This Is A YouTube Channel I Have Started, To Show My Life With Bipolar And Mental Health Illness…

hey everybody my name is Jeremiah Levin
and I have bipolar I decide to do this channel about two weeks ago and the
reason what started it off was every time there was a shooting whether it was
a school or whether it was a mall or just stupid shootings the O’s blame
mental health and that gave people an excuse not to have to do anything about
it and I just got fed up of hearing it you know what people talk about mental
health and crazies and everything else and you know I’d put my hand up and say
I have bipolar and people didn’t realize that people like myself and others we
can live a normal life we can have fun we can travel we can work out we can go
to work some days are tougher than others and some days are more fun than
others I can laugh at myself I can take myself serious I’m trying to deal with
this so basically my whole channel is about my life with bipolar I want to
show my good side my bad side my funny side my serious side but also I just
want to show that there is survival that it’s just not a curse and though it’s
not bad I’m gonna show that having a good psychiatrist is a really really
really good thing having a good support system of friends and family is a must
must also having a good therapist really helps are alive to be able to talk to
somebody in a neutral setting without judgement or embarrassment those things
that I talked about the embarrasses me to talk to my friends even though I know
they’d know about it but sometimes I don’t want to talk about it anymore but
I know I need to work it out so I like having a therapist that listens to me
and will not judge me and can understand where I’m coming from and sometimes what
you read in books just not currently to everybody what is my bipolar is not the
next guys by : and you know some of those highs quicker
than others not as quick as oh and we had all those and down different speeds
to each other so basically I’m just trying to show my life and how I’m
dealing with it and how I’m surviving it and how I’m bringing something to the
world and if I can change one ten hundred thousand a million people’s
ideas of the stigma behind mental illness then what more I’m afraid to do
you know that’s all I can do I have a voice and people say I have a face and
so I just wanna show that bipolar is not the be-all and end-all and we kind of
look at life all right you guys take please subscribe please watch please
comment please like please forgive them to look after yourself
because yourself is important as well as unimportant
alright Utica thank you anvil Aslam bhai

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