These Two Tests Are the Only Twin Flame Signs You Will Ever Need!!

everyone it’s Sonja from ten of cups ministries and i sm here today to help you with some twin flame signs.
i have two wonderful twin flame tests for you to do to decide whether or not you have your true twin flame. different signs, different symptoms if you will, are great but they can be a little bit misleading because those signs and symptoms are often also characteristic of karmic soulmates and other relationships that we have so my whole thing is really getting your guidance from above and not meeting to look outside of yourself to receive the information that you need to know the nature of the relationship that you’re dealing with and what is the heart center test that i like to do we all have an internalized lie-detector system within the heart chakra and it does take some being willing to put your own ego and agenda aside because your own ego and you know what you really want to see happen confirmed of obscure the energy of this test so just to do this test you can just close your eyes and just focus into the heart space and i’m going to guide you through it like a preliminary so you can get used to working with this test and take a deep breath and drop right down into your heart space right into the heart chakra and instead intention to move your own agenda your own will your own ego side and then say my name is and then whatever-your-name-is and just feel how that expands the heart your heart chakra feels warm and expansive when you say something that’s true and i’ll just open your eyes and just shake out the energy of that part of the test now look close their eyes again deep breath dropping right back down into that hard space and they’ll say my name is and just say some other name it’s not your dog or Anna or whatever comes up for you and feel how that feels you feel how your heart constricts your heart knows when it doesn’t the space of energy that’s not true often for you it will constrict and when it’s when you state something that’s true are your with an energy that is true for you it expands let’s try this with your twin flame or the person that you believe to be your twin flame and take a deep breath close your eyes setting the intention of your own agenda and energies out of it to connect to truth and now say my name is your twin flame it is my true twin flame and just feel into the heart space does your heart constrict or doesn’t expand and feel lighter that’s one way that you can find out if this is your true twin flame another one is a prayer that I’ve done in previous videos where I hold space for you that within 72 hours your angels divine mother divine father or whether you consider your higher power to be will give you one powerful sign in a way that you cannot possibly miss that will confirm whether you’re dealing with your true twin flame or not and i set this up for you in this video so let’s just take a deep breath if you really want to know this I’ve had some really powerful testimonies come thru about people’s results with this prayer so if you really want to know if you’re really ready to just simply say yes close your eyes and I’ll just bringing an energy around you in the next 72 hours i call this a sacred containment and I ask divine mother divine father and all of your christed true lights to love beings of cristed light and truth to show you in a way that you cannot possibly miss if you’re dealing with your true sacred partner divine counterpart twin flame and if you’d like to receive this simply say yes and this is set in motion now so just be open and aware of powerful signs and synchronicity is coming in your path in the next 72 hours to confirm or in some cases not confirm whether you’re dealing with your true twin flame or not I hope that these tests the twin flame tests are helpful for you and I hold space for you that they will provide the answers that you need to move forward got those signs right? those twin flame signs?


  1. I don’t know if I’ll gen any sign, first test was kind of “numb”, but by the end of the video I started feeling my heart chakra pour out a crazy amount of pain, so I cried and released and I thank you for this.

  2. WOW! After 3 months of silence, the longest ever, … I did this prayer and an hour later he emailed me! It sounds so hard to believe but it is true, I still can't believe it!

