Tips on Posing for Photos (Portraits)


  1. In 0:05, she did a devil sign. The three fingers that are pointing up represents 666, and the circles around her eyes is the illuminati. The devil's signs are the illuminati, 666, and a rock n roll hand sign which looks like horns from devil. She has fallen into his trap. She needs to repent or it's too late.

  2. ..and if possible find a GOOD photographer.
    Someone who makes you feel yourself, at ease and relaxed.. someone who's professional, communicative (maybe even funny), not there to impress you or hit on you but to get the BEST PHOTOS out of you. Also, always take an escort with you to every shoot, preferably a friend who you can be relaxed with, not mom or dad (unless underage) or significant other..

  3. in other words you're going to look like a rapist if you tense your look… Me and my friends found so many rapists on school yearbook LMAO

  4. my dad always criticize my smile because one of my eyes looks like it's winking(?) or squinting 😔 but i really feel confident with that smile hahahahah

  5. The photographer at school takes one photo and doesn't bother to tell me that I have hairs sticking out. It's on my id card and it's probably going to be in the yearbook smh

  6. I imagined my friends "let's take a photo"
    -"okay deep breath "
    -" not gum"
    -"the photograph needs to talk to us, make us feel comfortable Sara"

  7. Im having my 1st photoshoot MAY 3RD. (for my 21st bday which is May 12.) Im super NERVOUS! But Ms.Phan has eased my anxiety

  8. What a lovely way to teach with soft speck, I like your styles. I'm Naveed Chohan.

  9. for the women who say "I never look good in photos" here is a little secret. almost all women feel exactly the same. I'm a photographer and I've tested. If I take a photo with 3 women in the shot and give each of the women a print individually they will ALL say the same thing, the other two look amazing, but "I NEVER LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS"

    You are always your worst critic. find a photographer you trust and let them see the beauty and then trust. There is always a shot that will make you look good. the right lights, surroundings

    we all have something beautiful about us but society wants us to think there are only certain things that make us beautiful. that is a lie to make you spend money.

    Just be real, be happy with you and bring it, your photos will be better.

  10. Ok I do have good pics but I don't know I find it difficult to look sexy. I am good at cute pics and stuff but I look angry when I try to have attitude. Lol

  11. im watching this for when school starts and i take my junior year pictures. Is anyone else watching this for school?

  12. I literally run from cameras and my office is doing staff headshots next week. I'm considering handing in my notice but my family think I'm overreacting. They don't know how many hours I've spent literally watching full tutorials on how to not be camera shy.
    "If all else fails, just smile" she says. Um…last time I had my photo taken, I tried to smile and ended up full on frowning whilst sweating like a pig, my mouth was trying to look happy but just ended up quivering and because I just wanted to die already I looked like a total mess.
    I just cannot smile on queue.
    I'm pretty sure that photo broke the camera.

  13. Yet another useless "posing" ( What? Where? ) video. No tips, no rules, no angles, no lighting schemes, no system or guide of how-to for different types of looks, no different types of looks also, nothing. Just a common "be positive" blah-blah. 3 minutes of nothing :/

  14. Hi, i work in aesthetics and we take pictures before and after the sessions of treaments of our patients, so i am wondering what type of camera and camera lens would you recommand to capture the skin problems clearly (scars, acne, wrinkles…). thank you in advance

  15. Hi Michelle, I have done some studio photography in the past and am soon going to do more. I loved your tips and have passed them on to a colleague. I would be interested to see some of your results where you angle the body away from the main light source but angle the face toward it. Thanks.

  16. Michelle your face is so symmetrical I need to watch someone ugly that knows how to look good not someone who looks good the moment they roll out of bed 😂

  17. thank you for this a lot i have mine coming up and i always feel awakened making a smile because of my braces and many people have told me i’m not opening my eyes enough when i smile these tips really helped

  18. I'm probably gonna cry cuz I have school pictures this week and I'm gonna ruin my makeup by crying cuz honestly is so sad cuz it's my last year, last photo and it's my last chance to get a nice photo after 4 failed high school pictures

  19. Reasons this will not work for me:
    1.The photographer will tell me to look straight at the camera
    2.The photographer will tell me to smile wider or lesser

    This happens at school

  20. im always made to laugh with huge eyes, in a hideous angle and in an uncomfortable position for school photos. i always turn out looking dead inside

  21. "it's not scary, just relax and be confident" WTF kind of professional advice is that?! For some people it IS scary, are FAR FROM relaxed and are NOT confident. It is my job as a professional to acknowledge that and work with that. To do my shoot fast and make them feel at ease and above all understand how they feel. What an idiot…

  22. be confident…yea totally I’ll just flip a switch in my brain to make me confident- the photographers at school for picture day don’t gaf how you look😭

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