them heal pretty quickly. So with both eyes. I’m going to open the eye. If you have Q-tips I recommend putting it on a Q-tip and putting it in the eye that way. Because I’m in a hotel room and I don’t have Q-tips, I’m just going to administer it straight into her eyes. And you might want to help them blink their eye. Make sure that you’re repeating this treatment as frequently as you can. You can’t overdose a kitten on ophthalmic antibiotics, so make sure that there’s always an antibiotic in the eye, and hopefully within a couple days, you’ll see recovery. If the kitten has severe inflammation, if you can see the conjunctiva, or if the eye looks like it might be permanently damaged, you of course want to take that more seriously and talk to a vet. You also want to make sure that if the kitten has other respiratory concerns, such as a snotty nose or sneezing, you’re also getting them on an oral antibiotic as quickly as possible Hopefully pretty soon, they’ll be feeling all better.


  1. How long does it take to be completely healed? My 10 day old kitten had had some crust and I have had to clean it for three days straight. Any thoughts when it should be all clear and not so crusting around the eyes?

  2. i always wipe my kitten's eyes because it got those white thingy too much especially after they woke up. but i think one of my kitten got infection. it eyes keeps swollen even and it can barely open it eyes. idk if it can even see but still responsive on it surrounding even its kind of a bit late respond.. i wanna treat it at home cuz bringing it to a vet may cost much. its not tht I'm stingy bout the price but i have no price to pay with.. can i use at least the eye drops. human eye drops? would it at least lessen the pain it having and fix it eyes? im so worry right now. it kind of white thingy but not as like the usual white thingy tht came out of one of it eyes like it used to. my mom thought its not because of the dirts but it inner side of it eye that pops out.. im so worry, i hope you wouldn't mind helping me. I'm out of choices.. i don't want my kitten to lose it sight.. it still a baby like around 2months. cant even eat properly nor play much.. much spending times on sleeping.. im worry.. please?

  3. I also had to take care of such kitten…her eyes were very swollen and crusty. I wiped her eyes with a cotton pad soaked in strong black tea – this is what we use for eye ailments in post-Soviet countries)) fortunately it worked. I'm not saying it is better than antibiotics, but it could help if you can't get any medications quickly)

  4. I saved three kittens. 2 of them have swollen butts and all their eyes are crusty and full with pus. I always gently clean them but the pus glues their eyes together when they sleep 🥺😢

  5. What about vetericyn would that help too? I ran out of terrimycin and my friend has kittens and some if there eyes look like that kittens eye

  6. I have 5 kittens that have goop over there eyes I don’t know what it is and one of there eyes I closed shut

  7. My gf has a feral cat that just had kittens – about 3 wks old. One has had an eye issue and it has progressed I think its now infected. The mother is not cleaning it. I want to help the kitten but I also don't want to cause the mother to freak or abandon it if I return it.. What do you think?

  8. I idolize you. I've watched many of your other videos for raising kittens and I e used your advice for a while and always end up with fat, healthy kittens. I love you, your tattoos and everything. Please keep being amazing!

  9. Hi. I know this video is 2 years old but I have just adopted a kitten and she has a bit of a mucus eye and a little sneezing. What oral antibiotic would you recommend for a sneezing kitten? For her eye I have been cleaning it with a water moistened cotton ball, but I will get that antibiotic cream you recommended.

  10. This kitten looks kinda like the kitten my husband and I rescued and also has eye infections on both eyes we got the terramycin and just was trying to figure out how to put it in the kittens eyes

  11. Hi my kitten same case have cinjunctivitis… And i give it terramycin.too… I did the same procedure but his eye geetting worst and swelling wha i should do

  12. i can't have a cat since my mom is allergic to cats, there's a stray cat coming up at the door with the cat theres a little kitten whose eye is kinda infected i've tried cleaning the debris with water only and now its running away from me but i want to help that poor baby;(

  13. I have a kitten that is wild on my porch and my parents wont take him to the vet and he hates people what do i do? His eyes look like a globe thats foggy blue.

  14. I was wondering my twelve week old kittens eyes are runny and have weird lumps of yellowish stuff under there eyes would you plz maybe can we contact each other and I can send you pics because it hard to explain by text

  15. Oh my this is the video that i need there is this 1 stray kitten at my house my mom named it Teh and ya Teh's eyes were so swallen and red so i was panicked cause i dont know what to do until i watch this video and also Teh snize

  16. There's a wild kitten living a happy life outside my mom's boyfriend's house with an eye that we think might be infected. Hope this helps them!