  3. This is crazy, this is insane, this is madness hahahahaha. ♡ Okay, i will tell my testimony on this. First of all, a psychic once told me that certain person is my twin flame. And yes, the connection with him was intense but NOT as intense and wow like my first love in this incarnation. With my first love, we are literally one in different bodies. Opposites yet very similar. Okay, when i said the name of my first love my heart started to burn and expand and more when i said he's my true twin flame. When i said the name of the "true twin flame" i felt a burn but not so intense and it felt light. Later i accepted the prayer you made and asked for specific signs that reasonates with my first love and me. I am not joking guys, THIS IS NO JOKE. In less than 1 hour the first day, i started to see so much numbers and synchronicities everywhere. I asked for these specific numbers as well "1" "111" "1111" i saw it everywhere! And it continued. Later within a few hours i was on Facebook and i saw an article with his middle name. I was shocked but i felt blessed. ♡ And the signs continued even more. Yesterday, same thing, but this time it got more obvious. I was watching a video on YouTube and while i was reading the comment section, i saw his fake middle name he has on Facebook. I said "WOW!" Not to mention that he spoke to me those 2 days and now he's running hahahaha. I told my friend who's a Twin Flame enthusiast and she told me that i shouldn't have any doubt because the answer is already within me. When i first met him, i didn't know the concept of Twin Flames, Soulmates (Well that one yeah but the real definition hahahaha) and Karmic partners. That day that i saw him in person, i don't know how to describe it in words. He saw me and said my name out loud like super excited (we met each other before but through Facebook thanks to his brothers). And it was unexpected to see him. His brothers mentioning him and seeing him the first day, coincicende? I think not hahahahaha. So that day i felt a strange sensation and i felt so in love at first sight. It was like seeing myself in a male body. And everything around felt in slow motion. His friend was trying to flirt with me but i was like high on drugs seeing him, that's how i can describe it. I rejected his friend flirts. He was quiet, be both didn't exchange words that day so much. He is so much like me! But the energy was intense. When he was about to leave, he kissed my cheek and i felt my cheek burn. He's a fire sign, but i think it is because of him being my true twin? Later we cannot stop talking. We started dating and our first kiss was wow…. i felt like home and i felt like some sort of electricity and burning sensation. We got separated after that and now i understand why. He became the runner first but he always appears eventually. There was in this pull and push dynamic. On and off two times. Later i met my friend and she suddenly started to speak about Twin Flames and the first person that came into my mind without any doubt, was him. I met him in like 2009. Last year i met this guy who was similar to me, very similar. But my thought wasn't "So is this one my true twin flame?" No, my intuition told me "Soulmate" later this psychic told me that there was a Twin Flame connection going on there. I got confused. He ran away, i ran way, i chased him and he ran away and he never chased me back until i reached out on him this month. He replied to my message but sounded indifferent. Like i felt before towards him. And i was in a high frequency when i messaged him. Not to mention that i never had a dream with him. But with my first love almost all the time and my feelings towards him never changed no matter how mad i can be at him. So days later i messaged him and he looked interested in keep in touch. But now he's like running away out of ego. Hahahahahaha. Thank you so much for this video. ♡ It really helps guy. It really does.

    Edit: it's 11:11 on the clock now. ♡

  4. So no exaggeration first my day started with seeing SIX red birds (good omen for me) all different areas in less than an hour,then 2.22 gas price 222 miles to destination, address I had to go to 222 every time on the clock I just so happened to catch 222 or 333 or 1010 or 1111 THEN back to back my twin flames birthday I smiled and said okayyyy lol and rode pass exit 333 🙈

  5. True symptoms of a twin flame experience.

    1. Told by spirit you are brought together.
    2. Chakra activation when meeting face to face the first time (soul shock)
    3. Spiritual abilities. The main 4 clair abilities make you a medium.
    4. You live in, and meet at places with numbers adding to 11.

    I had just moved to a house numbered 1/172
    I meet her at a venue numbered 1631
    20 years before her spirit was visiting me at my home address where the number was 29.

    If you google my experiences you will find what I’m saying.
    Most of you people just are not this.
    Give up this fantasy, it is dangerous.

  6. What if his name came up in this video itself when you said say some other name which is not yours and his name is Doug? I mean what should i think as his name is Doug! :O is it a sign? Yes i think my heart constricted on Ana and not Doug.

