This Is My Voice – 3 Years in Transition (FTM Transgender)


  1. Who else would love to see a documentary made by Aaron? 🙋‍♂️
    Your video skills are just amazing, it captured emotion so well, had a great message, and it was all put together nicely!

    Thank you for making this, Aaron and happy 3 years on T! ❤

  2. Perfectionism is ROUGH.
    Thank you for risking. For being vulnerable and honest. Being the best human you can is a fluid concept. It's part of being a person (and I still struggle with that too). Like if I'm sick or tired, how I communicate will be different than if I'm in a stellar mood. And that's okay. It NEEDS to be. I cant just wait until I'm perfect, to have interactions with humanity. And that's terrifying (what if I fuck up? Society doesn't handle mistakes very well right now) but also liberating (I get to try!).
    Anyways. Thanks Aaron, for getting me to think. And for what it's worth I dont think youre rad because all your pieces are together. It's because you are honest about what it's like when they aren't. And how it feels to be stuck. Because you are real (as you can be) and not veneer.

  3. This was amazing and something I didn't know I needed to hear right now. Thank you so much for making this, you're awesome man!

  4. Aaron, you are so worthy of love just being you. I struggle with this too, so I can’t thank you enough for posting this. 💚

  5. For never having watched your videos before… this is the best one I could have jumped into. Congratulations on moving forward and taking steps to love yourself. Its hard… Its SO hard sometimes… But you can do it. Thank you for posting this. I needed this. <3 I'll work on loving myself too.

  6. I'm not transitioning and yet this resonates with me so hard. Thank-you. For your stark honesty, your vulnerability, and you hard work and dedication. You're simply amazing.

  7. Okay thanks for the morning sob. D': This is so touching and deep and special. Thank you for making yourself vulnerable for me. <3

  8. Just. Seeing how far you've come. To trust the internet with the sight of so many angles of your body. It's so very, very touching. And beautiful. Because I see my own body in yours. So much. You shirtless on screen, I thought, "That body looks like mine!" and it makes me so very happy and appreciative for your content and other content like this. <3 <3 <3

  9. I think this is one of the only YouTube videos I have watched, and then straight away, watched again. Absolutely fantastic video for style and content. I relate a lot to the self-loathing and pressure that you put yourself under. I have these issues too. I tend to blame myself a lot too. Recently I have been trying to be a lot kinder to myself, to break these habits I have practised for so long. I'm glad that you are too. Whilst watching this video I was skin picking, then saw you doing it! Your muscle dance thing at the end really made me laugh!

  10. I… need to watch this. Regularly. I need to remember this video exists when I want to just give up because wow. It's so powerful to me, it hit everything.

  11. Aaron, this is awesome and you are awesome. Wish I knew you in real life!
    You are a beautiful guy, inside and out!
    Thank You, God Bless and love to you!
    PS, I adore your haircut!

  12. Needed this for sure…Parents just told me the whole "we can't support your decision" and the lovely "we feel like failures as parents" bs after telling me for several years that "nothing will change we love you no matter what and support you blah blah blah." Its hard cutting them out of my life after trying to be patient, and giving them information about being trans, and giving them space, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on. Thank you for this video <3 I will take up my space and live my best life!

  13. You are so loved Aaron. You make me smile, and I'm a better person because of watching you. Much love from the UK ❤❤❤

  14. 💕💕💕 you are amazing, Aaron. I didn’t know how much I needed this until I saw it. Thank you.

  15. This…was…so…I dont even have words for it but I love it so much and I love u and I'm emotional as heck rn ahhhhh SO GOOD AARON!!!

  16. Oh Aaron, you have found my feels so deep that I cried. It was a good cry. I love you for making this, Thank you from the bottom of my heart that's feeling like it's been shattered top pieces today <3 <3 <3 You give me hope. You give me hope. Thank you so much! grabbing more tissues

  17. I found this when I was having a Dysphpria attack and you tes you helped and you made me think better about my self you are amazing I love you❤

  18. Congratulations on your 3 year mark! I can really resonate with this and I'm at a loss for words in gratitude and appreciation for sharing this. <3 Much respect and love Aaron.

  19. I don't know why it took me this long to watch this video, but it's so amazing Aaron! I love you and am so happy you could come forward and make this video. You are incredible.

  20. This is the first video I’ve watch of yours.
    You’re an inspiration, keep being yourself. Much love from England.

  21. I'm not crying, you are. Thank you for putting out such a beautiful and inspiring video, I could not have seen this video at a better time. I LOVE YOU!

  22. I didn't wanna comment, because it'll be comment 421, however. I love you, and I'm so fluffing blessed to know of you, and to watch your videos, content, and transition. You're amazing, here's to loving ourselves, truly.

