Toy Story Characters: Good to Evil

they may be made of plastic but that
doesn’t mean that their hearts aren’t real the characters in Toy Story have
overwhelmed us with emotion throughout the good times and the bad times exploring relatable and at times dark
issues that include jealousy growing up self-worth and even existentialism just
a toy a stupid little insignificant toy Toy Story is one of the best animated
series ever created but in a world full of toys how do we measure morality well
that’s what we’re taking a shot at today I’m Kyle with wicked binge and this is
good too evil toy story what better guy to start with than the
most fearsome dinosaur in the toy box who’s also nothing less than one of the
most lovable toys of the bunch Rex he’s caring gentle and hates any
kind of confrontation and despite his insecurities and anxieties Rex always
overcomes the challenge for the sake of his friends ironically he’s a toy who seems to be a
bit of a child himself he’s constantly knocking things over in excitement and
forgetting how big he really is plus one of his favorite hobbies is playing video
games with his friends it’s also admirable that his greatest desire is
being loved and played with and don’t forget his courageous act when he
knocked zerg over with his tail in Toy Story 2 with all that said many would
agree that Rex is the most innocent sweet and lovable character in the Toy
Story universe next up is the Space Ranger who always has the good of the
galaxy on his mind even after his realization that he’s just the toy Buzz
Lightyear he always prioritizes what’s best for everyone else we have a friend
in need and we will not rest until he’s safe an
at disrobe now let’s move out and he’s seen as a good example to many between
him and woody buzz is arguably a better and more
present leader when Buzz has a mission he goes all the way through into the end
whether it’s rescuing woody or even enlightening him and bringing him back
to his principles somewhere in that pad of stuffing is a toy who taught me that
life’s only worth living if you’re being loved by a kid buzzes bravery courage
optimism and loyalty are unquestionable all throughout the movies and we see
this several times whenever he’s willing to rescue a defenseless person even if
the odds are stacked against him is that soldier strapped with explosive device
of course he also has some insecurities about his true self or living with the
fact that he’s just a toy however thanks to woody speech he managed to get over
the manic depression and finally understand his role as the toy he is a lot of fans like to compare Buzz and
Woody but I like to think that buzz is of the best moral character next is a
man who understands honor sacrifice and duty Sarge he is a disciplined soldier
who never questions his mission to help others yes
sir even woody refers to him and his men as the best hey these guys are
professionals they’re the best always there to accomplish a mission on behalf
of his fellow toys Sarge will even put himself at risk to ensure that everyone
gets home safe after all in his own words a good soldier never leaves a man
behind we salute you sergeant next up is an animated horse who
honestly acts more like a puppy bullseye Woody’s Noble and faithful steed is
always brave loyal and intuitive to his friends he’s also extremely affectionate
not only towards woody but also Jessie and the other toys despite the fact that
he can’t speak judging by his actions no one can deny that bullseye is extremely
happy excited and always there to help during the rescue scene in Toy Story 2
you can see one of his many impressive skills when he runs just as fast as a
plane getting ready to take off he’s simply amazing ride like the wind
bullseye another example of pure loyalty is slinky dog who’s always with woody
and always the last one to give up on him
he’s one of Woody’s best and most loyal friends and unlike mr. Potato Head he’s
no instigator slinky is always nice friendly and playful much like any
regular dog he seems to have the most faith in woody and never had a bad thing
to say about anyone moving on we have Bo Peep she’s delicate as porcelain
literally yet she grew beyond the destiny given to her by her
manufacturers and she aspired to be something more she may have never joined
in on the gangs crazy adventures throughout the first movies but that’s
totally understandable due to her fragile nature however in Toy Story 4 Bo
Peep developed a more adventurous personality putting herself at risk
constantly through parkour and rescue missions for the sake of others here and
there you know some kids play rougher than others so I try to be prepared that
bravery is truly remarkable because never forget that porcelain breaks very
easily Bo Peep is kind of a skeptic she only
believes in what she’s witnessed self and with that develops a very
mature outlook on things by the time Bo Peep is moved to Molly’s room she
becomes almost a leader amongst her toys and even woody describes her to be the