  7. I couldn’t do the test right at this very moment because my 1yr old is running around so I asked the universe “if he is my twin flame show me 111 on the clock.” I said it over and over a couple of times in my head just to really ask. And then I closed the app I was on to look at the time and it was 111. Sometimes when I’m watching a reading about twin flames I start to doubt if he is or if he’s gonna come back and I see master numbers or triple digit numbers immediately after thinking that. I could feel it in my soul and my being that we are twin flames and meant to be.

  8. This worked very well! I said Yes and the next day, when I was about to turn off my radio, I said (as kind of a joke) if you want to send a message, do it now because I am turning off the radio. Not 2 seconds later 'our' song started! And that song isn't played on the radio often anymore!! The test with the heart chakra worked as well. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  9. Thanks, will let you know what I see.

    What I saw was what appeared to definitely be a confirmation of no, But I feel moved to set the intention one more time and give it one more chance. Let me ask you something. I have searched my various bodies both physical and energetic, and I don’t think that I believe in twin flames. It does not ring true to me and I have issues with the belief. However, I do believe in soulmates and I do believe in soul contracts and different people who agreed to come here and be different things for us. I have two men in my life right now who I would like to do the three day prayer intention with to see if they are the soulmate I am supposed to be in love with and happy with, From this point in my life to the end. I’m looking for the soulmate I contracted to have a joyful, passionate union with And I need to know if it’s either of these two men. Can I still use this irrespective of the fact that you’ve used the terminology twin flame or would you need to do a version where you use a different phrase more like mine, and would that be something that you would be willing to do? OK thanks so much!

  10. I want to try this but I don’t want it to be the person that I don’t really want like that lol! Every time I ask the universe to send my husband or a sign he pops up!

    Maybe I’m the runner 😒 and if that’s the case then I’m willing to keep running because my heart is not open to him!

  11. This video was right on time! I saw 911 on the clock last night before bed, completely out of the blue, 12 hours later I see 911 on my clock today. I need confirmation about this once and for all because of how karmics mimic the Twin Flame characteristics! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Thank you. I will be waiting. I need it badly nowadays. If there's an answer, I will give my testimony here.

  13. I just stumbled on your page after leaving from whom I truly think Is my twin..during this retrograde I’m seriously am shedding a lot as I just moved from a house that I lived in for 7 years. I literally am in a place where I’m single and I just told my twin..that In our separation I stayed committed to him while he was single..i really chooses my self and have been officially single for 1 year and he’s came back to my life…after dating in 2014-16. It’s been a long road and I’m just ready to live as a true single woman ..I thank you for this video and I will let you know I’m 3 days what’s the tea 💁🏽‍♀️ thank you for this 🙏🏽

  14. lol my real name is anna. when I said, "My name is anna" my heart hurt. then you said the name anna in the video.

  15. I heard my name and I became so happy and laughed idk why ,and the exact same thing happened when I said the name of my twin

  16. I did the prayer and immediately my friend sent me a meme that went, “according to studies, we meet our soulmate before the age of 21”

  17. I did this and got a yes for the heart chakra opening but didn’t believe it so I did my second test. My first sign thought was to see a butterfly and I thought no that’s too easy. I then thought ladybug and thought no not that eitger. I then said forget this it’s not going to work. Within 72 hours I received a fundraiser thing with I did my second text. My first sign done with the butterfly and I thought no that’s easy. I then thought ladybug and thought no that’s dumb. I then said forget this it’s not going to work. Within 72 hours I received a fundraiser from St. Jude with my name on the label that had cartoon drawings of dogs, cats, butterflies 🦋 and ladybug 🐞 next to my name. I completely forgot about doing this because I had dismissed it. It worked inspite of me!

