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[INDIAN TRAFFIC] Prash: The way prasad is distributed in temples, in similar lines driving license is distributed in India Majnu: What.. what happened bro? Prash: How should I express this, what divine beauty was passing the road what beauty she had Nagu: Don’t stop keep going Prash: I looked at her, she looked at me Majnu: wah.. wah next Prash: I thought of going picking her up and kissing her Nagu: Direct? Prash: Yes and I just started moving towards her and a veichle came crushed her and left Nagu: Idiot driver Majnu: Then Prash: Then what, she kept moaning in pain at road, her tail started flickering Majnu: Aww even her tail started flickering, what that girl had a tail Prash: Aye I am not talking about girl, I am talkibg about cat Nagu: Bravo Prash: How can I express bro, what type of eyes she had I won’t spare those d!ck headed people today, I will hit them point by point [INDIAN TRAFFIC] See I don’t hate every rikshaw driver, some are good but yesterday I was riding my bike soothly A rikshaw was going decently parallel to me Suddenly he saw a passenger at that direction Dumbass turned his veichle at 90 degrees perpendicularly straight I hitted the emergency break and my testicels hitted the bike tank My eggs got converted into omlette My life got stuck in my throat Nagu: That’s why I drive while wearing the cricket gaurd [TRAFFIC SIGNAL] Prash: Tell me one thing whenver there is a yellow light, we slow down our car RIGHT? it’s totally opposite in our country, as soon as we see the yellow signal we run our car even faster So we can run before it hits the red light then the green signal they get after that, there car stops only after reaching heaven Nagu: Heat, Testicels and signals, after breaking the man is gone Whenever we stop our car at red light to wait for the green signal, some retards will just keep on honking it feels like taking that horn and thrusting it in their a** These are those kinds of people who forgot to use the washroom before leaving their house [WATER LOVERS] Prash: Now see this accident get a side dumbass I want to drink water, I am extremly thirsty aye @$$ why are you coming in between my throat is drying let me go get a side get a side so you will stop me from drinking water? nobody will stop me from drinking water Why are you disturbing me Let me drink WATER WATER WATER leave me today I will drink water WATER I WANNA DRINK WATER Nagu: Buffalo drowned in water [AMBULANCE ENEMY] Prash: What I like most about the people of India is they never give space to ambulance or fire brigade no matter how much you push the siren, we drive while sticking a D!ck in our ear good they are contributing to reduce the population of our country clap for them, clap below their ears If I would be the one driving the ambulance, I would have crushed them [POPULATION] Prash: Do you know why we have so much traffic in our country? it’s neither the fault of traffic system nor the people, population of our country is 1.3 billion People in our counrty have hobbie of having children, just married and wanted children First is a girl child, they will keep on taking out babies till it’s a boy Why? because they need to push the bloodline ahead Tell me one thing where will you take this bloodline, is this a race, or you will stuff it in your a** and after marriage why you have to give birth If having children is your hobby then so many kids are there in orphanage, adopt them What I say is government should make a rule, till orphanages get’s empty, make giving birth prohibited If done then direct vasacotomy NO bamboo then no noise to deal with [ZEBRA CROSSING] Majnu: Bro today, I want to tell something as well Prash: wah, tell Majnu tell Majnu: That Zebra crossing on road, I have never seen a Zebra cross the road by walking over that in my entire life Prash: Beat him, beat that retard If you found this video good Hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and get lost


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  2. Dear Prash , Aapke vdo funny aur intresting to hotehihe lekin aapki script bohot damdar hoti he. Go ahead best luck.

  3. Prash bhai agar child hi nahi honge to Anataashram main child kaha se honge agar unke Ma- Bab ko bachho ki parvarish nahi hoti to kyu bachhe nikalte hai 🤨🙄

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