Tongue Tension BUSTER – Free up your voice!

Hey guys it’s Molly from and I am going to today were having a Quick tip Tuesday. Quick Tip Tuesday. Alright, here’s a great stretch, if you are having some issues with
tongue tension you might not realize your having issue with tongue tension cuz there different ways that it displays itself. But a lot of times if
there’s like a early types of that happens because you’re like bringing your
tongue back in to your. It can be a nasally, that’s like weirdest whatever. I can’t imitate it but there when your bringing your tongue back too far, it can get in the way cuz the back of your tongue is on top of your throat right? So if your tongue all the way back like that, it’s kind of clogged things up. And it’s one thing to be like great just relax your tongue but if you can habittualy bringing your time like that back like that it’s really difficult.
Also sometimes our tongue go like thrust towards one side while were singing, which make it a little difficult and so this
is an exercise that its gonna help stretch and you may not realize that
you’re tongue is connected like all inside donw here. So here’s a stretch
my of awesome voice teacher Andrew Byne taught me this one and so shout out to Andrew. Ok. Here it goes, there’s four steps it’s gona look really funny you know I look at myself double chin. So the first thing your
gonna do, put you head all the way down give yourself a double chin. And then you gonna drop your jaw once you have enough vision. And then leave your chin down in a position
and you gonna slowly bring your head back. So were here, and you get a hold that position and really slowly bring up your chin that holds you jaw then you gonna hold it here. I don’t know what just happening but I feel huge stretched in here. So watch it again
its four-step double chin, drop your jaw, tilt your head back, and slowly close your jaw. Like this, double chin, jaw, tilt And if you are having a feeling like
that, try that stretch and sing immediately right after if it’s
like a little bit a close cover sound and you’re not able to get the brilliance
that you’d like to have. It might help. Okay. Try it. Bye.

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