  23. I sit here so afraid of coming out of becoming unlovable to my family becoming unlovable to my friends but you give me so much hope that I will be able to wake up one day and the person's love I will value the most will be my own

  24. Wow this video is amazing it's going to help me so much and you put so much effort into it – thanks so much^^ We appreciate you and hopefully all of us learn to love and accept ourselves a little more 🙂

  25. Wow. Certainly not what I expected, but better, much better. I wish for the best for you always

  26. What the hell dude, this was so well made and is SO sincere and amazing. That seriously affected me, I was on the verge of a decision to starve again but I'm now eating a pizza and about to head to therapy!

  27. I just wanna say I love you and the way you so honestly present yourself to us, and your taste in music (I heard that Undertale music at the end :p)

  28. Aaron! I see you! I'm so proud of where you've come and oh my God

    But most importantly…I see (hear) that undertale soundtrack

  29. You DESERVE to be here…and I’m GLAD you are!!!! Dude, you are sooooo kool!!! P.s. what’s your kittens name?

  30. i'm so proud of you, aaron. thank you for sharing. as someone currently struggling with these issues, it means a lot that you shared this with us. you aren't alone. none of us are. thank you. we love you.

  31. Usually when people make these kinds of videos, they narrate the video with a poem. And although poetry is beautiful and I am a poet myself, it’s refreshing to listen to you just simply talk directly.

  32. This wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was definitely what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing Aaron ❤️

  33. Its one am and my brains not retaining anything right now but I know I needed to here alot of what you said. Thank you.

  34. Thankyou so very much Aaron for the honisty. You are a dear heart my friend and your voice has become your gift to us.. Dear, your beautiful sole shines through all you have lived with inside. Your amazing to me.. This be first time I watched one of your videos .. You inspire me to keep trying to let my inner child, give voice to my truth.. I had to work through my fears just as you. I'm a two Spirit Trans Woman.. I know the joy that comes from walking through those fears to becoming who I was always meant to be.. I feel your joy My friend .. All my love to you on you journey.. Beautiful Sole you are.. Huggs dear.

  35. This is the best video I have ever watched.
    You have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else.
    It took me a long time to know what that meant but once you can truly love and accept yourself, the world loves you back

  36. This is the best video I have ever watched.
    You have to learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else.
    It took me a long time to know what that meant but once you can truly love and accept yourself, the world loves you back

  37. I'd like to say- dont worry- there will always be people who react to you in a positive way. I do right now- it is, as if I know you for a long time, know how you feel. It sounds like a part of me (a small part actually, but I can feel a sort of resonance). And I can see it in the comments, that I am not the only one…

  38. Thank you for this video! This is so much of what I'm going through! Particularly the combination of ADHD, not feeling like I can go out, possible eating disorder and not being able to do things or talk to people. Now that I'm able to work again I've been pouring all my energy into improving in my career, desperate to become irreplaceable and not become unemployed again, and frequently burning out, and I've started realising life was losing meaning. It really helps to hear someone else talking about it. I'm trying to work on loving myself. Not sure how to deal with the anxiety/rejection sensitive dysphoria though. But we'll get there. Thank you so much for this! <3

  39. This is beautiful. I don't think I've ever related to a video so much in my life. Although I'm not transgender, I am genderqueer, and nobody in my family seems to want to accept it. I changed my name last October, and they don't even try to use it. I suffered with severe anorexia for a while, and was put into a mental health unit to help treat it. I was there for 2 years. I almost died twice from starvation and dehydration, and developed other mental illnesses along the way. You, as a person, are an inspiration! You're proof that things can get better if you try, and that things won't be perfect, but that isn't a reason to give up. Thank you for uploading this

  40. There was an advertisement targeting parents of autistic children for a company that does ABA right before your video. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  41. You are wonderful 🙏💞 Thank you! One of your videos popped up in my suggested. You are so wise, open, and kind. Thank you for sharing your experience with me 🥰

  42. Videos this will permentantly change your view about yourself and how you deal with insecurity:

    Like fucking Jesus Christ man. Just gonna come out here and make me realize whats wrong eith me and put to words and realize what I couldn't . Wtf

  43. This is a bit strange. I am also a trans man, post surgery, asexual, with ADHD, recovering from an eating disorder. When I watch this video I see myself.

  44. Well said – all of it. I needed to hear this, so thank you. Thank you very much. Hang in there. You are a worthwhile person, but you know that. Just keep remembering that!

  45. U got me thinking ur body was gunna be all botched and fat. Lmaoo you look great tf😄 u also should surround yourself with ppl that get it and can help u towards ur goal of self love. It’s an everyday battle wishing u lucky with urs🤙🏽

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