This Is Not The End – Motivational Speech On Depression & Mental Health

I want you to know that no matter where you
are in life no matter how low you’ve sunk no matter how bleak your situation this is
not the end this is not the end of your story this is not the final chapter of your life
I know it may be hard right now but if you just hang in there stick it out stay with
me for a little while you will find that this tough moment will pass and if you are committed
to using this pain using it to build your character finding a greater meaning for the
pain you will find that in time you can turn your life around and help others going through
the same struggles the world right now is in the middle of a
mental health crisis its estimated almost half the population suffers from depression
at some stage throughout their life rather than join the queue it’s important we learn
why we get down and then how we can change it because believe it or not we create our
own negative feelings and we can also ensure that we turn our lives around and be a positive
change for others the reason anyone gets depressed always comes down to the consistent thoughts
we think and the consistent beliefs we hold let me say that again the reason anyone gets
depressed always comes down to the consistent thoughts we think and the consistent beliefs
we hold the point here is that anyone that is depressed is so because there is an external
factor that didn’t materialise in their life they have lost something outside of their
control or don’t have something that is out of their control in school we are taught
how to get a job but no one teaches us how to live in a state of happiness no one teaches
us how important our conscious and unconscious thoughts and associations are is our happiness
not worth more than a job yes it is and before you say happiness won’t pay my bills happiness
will pay your bills when you realise you will be ten times more energised focused and take
positive action in your life when you first choose to develop yourself as a priority and
then get to the stuff of the world I’ve seen some people who many will consider to
have it all end their life because they thought they were not good enough a thought a belief
within them told them they were not worthy these people that many were jealous of many
envious of were not good enough you must value yourself enough to take the time every single
day to work on you to engage on something that will ensure you are a positive influence
on the world this of course doesn’t mean life will suddenly be perfect the same life
challenges will show up but if your mind is strong if your mind is at peace your reaction
to the challenging times will be very different your reaction will be how can I make this
work not why is this happening to me and then others will look to you not with pity but
with hope because your strength will become their hope their strength you really can be
that powerful you can ditch the victim story you can leave the pain behind and focus on
how you will react next how you will react positively read read all you can read to get
your mind in a positive place take steps to ensure you will be in a better position next
time whatever pain you were suffering from how you can ensure it won’t show again take
little steps and soon you will be at the top of the staircase don’t give up you are worthy
you are more than worthy you deserve to experience how great life can be and you owe it to the
world to be that positive change for others to inspire others who will look to you and
say he did it she did it and I can do it too


  1. This soundtrack is by Fearless Soul (link in the description). If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, don't be afraid to seek help. The links are in the description. You are not alone.

  2. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😔😔
    I can take pain ……. but its very painfull now watching my teenage son who’s also becoming depressed to……..
    oppression / depression ….. is something that takes some time to heal from …….
    saying lots of prayers today for peace & less pain & suffering for everyone in the world.
    And hope god hears every prayer.
    As much as the internet is helpful , it’s quite scary to see all the bad things in the happening all over the world , I’m not sure if it’s a positive thing for our health.
    Seriously need to decide wether to keep the human right of being allowed to watch videos on you tube…… or scrap that human right too …….. but on a positive note ….. I’ve seen lots of videos of people trying to help the world …. & giving there testimony’s , and sharing stories …. trying to make positive changes & to heal themselves & others ……. I just want to say for the people that are trying to save others & help & heal others in life on here …… are very very brave & it’s very comforting to know good people actually do really still exist xxx 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
    We need more good in the world ….. because there’s actually way to much bad stuff in it …..

  3. I want to. I really really want to. The only thing holding me back is my mom, and God. Without these two i would of ended it already
    Edit: I put this up before i watched this. Thank you so fucking much

  4. #Beyourself. Figure out what you love and do it everyday. Ignore what other people think, and you'll notice that the right people will begin to gravitate towards you. You'll also start to notice that you care less and less about what others think, because you're perfect❤

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  6. For the past few weeks, I have been very depressed. Both because of school problems and at home problems. I have cut myself a few times and have considered taking my life. Although this video hasn't changed my feelings or emotions, it sure has helped me realize the consequences of suicide. This video has helped save lives including mine so thank you so much for putting your time in to make this. God bless you. ♥

  7. I really Appriciated that i saw this video i was Depressed and Stessed for the past 10 years i almost take suicide but thanks to this video my life has changed…i really got shocked…Thank you…Thank you…i finally able to Achieved my Goals…Im really Happy 😭

  8. Feel so low and depressed right now the worse I’ve ever felt I always hang in there and the tough moments always pass but I always end up back in a dark place but it gets worse every time . I’m broken right now

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