most capable of easing Molly’s cries at night coming up next is an ambiguous
character who changed a lot since the first movie came out he is the owner of
the toys Andy Davis no doubt that he has treated his toys with an enormous amount
of love however as a teenager his personality changed drastically which is
understandable Andy goes through the phase of life that
every seventeen year old boy struggles with being easily irritated and gruff
all the time although he no longer plays with his toys he still cherishes them
and remains very attached especially to woody
making it very difficult to give him away no you got a promise to take good
care of these guys they mean a lot to me but in an
incredibly selfless act he gave his favorite toy away to little Bonnie what
a guy and for that matter let’s throw in Bonnie here as well obviously a bit
young to really rank on a morality scale but like a young Andy Pawnee is a good
kid who’s loving and sweet and she takes care of her toys the next character is
feisty and adventurous Jessie she may have a similar look to Woody she’s much different on the inside while
Woody is reserved and thoughtful Jessie is enthusiastic and act spontaneously
all the time her bravery is evident throughout the movies especially when
she’s willing to risk her heart again by going to Andy Jessie’s a very loyal
friendly and excitable cowgirl however she has some flaws caused mainly by her
rough past leaving her feeling lost resentful and
with no purpose in sight in Toy Story 2 she acts a bit selfish towards Woody
when she realizes that he has the intention of going back to Andy
fortunately what he helps her past all that and she becomes one of the most
caring friends you could ask for next up were finally at the cowboy and
protagonist of the Toy Story franchise Woody Hayes on
conditional love for Andy is outstanding and he also demonstrates time and time
again how brave loyal and generous he is what he looks at his friends as family
and he does anything that he can for them and keeps them together all the
time he shows a lot of doubts frustrations
and sadness much like a human but despite his mixed emotions he tries his
best to not show it to his friends so that they can feel protected and secure
what he is not without flaws however he is one of the most tactical and
developed characters in the franchise and out of spite and jealousy he tried
to trap buzz behind a desk down there and accidentally knocked him out of a
window and this is really why we ranked him this low in the original movie Woody
is incredibly spiteful and jealous and he sort of thrives off being at the top
of the hierarchy and Andy’s room something that he even struggles with
when adopted by Bonnie sheriff do I need to be worried no no my guys are veterans
I’ll hang in there but he eventually got over his jealousy and made amends and
there is no denying that woody is a great guy overall either toys or people
everyone could use a friends like woody who never gives up on us no matter what
known for their warship of the claw next are the aliens despite behaving like
little kids they are undeniably funny loyal and heroic one of their most
heroic acts was saving the entire group from the incinerator at the tri-county
landfill this brave act showed how loving they
are after the amazing rescue scene even mr. Potato Head
who wasn’t sold by the idea of having them around turned out to be eternally
grateful for them we turn illegally by boys next we have four key the
handcrafted toy made by Bonnie he’s a somewhat philosophical guy always
raising all sorts of questions about the world like how do toys come to life do I
have to be a toy and other things like that four keys existential crisis
managed to affect even woody when he was trying to help him making what he
questioned his own existence useless yeah your purpose fulfilled now four key
is very innocent self-conscious and fragile which reflects on his actions
and his way of thinking he has a very self-critical personality which turns
this piece of trash slash toy into an authentic character with some rather
deep problems now let’s rattle off a few entries really quickly next we have
ducky and bunny the two wisecracking stuffed animals from the carnival always
hilarious ducky and bunny do their part in assisting woody in Toy Story 4 and
they both bring levity to the situation with their colorful personalities we
also can’t forget to mention Barbie a bit of a small role but a pivotal one in
Toy Story 3 nonetheless we can’t help but feel sorry for her having been given
away by Molly she seems to be desperate for love which she finds with Ken but
that doesn’t stop her from doing what’s right to uncover what lotsa was up to Duke
kaboom is another character we can’t help but feel sorry for look up jump
forty school buses and lend it back into my life
like Buzz he went through his own sort of existential crisis when he was thrown
away the day his kid received him all because he didn’t live up to the
commercial sure Duke is a bit melodramatic but come on that’s a pretty
