Trans 101: Ep 4 – Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis [CC]

Hi, and welcome to another episode of the trans 101 series. Today we are going to be talking about Gender Dysphoria diagnosis. In the previous video I talked about the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria in children Today I’m going to be talking about the gender diag-the gender diagnose – the gender dysphoria diagnosis for adults and late teens So there are some differences, which is why there are two videos on this topic, between the diagnosis for children and the diagnosis for teens / adults. The main difference is that for adults you need two out of the six criteria and the criteria are just a little bit different than the children one So I’m going to explain to you in detail what they are a marked incongruence between one’s assigned gender and expressed gender a strong desire to rid one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics a strong desire for the primary or secondary sex characteristics of the other gender A desire to be the other gender A desire to be treated as the other gender a strong conviction that the individual has typical feelings and reactions of the other gender so gender dysphoria is associated with clinically significant impairment or distress in areas of functioning like school or social things. There are some people in the trans community and people who identify as trans that do not like that this is seen as a medical condition. Now, I’m going to explain to you why I believe that it is okay that it is seen as a medical condition, all right? And it’s really easy: access to services. Without it being a diagnosed medical condition, um, we wouldn’t be able to have access to the things that we have access to right now: uh, hormones and therapy and surgery Especially in Canada where things are covered, I’m able to get surgery and I’m able to get testosterone as long as I have a letter from a therapist and as long as it’s prescribed by a doctor. So I have access to these services because it is a medical condition. So this is also very important, especially if people live in the United States, because of insurance. There are a lot of insurance plans that don’t just take your word for it that you’re trans actually, I think all of them don’t take your word for it, and you absolutely need to have a letter from a doctor, um, Saying that hey I’m trans and I want to have surgery so you need to cover it and I mean it’s not like that obviously, but, Having access to these services with insurance requires you to have a diagnosis of Gender dysphoria It’s not a bad thing to have a diagnosis for Gender Dysphoria, honestly. It’s just the issue that we mainly have with this diagnosis is the gatekeeping. and some people are not able to access these services because they’re not able to get a diagnosis Some doctors refuse to give a diagnosis while others have no idea what this is so they don’t do it. More on gatekeeping later on in this series, but basically that’s- that’s the main issue. So, usually when someone gets diagnosed with something there’s always the type of treatment plan that’s associated with it. Well, the treatment of gender dysphoria is transitioning. Now people choose to transition a different way, right, so dysphoria means distress right it means a level of distress so when you talk about Gender Dysphoria your…not your gender is distress, but there is there is some sort of thing that’s not clicking in your head. Basically it’s that your body does not match how you see yourself or how you are inside and transitioning, for a lot of people, taking hormones, um, and uh, going through surgeries, and changing your name legally and all of these things help alleviate that distress, so that’s basically it. So transitioning is the treatment plan for a lot of trans people in order to alleviate dysphoria and in order to be able to… I don’t know, live your life without feeling like there’s something missing or something that is not connecting So as a personal example, in order for me to alleviate dysphoria, I needed to transition. I needed to go on hormones, and I needed to have top surgery This is what I needed to do in order to make my body comfortable. Not everybody who transitions decides to go on hormones and decides to have surgery later on. Everybody has a different way of transitioning, in order to alleviate their own dysphoria. so I can’t tell you 100% that there is a cookie-cutter way to alleviate dysphoria. That doesn’t exist. but most people do go through hormone replacement therapy and go through surgeries in order to feel more comfortable and more aligned with how they see themselves. So as I stated before some people really don’t like that it’s seen that the medical condition. They would much rather say that they’re trans and have people believe them that they’re trans instead of having to go to a doctor, getting a letter and stuff like that. So I can understand that part as well. I like that it’s seen as the medical condition only because we have access to the services that we need in order to transition and in order to alleviate dysphoria. Anyways, if you want more info on the diagnosis for trans kids, that’s the last video that I just made and make sure to check back every day for a new video and the videos on this series are going to be great trans 101 things that you can watch and that you can give to people. Anyways, thank you so much for joining me and have a great day. Bye.


