Tony Robbins – How to Deal With Stress and Depression ( Motivation Video )

The breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind every day by feeling it a role model for story it’s putting yourself in a peak state you follow through by getting physically strong it’s creating a little ritual doing a little bit each day and then you get momentum the most important thing of all what we started out with why absolutely why is it a must for you it doesn’t have to be here against the wall but it has to be something you’re hungry for because the only difference in people’s hunger that cannot hungry get around people that are hungry and something hit you you watch a conversation get around people are doing better and all the sudden you start going my life sucks remember I went to a guy at la one of the most multi-billionaire god never forget and I lived in the delmar castle was really proud that was like the symbol of me having taken myself from being poor to providing for my family this great place for castles in Europe overlooking the ocean not far from you and I with this guy’s house is billionaire took me down his wine cellar I mean break one into this whole thing at the end of the night I was depressed i lived in the delmar tenements far as I was concerned I really was like having a crappy place and all my standards changed all sudden I wasn’t gonna settle for a living at all of a sudden my back was to the ball in a different way because as a man newest capable of more so people can change their standard by getting around with better people can change your standard by getting associated what’s true like the bills they gotta solve the problems they gotta do it or they can do it because they’re excited because it’s something really want to take on everyone’s different but they got to find the Y and they got to come up with some daily rituals to get them going and just one step at a time that’s where you get a minute that’s a five-point plan anyone can follow to get over stress and trauma in the last only three well i think first one thing clear the quality of your life is the quality of where you live emotionally we all have a home angry people time to find a way to get angry even if their life doesn’t maybe angry about we can always find it sad people find it to be sad caring people find a way to care for other people so one thing going to identify is where are you living what’s your home what’s your habit and then the way to change it is when I was homeless literally on my own just getting started I didn’t have the internet but I decided I had to go to a library i had to feed my mind I always tell people the first stages no weeds grow automatically one of my teachers taught me that everyday stand guard at the door behind think it’s something good because if your worst enemy puts sugar in your coffee here you’re fine your best friend by accident trying to help you put strychnine you’re dead so if you feed your mind every 30 minutes a day of reading something hearing something second you got to strengthen your body and the reason Pierce’s fear is physical right so is stagnation so as numbness so sadness such as rage and when you going to change your body by an intense workout or uneven intense walking the blood flowing through you science is showing instantly changes your biochemistry now your mind about your working together third thing all these people didn’t come if you watch the founding mission bigger than themselves something that they want to aspire to that was worth more than their pain and the fourth thing is you gotta find a role model you know you heard it with Nick almost anybody finds a role model that makes it real i was with warren buffett and with sara blakely the youngest billionaire with this roundtable about the future and we listen this woman women meet her you’ll just love space or product made her billionaire they love this woman because she role model what’s possible you get a role model it becomes real to you if you get a plan to get a goal plan and you take massive action in the last step number five there’s always somebody or something you aren’t care what you’ve done so if you can go help somebody worse off you put your life in perspective and also remind your life’s not about me it’s about we always tell people the secret to great life the secret to living is giving and there’s when you realize something is still together the interview lost your legs even if you’ve been through a horrific financial situation your life can improve more importantly have a meaningful life is your life will contribute to meet you think about the first thing that determines whether you can do something or not and i put that this first box at the top here left side its potential but what’s the potential of the NBA like when you guys started you prove something known history around the four-minute one right for god knows how many centuries are trying to four minute mile Roger Bannister does it how did he do it do you remember you did in this industry right you made a million bucks in a day no one has ever done that history right after you did it a bunch of the guys are doing in case became possible roger bannister didn’t just go physically practice makeshift is that he practiced his head because you could never achieve it physically so we have changes headfirst that the result became certain that he believed it then his body gotten through after Roger Bannister in that four-minute mile within two years 37 people and format one when no one in history ever done here’s how it works the potential for anybody get your product is extraordinary they can do what you’ve done as much more or less connected to whatever they want to do the potentials that markets proven that whether or not they happen potential as a lot to do with what actually take which is the question came to me with right i canno kind of potential not taking action and we all know that the