  18. Okay so i watched tis and at 00:00 got a message from him .I really believe he is my twin flame but im scared i sound delusional

  19. Ive done this before and asked to see a yellow car, i live in a small town and there are rarely any exotic cars i saw three in one day. Even was crying in my backseat of my fucking car about him and heard a voice in my head that said look up and there was a fucking yellow car. Then i asked to see a pink starburst, i never eat junk food or come in contact with it the next day the restaurant i go to my friend orders the pink starburst drink off the menu , asked to see a GREEN fox, saw people dressed up as green foxes for some weird new store opening . Its unreal and i love this person so much but my own personal doubt insecurity and inability to love myself pushed him away so far . And hes with someone else now. I am just focusing on becoming the best so he can come back and see who i really am. I know hell be back bc i had a dream of him lastnight fighting off any doubt i ever had . Thank you so much.

  20. Omg thank you so much!!! I did the 72-hour prayer and straight away it worked!!! His name was everywhere popping up whenever I joined games, entered rooms and when I pass by people! Significant signs that are special to him and me came up too! Really powerful and strong, thank you 💜✨

  21. Wow. It was confirmed by a psychic that somebody was my flame so I watched this video. When I checked her Instagram soon afterwards, she uploaded a picture of herself ‘11 minutes ago’ after being inactive for a few months! I’m hoping I see more signs in the next 71 hours. She looks so much happier these days. <3

  22. There was a double rainbow bounced on hood of truck into the cab with us !!! Oh yes I had NEVER HEARD of a twin flame until I was led to it

  23. Would it be considered a sign, if after 20 hours of saying “yes”, I see a tagged photo of him on my Facebook feed? Even though he never posts and is rarely tagged in anything usually? 🤔

  24. So i watched this this morning and im sick so i took a nap woke up to a text message from my ex best friend who were working things out slowly with a picture of my twin flame. She said do u recognize anyone? Hes buying a vehicle from her. Not sure if that my sign but if so this works extremely fast!!!!

  25. For me I finally asked the universe was he my twin flame for the first time I saw 11:11 and I don't even usually look at the clock in my heart stopped. So then time went on and I kept saying he is not my twin flame that I get to control my destiny and who I love and that was that. So then I said okay is he my twin flame again. And within am hour I got 1111 again. So I decided I was going to just end it and I blocked him on Instagram and I was just feeling all good about myself and then I dreamed about him last week and then I got inside. Then I was laying in the bed and I felt his presence near me and I told him if he wasn't going to be present in my life that I didn't want to do this in the 5D Graham I wanted him to be present in the 3D round with me. And so then I told him I blocked him because I was upset and I'm sorry I know that's still loved her. Why I woke up at 11:21 and this guy has text me and ask me are you okay. My heart stopped because I kid you not I felt his presence and we were talkin telepathically in and out of nowhere he text me. I finally told him that yes I'm okay I blocked him because he was my twin flame and I know he already knew this because when I would post about twin flames he would always like the post. But it's just crazy we have so much in common and I mean in common like down to everything. And I told him that I blocked him because he mirrors all of my fears of Abandonment and neglect and he said that he wasn't mad at me and then I needed to do what I needed to do.

  26. I didn't even had to wait for 72 hrs…it happen right away ..i break out in goose pimple of joy and love ..feeling a over powering sensation running through my body.God is Awesome… thank u lady💕

  27. That is very interesting.
    I use this technique all the time with things I am thinking, considering, or going to do. I had no idea that it is even a technique. I thought it is my gift to recognise my truth lol it is my inner guidance.
    Anyway, I did this too now so will see but I have no doubts he is my twin since I asked the universe a plenty of time and last time it was pretty firm sign. Like the universe was telling me to stop asking because I was upsetting or annoying it. Very big unmistakable sign 😂

  28. After I said yes to a sign, four hours later a song “somewhere between you and home” just popped up ! I believe that it’s my sign !