  1. Looking back I definitely had some of those signs of being trans as a kid… I didn't really do any insisting about being a different gender though since I'm nonbinary and had no clue nonbinary genders existed until I was in high school… So I figured I was just a very weird girl who didn't like girl things.
    I think in 4-5th grade I'd started to kinda… Accept…? That everyone was calling me a girl and that that's how the world saw me? Like I dunno, I grew… Somewhat tolerant. That I was in a girl body and that I had a girl name, so I did start becoming feminine with toy preferences and colors and all that. I liked my toys and I liked pink and all that, but I still didn't feel like a girl, but I felt I had no choice but say I was a girl since I knew 100% that I wasn't a boy.
    I was the same way in high school, like I felt I had no choice but say I was a girl because I knew for sure I wasn't a boy. It wasn't until I discovered nonbinary identities that I felt more confident in who I was, and it explained so much about my childhood, why like I hated dresses/skirts and I'd never play as the mom or the dad, more often the family pet that wasn't a clear gender.
    Even now, though, I still present in a mainly feminine way, but mostly because of my pelvis and how wide it is, so I have to get clothes that are built for an hourglass figure. I don't mind being called a she mostly cuz it's what I've been called my whole life and I've just grown to be okay with it. Besides at doctor offices I gotta say I'm female cuz that's what I got downstairs so they can properly treat me, heh…

    My issue is that I'm just really uncertain what I really want to do about my body. I've spent most of my life (I'm 20 and figured out I was trans at 17) as a girl and "accepting" that my body was female, so now that I have come to terms with my gender I don't know what I want to do with my body. I want to try binding just so I see how I feel about it, and I already talk in a somewhat deeper voice since that's just my voice… I know I don't want a penis. That's out of the question. But I also wanna put up with my uterus because I want to experience having a child of my own after I'm married and am settled down and all that…
    So for me I just gotta experiment a little, see what I'm comfortable with…

    And just cuz I'm okay with being called a she doesn't mean I prefer it. I prefer they/them pronouns. I simply put up with she/her only because people still aren't as accepting of nonbinary genders as binary trans people and he/him does make me uncomfy just cuz I know I'm not male.

  2. Hey chase, just wondering when the winners of your giveaway will be announced? 🙂 also I'm 4 days post op top surgery today! It's mentally draining but I know it's going to be worth it!

  3. I GOT AN ADD i watched it all the way im so happy i have been watching for for almost a year and thats my first one love youu

  4. There's also a lot of gatekeeping inside the trans community where people don't accept trans people who don't have dysphoria because they don't understand that having gender dysphoria and being trans are not the same thing : one can be trans without having dysphoria or significant dysphoria. I want to point out as well that non binary people can also have dysphoria and a lot of people don't understand that.

  5. I think in terms of medical transition, it has to be seen as a medical diagnosis. Synthetic Testosterone and Estogene are highly concentrated substances that can permanently fuck someone up if they aren't careful. There's no going back once you start. It's important that a therapist works with you to sort out these feelings you're struggling with, because maybe you need some things but not others

    However, I do agree there needs to be much less gatekeeping to poorer trans people.

  6. Chase, How is gender dysphoria and body dysphoria considered different in the medical field? Why don't doctors treat them the same? If we considered treatments used for gender dysphoria on body dysphoria, things would be hella bad. I just want to hear your thoughts on this concept that many cis use to justify that trans are invalid and only a mental illness. Please understand that I don't believe this, I just want to hear your opinion. Have a good day:)

  7. What's weird is that I currently fulfill all the criteria, but I didn't used to. What's that all about?

  8. It's super invalidating for the language of the diagnosis to be so binary… like my dysphoria is unfortunately still very real! Thanks for making this video though Chase.

  9. I wish this series was out when I was struggling with my gender identity. I know it would've helped a lot. I just hope this reaches to everyone who needs it and that it helps them.

  10. When all the series ends I'll show it to my friends (if all videos have Spanish subtitles). I think you can explain things better than me not because I don't know how to explain trans topics but because of my awful anxiety. Love you Chase Bee <3

  11. It is antiquated to say FTM are ill. They were just born in the wrong body & have a male brain. Too bad the medical community is so behind.

  12. These are amazing videos, and are so important for everyone!!
    I'm a cis woman, married with 4 kids age ranging between 3 and 9.
    I'm very open & honest with my kids & believe that education is the best way to get rid of the disgusting bigoted people/views in this world that are so vile & disrespectful to the LBGTQ+ community
    I'm learning so much more from this series, which I think is very important as a mother, so I can educate my children, so they understand that being trans is perfectly normal & ok. Also if they want to ask questions, I know the facts & best way to answer them & the main reason I think it's so important, is that if one of them is in fact trans themselves, & needs my help, support, respect & love I can give them that.
    I wish schools would be more open & honest with kids & include all this information within lessons, as It's so important.
    I have always been open & accepting of everyone, & hate to see so many judgmental, bigoted nasty people still existing in 2017!! I'm hoping & praying that this series can help educate those people & make this world more understanding of everyone, and make respect the norm!!
    Thank you Chase, & well done! 💗

  13. Hey Chase! I was wondering, since you have so many spare Packers and stps, would you consider doing give aways with them?