  17. Currently have a mother cat with 3 kittens or maybe more, all 3 have one crusted eye and my parents are not that fond of animals so I can’t take them to the vet. I really appreciate this video and I will try to get the medication for these stray kittens. I can’t really take them so I just feed them from afar.

  18. Hi, the momma cat had an eye infection and now passed it to her 14 day old. Can I still use the eye ointment on a kitten so young

  19. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH i did ut and it helped my cats so much and i dint have to spend thousands of dollars i had 5 cats with the eye infection but i only had ti spend like $5

  20. Admire your effort dear, you're such an amazing person. Terramycin work well, is an antibacterial ointment to prevent infection. Just one thing, wiping the uninfected eye and infected eye with the same wipe, is a cause of concern as it may be infectious. Glad you're doing great work, helping many and inspiring others to do the same whenever the need arises. May God bless you 🙏.

  21. Thank you for the great help and tips it helped a lot with my little kitties 🐱 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. There are 3 nursing kittens and their mom takes care of them. I noticed one of the kittens has a matted eye, I used a warm compress to remove the debris. If I use terramycin opthomic ointment is it safe for the mom and other kittens to lick/be around the kitten with the terramycian ointment? They all are in a box together.

  23. We found a kitten last night at a sleep over at a friends house and she has an eye infection, not as bad as that kitten but it looks a bit swollen shut and it has a lot of mucus. Thank you for the tips!

  24. Ok so where do I get that ointment with out having to go to the Vet and pay an arm and a leg. A link in the disruption would have been nice please?

  25. My kitten has a lot of mucous and I read something saying it could be an eye infection so I’m gonna treat it before it gets bad

  26. I'm having a hard time trying to get it in his eye. it isn't as bad as this poor kitten, I felt so bad for her. my little guy is a little older id say about four months, five months. Do you have any suggestions? love your video

  27. just found a kitten in a corner filled with spiders and dirt with the same problem, she has feces covering both eyes so we gave her a bath and wiped away the feces with a warm washcloth, I'm going to go see if I can get her any drops for her eyes tomorrow

  28. Seems like wiping the bad eye and then wiping the good eye like that would contaminate the good eye but I guess since you have the antibiotics it doesn't matter?

  29. I'm having a hard time getting an answer on how long you give Terramycin. I have several times grabbed a kitten from outside and given it one dose of Terramycin for an infected eye and put them back outside and they have been fine! I'm treating one in-home presently, I have decided he needed rescue based on his eye and general health. The eyes seem fine now and I've treated for 5 days. Is that long enough?

  30. hope my cat eyes can relief quickly, thanks very much, really, you see very close with your kitten. have a nice day always.

  31. Congratulations you have spread the infection from one eye to another. The water should be sterile and you shouldn't keep wiping with the same section of cloth – one wipe and then a clean cloth. Not a good video at all

  32. KITTEN LADYPLEASE READ I NEED YOUR HELP!! My sisters cat yafaa has an upper resritory infection and its really bad she also has feline leukemia and shes amking a really weird noise like bumping shes on the floor and i dont think she can breathe my dad said he doesnt knkw and its 11:54 its a bit of a pickle

  33. We just adopted a kitten who looks almost exactly like this kitten lol and she also has an eye infection. Where would I get the drops or antibiotic cream without going back to the shelter or vet?

  34. Hi! Should you have one, could you guide me towards a good picture of a cat's eyeball's edge in a proper healthy state (funny enough, Google shows nothing useful)? The reason is, I recently had an alike problem (though on a smaller scale as as soon as I noticed the excessive liquid flow from the eye I started some supporting treatment right off, so the illness couldn't progress until being fully diagnosed and treated). So far, after 10 days of the actual treatment, I can no longer notice any significant liquid output, and what I care at this point is the visibility of the blood vessels at the edges of the eyeballs. As the standard treatment lasts from 10 to 14 days, I want to know if stopping it now is actually safe.

  35. My 3month old cat is bitten by a wild cat and pus is coming out from the wound. Also she has eye infection and it's been 2days she's not eating. Please help me how do I treat at home Animal hospital isn't available here. Please somebody help 🙏🙏

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