  29. I highly recommend Elle Hari s channel . Everything she says resonates with me🧡. Hope that helps.

  30. i saw this video and even though I have had many signs that indicated that I met my twin flame, I thought I would give the prayer a try because I was still a bit skeptical about whether the person I thought was actually my twin. I thought we have some of the standard twin flame signs, such as: He was born in another country, I'm 15 years older, it was a bizarre circumstance when we met, and I felt like we immediate friends, but I was not sure There was also another important element about our first meeting. He also told me immediately that he was deeply connected to astrology which I thought was weird for a man of his age. I never mentioned anything about my beliefs about astrology until after he told me about his passion for learning about zodiac signs. Most people think I am weird when I share this side of me. Therefore, When I accidentally stumbled on a t win flames video after our last encounter three months ago, I started to connect some dots. It started to make sense why I could not get this person off my mind. So I started to look into this a bit further,. Years ago, I explored the use of numerology. So I looked at our number patterns. Our soul numbers matched up 20/2. Also, our eros and pathos were identical, I was now seeing 11:11 a lot. On top of everything, my intuitive and em-path nature that I shut down years ago, started to open up again in a crazy way over the past three mouths. I could also feel and read people again. Yet, I was still not a 100% sure based on my personal situation because I had also seen some things about false twin flames or just karmic souls. So I decided to do this test. Almost immediately after the prayer, I pulled up a video about zodiac sign, "the best ones together." He is an Aries and I am a Sagittarius and even though these zodiac signs are generally good together, their ultimate partner is not usually us. Yet, we were paired as the best together for each of our sign. The timing of this video was key. It happened within the hour of the prayer. Yet, I was still waiting to see a stronger sign from my guides. Then two day from the prayer, I saw it. I random selected a video about that stated that there can be something unique about your twin's birth date. So I looked more closely at his birth date and the number pattern. When I added all his numbers, it added up to 17 which is the day of my birth. At this point, I felt absolute that this was my main sign because there were two many weird coincidences that I have never had with anyone else. You can't believe the comfort and warmth I felt. Then about 30 minutes later as I telling myself, I just knew it, I look down at my phone and my very best girlfriend called me at 11:11. As for all my knowledge about being a twin flame, I don't believe my twin is ready to learn this kind of information. Yet, even though I know we cannot be together in the traditional relationship sense, I feel grateful to have found him. I do believe this test works.

  31. I was literally smiling when I said his name, this is magical.
    Ohhhh myyyyy! I just got a sign…. Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Thankyou Universe
    I swear right after this video I immediately got a sign and after 3 days my Runner twin approached me, we are im good terms…hope he stays this time. Thankypu Universe, I know my mission

  32. It really works!!
    Early at dawn just as I woke up, while on the bed, after the evening when I had prayed for the sign, I felt him close, mentally. It was a surprise, out of the blue. This was telepathy. I have had such experiences before with him, although he had never told me about his part in it.
    I had specifically asked that I wanted signs from my Twin, because I already know that he is, but he has not yet awakened to this connection.
    We are in separation. He ran. I think that he realizes that this connection is different, out of the world, but he does not want to admit it . That's the sad part.
    The very next day I sent him a business mail. He hasn't replied as yet.
    Thank you soo much for your video and Love.
    God bless!!

  33. After watching this clip, I closed YouTube and went onto Facebook. The third post on my newsfeed was from a guy who posted a screenshot listing different actors. They all had the same first name as who I think is my twinflame. That wasn't even 5 minutes! Let alone 72 hours.
    Thank you for this confirmation.

  34. I'd like to say I said yes now I have to say I didn't actually here from her because she landed herself in the hospital but her twin contacted me and let me know about her being in the hospital so this is why I did it again today have a blessed day

  35. I tried this. Within few mins i saw 11:11 two times on you tube. 2nd day i saw my twinflame name with ❤ near it. If possible i will attach the screenshot of those pic for you guys. Happy & greatful for you video Madam. Thank you so much.

  36. I did the breathing heart chakra technique and after saying my twin flames name my head starting tilting uncontrollable by it self what does that mean ??

  37. I did this test a couple months back and 72 hours after saying yes I saw my twin flame car parked outside his parents house (they live 12 doors up from me)

  38. We are in a very tough space at the moment. I did the name-test. And the answer was a clear yes. Even tho my Ego stepped aside before the test, I heard it say "Shit" in the background… Haha.