rough hand to be dealt next up we have a mine
antagonist utility belt buzz really he’s essentially just buzz before his
existential crisis direct violation of code six 400 four point five though he
never evolves past this very simple dimension when are buzz encountered him
for the first time utility belt buzz imprisoned him and made all of his
friends think that he was the real one well slotted picked their standard-issue
thankfully buzz managed to escape and since both wanted to destroy zurk they
joined forces to defeat him but all the conflict aside give the man a break he
just hasn’t seen the light yet next up is the very caring mrs. Potato Head
she’s friendly and kind-hearted but it also has that overly dramatic
personality that is a bit over the top at times after knowing that mr. Potato
Head saved the lives of three little aliens during a mission she decided to
adopt them despite her husband’s apprehensions you may have heard the
saying happy wife happy life but she she’d probably ran that one by her
husband don’t you think moving on we have a very
grounded character in the group the wisecracking piggy bank
ham he’s very smart but also very sarcastic he also speaks the truth
like mr. Potato Head ham spent years playing as the super villain
the evil dr. pork chop and Andy’s numerous pretend scenarios
he’s also somewhat of a technological genius and he is the ultimate Channel
hopper in Toy Story 2 since he switches channels on the TV far more rapidly than
the other toys Ken Ham is definitely a sarcastic character and admittedly
doesn’t seem to be as caring as some of his friends are I mean when Barbie was
given away instead of saying something comforting he just called dibs on her
Corvette oh I get the Corvette next up is the most trusted henchman Lotso had
and also his right-hand man big baby big baby was completely manipulated by lot
so who lied to him to use him as a henchman poor baby
we were thrown out together me and him causing chaos and fear in Sunnyside
however thanks to woody you lied to big big baby discovered lots those true
colors and finally having had enough of his lies and abuse he ended up throwing
Lotso into the dumpster a true hero in that moment without a
doubt the next character is known to be the most evil and destructive villain in
the galaxy and also Buzz’s archenemy Emperor Zurg he’s as delusional as
utility belt buzz since he truly believes he’s the real Zerg and not just
a toy but one thing is for sure though Zerg is dangerous destructive and
murderous but we kind of have to let most of that go because he was
programmed that way and he redeems himself later and builds a good
relationship with his son for all we know once he sees the light and
acknowledges that he’s a toy he could be a downright great guy what a hilariously
weird plot we’ve talked about the wife now comes the husband mr. Potato Head
he’s a glass half empty kind of guy if you know what I mean he has a cynical
and grumpy personality he’s constantly preying on Woody’s insecurities insulting other toys and spreading
negativity all around Andy’s rooms that’s mr. Potato Head to you you
backstabbing murderer Plus Andy often casts him as a villain in his games
which is understandable since it kind of fits his irritable and sarcastic
behavior most of the time but I suppose even the most happy community has at
least one instigator and in this case it’s definitely mr. Potato Head with all
that said he’s prepared to go to lengths to save his friends and has a genuine
sense of humor he also seems to have mellowed out a bit after the arrival of
mrs. Potato Head the next character took us by surprise when he turned out to be
a brave toy after all Barbies loved one Ken despite being one of Lazos henchmen
in the end Ken had the guts to defy Lotso later he became a leader aside
Barbie giving a new positive horizon to the toys of Sunnyside daycare with that
said would Ken have turned on his four evil associates had he not fallen in
love with Barbie for all we know he would have been more than happy to stay
on the bad side if it were not for her now this ranking is going to anger a lot
of people but give us a moment to explain next is Sid Phillips let me
preface this by saying that Sid is one of if not the greatest villain in any
Pixar movie ever made he is absolutely terrifying from the
perspective of the main characters but we have to look at things contextually
from SIDS point of view all of the toys that he’s ripping apart and torturing
are not real patient is he believes them to be inanimate objects there’s no
denying that Sid has problems he’s a bully towards his sister and he has
legitimate anger problems as shown when the claw in the arcade nearly gets stuck
then there’s the demented imagination he seems to have a lot of violent fantasies but one could argue they’re really not
that bad and this sort of behavior is common specifically with little boys we
all knew a few kids in our neighborhood who liked to blow things up with