    I'm asking because I personally don't have any money for one, and it'd seriously make my life a lot easier.. I'm sure it'd help many other trans guys

    Thank you for the amazing videos <3

  14. The fact that it causes significant distress and impairment needs to be recognised! You wouldn't say someone with ADHD is just 'different' and it shouldn't be considered a medical condition.

  15. When you put it in a perspective of medical condition and explain it that way, it makes a lot of sense because of all the services. But I also understand in the other way as well. Really all of this is broadening my knowledge on transgender. Really enjoying this series very much, Looking forward to future videos on this series!

  16. Being pregnant is not a medical condition/pathology either and it still gets treatment. The medicalization of transness is unnecessary and excludes non-binary people

  17. Why is it so nbphobic tho. I'm not transition to "the other gender" I'm medically transitioning to alter my body.

  18. Having gender dysphoria as a diagnosis also helps families and loved ones who are cis to understand trans people better and take them seriously when somebody they know is trans rather than dismissing it as a phase.

  19. Among our trans community the term "gender dissonance" is starting to emerge rather than dysphoria, and is more non binary friendly.

  20. Got my first doctor's appointment tomorrow for my transition-stuff. And this video in particular actually calms down a bit. Does that make sense? Dunno. I'm all over the place.

  21. I don't know what it's like to be trans but I have (kinda??) gender related chest dysphoria and it's honestly the worst

  22. so, im a female and I identify as female as of right now. But I really despise my chest. I want to have a flat chest like a man. and a lot of the time I find myself fantasizing about having a peen. But I still am perfectly fine with female pronouns, just not my female body. Does anyone else feel this way or feel similar?

  23. In the UK, being transgender is not seen as a medical condition- but gender dysphoria is classified as a medical condition (not a mental illness either). So people can get treatment because they have dysphoria due to being trans, as opposed to being treated because they are trans. If that makes any sense lol.

  24. I see myself and want to look and perceived as male but people see me as female. It feels like there's something missing and it makes me happy when some people described me as a 'he or him.' Am I lesbian or trans?

  25. So i check out for at least 5 of the criteria. Just that its non-binary… ive been thinking about talking to a professional about it for years and i do want to alter myself surgicly but my partner does not know about any of it and im so scared ill probs never come out or do anything about it

  26. I want to go on hormones, but I have 2 maybe 3 problems

    – Im terrified of needles
    -i m not sure I could actually talk to a gender therapist or be able to explain why I want hormones, I'm too damn shy.
    -My parents aren't exactly against it, but we ha vent had the talk yet. (Im out, but we need to discuss before they decide to treat me how id like :/)

  27. I don't currently have a diagnosis (I plan on getting one because I'm currently pursuing top surgery) but I fortunately found a clinic in my area that works under informed consent. 3 months on T on the 23rd!

  28. If being transgender is a medical condition than I think transitioning is just a band-aid and doesn't get to the root of the problem.Unless it's a biological condition I think therapy would be a better solution, just like doctors do with personality disorders for example.

  29. I'd like to call it a medical condition because "medical condition" has a gravity to it.

    I also have type 1 diabetes and have had similar feelings about it tbh.

  30. came here from the episode 30. Thank you SO MUCH for all this information, letting you know that it helps a lot of people!! 💜💜💜

  31. Apart from the gate keeping, I like that gender dysphoria is the diagnosis bc that's what's being treated and not the fact that one is trans and if a trans person doesn't have dysphoria and doesn't feel the need to do something, then good for them and they don't need anything being done, but those who need can. Also, it allows non-binary people to get treatment bc the diagnosis isn't directly linked to one specific gender identity, like being diagnosed with FtM/MtF-transsexuality or something.
    Unfortunately, in Germany, where I live, FtM/MtF-transsexuality is still what's diagnosed not gender dysphoria and that just reinforces the stigma that being trans is somehow curable or treatable since that's what's diagnosed.

  32. I really struggle with the issue of gender dysphoria being a medical diagnosis because of the whole 'you must be f-ed up in the head to be trans', but with your clarification I can see why it isn't a bad idea at all. Thanks for this, Chase. 🙂

  33. The problem with calling dysphoria a medical condition, is that transphobes will not call someone by their pronouns/name bc "He/She has a mental problem and a re crazy. It's not real bla blah bla.."