  39. Today I did it as well because I died hear the part of synchronicity’ in may 28th I will tell you what I know have a blessed day

  40. I said … is my twin flame and my heart got warm and start to beat very fast.He is my husband we are together 6 years.Is this a positive signal heart beat fast?

  41. Wow.. Thank you so much. I've been questioning for close on a year whether or not my twin flame/soul connection I'm in is a twin soul or could he be one of 3…it's a long story but triangulation has been heavily at play, and no matter how much my guides were showing me you are only 2 aspects of same soul.. There is not a 3rd same soul aspect involved.. The 3 I keep seeing is my twin fighting with my Karmic/catalyst /false twin energetically.. I just wasn't convinced so I did this little exercise you offer.. Within 24 hours I was driving in my car and true as I look at the car in front of me and the number plate read 11-2-11gp.. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your videos and help.. Namaste 🙏

  42. I did this five days ago. My twin and I have been in a long very very close friendship for around 5ish months. so nothing romantic has ever really been actually addressed; just sort of understood and unintentionally avoided. but Ive had this strange feeling he was my twin since we first started our correspondence. I should also state, for the purpose of context, my "lucky number" is 3. Anyway, I first did the Heart Chakra, but instead of his name i said someone elses, and it was constricting. so then I said his, and immediately felt the warmth, also complete peace, and the projection. I was so shocked it even worked, I thought id be let down to be honest. I was not. then I said yes to the prayer. the first thing that popped into my head was "listen to your heart." because it felt warm i assume, is what it was implying; that my heart was telling the truth. so that was the first sign, and truly the only sign I even needed. Except the next day, as soon as I clicked on this video again literally the exact moment my finger clicked it, he messaged me. sign number two. Then the day after that just before I was going to send a reply to him, I caught 11:11. and then later 1:11. and then again that night 11:11 and 1:11. sign number three. three days, three signs. Now this is the crazy part. randomly I had a break down the next day after that. (day four) and eventually it lead to me spilling my feelings out all over the place in my message to him. Later that day (yesterday) I found out he has felt it too. we arent romantic, *yet*? but hes definitely my half. and Im grateful to you for this video showing me how to trust myself to find the answer. Blessed Be. <3

  43. I have a question when it comes to this, like I've said I've saw synchronicity’s but directly I haven't heard anything from her however I do here things about her from her immediate family like her twin sister and son, so may I ask does this mean the same? Her and I have not spoken since she married the man who she clearly is not happy with she can't get ahold of me because of that, so can this be the same?

  44. I'd love to tell you I've done this and said yes and 72 hours later I seen a sing, I know she is I just get signs from other people in her family i just don't understand what is happening i have to just trust God in his time everything will be

  45. Sorry I've seen signs I meant to say now I just like I said have to let go and trust God with everything

  46. I need you to know every time I do this I hear from others in her family like I said she ran and got married only knew him 3 months..please tell me I feel like it is her she is I truly know can you tell me what you think on this it happens 72 hours later all the time I do it please answer my questions

  47. Yes I say it she is mine.
    Gods timing is perfect timing I clearly know just as I tell you I get some so tell me what I need to know

  48. Both these tests worked for me thanks. It was actually late last year I did this request for an absolute sign and on the morning of the third day the sign was so blatant given the circumstances that it was utterly obvious what had happened. Thanks again.