fireworks if anything it actually seems like Sid may be struggling with a
not-so-great home life he has problems but he’s not sadistic in the sense that
he really thinks he’s harming innocent creatures for all we know once the toys
revealed themselves to Sid he changes for the better and never hurts another
toy ever again heck maybe he went crazy or was overwhelmed with guilt we’re
putting Sid here on the list because he’s a bully and he seems to have real
anger issues but we can’t in good faith ranked him as the sadist that the toy
CMS the next character may not be the most evil of toy stories villains but
she might be one of the creepiest the vintage pull-string talking doll Gaby
Gaby the truth about Gaby is that she feels desperate about being in the
antique shop and just wants to be loved by a kid I’ve been
practicing unfortunately to do so Gabby ends up kidnapping woody to steal
his voice box so she can finally fix her own voice and be loved again she’s a
bitter toy very persuasive and smart doing anything necessary to get what she
wants however Gabby has been shown to possess
some redeeming qualities as she honors her deal with woody of letting them go
after she took his voice box goodbye for ki I’m going to miss our talks after
seeing that her previous owner harmony rejected her Gabby still tries to be adopted by a
child which eventually causes her to redeem herself she’s also the first
villain in Toy Story movies to make amends which is quite remarkable
ultimately she’s not as bad as she seemed at first the next character is
also known as chicken man the greedy owner of Al’s Toy Barn Alma quicken he’s
a truly horrifying guy who’s covered in cheeto dust and even looks like he
smells bad for starters al is a big thief who has little patience for anyone
or anything that gets in his way he steals toys as he did with woody to sell
them and make money he’s a selfish and unbearable person who has a crazy toy ab
session however unlike sid al preserves his toys and even repairs their damages
in order to increase their value and sell them for a lot of money so how long
is this gonna take but really since we’re ranking him from the human
perspective he falls really low because of his thievery what kind of adult
steals toys from a yard sale he also treats other people very poorly as
evidenced by how Rudy is through the airport staff next up he is the bait and
switch villain of Toy Story 2 and charismatic control freak stinky Pete
the prospector prodigal son has returned in the first
half of the movie he’s shown to be a very wise man giving support and advice
to Jesse woody and bullseye almost like a mentor how long will it last woody do
you really think Andy is gonna take you to college or on his honeymoon however
he was hiding his true nature as a manipulative treacherous and bitter man
he’s willing to lie and chop up his fellow toys and the pieces to get what
he wants thanks boy he even reopened the old RIP in Woody’s arm and threatened to
tear him apart again rejoice woody you can go to Japan together or in pieces
he’s a cruel and insensitive guy who’s possessed by anger and despair stinky
Pete sure is one of the cruelest toys in the universe but with all that said we
can feel his pain this depth is why Pixar is the best when it comes to
creating characters I don’t think that it’s a huge surprise who is destined for
the most evil spot on our list the twisted a lot so huggin bear is without
a doubt the most evil character in the Toy Story universe he may seem like a
regular and friendly teddy bear from the outside
welcome to Sunnyside folks I’m but on the inside he is a total monster he
rules Sunnyside daycare with a furry fist manipulating his followers into
believing they are as twisted as him he’s smart enough to manipulate everyone
around him and uses his cuddly exterior to get those around him to let their
guards down bring in the bookworm he’s tortured and
interrogated toys and even pit them against each other
Beck he even threatens to murder his dissidents on trash collection day but
there is one moment in particular that raises his status to outright sociopaths
and I think you already know what moment I’m talking about when he and the toys
were being sent towards a burning fiery death Woody and Buzz helped him escape to a
ladder where the button that would turn off the conveyor belt is instead of
pressing the button to stop it he looks down with a devious smile and revels
with joy over the fact that the toys that just offered him a hand would be
sent to a horrible death then he runs off
yes his past is sad and totally shaped his cruel outlook on life but that level
of sadism is truly evil and earns them the top spot on the farthest end of our
evil list but what do you think what characters in the Toy Story series do
you think are the most good and for that matter do you believe that Lotso is the
most evil let us know and be sure to watch our full good to evil playlist
where we’ve ranked all the characters and so many other cartoons shows and
movies but most importantly stay wicked