  34. I had 6 out of 6 of the "symptoms" of having disphoria and I AM FREAKING 12. I already know I am trans o am just listening to this to learn more.

  35. I don’t understand this concept very well. My situation is so weird and everything’s blurry. What if you don’t see yourself as the opposite gender but you see yourself as something different? For example i was born female and i have never seriously thought that I am male except that I feel that dysphoria in relation to my breasts since I was 13. And while i feel sexually attracted to men, I nearly exclusively like to peg them with a strap on.. so according to everyone it’s “straight” sex except that i’m using a strap on to perform anal sex on them. And while I get that gender identity and sexuality are different things, i’ve been wondering if there’s a link here bc I don’t feel female at all but i don’t feel completely male either. What the fuck am I.

  36. I Could say I have it, I hate my body and genitalia. And how my mom makes me dress up as female. Its disturbing physically and mentally and I hate it.

  37. Thank you for this video I'm using your video in my psychology research disorders unit for gender dysphoria thank you I learned so much you're the best. love you!!!!💕💕💕

  38. omg you are so effin adorable and so glad my kid turned me on to you! I just started watching your series and honestly, your perfect teeth are mesmerizing. ha haha (I had to say it, sorry) THANK YOU for doing this series! I already sent the link on to friends to watch! My kid is transgender and I get a lot of blank stares from people when they find out!

  39. i don’t mind it being seen as a medical condition because I feel like I need help to figure out if i’m actually trans as I’m not the best at self introspection. But I completely understand that other trans people may not like and it totally makes sense that they don’t need help to figure out who they are and that their statements should be taken at face value.

  40. (this is a little long so warning lol)

    See I'm REALLY confused as to whether I have gender dysphoria or not.

    I remember as a child being labelled as a "tomboy" and although I wasn't completely opposed to feminine things, I usually prefered masculine. Like many, once I tried to pee while standing up, and it kinda worked, though the next time I tried it didn't go so smoothly lol. As I got older and started developing, I remember really hating wearing a bra and I've never been comfortable with referring to my chest in the typical way. NEVER. I've gotten a little better at it, but I am still pretty uncomfortable with it. For a lot of puberty, I've never liked my chest and have always wanted a flatter chest, even envying some of my friends and trying my best to appear like I do (despite the lack of a binder).

    Then there's pronouns; recently hearing female pronouns and words like "women" or "lady" has more of an effect on me. I notice it more, and when family does it, even though they don't know, it feels wrong, and when strangers do it, I wish they would misgender as a boy. Its not like it's really bad, but enough for me to notice. I remember this one time this man thought I was a guy when he was talking to my mum, and obviously she corrected him, but it's kinda felt good.

    That's only part of it as well.
    But I still don't know if this means I could be trans. I've also considered I could be non binary, but again, I'm just really baffled, and I'm not sure. I wanna see a counselor or something, but I'd have to do it in secret, so I've been trying to find one that doesn't require parental consent.

  41. 4 out of 6… I live in France and I am terrified to talk to people about this, this series of videos will help a lot with explaining to me friends without me actually needing to speak(much)

  42. What bothers me most is that it has to be a 'strong' desire. What about all the people that aren't eligible because their dysphoria isn't visible enough?

  43. Thank you for your video. You explain the whole thing very well.
    Now I feel more comfortable with the idea of transitioning.
    Thanks a lot.

  44. The only thing i remember before being surrounded in an environment of unbelievable amount of hate and negativty was hiding my testicles when i was in the bathtub when i was 3 4 5 and 6 . i remember very well hiding my testicles when i was in the bathtub only to have them pop out fuve seconds later. I couldn't understand why.

  45. So I'm going to my family doctor next week to get them to refer me or send me in the right direction of what to do since I've realized I'm transgender. Is this a thing? I'm worried I'm going to humiliate myself. I have no idea what I am doing.

  46. You said in Canada it's covered. But is it all of the transition, top surgery, testosterone, legal name an bottom surgery or just a few of them? Let me know how to get it cover, on what's the procedure, thanks in advance lots of love 😊💙.

  47. can someone explain me why does the government HAS TO cover my medical expenses in relation to gender dysphoria treatments? i have a debate in which i have to address this, pls help me with some arguments

  48. I feel like i have gender dysphoria because im uncomfortable with my body and i hate wearing tight clothing and i dont like wearing bras and my friends always ask me why i always wear hoodies but i just say i like to wear hoodies.