  49. I did this and almost felt taken away and blind after I said his name. My heart expanded fully ❤️🖤I love you David!

  50. I did something similar (hopefully this link works)

  51. I hadn't heard from him in 5 days. I did this and the next afternoon at 2:02 he called, but I still broke up with him. Hope I did the right thing…

  52. I say yes I've done this you have saw my message and I do get answers in 72 hours however it comes from her family I do know in my heart I just have to trust I know it doesn't happen from her and it's because of her situation so I just know in my heart tell me how you feel, I am a believer and what will be will be

  53. Thank you! Also though i felt lies with him an empath…but Bc I also have bipolar my brain was dupped….careful empaths….I d not yet know how to sheild myself from toxic energy…i am wearing this evil eye pendant from being attacked psychicly bc my mom was one who did attack me this way anfmd the next day the presumed twin flame also…bc im a gem I want to collect as much info to weigh my decison, so I hung out for a week of hell that felt like 6 monyhs of relationship work….ad a bipolar…ppl can see "red flags" in me…that i kniw is shadow and im doing shadow work for my feminine side…As a bipolar I fall in love hard and fast!! But im done with you if my lovely feelings aren't reciprocated….in this relationship…he is running away frim me bc he says I Bbring stuff to the surface for him..If that is so…then arent i the more enlighted one? Its not ego here..bc he thought he was much further diwn the spiritual path than I and his arrogance and pretentiousness and unwillingness yo let me just be….he was in his headspace about me…My soul was standing on the precipice saying.."COME ON LET GO LETS JUMP INTO LOVE….." When he threw an anchor…i just kind of hung back….contril is a big loud bell that rings clear with some of his words…its almost like if sm1 could highlight your words in your voice and they just sound bolder to me…they almost just SCREAM. But as an empath we must also be very very careful…bc I opend up…and he would shut me down…then again…all week i have been letting him in my heart…only to hurt me….I knew he was lying. But bc my bi polar brain thought…THIS IS IT! THE CONNECTION OF A LIFETIME!! and we do connect…but I also think hes a manipulator like my mother and toxic…i quickly realized this when he pointed out her behavior which i already knew….but then he did the same thing the next day to me…and im glad i know about Mercury retrograde and hw commuication is just off….just be careful empaths we love and want to help all but there are forces out there that WANT our light and to crush it..or covet it…whatever the case maybe…I am grateful to be protected by my angels and guides…Im not mad at the experience it just helps me grow! Much love and light to you!!!💖💖💖

  54. It is 843 on July 21st I've been doing this and trust me she is god's timing it will be. We will love unconditionally better than before God has clearly showed me what happened with us now I am confident we will be. Trust God let go and let God!

  55. I did this last summer. I asked for a sign and right after I asked his name appeared on my TV during a show I was watching. His name is Kenya not a mainstream name.

  56. I just wished if he is my TF I should see yellow flower and I closed you tube and went to Insta and saw a sunflower on one of the posts 🌻

  57. This is actually so true, I'm honestly speechless. I tried saying both the name of my twin flame and the name of my best friend to be sure this is not some bullshit and when I said the name of my twin flame not only my heart responded, but I also felt tears in my eyes. And after a few minutes, I received a notification from my twin flame and now I'm a mess

  58. I met my twin flame.It was miraculous.At first as i met him i felt as if i was complete and this was whom i was waiting for.Next and most divine which i felt was the strongest pull at my heart chakra.once when i was meditating i could clearly hear someone whisperig into my ears to open my heart in his name and accept him as my twin.That was really divine.🙏 I am priti.

  59. Deep in ur heart u know…bcoz u share same concesneus..and because of it u share many syncronisities ..universe guide u …u r two souls split in one u simply know bcoz with that person u feel peaceful and u simply know ….

  60. It's funny because I came across the 10oC Ministries a few months ago and I was semi awakened at that point, I really liked Sonja's delivery, but wasn't completely in the headspace to take it in properly. Fast forward, and now I'm back here and I realise that God is working on me. They say that you can have a season of 'no growth' for years and then something happens, and your season of acceleration is on steroids. I feel that's what been happening to me over the last few days. Ever since I started journalling and speaking to God on a regular basis.

    I've said YES to the 72 hour prayer. God, I'm truly ready to receive your truth about this connection and start working towards a path built upon trust and love in you.

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