  1. If god existed
    Satan would not exist.
    Because God existed before Satan. There for God would not allow such an extremely imbalanced/evil person to exist.
    Also god can create balance of good and evil without Satan.

  2. It's pretty sad considering Andy told Bonnie to take good care of his toys Woody especially. However, by the 4th movie, Bonnie barely acknowledges Woody's presence anymore.

  3. Also, I REALLY like how similar Woody and Lotso are. Lotso is basically Woody if Woody succumbed to his jealously from the first movie. It's a good thing Woody decided to mend things with Buzz…

  4. If you also included the “Toy Story of Terror” and “Toy Story That Time Forgot” specials, you could’ve also included Trixie the Triceratops, Combat Carl, Combat Carl Jr., the hotel owner and his pet iguana, and the Battlesaurs.

  5. When the road looks rough ahead and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed. You just remember what your old pal said: “you’ve got a friend in me.”

  6. Good to Evil ideas (mostly Disney/Pixar movies and counting sequels)

    Lilo and Stitch Good to Evil.

    Ice Age Good to Evil

    Disney Tarzan Good to Evil

    Zootopia Good to Evil

    Big Hero 6 Good to Evil

    Moana Good to Evil

    The Jungle Book Good to Evil

    Fox and the Hound Good to Evil

    Disney Robin Hood Good to Evil

    The Black Cauldron Good to Evil

    Monsters Inc. Good to Evil

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    Brave Good to Evil

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    The Good Dinosaur Good to Evil

  7. Spyro the Dragon Good to Evil
    Crash Bandicoot Good to Evil
    MediEvil Good to Evil
    Castlevania Good to Evil
    Mario Bros Good to Evil
    Legend of Zelda Good to Evil
    Sonic the Hedgehog Good to Evil

  8. After I make Basebrawl with one of my best friends (from Canucks Autism Network) Nate Keller and my cousin Elisa Kantola, please make “Basebrawl Characters: Good to Evil”! After I make this TV series/movie, I think there’s a good chance Kowalski Amaya (Zac Efron) will be high on the “good” half along with his family members like his wife Monica Shor (Jennette McCurdy), and that Gerard Gaglardi (Hutch Dano) will be on the “evil” half of the list.

    P. S. I’m bringing an eventual TV series up not only because I’m so excited for my animation studio to come into fruition, but also because of the fact that it’s relation to Toy Story is animate object characters.

  9. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Good to evil

    South Park good to evil

    The Simpsons good to evil

    Ed Edd n Eddy good to evil

    Regular Show Good to evil


  10. I wouldnt say Al was evil. He Is A Collector and yes he did steal Woody And That Was Not Nice but he is just a collector who wants to keep his collection looking New. I have Rick And Morty Pops and keep them in The Box. Does That Make Me Evil Lol?

  11. Now you've done one video on Hey Arnold, you have to do Hey Arnold: Good To Evil It's not like the most good character isn't in every episode or anything…

  12. -Bojack Horseman: Good to Evil
    -Full Metal Alchemist: Good to Evil
    -OK KO: Good to Evil
    -Digimon Adventure: Good to Evil
    -Digimon Tamers: Good to Evil

  13. 😈😈BINGE our full Good-to-Evil playlist:

  14. I agree with your top ranking. If you think about it, the same thing happened there as happened with Jessie: she was forgotten. But Jessie's pain manifested as grief, not aggression, which makes her much more sympathetic. It would be like being forgotten by your mother or your sister, in some ways. Know what I mean?

  15. wait wait why dont the aliens ranked top 3??? The aliens seems dont have even a fraction of bitterness… They re like rex…

  16. Where was Sid's evil dog, Scud? Scud is even badder than Sid is. He chews up and destroys toys knowing that they are sentient and almost ripped Buzz and Woody to shreds. He should be in between Stinky Pete and Lotso.

  17. Rex is a sweetheart and I think lotzo is eviler than sid too, potato Head is a rude ass pessimist…. Im think im like a cross between Woody and sid actually…who are you guys most like?

  18. Courage the cowardly dog good to evil
    Muriel bagge
    The hunchback
    Jean bon
    Ma bagge
    Shirley the medium
    Di lung
    Cajun fox
    Eustace bagge
    The mad Veterinarian

  19. Do I think Lotso is the most evil? Hell yes. From the start, he establishes himself as a two-faced, narcissistic deceiver who uses his charisma to hide his true nature; somehow we know from the get-go there's something sinister about him; and he uses his own insecurities as a way to manipulate his minions and keep Sunnyside daycare under his yoke. As for who's best, I feel like Buzz Lightyear should have been first on the list: once he sees the light, he becomes a brave, intelligent, and unselfish leader who keep the best interests of the other toys at the forefront whenever Woody isn't around. That's just my two cents.

  20. when i watched toy story 4 i really wanted to see Duke Kabom perform a stunt so epic that his kid sees him and picks him up

  21. The Mutant Toys from Toy Story 1 are the most benevolent because they were the victims of Sid's violent fantasies and do nothing, but to try and help. Not only do they repair the Janey doll and pterodactyl toy with tape, but they also try to stop Woody and Buzz from exiting Sid's room because Scud was around, repair Buzz's arm, and even help out Woody with his grand scheme to scare Sid and rescue Buzz. These guys are absolute angels without a doubt.

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