  49. I just remember lookin at my brother with those muscles and wanting them and trying so hard to get them but being told that I would rip my muscles I cried. I remember holding my chest cause I didn't want people to see my thijnnggg hdhehehr. I don't think I'm trans cause I have to have to have dysphoria and I believe I only have a small part

  50. thank you for this video, i am now more sure of myself. i've been afraid to go to a therapist because i was afraid they'd tell me im not trans enough… i can never thank you enough

  51. No one knows im trans but i already wear make-up feminine clothes pink shoes jewelry and im completely shaved my nails are long and my hair is growing im not Dale i am Xena

  52. Wait… my doctor refused to help me because he called my dysphoria an abnormal phase and did not assign me to a specialist, instead thinking it will go away and gave my guardians anti depressants for me. Was he gate keeping or was he right…?

  53. I'm gonna complain here, please don't attack me. Please.

    So, I have always felt wrong. As a child, (3-6) I'd do very masculine things. Pee standing up, asked to be called a boy's name, and feel uncomfortable with being called "a pretty girl" etc.
    As soon as I could wear my own clothes, BOYS. CLOTHES. Specifically military clothes. I would sometimes, like once at a store, a lady called me "he. " she said "what a sweet handsome boy you have. ". My heart,, I died. I was so happy. My heart skipped a beat. I always would play boy games (transformers, police, cops Vs robbers, etc) and if I wasn't, I'd be with my friends playing make believe, but being a guy in those.
    Then, I hit puberty. I cried so much. I covered every part of me up, and hid my chest. I refused to wear a bra, and would CRY. if someone ever told me I should. Still do.

    But see, I feel now, like I don't know. I hate my hips, thighs, shoulders, face shape, because it's feminine. But I don't completely hate my down below area, but I feel much happier if I'm packing. I have a binder, and I love it. I know for fact I hate my chest. See, the thing is, im still young. But not mentally, at least. I'm 11, and I've felt this way forever. But I feel like it might just be a phase. Every one says I'm to young to know, so, I probably am. I cry most times I'm called she, and hate most feminine things about me, but what if it's just temporary. I can't be diagnosed with gd, cause I can't see a person for that. I have a normal therapist, but I'm afraid she'd tell my parents. I don't know. Please, anyone, help.

  54. Thank you so much. I was talking with a friend about a few of the things I was going through, and she recommended this video. It has helped so much. I don't think I would be in the frame of mind that I'm in now without you or her.

  55. I happen to be MTF, I keep my problem internal My conscious ego/gender is female. I function to the environment as a male. I am quite the actress having pulled this off. I get much pleasure from this internal sexual relationship. I follow my erotic response faithfully. It always confirms me as female. If I ever was male I consigned that to the devil long ago.

  56. It’s weird. I started feeling good. Like I am doing the right thing. Like I feel like me again. I haven’t felt that way since I was a child! I feel so free and so… open. I just need to get my hormones and my surgeries. A transgender friend of mine said:“Finally whole.“ She is getting surgery soon. (She is a trans woman and really open with it)

  57. People probably won’t see this, but I’ve been questioning my gender for ~8 months, and meet all the adult diagnosis requirements.

    I’m just scared I’m wrong or faking because sometimes my dysphoria isn’t high or effecting me for a day, or a don’t feel dysphoria about my chest (I was assigned female at birth)

    Can I be trans but not feel dysphoria about my chest? Do I have to be dysphoric about everything or can I still be trans but okay with my chest?

  58. I am writing a novel, my protagonist is a transgender man and boy, I cannot tell you how helpful Chase's clarity and kindness and, well, sparkle has helped me weave in all the important nuances my character needed. I am beyond words grateful, and my hope is that this novel will help educate my readers not only as to what it means to be trans, but what it doesn't. Chase, you are someone to be admired for your generosity in helping us all see you and others like you for what you are; human! I truly do see you. xo jay

  59. Yeah! OK, Now tell me what causes it? SRS is destructive hack for a thought problem. In fact I believe MTF GD comes from trapping the anima in the subconscious level for the sake of a male ego in the conscious level.

  60. I think I may have dysphoria because I seriously would trade my legs for an intersex body. I hate my body

    E but I’m fine. Because: I know I’m non binary but I refuse to accept myself. I AM A GIRL. I am not non binary even though I think I am. SHUT UP ME. no.

    AAAAAAAA help

  61. My dysphoria started at 11 (13 now) and not really young like most trans people, and it’s not really body dysphoria its more of social dysphoria, I hate being seen as a girl but I don’t really have hatred towards my female parts but it’s still dysphoria. I’m just identifying myself as trans right now, but that could change since I’m too young to do anything permanent

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