#TomorrowsDiscoveries: How to Eliminate Eye Drops – Dr. Peter McDonnell

[MUSIC] Have you ever had
to use eye drops? Many patients have trouble
getting drops into their eyes for several reasons. Such as they miss with the drop. They have arthritis
which makes opening and squeezing the bottles difficult. They worry about scratching
their eye with the bottle tip. And they have trouble keeping
track of all the medicines they need to take. Hello, my name is
Peter McDonald and my team and I have been working on using
specially engineered particles, called nanoparticles, and
fibers to deliver medicines right to the eye and only to
the location that needs it. One effort involves creating
special sutures that deliver medicines to the site
of an eye surgery. An example is an antibiotic that
would guard against infection while the eye heals
after surgery. Ultimately, we hope to
deliver treatments for a range of debilitating eye
conditions without patients ever having the need
to squeeze bottles. [MUSIC]

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