action that day is going to turn the results they get pretty obvious so most people have a belief about what their real potential is matter what you tell them and that effect so much action they take of course that affects the results and then ironically that result reinforces their belief in the belief effect so give an example let’s say a person as unlimited potential we all agree but they take little action little results why because they have to start with a problem with their belief they don’t believe it’s really gonna happen for me maybe Frank current because it got cool hair and stuff or maybe it’s for you because you’re so driven but it’s not me maybe Tony Robbins because he’s a freak out these big teeth whatever their thought process is right they got this big right but what happens is if you believe that there’s very little potential how much actually going to take profit little and you take little potential with a little action what kind of results you get lousy the results will be the results what does that do to your belief you go see I told you this was a waste of time soldier this would work and then what happens you tap even less potentially take even less action even worse results in your belief can even weaker and this soccer feeds on itself until you are in the downward spiral poisonous it’s poisonous and it’s self-fulfilling now what if something happened to come along and fill you with a sense of absolute certainty not like I believe but me what you know and you guys case might as well we knew because we had to because we burn the boats there was no other option we have to find a way we’d have we were going to live that way we all did it in different ways for different reasons but in essence that was it if you get yourself in a state of certainty that this is gonna work i’m gonna find the way and if this is work i will make the way when you tap a lot more potential when you’re certain your potential you take massive action when you take massive action you really believe in something you get great results we get great results your brain go see i told you i was a stud I told you things would work out now even stronger tap more potential to greater actually better results that’s how you win for 300 bucks a week to 2500 five days to a hundred thousand a month to a million bucks in a day same thing with you and we get momentum for the rich get richer and the poor get poorer now some people gonna go well i’m gonna take a bunch of action right I’m gonna open this product gonna try it you’ll say to you I even did it but it’s like a Salesman goes and knocks on the door he knocks on her door and says you know these do exactly right yeah anybody didn’t verbally his face as it because he doesn’t believe it’s gonna work so his voice his body the execution is so weak maybe talk some other people somebody’s gonna buy out of pity and the ones kids the star right but it’s not going to get the result so the core difference in people is how do you produce certainty when the world isn’t giving it to you go out and trying to try your case 400,000 that nothing’s working how do you keep yourself going the way you did it the way I did it the way you’re doing it with me going to consciously is we didn’t change our potential that was there and it wasn’t even taken more action taken your actions and beliefs not gonna work not going to change anything we got results in our head that made it still certain as if it had already happened what do I do when I feel the fear paralysis that happens when my mind starts to run wild it seems like there’s a cascade of doom and gloom thoughts and I can’t seem to take any action I just worried you know people who are not used to having that emotion or having it in stings but we’ve all had a different times of our lives we just forget and I think we have to do is what’s the time of your life that you had an enormous crisis but what pulled you through again we have people go through on that side answer five questions and what it basically does is help you figure out where was this crisis before you even forgotten about what pulled you through what believe what strategy what experience who helps you what triggered you and what did you do that made that shift but i also say remember one information if you would in your mind your body on the fact that money is not your life this is just money when i was told i had a tumor in my brain later on years later when I thought I was my wife to cancer I don’t tell you something money doesn’t matter at all but we get focused on what matters most were there so i mentioned earlier getting physical was really important the stairs of physical things around you think about it not just exercise going for an intense run lifting weights something that pumps the blood and oxygen through because when you do that your entire psychology changes you see the world two different place so it-it’s contrast of other people’s great stories model the best that’s in you what if you’ve been through these things before you’ve been resilient if you’re honest with yourself and get totally physical and make that a ritual for you and then you’ll start to look for role models how to turn things around can i had one yes for God’s people i love that ball just you know and embrace embrace human beings who are all around you and make sure that your good friends that they can be a good friend and it will feel better i think is the most important thing you do is get outside yourself if you want to try to help somebody else we have a basketball game we feed three million people here thanksgiving from all the world because somebody had my family when you won’t help somebody else you realize you have no problems realize how I feel like you have something to give and we all need meaning our life we don’t want to just get the life now is about working together that’s what I like job

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